Written Update - 19th June 2015 Dream Girl

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Jun 20, 2015

Written Update - 19th June 2015 Dream Girl (By sanchi)

Dream Girl 19th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayesha taking the mic and asks the people to clap for their Dream girl and cheer her up. She says Laxmi has proved that dedication can get anything. She says there is someone else who has struggled a lot to prove this. Samar walks there. Ayesha says he had everything in his feet but he has chosen a different way. Samar recalls Laxmi. Ayesha welcomes the talented and promising Samar Sareen. Ayesha smiles. The media runs to see him. Laxmi waits for Raj. Ayesha hugs Samar. Manav smiles seeing him on stage. Laxmi is facing the other side. Karan looks on. Laxmi thinks did Raj go backstage.

Ayesha asks Laxmi Mathur to meet Samar Sareen. Samar turns to her and Laxmi gets super duper shocked. Laxmi says Raj.. and recalls him in Sareen house and in Navrang. Manav says I want to say something. He comes on stage and hugs Ayesha. Samar hugs Manav. Manav says I m so happy for you, you are looking very handsome. He says its exciting event, I always waited for this day when Samar will get launched, I m being nervous.

He says Samar has sell samosas in navrang, he wanted to direct samosa wala movie and could not make it, Samar has left his comfortable luxurious life and lived a samosa wala life for 6months and felt the character of the ordinary man. He says Samar has got new birth today, I m proud of you. Samar hugs him. Laxmi smiles. Samar says its not easy to be away from those whom you love, I stayed away from my family and lived a samosa wala life, how can any poor man answer anyone or get happiness, he has lived the poor life successfully, some people guide us. He says mum and dad taught me to get respect and look upto someone, its my brother. He praises Manav and Ayesha. He says he has finished his workshop, he is ready for the film industry, according to Manav, he will sell Rajs love and pain and hope they like it. Everyone clap.

Manav says he will introduce his films hero and heroine, Samar Sareen and the new Dream Girl Laxmi Mathur. He leaves with Ayesha. Laxmi asks Samar where was he. Ayesha gets worried. Laxmi asks where did he go, she tried to call him a lot and it did not connect, why did he not tell her anything. She says he gave good surprise and she was finding him since long, he has written on mirror that he will meet him again, she wanted to tell him about her love. The media asks do they know each other. Samar says no, we are meeting for the first time. Laxmi gets shocked. Ayesha smiles.

Samar says his character name is Raj, his name is Samar Sareen, congrats. He goes to meet his dad. The media surrounds Samar and Laxmi comes to him. The media asks Samar some questions about his Samosawala life. Samar leaves in his car and gets upset. Laxmi cries seeing him leave. The media congratulate her for becoming dream girl and asks her about her film with Samar. Ayesha comes and says Laxmi is not out of shock that she has become dream girl, give her some time, buffet is ready, please come inside. Laxmi says she did such big mistake that he will not even talk to her.

Ayesha comes to Laxmi and taunts her. She asks what will anyone think seeing you cry, and asks why is she regretting, she has rejected Rajs proposal and lost Samar Sareen. She says I know everything, you love Raj, and Raj is Samar. She says she has Manav, but Laxmi is alone, how will she handle this now, she may be regretting, its good you won dream girl title, as I have let you win, I realized its fine to become dream girl, you can do any movie and lose the limelight, we will see how you handle this title.


Ayesha comes to know Samar came office. Samar goes to auditorium and Laxmi meets him. She asks him to talk to her once.


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