Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Dream Girl

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Jun 23, 2015

Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Dream Girl (By sanchi)

Dream Girl 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayesha telling Laxmi to show courage in handling the title. She says she is heartbroken and her courage will not be of any help. She gets Manavs call and says she is giving tips to Laxmi. She asks Laxmi to wipe tears and cheer up, it happens, person recalls the sacrifices made to reach the aim, if Manav or Prem come to know how you used the things to reach here, will they respect you, what about your dads ethics, I got to go now, congrats you became dreamgirl, you got what you wanted, but I cant see anyone more lost and empty handed than you. Laxmi cries.

Bua ji takes wishes from everyone. Laxmi sits sad and holds the lucky charm locket Samar gifted her. Laxmi says she wanted to become Samars heroine, she has become now, but she is not feeling happy without Raj. She says she did not know when Raj became part of her dream, if he was here, he would have told everyone happily.

She cries recalling him. She hugs Bua ji and says Raj is not here, I have Samar Sareen who dont know me, I tried finding him and fate make me met Raj, now when I love Raj, Samar came infront of me. Bua ji says Lord did this for your good, Raj and Samar is same. Laxmis dad calls Bua ji and talks to her happily. He says congrats Geeta, where is Laxmi, she did great, we have seen on tv. She says she is not here. He says she will be busy, she told me that she will turn her lie into truth, and luckily Raj is Samar Sareen, she might be happy. He says make her talk to her when she comes. Karan comes to meet Laxmi.

Bua ji goes to get tea for him. Karan says whatever happened, I felt when you tell Raj your feelings and when you know Raj is Samar Sareen, your happiness will get doubled, I did not know Samar will react like this. Laxmi asks did you know this, why did you tell me. He says forgive me. She says you all cheated me. He says I was jealous of Samar so I did not tell you, I did not know I will lose you to any samosawala, love made me do this. She says yes, love makes person do anything, you did this for love, I could not understand who is my love, I should say sorry, I cant tell anyone cheater, I cheated everyone, I lied to dad and thought my life will be better with you, I knew I love Raj and did not decide in his favor, I m very bad, I lost Raj forever.

Samar sits sad in his room and recalls Laxmi. Ayesha comes to him and says she knows its tough to kick out anyone unworthy from life. He says he always wanted Laxmi to be with him at the time of launch, this time she was but not the way I wanted. Karan says Samar loves you, he cant forget it so soon. Ayesha fills poison against Laxmi in Samars mind and asks him not to care for her. She says now Laxmi will be after you, knowing you are Samar Sareen, dont give her chance to play with your heart, she has chance as she is doing film with him. Karan says Samar cant ignore you as you both are doing film, he will apologize and come back to you. Karan gives hope to Laxmi.

Ayesha asks Samar not to trust Laxmi and recall this film is Manavs incomplete dream, he is their pride, dont let this break, just focus on the film, I m with you, you can discuss things with me. Karan says I m with you Laxmi, I will do anything to unite you and Samar. Manav comes and says he will start the movie soon, there is buzz about Samar and Laxmi, they got most promising lead pair tag. He asks Samar to get ready. He asks him to take break if he wants, and asks him to clear his heart. Samar says my personal life will not affect this film. Manav says you are everything for us, we cant see you sad.

Ayesha says we will let Samar rest today. Manav says he will do the tickets if Samar wants break and leaves. Samar says I have forgotten many, but tough to forget Laxmi. A man calls Samar and asks him to come for look test. Samar says he will come. The man tells Karan that Samar is coming. Samar says Manav is quick. Samar comes to office and asks where is everyone, they called me and no one turned up.

Laxmi comes to him and he gets angry seeing her. A lady calls Ayesha and says Samar has come office for look test, but nothing such is going on here. Ayesha says Laxmi will not change. Samar starts leaving. Laxmi stops him and asks him to listen to her.


Samar pulls her the chain he gifted her and asks her to go, they are just together for acting. Laxmi takes challenge to turn Samar into her Raj, else break down in love. Karan tells Ayesha that he will make Laxmi reach Samar.


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