Written Update - 19th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 20, 2015

Written Update - 19th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 19th June 2015 Written Episode

Ananya comes home tensed. Mom asks what happened to her. Ananya says office problem and she will sort it out. Mom calls Ronnie and asks if something happened in office. He says no. Mom says she is still upset regarding her papas death and cuts call.

Ananya looks herself in mirror and reminisces social worker alleging Kabeer that he is a divorcee and having an affair with Taruni. She starts crying and thinks Taruni is already in Kabeers life and she does not have any place for herself.

Ananya reaches KKN office in the morning sadly. Ronnie asks what is happening. Ananya asks what he means. He says aunty called yesterday and told you are tensed. Ananya says mom gets tensed unncessarily. Richa comes there, and Ananya changes topic. Once Ronnie leaves, Ananya tells Richa that she went to hospital to meet Kabeer and saw her Taruni there. She is right, Taruni is already in Kabeers life. Richa says she already told her, but she did not believe her. Ananya says she came to know about it now, but she considers Kabeer as her idol since 8 years. Ronnie comes back, gives ananya a pendrive and asks Ananya to give it to Malvika. He tells a poor joke to cheer up Ananya and Ananya asks what was it. Ronnie says he said as he read in book.

Khalid calls a conference meet and relays live chat with Kabeer. Kabeer addresses everyone and says he is well and hearty, but in a bandage right now. He points his leg and Ananya gets sad seeing Taruni there. He says Khalid has asked to read tonights news from hospital room. Malvika says if he can. Taruni then feeds medicine to kabeer. Manav jokes that one should not deny alcohol and medicine. Kabeer taunts it is not appendicitis pain. He tells he got a lead about a businessman Kuldeep Sayals Mandira Verma and their child. He says woman will go on national tv tomorrow, but they can cover her breaking new in their channel tonight. He says Ananya that he SMSed her womans address and asks her to arrange interview with her for his tonights news. Richa suggests Ananya not to cover this news, but she does not listen to her.

Ananya calls Mandira to KKN and before starting interview lady says she is not doing this for publicity and just wants justice for her child. Taruni gets Kabeer ready with blazer on hospital bed. Kabeer starts news and questions lady when did she marry businessman. She says 10 years ago when he had come for trekking vacation to her city where she runs a school. He continued meeting her often and married, only then she came to know about his first marriage. She is not giving this interview for money or fame, but to get justice to her son. Kabeer takes a break.

During break, Kabeer asks Ananya why did not she come to meet her friend and idol at least once in hospital. She says she came, but changes that she wanted to come but could not due to work. They start silent argument. Malvika hears their conversation over microphone. Kabeer starts interview after break, and Mandira repeats same that she wants DNA test of her child to get justice for him. Ananya ends news.

Ananya goes to bathroom and starts crying. She tells herself to stop drama and speak out her heart with Kabeer. She should clear her misunderstanding and tell that she made a mistake by loving Kabeer, love or whatever, she has to speak.

Ananya reaches Kabeers hospital and sees its empty. She asks peon and he says Kabeer is discharged and left for Singapore.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ronnie asks Ananya if KL called him to Singapore or Kabeer himself is meeting him. Trisha asks if KL wants to elevate his designation. Khalid says KL calls people either to promote or demote them.


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