Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Mahakumbh

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Jun 24, 2015

Written Update - 23rd June 2015 Mahakumbh (By sanchi)

Mahakumbh 23rd June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudra requesting Ashwathama to allow them go inside the door. Ashwathama says they are protectors and friends, so he cant attack on him. He says its his duty to protect and asks Rudra to fight with him, he will defend. Rudra says you know our aim, tell me what to do. Ashwathama says our Dharm does not allow us to leave our aim, sorry but fight has to happen. Rudra says our powers are equal, the fight will go on as its no end, we dont have time. Ashwathama asks him to take any other Garudas power, then they wont be equal.

Thapadiya Maai says there is no time to think, decision has to be made now, who will sacrifice their power. Charles looks at Katherine and smiles. He says decision is made, I m ready. Rudra gets stunned and recalls their childhood friendship. Katherine recalls her and Charless moments. Everyone recall moments spent with Charles. Charles says about his life, he met a girl just like him and everything changed for him. He reminds Katherine his words and they cry. She hugs him. Shivanand says we dont have time Charles.

Charles says even I dont have. He holds Rudras hand and gives his weapon. Rudra holds the Garuda weapon and they both sit concentrating. Charles powers gets transferred to Rudra. Charles fall down unconscious and Naags look on from far. Rudra opens eyes and cries seeing Charles fallen on the ground. He holds his head. Katherine cries. Charles disappears in the form of golden petals.

Katherine hugs Thapadiya Maai and cries. Rudra walks to Ashwathama and says he is ready to fight with him. Ashwathama holds Narayan Astra and says this is his light power, if he is ready to go to the door, this will not affect him, else there will be fight. Rudra bears the light strike by Charles Garuda stick. Ashwathama hits his weapon on ground and opens arms. Rudra hugs him. Ashwathama shows him the door opening for him and asks him to proceed towards the door. Naags look on. Dansh, Leela and Vrish also come forward.

Thapadiya Maai holds Katherine and takes her. They greet Ashwathama. Tiwari takes Charles bag. Ashwathama blesses everyone. Ashwathama stops Rudra. Rudra goes back to him. Ashwathama says he has to do his final duty and says you would be knowing that they will have to take Naags along. Rudra says this is not possible, Naags are our enemy. Ashwathama tells him something (Mute) and blesses him to win. Rudra goes towards the door. Dansh asks Rudra will he not take them. Shivanand asks Rudra to come. Rudra says they will come with us. Dansh smiles.

Shivanand goes to attack Dansh,. Rudra stops him and says they will come with us. The door is closing. Dansh welcomes them in terracotta world, and says even if our aim is not same, the way is same and forwards his hand.


Vrish says Naags attack by sense, not eyes. Shivanand says we dont attack anyone. Vrish says no one can fight with Bali. Dansh fights with Bali. Rudra asks where is Dansh. Leela cries.


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