TS - All I Need is - A KISS

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Jun 23, 2015

TS - All I Need is - A KISS (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 122 times)

Arnav and Khushi, both had an arranged marriage. Both had no problem in their marriage as they thought to fulfill their family wishes. The initial days of their marriage life was bliss for them. Like a normal couple, they spent their days with love, romance and cute fights. Things are not always same. Like wise, their relationship drifted. The drift is nothing like a fight or separation or anything.

After coming from honeymoon, Arnav was deeply engrossed in his works not caring about anything in his life including his wife. Khushi thought things will move on slowly and understood that her husband is not some ordinary working man, he is the great business tycoon.

Their daily routine was, Arnav used to wake up even before Khushi, go to office, work like minac and return late night, after Khushi slept.

It’s been month since Arnav and Khushi both saw each other. Even during the weekend, Arnav spends most of the time in his office.

For Khushi.. Her life is living hell… Spending a minute with her husband is such a rarity for her. Khushi felt alone in this world even if she has a husband and a family. Her son in laws, are busy with their works.. For sake, they will ask her join in their discussion. She most of the time spent her day in her room.

‘Why Arnav?.. Why are you showing ignorance to me?.. You said you loves me, but you never showed your love to me. Did I do any mistake that you are punishing me like this?.. Everyday I expect you to come to me telling that you love and kiss my forehead. All I need is - A kiss Arnav.. A reassuring kiss that you loves me and will alway be with me. Is it too much to ask?.  Everyday I message you morning, afternoon and evening, but all you reply me is in monosyllable. I tried getting your attention. I even came to your office to give your lunch, but you left telling me that you had lunch meeting with you clients. I don’t know what is more important in your life - Me or you Business. I love you soo much Arnav.. I want you to fill the void I’m feeling now.. This void feeling is terrible. I tried neglecting it, telling to myself that everything will be okay…. But truth is nothing is Okay.. nothing is Okay” Khushi cried out loud in her room…

Her heart is paining . Its tough for her to accept her husband’s ignorance. It’s even tougher for her to pretend as if nothing is wrong. All her heart expecting is - Her Husband’s assuring kiss.

She was sitting on the recliner in the poolside, reading a book. Those books are the only companionship for her in her boredom. She felt something stirring in her stomach. She felt like puking. Holding her mouth she rushed towards bathroom and vomited everything that she had for breakfast. All she had was a glass of juice. She felt dizzy, holding her head balancing herself with the support of wall, she came out of the bathroom and landed on her bed. She felt exhausted with this sickness. She has this sickness for past one week. She thought it was only because of not having proper rest. She was too tired to even keep her eyes open.

All of sudden she woke up and sat on the bed. She looked at the calendar, then only she realised she was late for her monthly cycle. She was doubtful, so she took her purse and went out of her house. After an hour she returned back with a packet and entered into the restroom.

When she came out, her face was shining like moon, there was a smile , a broad smile on her face, which she forgot to do some days back. She was happy, very happy. She placed her hand in her tummy and caressed it. Happy tears were flowing from her eyes. She felt a new strength in her, a new hope. It was like as though all her fear was vanished in thin air as if it was never existed in this world. She smiled like a kid and whispered “I gonna have baby. My baby.. Me and Arnavji’s baby”

She ran towards the bedside table and got her phone and dialed her husband’s number..

Arnav who was working in office, ignored her call and continued to work.

“I don’t know what’s her problem.. Always calls me and disturbs me asking ‘Arnavji, did you had your breakfast??.. Did you had your lunch?. Did you had your medicine?.. When are your coming?.. I’m waiting for you’ Doesn’t she has any other work than calling me” Arnav cursed her in his mind for disturbing him.

Khushi kept on calling him repeatedly..

Arnav, out of frustration attended her call and started shouting “What do you want khushi?”

“Arnavji..”Khushi started to say but cut off by him..

“Enough Khushi.. Do you think I have no other work than attending your phone calls?.. Whats your problem? Didn't I tell you not to disturb me? Why you keep on pestering me?. I made a biggest mistake in my life by marrying you. I should have never married a middle class girl like you who is such an attentions seeker.. Get lost Khushi” Arnav shouted and cut the call.

Khushi was broken, She felt as if someone stabbed her heart a million times. She felt a burning sensation in her heart. But keeping all her pain away, she again called him.

Arnav was hell furious with her nonstop call, he attended and shouted at her, “ Leave me KHushi.. Leave me in peace” saying this he cut the phone and switched off.

Khushi’s entire hope, trust and love shattered into pieces.


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Nakshu aka Hema

Jun 24, 2015

Second Shot (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 97 times)

Khushi was now a broken soul, She no more feels alive. She was not a week girl who was afraid to let go or to try again. Right now, she decided to try again, after all life is too short. She got her broken pieces of her heart, mended it and pretended as if it doesn’t matter.

She took her mobile, typed something and clicked send button. After switching off her mobile, she moved to her cupboard, took a bag, filled her clothes and moved out of her husband’s room.

On the way to downstairs, she met his so called family… She said something to them and left the place. His family (Mami, Mama, Anjali, Akash and Payal.. No Nani) stood there staring at her with a eve smile playing on their lips.

“Di.. I think our plan is  success” Akash said to his DI..

“Yes Akash…… I was so shocked when Arnav agreed to marry her easily when we thought he will refuse” Anjali said thinking how she faked a drama about caring him.

“Haan.. Anjali betiya…. When Arnav betwa got married, they both were romancwa and lovewa” Mami said having seen their open romance.

“That’s why to separate them, we gave loads of pressure to Arnav in office by creating so much problem so that he won’t have time to even breathe” Mama said thinking about bribing the clients, spoiling the tender and all the illegal acts he did in office.

“Ahh Papa.. You even stopped me and payal going to office stating we are newly married, we need some privacy, so that Arnav Bhai will be fully load with works, in return he wont give time to bhabhi”Akash said smiling at his wife payal..

“That’s what my plan is, to push Khushi out of this house, so that we can enjoy this luxury”Anjali said smirking evilly..

Everyone laughed at the success of their plan.

Arnav was the son of Arjun and Arti Raizada, brother of Manohar Raizada. After the death of Arjun and Arti, all the property was transferred to Arnav’s name. Everyone were envious about this including his own sister Anjali. So they set a plan to snatch all the property and money from Arnav. But the clause in the will is Mr and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada should sign the property papers if they want to transfer it to their name. So they married him to one of the middle class girl, whom they thought she will obey their orders. Their plan failed, because after marriage Arnav started to fall for Khushi, as they expected, khushi was not the girl who will obey for everything. She was a strong headed and straight forward girl. Khushi shielded Arnav every time they try to reach him. So they decided to break their bond. AR is the life of Arnav, because it was the dream of his parents, so anything bad to AR, Arnav will broke into pieces. As expected Arnav started concentrating on AR trying to mend all the problems, he forgot about Khushi.. Atlast their plan succeeded now.

In AR,

Arnav was damn frustrated with the turn of events. His company was at stake.. He lost so many deals in a month. His company shares were going down.. He almost forgot about the outer world while doing the damage control. He almost forgot that he had a wife waiting for him in his house. After an hours of meeting with the clients and dealers, at last he succeeded in solving the problem.

He close his eyes and relaxed himself in his chair. That’s when his wife’s smiling face flashed before his eyes. He fell in love with her the minute he saw her photo. After marriage, knowing she too loves him, he was so happy. His after marriage life was bliss. He enjoyed each and every day with his wife. Suddenly he remember the word he spoke to his wife. His eyes widened remembering her shivering voice when she spoke to him.

He took his phone, switched it on.. After a minute he received a message.. seeing it from his wife, he opened the message.

“We are having a baby. We don’t want to be a burden for you, so leaving you in peace - Khushi”

Arnav was shattered, he don’t know whether he should be happy for being a father or should cry for having lost her. He took his car key, after informing Aman and dashed out of the office.

He started his car and zoomed off. He reached RM in 10 minutes. He entered and searched for Khushi in the entire house. He searched her cupboard only to find it empty. He asked his so called family about her whereabout, but he got only reply that they don’t know. He rushed out and started his car again.

He was like a mad person searched for her, cursing him for speaking those words to her. His heart was paining having heard her broken voice. He crossed all the traffic rules, reached her parents house, but they too don’t know.. He was driving about 180 speed, that he lost his control and his car dashed with a truck. All the spectator heard two sound, one was the car bursting , other one was Arnav’s voice, shouting her name…….


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Nakshu aka Hema

Jun 25, 2015

Third Shot (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 114 times)

It’s been 3 days since the accident, Arnav’s so called family thought he was dead… They for name sake kept a funeral and cried…. Well tried to cry. Khushi didn’t come for funeral.. Everyone thought that they can enjoy their life without any burden. AR went in the hands of Akash and Mama. Mami, Anjali and Payal started enjoying the luxury by spending so much money in shopping and parlour. This went for a month.

One day morning, Doorbell of RM rang.. HP went to open the door. He stood shocked seeing the person who was standing there.. His eyes moved to the other person who is standing beside the first one. His eyes widened… He has tears.. A happy tears having got the life if this RM….

Other family too came there, stood rooted to the spot.. They never thought Arnav and Khushi return back.. Yes.. Its none other than Arshi. They were equally shocked to find Arnav all fit and fine.

“Shocked.. Are we?”Khushi said smirking at them, entered the house holding her husband’s thought.

Anjali was the first one who came out of her shock state..

“How come you both?”She asked stammering…

Mami was rubbing her eyes trying to get her vision clear, she was examining whether its ghost or not. Mama and Akash was afraid of ASR’s Anger. Payal was the only one who was calm…

“Oh.. Are you all Wondering how we both are here?” Khushi said faking her smile..

“Yes.. Yes.. Khushiji… We are very happy to see you both… Chottey” Anjali rushed to hug him, but was stopped by Khushi.

“Don’t… Don’t even dare to hug him.. He is no you brother” Khushi said glaring at him.

“How dare you say me, he is not my brother.. Chottey look.. What you wife is telling me? How dare she telling me like this.. Doesn’t she knows I love you so much… I did a grave mistake by making you marry this filth.. She is such an b***”Anjali was saying with faking her cry but was cut off by Arnav’s roar..

“Shut up…… Shut the hell up Ms.Anjali or Should I say Mrs. Anjali Jha” Arnav shouted at top of his voice..

Anjali was shocked hearing her name…….


“Enough of your fake drama…….... I know everything”

“Chottey. Don’t trust this girl.. She is lying.. She is a blood wh”

“SHUT UP MRS.ANJALI JHA… SHUT THE HELL UP” Arnav roared.. shocking everyone. They had never seen Arnav shouting at any one of them.. Mami, Akash and Mama was gulping their throat in fear..

Khushi was watching everything silently…….  

“How dare you all try to separate me and Khushi?.. How could you do this to me?.. After ma and papa’s death, I saw you as my mother.. But What you did?.. Is money is so important to you?.. You married to that **** Shyam Jha.. You were dancing on his tunes and did all the things to hurt me and KHushi.. How could you?.. For you, your life is so important to me , right. The only good thing you did is, you made me married to Khushi… Thanks a lot for that.. But from now on, you are no more sister… I will give your part of property. You can go to hell with this” Arnav said looking at Anjali.. His eyes were spitting fire…

He, then turned towards Mama and Mami..

“I always saw you in my parents place, but how could you?.. Haven’t I did everything for you as a son to you… Where did I committed a sin in treating you. Why did you betrayed me?.. After my parents passed aways, I always thought you both as my parents.. You showered all the love on Akash, you neglected me, but still I love you all.. I worked like a machine only for you all.. I dont want you all to suffer.. i lost all the happiness.. I love myself in the process. What did I do, You both punished me” Arnav asked looking at them. His eyes were not spitting fire.. It only has the longingness of 14 year old boy.. A boy who sacrificed all his life for these useless people. Mama and Mami felt terrible under his accusing eyes

He moved towards Akash..

“Akash.. I never thought you less than my own brother.. I always kept you in mind at every work.. I even didn’t allow you to work late night in office. because I wanted my brother to live his life with full of happiness… I kept your happiness in the first place.. I trusted you. but why did you do this?.. If you asked me my life and wealth.. I would have happily given you, but Why you went behind me” Arnav asked looking at him , expecting a answer from him. Akash lowered his head in guilt.

He moved towards Payal..

“Payal, I should be thank full to you.. because of you I came to know their truth.. because of you I got my Khushi” Arnav said in his honest voice..

“It’s Ok Arnavji” Payal said smiling at him.. Everyone were shocked and Looking at them, expect Khushi..

Khushi smiled at their shocked and pale faces she started speaking..

“Are you all thinking how payal came to this picture? Well Let me do the honor of saying everything.. I’m Payal’s friend. After her marriage with Akash, she got to know all your real faces and how you treat Arnav. She used to tell me everything about each and everyone of you. That’s when I fell in love with Arnav. I said to payal about my feelings. She was happy and decided to help me. So I acted like an innocent girl before Anjali, but in reality I was not innocent and uneducated.. I’m an Engineer Graduate. Like our I married Arnav.. I got My love.. I was happy when Arnav reciprocated my love.. We had a happy married life.. After coming from honeymoon.. Things between me and Arnav started changing.. We started drifting apart.. That’s when payal said about your plan.. She acted being helping you in all this.. Me too let you all do this because I wanted Arnav to realise your real face. That’s when I got to know that I was pregnant.. I called Arnav to inform this.. With the pressure you all are giving to him, he bursted out on me.. He kept me away from him.. He ignored me.. With all this I was shattered.. I tried reasoning myself but nothing worked out.. SO I decided to leave.. Because Only this will make Arnav realise.. You all thought Arnav was busy, not giving anytime to me.. But the truth was not that.. He was busy with the loads of work.. yet he never failed to convey his love for me.. Do you want to know how?.. All I need is - A kiss from him.. A assuring kiss on my forehead will tell his love for me.. He never slept without giving me the kiss nor he left the house to office, without giving that. Even though I was sleeping, I know and can sense his touch. That’s what our love is. After I left this house, I was sure Arnav will come in search of me to my parents house, As expected he came to me.. I told my parents not to reveal anything. He left dejected.. He raced his car.. I was soo afraid see that.. So I followed him… I saw his car bursting into fire and heard his shout for me.. My breath stopped for a minute.. I rushed to that place.. That’s when I saw Arnav quite away from the place, lying unconscious.. I understood he jumped before the accident was about to happen. I admitted him in hospital.. When he got his conscious, I told all the truth. He refused to believe me. Then I requested him to stay in my parents house for a month to prove the truth. With the help of Payal.. I proved him.. I revealed all your true faces.. How could you all do this to him?.. He trusted you all?.. he worked for you all.. He even neglected his wife for you all.. You all wanted this property right.. The day he got married me, he had transferred all the property on your names… He has nothing in his names except me…… You all enjoy with this luxury.. We don’t want this.. keep this with yourself” Khushi finished saying everything….

She took hold of Arnav’s hand who was looking at her in pride.. Both left the place, thinking not to return back to this place. Payal smiled seeing both of them together.. She gave a glare to everyone and left the place…

Mami and Mama heaved a sigh having saved from ASR’s wrath..

Akash felt guilty for doing this.. He vowed himself, not to use single penny from AR.. Anjali smirked thinking she got the property now.

Arnav and Khushi reached Gupta house.. Arnav entered Khushi’s room and cried his heart out.. His heart was paining because all the one who he loved the most betrayed him.. They not only did hurt him but also stabbed him in his heart.. Khushi felt miserable seeing his condition. She went to him and hugged him tightly…

“Khushi…. Khushi..”Arnav tried speaking.. but nothing came out..

“Shsshh.. Relax.. I know.. I understand……. ssshhh.. Arnav….” Khushi hugged him consoling him like a kid.

After a minute Arnav composed himself and looked at her..

“How could you love me so much Khushi.. even after all this?” Arnav asked her..

“I dont have reason Arnav.. All I know Is I love you.. Love has no reason” KHushi said tightening her hug..

“You are my life…. I will do anything for you.. All you have to do is tell me”

“Right now, I don't want anything Arnav, Except one.”

“What?” Arnav asked curious to know what it is nu..

“ALL I NEED IS - A KISS, ARNAV .. A KISS OF LOVE FROM YOU” Khushi said smiling at him..

Arnav smiled at her and lowered his head.. He place his lips on her only to show her the DEPTH OF HIS LOVE..


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Nakshu aka Hema

Jun 25, 2015

EPILOGUE (By Nakshu_Haya) (Thanked: 96 times)

It’s been 2 years after that painful incident………

Arnav Had started AK fashion house with the help of Khushi… In the span of two years, AK had come to the top position beating AR.

But AR lost its life…. Akash though managed to maintain it, he failed in bringing up AR…. Shyam cheated Anjali and got all the properties in his name including RM… Everyone are staying in a new house rented by Akash. Only AR was saved because it’s under the name of all the RM Members. Anjali understood his brother’s hard work and sacrifices.. Mama and Mami were disgust with themselves for behaving like this. They all had lived under the shadows of Arnav Singh Raizada, without that shadow, everyone’s life were pushed into darkness. Payal was the only soul, who was happy in her life. She was earning for her life, she is taking care of her one year son very well. Though she was sad not able to see Khushi and Arnav, she was happy thinking they are together.

Arshi was enjoying their life with their cute little girl Aashi, their daughter.

After 6 months, AR and RM was again back to Arnav’s hand… He brought both , by paying lump of amount to Akash and Shyam, separately. AR and AK was merged, now under the hands of ASR.

“Ashi… Stop running… I can’t run behind you.. Ashi” Arnav was running behind his cute daughter with food.

“No… Pa pa” Ashi said in her cute little voice..

“Ashi.. Baby.. stopp” Arnav was hell tired with all this running. He was running behind her for more than 30 minutes..

“BUAHHHHHHHH” Khushi laughed looking at his state..

She stopped laughing seeing Arnav’s glare at her..

“WHat?.. Why are you glaring at me?... You only said, ‘today I will take care of my little jaan, Khushi’” Khushi said imitating him.

“God Khushi.. I never knew she will created this much trouble for me” Arnav said huffig..

“Of course she will give trouble, after all your daughter right” Khushi said giggling at him.

“Shut Up Khushi.. I know my daughter” Arnav said glaring at her..

“Oh really?... Lets see” Khushi said in challenging tone.

After another 30 minutes of running behind her, Arnav sat on the sofa with thud..

“N0 Khushi….. I can’t… Argh…..” Arnav said catching his breath..

“HAHAHAHAHAHA” Khushi laughed at him, clutching his stomach.

“Stop Laughing Khushi” Arnav said in his irritated tone.

“Ok OK.. Give me.. I will feed her” Khushi said taking the bowl from her..

Khushi went to her daughter and said something in his ears, after that Aashi started having food without fuss… Arnav wondered what she said in her ears. He admired them, both of them are his life.

After five minutes Khushi came back, Ashi went to play again..

“What did you said to her, that she became obedient” Arnav asked at her with curious eyes.

“It’s a secret between us” Khushi said smirking at him.

“Whatever” Arnav said turning his head sideways making a sad face.

“Aww……….” Khushi went and sat beside him..

Arnav turned opposite side, not wanting to see her face..

Khushi pouted and whispered something in his ears.. After hearing this, Arnav’s eyes widened, he turned towards Khushi..

“Really?... We.. We are gonna be parents again?” Arnav asked feeling happy with the news.. Khushi nodded at him..

“So, that’s what you said to Ashi, because she was lately nagging us for a brother” Arnav asked confirming.. On getting a nod from her, he hugged her tightly Kissing her head..

“Khushi.. I’m so happy……… I’m so happy.. Thank you.. Thank you soo much.. Tell me Khushi.. What you want now.. I will give anything to you” Arnav said excited and happy with the news.

“ALL I NEED IS - A KISS, A PROMISING KISS FROM YOU” Khushi whispered to him…

Arnav looked at her with love in his eyes.. he moved his head towards her, he was about to capture his lips..

“PAPA.. MAMA” Aashi ran towards them and landed on both their laps..

Arnav hugged Aashi and Khushi in his arms, gave a kiss on both of their forehead.



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