Written Update - 24th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Ananya sees Tarini entering KKN channel office and gets irked. Khalid sees her fuming and taunts her. He then goes and meets Tarini. She gives him Kabeers file and says she found it in Kabeers room. Ananya asks gets more irked. Khalid says Kabeer is different.



Ananya goes and sits next to Trisha. She sees Manav coming out of cabin seeing Richa and tells his drama will start again. Manav praises Richa for reading news so well and says soon she will take over kabeer and kabeer will be forgotten by people. She sees Ronnie moving tensely and asks what happened. He goes to his cabin.


Ananya goes to Kabeers cabin and starts yelling on his chair. She starts yelling that he knows to just use people and their relationship in his favor and then dump them. She continues yelling, turns back, and is shocked to see Kabeer. Kabeer says she is right, he knows only to use people and says she should not stay here with him then. He goes and sits on his chair while she leaves.




Richa comes to Ananyas house and asks mom about her. Mom says she is in room and asks what is happening in office. Richa says nothing important and goes to Ananya room. She sees Ananya weeping on bed and asks what is she doing to herself. Ananya tells her that she vent out her anger on Kabeer in his cabin, but when she turned back, she found him already there. Richa says she would have vented out all her anger on him and made herself calm. She says Ronnie is still waiting for her. Ananya continues that Ronnie is just her best friend.


Malvika comes to Kabeers house with champagne bottle and says she invited herself this time for dinner with him. Kabeer serves drinks to them both. Malvika tries to get intimate and speak. He says he knows she wants to talk aout Manav and his plan of taking over him. She says then he must be knowing about Ananya and Ronnies budding love. He listens silently. She says if she is drunk, he should hold her and if he is drunk, she will. He says sure and they both start drinking.





Ronnie gets sad seeing his and Ananyas selfie. Trisha comes and says they both look together and asks to show moer selfies. He leaves. Sunny then comes and starts flirting with her. she says she is getting married. He asks if he gets car, house, etc., will she change her mind. Trisha says her fiance has many cars, bungalow, etc., in Us. He asks if his fiance has sister, then she can fix him with her. They both continue their flirting




Ananya sees kabeer and Malvika together and fumes.


Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.


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