Written Update - 18th June 2015 Dream Girl

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Jun 19, 2015

Written Update - 18th June 2015 Dream Girl (By sanchi)

Dream Girl 18th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laxmi saying she is in love. She gets Bua jis call and goes. Ayesha says she is in love? Bua ji asks Laxmi to focus on contest. Laxmi says she will tell Raj everything that she loves him a lot, I have written a letter, I forgot it in green room. Ayesha hears this. Laxmi says she will get the letter and a lady stops her saying her entry is in 5mins. Laxmi says what to do now. Ayesha says Laxmi loves Raj, if she tells Samar her feelings, my plan will flop. Laxmi asks someone to get the letter from room 6. He says Samar is getting ready there, no one is allowed there. The lady asks Laxmi to come fast.

Ayesha tells a girl to get Laxmis letter, she wants it. Karan says the contest will start now and then there will be Samars lunch. Samar goes to the green room and gets ready. He keeps his phone on the red box and takes it. The girl waits to get the letter. The guard stops her. Laxmi performs on the song Kamli.. The girl says she works for Ayesha. She goes to Samar and he stops from taking the box. She says Ayesha gave him message to wish him all the best and said she is proud of you. She sees the box and says she will clean the room, its his room. She picks the tissues and also takes the box. She hides it and leaves.

Ayesha comes on the stage and performs with Laxmi. Manav claps for her. Ayesha and Laxmi have a face off dance on the song Aa dekhe zara Laxmi falls and gets hurt. They all look on. Laxmi recalls Rajs words and Ayesha dances around her. Laxmi removes her sandals and resumes dancing. The girl signs Ayesha that she got the box, and Ayesha loses focus. Laxmi wins the round and everyone clap for her.

Karan calls the media and announces the winner. He says put your hands together for Laxmi Mathur. Laxmi gets glad and smiles. She looks for Raj. She thinks where is he. Karan requests Ayesha to do the honors. Ayesha makes Laxmi wear the Dream Girl tag and congratulates her. She makes her wear the crown and says life will shock you from now on. Laxmi thinks she is sure Raj will come.

Laxmi says if she can think of becoming dream girl sitting in the small city, then she wants to say they all can get their dreams fulfilled. She says about her journey and how many times she has done rehearsals to give her speech on becoming Dream girl. She says this feeling of winning is very special, she wants to thank many people. She says she wants to thank Lord, her family who has seen her dreams by their eyes. She thanks Manav and Prem for seeing the spark in her and giving her chance. She thanks Karan for his guidance. She says she wants to say one name, who always supported her. She says she does not want to get anything by losing him. Ayesha thinks Laxmi can confess her feelings for Raj. Laxmi says she did mistake and Ayesha stops her. Karan thinks what is she saying. Ayesha takes her mic. Karan says Ayesha will not lose, dont know what she will do with Laxmi.


Ayesha says you will get the thing if you wish to have it. She calls Samar Sareen and introduces her to Samar. Laxmi says Raj. The media asks Laxm do they know each other. Samar says no, we are meeting for the first time. Laxmi looks at him stunned.


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