Written Update - 18th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Raman about Adi, after knowing about his actions in the past. He says he will talk to her and asks her to make hot choc for Adi. She asks him to explain Adi well. Raman talks to Adi and Adi says Ishita scolded me infront of the class, the kids will think he is mummas boy. Raman says every mum loves her child like this, what dads do, they spoil kids, when kids face problem, mum faces it first. Adi says I hope she will not shout on me again. Raman says I will try that you get less scolding. Adi worries for Vinni.




Mihika talks to everyone and waits for Abhisheks call. Adi writes letter for Vinni and says he does not know what to write, he is feeling guilty. He says I hope she accepts my apology letter and forgives me. He writes the letter. Neelu asks him to come. He keeps the letter in his book. Vandu tells Appa that Shravan got so much homework in holidays. She says she got the food, as Amma went out. Appa says we kept the maid. Mihika comes and asks where is the maid, she is not getting the bangles. Vandu says my money is also missing. Abhishek comes there. Mihika says you



She asks him to com. Vandu says what timing, just theft happened and police came. Mihika complains about the theft and shows her room. He realizes she is angry on him and questions her where does he sleep, where does she face, just for his GK. She asks will he ask Appa too. He says it does not matter. She says she has kept bangles under her pillow. He asks her to show the bangle and asks is it pure gold. She says not everything is fake. He says he knows real and fake. He asks her to give her the bangle, he will find the remaining ones. She says fine, but return it. He helps her in removing the bangle. They have an eyelock. Vandu looks on and smiles. She asks did he catch thief. He says no, he did investigation and made notes, so hopefully soon he will catc. =h. Vandu says great and smiles.





Adi greets Raman and apologizes to Ishita for being rude. Ishita sas its alright, as you have realized your mistake. She says she hates when anyone complains about him. He promises he will be careful. She asks Raman to drop him. Adi says he will go, Romi is waiting outside, he will drop him. Raman says I will come and pick you. Adi bumps into Abhishek and the letter falls. Adi pics another paper. Abhishek leaves. Vandu teases Mihika.



Vinni talks to Adi and he shows the note. She asks what is it. He says he wants to say sorry. She says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. The teacher asks them to form two member teams. Vinni chooses Adi. Adi says then we have to spend time on project. She says she will come his home. He thinks Ishita will not let her step inside the house, what to do now. Mihika gets the paper and reads the apology letter, written by Adi and thinks its from Abhishek. Mihika likes his style of saying sorry.


Romi tries to find Sarika. The nurse says another guy came to ask about her, file report in police, dont bother us. Romi says who will find Sarika and why. Adi comes home and takes Ramans help to get Ishitas permission. Raman says he will help him. Appa shows Mihika how efficient is Abhishek and says he has got these pens to help me in identifying mine. He says he got your bangles too, he caught the thief. He asks Mihika to make coffee. Abhishek gets a call and says he has to go, he will have coffee next time. He leaves. She smiles and thinks he has said sorry, then its fine, she can talk later. Appa asks why is she smiling. She says nothing.




The ladies discuss about dinner and they all miss Amma. Raman says Adi has gone to meet Appa. Mrs. Bhalla says she is missing Mrs. Iyer. Raman says he has a surprise for all of them. He asks them to go to spa today, even Rinki will reach there. Ishita asks whats the occasion. Raman says he married a spy, its limit. Ishita asks about kids. Raman says Romi and I will manage. He says Adis plan is successful, now Adi and his friend and Ishita will not be at home.


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