Homeless Heart [ON HOLD]

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Jun 22, 2015

Homeless Heart (By V1184) (Thanked: 55 times)

Kushi leaves her house without informing anyone. She didn't know where to go but she is determined to leave that place as soon as possible....before anyone wakes up....before someone questions her...before he knows what is happening with her.......so she slowly moved out of her house and walks in unknown direction... Without any knowledge of where she's going...she walked for hours...till the sun shone brightly....and realized she has walked miles and miles and is now at the outskirts of Delhi. She don't know why but felt the urge to enter into the woods...so she walked through the trees and now she's in dense forest. She decided to end her life long ago but don't know how....she don't want anyone to know that its a suicide. She wandered around the forest hoping that some animal comes and kills her...she isn't afraid because the pain which she's going through from an year is way far more than an animal bite. She never ever thought that her loved ones no the ones whom she loved selflessly are not even bothered about her whereabouts. When she left her parents they didn't even tried to find her....all they felt is happy because they're now free to enjoy the wealth...without any heirs. She felt ashamed of herself to be called as their daughter. Finally tired of walking for hours she rested down under a huge tree. She immediately felt some attraction towards that tree.....strange isn't it..she questioned herself and drifted into her thoughts...her life turned upside down within few seconds....her life took unexpected turns that she firmly decided to end her life. She is lost in her thoughts when she felt someone's touch in her shoulder.She isn't afraid...she looked up to see a man staring at her strangely...He is tall and handsome.He is having a camera in his hand by which he seemed to be wildlife photographer.Her thoughts broke again as he spoke...Hello miss,Can I know who you are?? And why are you here?? Kushi immediately stood and is again lost in her thoughts whether to tell him or not again to be interrupted by him...He spoke out " I am a tourist and on my way to our group I lost track and I've landed up in this forest.Glad to find you and can you help me in getting out of this forest area. She thought..so he's a tourist. Really?? I am tourist really..he told her. Sorry...but I don't know the way out...you can find on your own...she told him. He said how can you leave me alone??? I'm searching for you from years and now I got to know your whereabouts... How can you leave??? What..he already knows me...he's in fact searching for me?? I haven't met him before nor I know him...then why is he searching for me...Think kushi think...find out a way soon to escape before he saves you...Kushi is questioning herself ************************How's it?? This is my first SS/FF on IPKKND...so I want to know how this update is....also please say if I should continue this or not...though am not sure when I'll get time to update...also suggest a name for this story if homeless heart is not suitable...Kindly ignore the text format as I'll be typing and updating from my phone.I think my talks are more than the update above.So am stopping here ....but please don't forget to answer my questions above I.e., to continue this or not. Thank you Nakshu akka for suggesting this title.

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Jun 23, 2015

Homeless Heart (By V1184) (Thanked: 63 times)

Kushi isn't responding to any of his questions...he is getting irritated but he can't scare her with his anger....he have to control himself unless he'll explode like a bomb and she'll run again... He's searching her from years and finally found her in this dense forest all alone sitting under a tree. His heart skipped a beat seeing her after years and cried at the thought of her being killed by any animal. He thanked god for giving back his princess ... His life which he lost in an accident. He wondered how come she's here in the forest. Where are they? The ones who call themselves her parents...Why did they leave her alone here in this forest??? He need to find out but before that he should be with her...he shouldn't let her run away from him like before On the other hand Kushi isn't getting any ideas to escape from there.With no other choice she simply sat in her previous position under the tree again lost in her thoughts.But this time it isn't about her life.She's trying hard to recognize the man before her...who's saying something like he know her before and they met each other already. Who's pleading or you can say demanding her not to leave him Alone. Her brain started working all of a sudden and she saw some blur images of a group of people and she talking to them happily. She thought it's just her wild imagination as she never saw any of the persons in those blur images before. These two persons thoughts are broken at once because of some weird sound... He became alert and keeping an eye on her he took out something black... A black box with antenna...yeah its a walkie talkie...this strike her mind and thought this is the right time to escape from him...not to save her life but to avoid his protectiveness.She's determined to end her life. She don't want to live anymore as she realized that as her years on earth increases her enemies increased and haters increased. She, being a selfless lover can't bear this hatred... So thought its better to die than live in hell. She slowly crawled to the other side of the tree and stood up to move away from him. As soon as she stood she saw the man in front of her...still talking in his walkie talkie... Signalling her to stay there and sit quiet. She decided to relax there itself as this man seemed to be so possessive about her...She first time in her life felt happy heartily seeing a person possessive about her life more than her. After what seemed like an hour he stopped talking and saw her sleeping hugging the tree. She's so cute...he thought. Within 15 minutes another guy came there.He too is tall and handsome. The second person saw her and asked is she okay?? "Yeah but upset with her life so she came here in search of death...she's unaware of our relation to her. She don't remember any of us. All she remember is those idiots and that hell. She got hit on her head which made her forget about us. I am very happy to see her after years and good news is she isn't afraid of anything. That's why she didn't run away from me man... We need to do something quick before she wakes up. She should be safe. She has become more braver than before yaar...when I saw her first she's playing with a snake. She didn't talk to me yet. Come let's take her to our cottage . I said I am a tourist and have lost my way.You too say the same if she wakes up before we take her to our place. I wonder how such an active and strong girl decided to end her life... I think something happened in our absence. We have to find it out." The first guy who's with her told the other man. "What the why does she want to kill herself??Ok let's not waste time...let's take her to a safe place now and discuss there." He ordered. With that they both held kushi and took her to their place..their cottage in the middle of the forest. Suddenly the second person asked did she ask your name?? 'No' came the reply. "What'll you say???" "Hmmm...let's not hide our identity from her...after all she's my princess and your..." He said to be interrupted by the other. "No she's nothing to me she don't remember me...I can't show my face to her.How can I face her when I left her alone to suffer...I don't know...but what if she recognizes me and leaves me again.What if she hates me??"saying this he cried. "No way...she's not gonna leave you Don't worry everything will be alright once she knows who she is and I am gonna make her realize what she is You don't cry ... See my princess came back..we met her again which means she'll be with us from now on... You have got good looks Arnav...so no need to feel low.. Make her fall for you again if she don't recognize you and she'll be in love with you again after all she's Kushi Arnav." "What are you speaking Shyam?? You know naa she hates me because I didn't meet her on that day...she may fall for me but now she isn't the same girl who married me...who made me fall in love for her... Who's a bubbly chirpy girl...who always smiled without faking it."Arnav said "I know it's difficult man but still have hopes... I'll get our old Kushi back which is possible only if you helped me." Shyam said "Ok then we'll try...try to bring her back who's so lost in sadness... We'll force her to live for us... For her... Only good thing about her decision is we met her...She came into our forest area than entering the other side...where there are wild animals."Arnav said Shyam is about to say the same and said "Yeah it's true and from.now on we should make sure this girl doesn't run away.Ok now i'm going upstairs dude.Take Care and haan have some rest.She'll sleep till tomorrow .I have given her injection for weakness which is caused due to having eaten nothing from yesterday it seems." 'What the, why can't she live man...why's she so determined to die.I'll call my PA and ask him to get all the details which we missed.Ok I'll sleep now.It's a long day afterall we have found her... Our life is back to us"Arnav spoke out. With some unknown happiness both of them slept..whereas our kushi is already quite asleep because of the medicine effect and her tiredness added to it. Next Day Morning... Shyam woke up first and he prepared coffee as usual but this time its for three members as his princess is with them. He woke arnav up and asked him to get ready soon. After he got ready both sat down to drink their coffee watching kushi who's sleeping peacefully hugging the pillow. It's been two hours since they woke up . This made arnav panic a little as she's still sleeping while the medicine effect should've long gone. His fear soon left him as his angel moved in the bed trying to wake up. Finally after what seemed like hours, she opened her eyes and sat on the bed. Arnav and Shyam are staring at her as she opened her mouth to speak something. Kushi shouted "Arnav!!!'' That's it...both the guys looked shocked as she said his name...she recognized him...they don't know what to do or who to react... As she didn't recognize Shyam but arnav ... . . . . . . ********************************************************** Okay here's the second part...I don't know if it is good or not.Hope I didn't disappoint anyone. Thank you Nakshu_Haya , Aditi%25252525252525 , Lily30 , Sankadevi_Lg , Noordina , Saya_Arshi , Sameea , Arshi_Shreya , nayasa_khan for your comments. ............ ..................................................................................... Thank you Socoolarnav, Arshi_Shreya, Chutianju, Sameea, Noordina, Hihi1, Sankadevi_Lg, Lily30, Mahi_Uma, Honey6768, Abhulu123, Nakshu_Haya For hitting the thank you tab. _________________________________________________________ Both positive and negative comments are welcome.And this is my first SS. .so I want to know your feedback through comments to improve my writing skills. Also am sorry for short update .This is what I can manage to type in my free time.

Jun 24, 2015

Homeless Heart (By V1184) (Thanked: 61 times)

Arnav and Shyam are shocked but soon they came to know why she shouted Arnav's name. Kushi started speaking non-stop " Arnav!!! I mean ASR India's one of the best designers...Wait if you(pointing her finger towards Shyam) he is ASR it means you are Shyam...Shyam Manohar Jha haina??" She asked.. Shyam and Arnav don't know what to say... For one second they thought she remembered arnav but no its just their names because of their fame.Their thoughts broke as Kushi started speaking again...this time excitedly forgetting everything... This made them smile faintly as she is at least not sad or lost. "Hi ASR and hi Shyam... I am one of your admirers... By the way I am Kushi...Kushi Ka...no just Kushi.I don't know that I've met you before but you both seems to know me already...I am sorry but I don't know about you both.I met with an accident where I got hurt badly on my head.See here's the mark still there to remind me"she said pointing to a small scratch on her forehead. After she spoke they don't know whether to feel happy hearing her talks after years or to feel bad for she didn't recognize them. Silence prevailed in the room for a while. Kushi being a talkative girl can't bear this....not after seeing the two most famous persons and sitting with them in their house. Kushi said "Please talk something...I don't have much time on Earth. So it's better if you guys talk to me or else I'll go out... I can't bear your silence after seeing your concern for me.I feel attached to you both ... I feel some different feelings...some kind of affinity(a natural liking for or attraction) towards you... I wish you aren't here....I wish I didn't meet you people... " Their heart flinched when she said that she wished that they didn't meet her....but soon they felt relaxed as she continued " Or else what?? You both are sitting like statues in front of me...I am speaking continuously but no reply from you....I don't think you are not talkative because yesterday Shyamji was talking for more than an hour." Finally Shyam decided to converse with her...he started " Princess call me bhai and we know that you don't remember anything about us.You don't even know who you are... It's because of. ..because of those.."with this he clenched his fists...to lighten the situation which became serious suddenly...Arnav spoke out..." Angel... I mean Kushi... We want to speak to you... it's important. So you listen to us carefully first and then decide. You want to end your life... But before that listen to us and then you can do whatever you want.We won't object to it." Shyam saw Arnav shockingly as he didn't expect him to be quick. Arnav signalled shyam through his eyes not to worry. Kushi didn't understand their eye talks but she said " Ok... I am ok with this... After all I'm interested to know my past before I die." Shyam and Arnav immediately said "NO don't say like that " She immediately realised what she said and asked them sorry by keeping her hands on her ears. They didn't respond instead seeing her cute expression which they missed a lot... Their trance was broken by Kushi's voice. She said "Sorry...Sorry...Sorry...Atleast now speak to me... I can't bear this silence anymore." Arnav said "Ok then you have to give your time for us." Kushi replied"ok and you are a true businessman.Directly into deal with me ... Wah Kushi Wah... Your life is quite unexpected.See first all those incidents...Forget it Kushi Forget it... Now you're no more with them.Come On girl forget it...Remember you've met two famous persons.Now calm down and don't get upset." She spoke to herself. . . "Kushi you take rest.As already arnav said you should give time for us to tell everything...now take rest..."Shyam said and interrupted by Kushi."No...I dont want to take rest anymore.I have slept overtime.Take your own time but promise me to tell everything you know about my past...I mean it. If I don't get to know or if you hide anything you know about me... I won't leave you both that easily. So now you're given time and till you tell about my past I can't sit here calmly. Tell me something to do... "Kushi told them. They don't know what to say...so both spoke at the same time saying her to tell her likes or hobbies which'll distract her mind. That's all for Kushi....She never got the chance to speak out her hobbies and likes. She started talking.Both Arnav and Shyam felt happy as she forgot about her sadness.They thought that she's still the same...who forgets everything so easily. Kushi said " hmm..good idea and I am warning you both beforehand...if I start speaking I don't know when I'll stop.So as you already asked me...i will share my likes and hobbies.I love painting and drawing.I like speaking but not with everyone.I don't know but I love dancing...that too in the rain. I play my guitar whenever I get free time. I love watering plants...reading stories... I listen songs whenever I feel lonely. I collect photos of three persons... And watch their every interview.As I said earlier I feel some connection with these three though I haven't met them anytime before." Arnav immediately asked her " Who are those three persons??" Kushi said " Of course Shyam bhai , you and Anju" Shyam and arnav don't know what to say... They three are her family...but can't say anything...they need to make sure that she will believe them. Even before they spoke she started saying " I have met you both but where's Anju?? She's your wife naa bhai...wait...umm....maybe she's in shooting.Haina?? " "Yes and she'll be coming here tomorrow.Now you have to take rest for a while and then we can continue."Shyam said. She said " What the!!! I am not sleeping and its final... If you want you can stay here in this room.I am going out... Don't worry not outside this place. I'll roam around in this house if you permit me.Please agree naa... From the time I woke up,am here only in this room sitting in this bed." Seeing no response from either of them she continued " Don't think much about my behaviour.I am like this only...only in front of the persons I like.Now reply me sooner... I don't have much patience." Shyam said " It's nothing like you think. We already knew few things about you.We missed you so much that's why filling our heart and making sure it isn't any dream.We can't live without you and this is your house too... You don't need our permission. We won't object until you are here." Arnav added " haan I'll show you the whole place.Come let's go." Saying this he took her and showed the whole cottage. Meanwhile Shyam went out to get the file from arnav's PA who collected all details of our Kushi. After half an hour,Arnav and Kushi came to the hall and sat in the sofa. Shyam too returned with the file and kept it in his room and came back. Kushi said " I am feeling hungry.Is there anything to eat?" Arnav already arranged food and so he went to kitchen and brought the food for her. She immediately asked " Did you both eat?? If not bring your plates too or else I won't eat." They too went and brought their plates.They ate together with Kushi asking them about their career. After finishing lunch, Kushi asked them from when did they know her. Arnav said " Now as we fulfilled your wish...now have this tablet..and then go to the room and sleep or else I've shown you the library...read some book there. Or go to the adjacent room where you have seen the guitar.Enjoy yourself until we call you.We want to tell your past only after we get the pics.They are on the way." Kushi said " Ok then... I'll go and leave you both for now but not until I get to know about me.And after meeting you personally I got to know how you became a successful business man.Ok bye bhai and what should I call you?? I don't like calling you as ASR.." Shyam said " Call him Arnav... He won't have any problem." Kushi said " Ok I'll call him Arnav only... Arnav is such a sweet name...don't know why everyone calls you as ASR...Anyways bye at present I am going to sleep Don't know what medicine you gave me bhai...bye.." Saying this she went to the previous room and she slept off. In the hall shyam who is waiting for her to leave turned to face Arnav and said " I got the file.Your PA gave me.Let's go... I kept it in my room." Arnav stood up and both went to Shyam's room to read the file..to know her details from birth...till yesterday... With shaking hands Shyam opened the file... Both were afraid because they know one thing that her life isn't easy. Shyam read loud what's written in the file. " Kushi born in Lucknow to Raj Gupta and Rashi Gupta. When she was 5years old her parents died in an accident, Raj Gupta's younger brother Shashi Gupta was made her guardian. Shashi's wife Garima Gupta behaved well with her for an year.Then jealousy arose in her own daughter.So they admitted Kushi in an orphanage and they enjoyed all luxuries while she was suffering in the orphanage. When she turned 8 , Agnihotri's adopted her. Shashi Gupta agreed to it unaware of the will. The Agnihotri's treated her well and she lived with them for few years.Ritwik Agnihotri the owner of AH industries loved this young girl very much that he transferred half of his properties to Kushi and half to his grandson. The son if Ritwik Agnihotri unable to bear this sent Kushi to a hostel and also threatened to Kill her if she doesn't transfer those properties back to him after his father died and she attains major age. Kushi lived her life like hell without anyone's love.She don't even know the value of her assets. As the agnihotri's were her guardians she attains major age only after completing 22years. As she grew lonely, without anyone's love and care for her..she decided to leave India and so when she turned 16 she asked her so-called parents to send her abroad for further studies. They denied first but she blackmailed them that she'll transfer properties only if they agree her words. They ignored first but she showed them the will in which it is clearly written that if she don't want the property it will automatically be donated to various institutions as charity. There was a condition in her adoption letter that her every wish should be fulfilled until she turns 18 or else she have full rights to leave the family and go anywhere she wants after she completes 15 years of age. Now the Agnihotri's having no other choice sent her to Sydney. She lived there until she attained the age of 26 when she was forcibly brought back to India. When she came back... She found out that her biological parents Raj Gupta and Rashi Gupta are alive.They acted as they died for a reason unknown to anyone. Shashi and Garima are trying to kill her out as they got to know that the heir of Gupta's assets is Kushi alone and they won't even get a penny if she's alive. The Agnihotri's forced her to come back as they want her to transfer the properties as soon as possible because their son...the grandson of Ritwik Agnihotri has left no penny for them and they'll be on road any moment if they don't get money immediately. Amidst all these things, Kushi never knew that she's the owner of 1000 crores and if she claims then she'll be the richest woman in the world. She is a gifted child in case of wealth. Kashyap's(Garima's parents) transferred their whole property to Kushi Gupta because they hated their own grandchild and daughter for their deeds. Raj Gupta's father transferred his property to Kushi as she resembled his wife and she's the one who actually cared for him till his death. Raj Gupta's property automatically transferred to Kushi as she is the only heir. Agnihotri's half property was hers as Ritwik loved her more than his own grandchild who's rude and mannerless kid.So he gave half of Agnihotri's properties. She started with part time job ended up by setting up a Big fashion house in Sydney... Now it's one of the top most fashion house in the world. She met with an accident and got hurt very badly on her head that she forgot everything including her name.Taking this opportunity the Agnihotri's took her to their place and treated her very well till she recovered.They are trying to get her signature but she even forgot how to sign.From the last 3 years she's living with them.They being guardians and taking care of her got hold on her wealth till she regains her memory. She suddenly went missing from Monday morning and no one has yet found her.The strange part is no one is unable to trace out any of the above mentioned people after her missing. This is brief information of her life till now. *All Details in the next pages* As shyam stopped it here, he was shocked because he have realized the emotional burden she would have faced. Arnav was crying because he got to know why Kushi always craved for love and care. **************************************************************** So here's another update of this story .Please do tell me how's it?? I'll clear any confusion created in This update in my next update.Hope I haven't disappointed anyone................................... .. .................................................... Thank you Lily30 , Aditi%25252525252525 , Nandhini37 , Sameea , Arshi_Shreya , Nakshu_Haya , Noordina for your comments. .............................................................Thank you Noordina, Socoolarnav, Arshi_Shreya, Sameea, Nandhini37, Blackshimmer19, Tanvii, Lily30, 123Arshi, Nakshu_Haya, Abhulu123. For hitting the Thankyou tab. ........................................................... Ignore the text format as I am posting this from my phone.Sorry if any mistakes have ppped out.I tried my best to avoid typo errors. Please comment your opinions on this story of mine and positive or negative comments both are welcome. ________________________________________________ Ask me if you have got any doubts and I don't know if the brief description of her past is clear or not.I'll give detailed explanation of her past in the next updates. Till then bye all Take Care

Jun 29, 2015

Homeless Heart (By V1184) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav took the file from Shyam and turned next page. What they read shocked them more... They don't know what to do... The reason why Raj Gupta and his wife acted as they were dead is horrible.Never ever any person can expect this from their own parents... They acted because Raj Gupta's father insured his son and his daughter in law with huge amount.If anything happens to either of them the whole claim amount will be transferred to Kushi Gupta. It'll take two to three months for the claim so they left their home and went to their farm house where no one will come. Even Shashi Gupta knew about this and that's why he took Kushi with him...took care of her for an year as he got good amount from his brother...But then after an year the amount stopped getting deposited in his bank account.Is he left Kushi in an orphanage and enjoyed all the luxuries with his family. Kushi never thought that she'll have to live in an orphanage even after having her family. The Agnihotri's though seemed to adopt Kushi because they liked her...actually adopted her because she's rich and a good thing for them is she's unaware of her wealth. So they thought to manipulate her wealth and so they took care of her.Ritwik Agnihotri alone lived Kushi truly and he don't know about Kushi's wealth and all. Kushi thought she got a family but younger Agnihotri ill-behaved with her and so she wanted to leave them.But she has to wait at least until she completes 15years of age.So she spent most of her time with Ritwik Agnihotri who took care of her and saved her from his grandson everytime. But when Kushi turned 15 and was to talk to her so called parents...Ritwik's health deteriorated and so she decided to be with him as she knew none cared about him other than for his wealth. After an year Ritwik died and so Kushi decided to leave them.She went and talked to her so called parents... Fought with them and finally succeeded.She came to Sydney and started her studies.There she didn't join in any hostel.She stayed as paying guest in Jha's house. She's just 16 and at that age itself she started her part time jobs.She worked outside first but within a month the Jha's appointed her as receptionist in their hotel just next to their house.She used the wealth she inherited until she settled well in Sydney just for her accommodation and other necessaries. Her studies went well with the merit scholarships she earned. The Jha's liked Kushi a lot and soon she was treated as their family member. They don't know anything about her other her name and her nationality. She didn't have any friends until she's 18. The only guy who is around her age with whom she talked is Shyam Manohar Jha who's 20 years of age when Kushi first met them asking for a room for rent. They all are stunned when Kushi alone stood in front of the door without any fear. They wondered how come a teen girl that too from India is so fearless to stand like that. The Jha's loved her the very instant but it took one month to gain her trust.She never feared fighting for the right things.When they asked about her elders the only reply came is she's Alone in this world.And before they ask more questions she quickly said "If you can allow me as a paying guest then ok or else say me soon as I have to search for other house.You may find me odd and my behaviour may seem to be rude Sir but I don't have much time.I've to settle down soon." Impressed by this cute angel they've given a room for her to stay as a paying guest. To their surprise she herself asked about advance rent and if she should be paying rent monthly or quarterly. She's responsible and careful too. Cautious and Brave... The Jha's didn't get enough words to describe her as she's too good and precious. Gradually Kushi believed the Jha's and so she officially allowed Jha's to be her guardians in Sydney. She completed high school and she studied in correspondence for all the higher degrees she pursued. She spent her whole day doing three jobs. One from morning 6 to 10 second one from 10:30 to 1 and third job from 2 to 5. As usual she continued her job as receptionist in Jha's hotel even after they denied. They can't force her as they know how stubborn she is... The relationship with Jha's has been good to her. She talked to Shyam Jha and treated him a sher brother. Finally she got a family whom she can believe...who loved the real her. On continuous pleadings of Shyam she agreed to join in college for namesake and that too only for few months." When arnav is about to continue reading the file they heard a knock in the door.Seeing Kushi there Shyam asked " Princess you here?? Why aren't you sleeping ?" Kushi replied " Bhai I don't want to sleep now.I want...I want..."seeing her hesitating Arnav asked " Angel I mean Kushi come on ask without any hesitation." Kushi still hesitant replied him " I want sugar.I didn't find any sugar in the kitchen " she closed her eyes afraid of their reaction. Arnav was like What the... Why does she want sugar now?? Shyam giggled as he knew her well.So he replied " Right corner left cupboard red box" Kushi ran into the room hugged shyam and said " Thankyou bhai and bye meet you later" saying so she ran to the kitchen. Arnav looked at shyam asking him to tell the reason.Shyam smilingly said him " She has a habit of eating sugar.It is one over favorite food.As you've diabetics she didn't eat when you're around" Arnav said " What the??? What's this habit?? " Shyam replied back " Whenever she's happy or when she feels relaxed she eats sugar.It's her habit man.Leave it naa.Let's go down now.We'll read this later.Now I want to be with my sister." With this both reached kitchen to find it empty.They saw her sitting in the sofa with a cup in her hand. Arnav was to say something when shyam stopped him and said " Just wait and watch what she'll do now." Arnav silently watched her.She's eating each granule and enjoying it.She is smiling like a small kid who got her favorite chocolate. Arnav fell in love with her all over again seeing her finding happiness in small small things.How he wished to wipe out her every tears and how he wished she never had to face those situations.But he can nothing now. So with preoccupied thoughts both went to hall and sat on either side of Kushi. She gave a glance and continued her job. Arnav asked her teasingly " Won't you give us Kushi??" Kushi replied " No " Shyam asked "Why princess ?" She replied casually " Because Arnav has diabetes and you don't like sugar naa bhai. " Both asks din unison " How do you know?" Kushi replied them " I've read in your interviews." Shyam asked her " What more do you know??" She replied " hmmm....many things which you've shared in interviews.Not the ones you his bhai." Arnav said " Oh ok.So kushi you said naa one of your hobbies is drawing." She said " Yes...I just love it. I even drew many but don't know where they're now" Shyam is suspicious and so he asked her to draw one of the art she drew before.Kushi excitingly asked him to follow her to the drawing room which arnav showed her before. Within few minutes what seemed like just 10 minutes Kushi showed them a beautiful design of a lehenga. They're awestruck.They've know her skills but not this much.She improved a lot than before. Now they understood how the small company AH of Agnihotri's have won the fashion weeks trophies. They haven't given much importance as they knew it's limited to India and that too only for temporary time. They asked her what she used to do after drawing. She replied " Leave them in my room.That's it.I know you are laughing inside seeing this.I want to be a fashion designer but my parents never allowed me."she said pouting. To lighten the mood Arnav said " Shyam don't you think she's joking." Shyam added " Yeah see my princess is joking whereas she drew this awesome design in few minutes. And don't worry we'll make you a fashion designer." She thanked them in her own way.She hugged both of them and said " Finally I can fulfill one of my dreams before I leave.Bhai where's Bhabhi??" Arnav said " She'll be here tomorrow.Don't worry.And now let's go it's dinner time now." All had their dinner and seeing her sleep peacefully they went to the study room to continue the left job. When they're opening the file again a paper fell down. It is the last page. Shyam read out the only few lines written on it. " Kushi fought against everyone and got permission from the court for having no suffix or prefix to her name.She's now neither Kushi Gupta nor Kushi Agnihotri nor Kushi Jha.Not even Kushi Raizada (Unknown to her). Kushi changed all the property papers to Kushi by removing all suffix/prefix. No one know why she removed those names." They Are shocked as they never thought this will happen. Composing themselves and thinking that they have got shocks more than required ...so they slept off in a room next to Kushi's so that they can know if she needs anything. It's been a tiring day so sleep overtook them soon. Next day morning... Shyam woke up first got ready and asked Arnav to get ready soon. They went to Kushi's room to see her sitting in the bed hugging her pillow sitting in an angle as if waiting for them. Shyam asked her " Why are you waiting for us princess??" Kushi replied cutely " Bhai I haven't changed my dress from day before yesterday" Arnav said " Did you check the cupboard??" Kushi said " No...how can I open your cupboard.I know this is your room Arnav." They were shocked as how com she knew it was arnav's room. She continued " Here's your photo above the bed and see the black and white walls clearly indicate this as your room." Shyan.composed himself.and said " Check the cupboard once princess." Kushi went and opened the cupboard to see few dresses arranged neatly. She's shocked to see girl's clothes along with his. She turned to see him smiling at her.Arnav said " Angel you'll know soon.Now get ready and come down.I'll tell you few details of your past."saying this he went down followed by Shyam. Kushi quickly freshened up and joined the other two for morning coffee. After few hours Arnav told her that he's her husband and he showed her their marriage pictures in which shyam is also there. She was shocked would be an understatement. #################################So here's today's update.I know it's small but I can't type more due to some problems.Also I've wrote three OS so didn't get more time for updating this story.I'll try to update regularly but I can't promise. I am sorry to make you all wait.Now please do comment and tell me how the update is.Also don't forget to hit the thankyou button if you liked this update...................................................................................Thank you Noordina , Blessed09luv , Arshi_Shreya , Aditi%25252525252525 , Lily30 , Saya_Arshi , Socoolarnav , clau18 , Ambily , Nupur for your precious comments. .................................................................................. Thank you Tparvaiz, Socoolarnav, Hihi1, Lily30, Anupudi69, Arshi_Shreya, Blessed09luv, Chutianju, Blackshimmer19, Tanvii, Noordina, Abhulu123... For hitting the thank you tab..................... Till my next update bye all take care and thank you for your support.Keep commenting and supporting me

Sep 3, 2015

A small update (By V1184) (Thanked: 36 times)

First of all am sorry for not updating for few months...But I've been facing different problems from the time I last updated and even now there are few...but I want to five a short update.Hope you'll forgive me and I don't know how many remember this story.OK enough of my talks...here's the update..


Kushi was shocked to know that she's the wife of ASR...arnav...and then shyam is her brother...She thought what if I haven't come in to this side of the jungle and went on the other side...she felt mixed feelings...excited about her past...happy that shyam is her brother and nervous as to what'll happen if she doesn't remember her past...

Arnava and shyam are silent spectators as they don't know what is going on in her mind...she's been silent from the past half an hour and they don't know what to do.

Suddenly someone sneaked in their house and even before anyone could react they heard a sound...That someone is Anjali and she hit Kushi on her head.

Even before shyam or arnav can react she said " Sorry Kushi..but these two idiots made me do so. Get well soon "

Arnav asked " What the...what did you do?? And why are you blaming us?" 

Shyam said " Kushi is fine naa..first let's check her."

Once after making sure Kushi isn't hurt badly and she's fine..Shyam shouted at anjali " kya kar rahi thi?? Use kuch hojaata to?"

Anjali didn't say anything.

Arnav asked " Come on ... Answer us di"

Anjali showed them a message on her phone to them... Arnav turned towards shyam and asked " What's this??"

Shyam said " I don't know anything.Intact I didn't even see my phone today at all.Last time I saw it was yesterday afternoon when Kushi is...Wait this means is it Kushi who did this??"

Anjali stood silent.Arnav replied " Maybe..but why will she ask something like this? I mean she's OK with us naa"

Anjali said " I don't know but she did this purposefully because she knew it already and the reason why she left her house and everything is to know about her life."

Shyam and Arnav asked in unison " How do you know?? And why would she do so?"

Anjali said " Because I know her...I mean I met her already.."

Even before anjali can complete her sentence both arnav and shyam interrupted " WHAT??? You met her and didn't bother to inform us??? Why di (shyam said Anju) why????"

Anjali was about to reply when they heard another voice... Its definitely not kushi as she was in deep sleep because of the hit.

The voice said " Anjali didn't say anything because I asked her to... By the way good job anju...you kept it a secret."


So here I stopped this update.Hope you liked it.I'm not sure when my next update will be...se you soon all...bye...take care... Don't forget to hit the Thankyou tab if you like this update.

Both positive and negative comments are welcome.

Thank you.

Jun 13, 2016

Short Update... (By V1184) (Thanked: 21 times)

Kushi asked all three of then to sit down first.

After everyone is settled... She spoke.

"Arnavji Bhai and Anju... Im sorry jo meine aisa kiya.Anju ki mistake nahi hai.Mein usse last month mili thi.I got faint memories of living with you all byt i can't understand a thing.I went to doctor and told the same.He told me that I lost memory because of the hit on my head and can regain it if i am in utter shock or if i get hit again.I wanted to leave those selfish people who call themselves as my family and have used me for money.But for that i needed support.I took that from Anju unknown to her.We met only twice before now.On out first meet she thought i wanted to surprise you and that is why i didn't come.And when i met her 15days back she wanted me to talk with you both but her phone was dead and your phones were unreachable too.I told her that i will meet you both in a week's time.So she left.Yesterday when i caught you phone on the table... I texted her stating to hit me with a rod.She did that after my insistance pretending to be you and arnavji bhai.Don't blame her.She is a gem.My gem."

Well...after that detailed explanation from kushi they didn't say anything.Everyone was silent for a few minutes when finally anjali spoke.

"Jo bhi ho... My laadli is back with us now.Mr.Shyam.. I'm appointing you as her lawyer to handle the property cases.Mr.ASR listen carefully.Use your power and overtake those idiots business.I need that to be in my Kushi's name.Got it?" Anjali said.

Kushi laughed seeing Anjali all bossy.

Arnav just smiled and nodded.He left to call Aman to make necessary arrangements.

Shyam spoke out " Ji madam.I'm willing to do it.But what about my fees??"

Kushi said " Bhai fees kitna chahiye??"

Anjali added " Haa... Bataao bataao... We'll give you whatever amount you ask ;) "

Shyan replied " I need in writing that you are going to be with me forever.It is my fees.So deal?" He brought his hand for shake.

Kushi shook it and said in all business mode..." Deal Mr.Jha...as long as you are willing to be my brother."

Arnav came back just in time to see them shaking hands and he looked at anjali asking what it is.

Anjali smiled and said " Arrey arnav...don't you know..ye dono tumhaara kaam kar rahe hai...Making deals."

Arnav shook his head with a laugh and said " Let's go out and enjoy. We united after a long wait.Now it is over and so we will celebrate.Where do you want to go kushi?"

Kushi Anjali and shyam said at the same time " The Lake house".

They shared laughs and enjoyed together.

After getting ready they all left to 'The Lake House'.


Sorry for delayed and short update.Hope you like it.

Till next update...bye all...take care...keep smiling :)

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