Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 24, 2015

Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

Ronnie proposes Ananya and she is shocked. He goes and stands in rain. She takes umbrella for him. He says if he had not told it today, he would not have told whole life. She says let us go and they both leave.



Ananya reaches home. Mom serves her food and she reminisces Kabeer. She then informs mom that Ronnie proposed her, she was sensing from her eyes, but did not take it seriously. Mom asks what did she say and says Ronnie is a good boy and will keep you very happy. Ananya says she does not love Ronnie as he is her bestfriend. Mom asks what is difference in it. Ananya says life is not that simple and rushes to her room.


In the morning at KKN channel, she meets Richa who asks why did not she accept Ronnies proposal. Ananya says she doe snot have feelings for Ronnie and he is her best friend. Richa asks her to stop dreaming about Kabeer and move on with Ronnie. Ananya says she cannot as she cannot love Ronnie. She walks to her desk and sees rose and ronnies greeting card expressing his feelings. She thinks how and when did life become so complicated. She asks Trisha if she saw Ronnie. Trisha says he is with Manav.



Ronnie asks Manav to sign some papers. He signs and asks how is Ananya. Ronnie asks why is he asking about her. Manav says he is her best friend, so asked. He is worried about Ananya ask Kabeer is trying to trap her. Ronnie says they are grown ups and will handle their problems. Manav says Ananya admires Kabeer and considers him as her hero, but Kabeer is trying to use her and reminds him of Tarini. He warns that he will not be surprised if Kabeer uses Ananya and leaves her. Ronnie asks him to give back file if he has signed it. Manav gives file and Ronnie leaves. Manav thinks he has to get Ronnie on his side, then he can easily get Malvika and Khalid on his side.



Ananya tries to SMS ronnie but stops. Sunny sees her confused and says even he is confused what is happening since 2 days. Ananya says Malvika is holding her since morning. Rohan comes and provokes her against Malvika, telling that she is jealous of her as she is close to Kabeer, so she is troubling her.


Ananya angrily walks to Malvikas room and hears her speaking to her dad about Kabeer. Malvika turns, sees her and asks if she has forgotten to knock. Ananya says if she has problem, she can tell her directly instead of insulting her in front of everyone. Malvika asks her to mind her language and if she wants she can resign as KKN has not signed a bond with her. She says her attitude has changed after kidnap incident and spending 3 days with Kabeer. she says Kabeer will use her just like other junior reporters. She asks what relationship she has with Kabeer. Ananya asks her to mind her own business and not interfere in her personal life, she is a reporter and her work is to bring news and she is doing it efficiently and warns her not to interfere again. Malvika thinks she is so confident of herself, but she will snatch Kabeer from her soon.


Ananya goes to canteen and sees Ronnie there who asks if she was searching him to reply his proposal. Ananya says he is her friend and they should keep their relationship like that. Ronnie feels shattered hearing that. She says she cannot lose their friendship and says she cannot love him like he does love her. He asks she is rejecting him as she loves Kabeer. She keeps silent. He says he got his answer and walks a few steps, then turns back and says he is her bestfriend so wants to warn her against Kabeer, he cannot see her heart breaking. Ananya silently looks at him walking.



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