Written Update - 19th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 20, 2015

Written Update - 19th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 19th June 2015 Written Episode

Rani starts acting as getting leg sprain and says she is unable to tolerate pain. Sher helps her walk till his jeep and says he will get her to doc and then home. She says she wants to go home. Sumer comes and asks Sher if everything is alright. Rani shouts at him what is he doing here when she asked him to go behind tempo and orders him to go.

Sher brings Rani to her home and asks to sit on sofa. She requests him to take her to her room. He takes her and makes her sleep on bed. He senses her bad intentions. She asks if Sher will leave sherni/tigrees in this condition.

Shraddha well dressed wait for Sher. Sunehri and Gajra hear horn sound and happily tell Shraddha that Thakur saheb has come and asks her to go and lure him with her sensuous moves. She goes out and sees only Sumer coming. She asks if Sher did not come with him. He asks if he did not return home yet. Shraddha asks where did he go then. Sumer stands silently. Sunehri asks same. Sumer says maybe he is with Rani. Shraddha feels devastated and starts crying. Sunehri says she knew Ranis eyes on Sher.

Sher asks Rani if she does not have anyone at home. She says he is with her now. He says it is late now and he will leave. She asks him to let her show her hospitality. He asks how will she when she has leg sprains. She gets up and says she can do anything for him. He says there is no need for that and says he has to go. She asks if anyone is waiting for her and says she forgot he has a wife. She says she heard he had love marriage and loves his wife a lot. He gets irked and asks not to interfere in his personal life. She adds sleeping pill in alcohol bottle and gives him a peg saying she forgot it is heart issue. He says he knows how to balance between heart and brain and gulps peg. She says if he cannot give her one night stance, he can give her company in liquor at least and gives him one more peg. He cheers and gulps again. She gives him one more peg for friendships sake. He gulps even that and starts feeling drowsy. He walks till door stumbling and stops. Rani murmurs that Shraddha laughed on her, now she will see how she will laugh seeing her husband in her bed. She tries to lure Sher, but he pushes her and tries to walk, but she holds him again and says he is not in a condition to go home. She says she is lucky to serve him on his birthday, hugs him and says he can consider her as his gift and says we both are each others now.

Rani is shocked to see Shraddha there with Gajra and Sunehri and part ways from Sher. Sumer enters and takes inebriated Sher with hm. Rani says Shraddha that Sher wanted to celebrate his birthday with her, but she is taking him with her, it is wrong. Shraddha it is wrong if he is not with his dear ones or wife on his birthday. Rani says she cannot handle her mangalsutra and is challenging that she is handling her husband. Shraddha stands tensed. Rani says her silence proves that Sher is not happy with him. Shradha says her relationship is not that weak. Rani says she is so confident. Shraddha says a misunderstanding will not break her relationship with Sher. Rani challenges that today she went into Shers arms, soon she will be in his bed. She asks her to find a corner in house to sit and cry. Shraddha says whatever she tries, she cannot snatch sher from her. Rani asks her to count her fingers and before her counting finishes, her husband will be hers. Shradda angrily walks from there.

Sher reaches home and sees Shraddhas prepared cake. He looks at Shraddha and goes towards his room. Sumer tries to stop, but with no success. Sher sits on sofa and reminisces Shraddha rescuing him on time.

Rani drinks alcohol banging bottle. Pandey asks why is she angry. She says till now she did not get anyone of her stature, now she got Shraddha who thinks she can win over her, but she is wrong. She laughs.

Sumer comes to Shers room and requests him to come down and cut cake which Shraddha made.

Precap: Shraddha says Sher that she is afraid of his game. He says she should worry about him. She says their life is one now as she is his wife. He asks her to stop her drama and leave him and his house.

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