Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Kalash

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Jun 23, 2015

Written Update - 22nd June 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 22nd June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Saket brings Ananya in corner, she says i am pregnant and you are forcing me for dance? he says i brought you here to save you, thanks for hiding truth, Ananya says you promised me, tomorrow is haldi ceremony and it should not happen, if you do haldi then i will tell truth to everyone, if you dont cancel this marriage tomorrow then i will break it, Saket says i will handle everything darling, he brings her to dance, both starts dancing awkwardly, Devika comes to Ravi, she says i hope everything is clear, if Saket had affair with her then he wouldnt have brought her here, everything is clear so you also clear misunderstanding, let everything go in flow, maybe Ambe maa want me to get married to Saket, Ravi thinks i wish i get one proof to prove that Ambe Maa doesnt want Devika to get married to Saket, did she accept this relation? Devika leaves from there.

Navi says to Manju that i enjoyed alot here, i attend high society parties but this was different, Manju says i like high society parties but never attended it, Navi says i will invite you, i will leave now, Manju says no you have to eat something and then Ravi leave drop you home, Navi thinks what women is she?

Rekha is lost in thoughts, Shekhar ask what happened? Rekha says i was thinking about Ananya, she did say that she is relative of Saket but you remember Ravi as convinced that she has affair with Saket, i am sure Ravi cant lie and you also know he is pure hearted, he cant allege any girl like this, Shekhar says mistake happens from human only, DEvika listens their conversation, Shekhar says Ravi has accepted his mistake as he was silent when Ananya came here, lets end this matter, Devika comes to Rekha and says he is right, everything is clear and you dont have to worry now, Rekha says i am worried for you, i am tensed to think that what if give your hand to wrong person? i cant trust anyone when its about you, i want you to be happy, Devika says how you know i am happy or not? if i say that i am happy then you have to accept it, she makes her eat sweets and says there is no problem so smile, Sakshi sees all this and says is Devika really happy or pretending to be happy? DEvika turns, gets sad and leaves from there, Sakshi notices this and says you are not happy, not at all.

Scene 2

Navi says it was such spicy food, how to they eat it? where will i wash my hands? she find water tank, SAvitri is washing hands, she ask her cant you put water on my hands so i can wash it? Savitri says yes, she pours water on her hands and says take off jewelry from your hands, polish will go off by water, Navi says these are diamonds, it will not be affected by water, Savitri is stunned and ask worth of them? Navi says around 25lacs, Savitri coughs and says you must be wearing it on special occasions only, Navi says i have 50 to 60 sets like this, i wear different everyday, i have seen set of 3.5crores, i will buy that now, Savitris eyes are wide open listening all this, Savitri ask where do you live? Navi says i got bungalow here but its small, we have 10 houses in london and they are like palaces but i am not finding anything like that here, Savitri thinks how that poor manju got this rich fish, she ask navi that you are rich, you can get any guy then why you want to marry in India? Navi thinks that this game is getting serious, before they make me marry, i have to stop all this, she says to Savitri that who told you that i will marry in India, i am not ready for marriage till 3 to 4 years and guy should be of my standard only then i will marry, she leaves, SAvitri says that means Manju was lying about this girl, i will teach her lesson about her trick.

Saket ask his driver to drop Ananya, ananya leaves, Ravi come there, Saket smirks at him and says you know about politics? you are weak player infront of me, dont you even think of playing with me, you must be thinking how i managed all this? you need sharp mind like me to know all this, go home and never cross my path, you are lucky that its marriage season else i would have not left you like this, he leaves, Ravi curtly looks at him.

Savitri finds Manju with Navi, she thinks i will embarrass this Manju. Savitri comes to Manju and says you hided such a big news from me? what was the need to hide all this, Navi thinks that i should leave before i get crushed between oldies, she silently leaves, Savitri says to Manju says that i will be happy to share this news with everyone, she grabs attention of everyone, she says thanks for coming here, this sangeet is lucky for someone else too, one more relation has made in this party and her son is hitched to rich girl Navidita Luthara, Navi is shocked to listen this, all are tensed, Manju thinks what this oldie is doing? i have to clear to Navi that i have not done anything, Savitri ask Manju why your face got pale? you made me meet Navi, you told me that your son and that girl is close to each other, she brings Navi centre stage, she says this is Navidita, she is committed to Ravi, Navi is in shock state, Savitri calls Ravi but he doesnt come, Savitri says he is not here as he is more interested in others matters, Navi says enough, who told you that i am committed to him? Savitri says why you are angered? didnt Manju ask you? she was telling this to everyone here, Navi ask Manju whats all this? she takes Manju from there, Savitri thinks now it will be fun.

Vikas says to Monty that only Ravi can handle all this, we have to find him, Sakshi ask Vikas to find Ravi.

Navi brings Manju to corner, Manju says i didnt do anything, Navi shouts how dare you spread this news like this? Savitri listens their convo, Navi says i came here to help you out and you are taking advantage of my goodness, what you think i am? am i statue or weak girl? what was the need to involve me in all this? you insulted me, Savitri says now make her your daughter in law.

PRECAP- Saket says to Devika that you could have told me directly, i knew you will fall in love with me, i love you, Devika is tensed.


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