Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 24, 2015

Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

Rani tells her partner that nobody can enter or leave the place without her knowledge as her men have surrounded this place. She asks Shraddha to go and prepare something for guests instead of listening to their talks.

Shradha walks towards kitchen and sees someone wearing blanket running from Bhavris room. She sees vase fallen on floor, keeps it back and leaves. Bhavri comes out after she leaves.

Shradha then goes to kitchen, calls Sumer over phone and asks him to come to kitchen right now. He walks near kitchen and sees someone walking, but Bhavri hides before he sees him. He walks into kitchen and Shraddha says they have to find a solution. Sher enters kitchen and asks her to stop spoiling his game as Rani is very intelligent and will sense her nervousness. He asks her to come out with water glasses calmly.

Shradha then serves water to all partners. Rani says she will mix medicine drops in water with which truth twill come out. She mixes drops in everyones glasses and asks them to drink. Sher says her idea is very good and many secrets will be out. Bhavri and Vikas watch the whole drama standing in balcony. Puppet partners say her idea is bad as they will not think of losing their own money. She asks them to drink quietly. Sher says she can mix whole bottle. She says it is just a matter of 5 min. Vikas on the other side tells Bhavri that Rani is mad behind Sher. Rani tells she will drink first and hopes everyone can tolerate truth for 10 minutes from her mouth. Sher says he can tolerate anything as he is habituated, looking at Shraddha. Shraddha gets tensed.

Rani drinks water and falls down unconscious. Everyone look at her surprisingly. Sher tries to wake her up. Pandey asks if she stole liquor tempo. Shradha comes running and Sher signals her to go from there. Rani holds Shers hand and pushes him towards her. She says why is he stuck in fake marriage, if he becomes hers, his life will be settled. He gets irked. Pandey asks her to tell about liquor tempo. She says she does not know about tempo and knows only Sher. She gets intimate with him. Puppet partners say they did not see Rani speaking like this that too in front of Shers wife. Rani says Sher she is beautiful and young, then why is he shying from her. She is about to kiss him when Shraddha splashes water on her. Rani gets back to her senses. Shradha asks her to do the work which she called everyone for. Bhavri tells Vikas that Shradha did right thing on time. Shradha says she will serve food and asks everyone to come on dining table.

Sunehri tells Shradha that she will not keep quiet until she kicks that chudial/Rani out of house. Shradha asks her to get back to work. Rani asks partners if she told anything about tempo. Puppet partner asks if she does not remember anything. She nods no. Sunheri tells Shradha that she will add chilli powder in Ranis parantha. Shradha says she does not have to do that as she already taught her a lesson. Rani comes there and says if she thinks by throwing a glass of water, she has spoilt her plan of getting Sher, she is wrong.

Precap: Shradha asks Sher not to drink medicine, else he will blurt out truth. He says if he tells truth, Rani will kill him and Bhavri will die on bed hearing this news, she can enjoy after that.


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