Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 23, 2015

Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Sumer requests Sher to come down and cut Shraddhas prepared cake to make her feel good. He agrees and says he is agreeing for his sake and not Shraddhas. Shraddha gets happy seeing him coming down and lights candle. He comes, harshly blows candles with his hand and cuts cake. Sunehri and Gajra clap. He then feeds sumer cake. Sumer asks him to feed Shraddha first, but Sher stuffs cake in his mouth. Sunehri asks him to feed everyone. He says he came for Sumer and fed him cake. Sumer requests him to have food. He agrees and sits on dining table. Shraddha happily serves him food. She reminisces Sher breaking her mangalsutra and she challenging him that he himself will dorn it over her neck.

Pandey asks Rani what is she sitting idle instead of luring Sher. She says Sher has shraddha in his heart, so she has to do something with which Sher feels ashamed of himself. He asks what she will do. She says whatever she tries to gain will gain at any cost. Pandey gets call and gets tensed.

Sher himself gets his liquor caught by inspector who keeps it back in shes house godown. Inspector asks why is he doing it. Sher asks him to do as he says and asks him to leave now. Inspector leaves. Sher then orders his goon to not let anyone in even if here is not here.

Sumer asks why did he steal his own goods. Sher says to defeat enemy, he has to break his back bone and back bone is money, now Pandey and his puppets have borne 50 lakhs loss, later they will come on road. He tries to walk towards his room but stops seeing Shraddha who says she is afraid of his game. He asks her to mind her own business. She says her life is related to his now. He says she betrayed him and now acting. She says she is his wife. He asks she is boasting of patni dharm when she betrayed him and helped his enemy Virat. She says she made a mistake by trusting Virat, but cannot even dream of harming him or ammaji. He says if she has accepted her mistake, she should leave him and his house. Rani enters singing Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

Maama tells Bhavri that they are enjoying alcohol in hospital and Sher is handling their enemies. She says she is worried about Sher and asks him to call Vikas and tell him to be Shers shadow. Maama says Vikas is born to guard Sher and calls him.

Rani starts talking to Sher weirdly. He asks her to be specific. She says our tempo has been looted. She asks him to go and inform police. She says one among us has done it and all other partners are coming here. Nobody dares to betray her and she will find out who the enemy is. Vikas hears that and informs Bhavri. She asks to be specific and he explains the whole issue and says whole item is in our house godown. Bhavri asks him not to worry and to get gun fully loaded, if anything happens she will handle it.

Pandey reaches Shes home with his puppets. He says them that he made a mistake by trusting Ranim, he has to come back to the place where he was insulted 3 days ago. Puppets say they trust Rani and have earned a lot of money via her. They enter in. Rani thanks them for coming on time and says some dear one stole kajal from her eyes.. She says he trusts her that betrayer is one among us. Shraddha gets tensed, peeping.

Precap: Sher scolds Shraddha not to get tensed in front of Rani, else she will easily catch them.

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