Written Update - 24th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to do Vandus delivery. She sends the men out and takes guidance from the doctor. Everyone stand waiting for Vandus delivery. Mrs. Bhalla prays for her. They hear the babys cry and get happy. Abhishek hugs Mihika. Bala comes and asks what happened. Ishita says its a daughter and they all smile. Raman hugs Bala. Mrs. Bhalla says your family got complete, congrats. He asks how is Vandu. Ishita says she is fine. Bala thanks Vandu for their lovely daughter. They all meet Vandu and the baby.







Vandu says they all scared her. Abhishek says he remembers her beating. Bala thanks them. Raman says its their right to do this duty. Romi gets teary eyed and goes. He recalls Sarika and cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Romi says this happiness is not in my fate, I dont know where is Sarika. She cries and asks him to trust Lord, she is sure that Sarika and baby will be fine. He says he does not know will she forgive him. She asks him to be patient, we will get Sarika and Lord will give you happiness, I will see your child too.




The nurse tells everyone out as Vandu has to feed the baby. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to call Amma and Appa. Ishita sees Raman alone and goes to him. He says he recalled Ruhis birth today. He says I want you to have this feeling too, we have a child, your own child. She smiles out of shyness. She happily cries and they wipe their tears. He says sorry for my anger, I told that in anger, you are Adis mum, you can scold him and have right to change him, even his own mum would have not done this, but no one has right to fix camera. She says it was too much, I m sorry. She says it was scary about Adis lying. She says I m sorry, I did mistake while handling Adi. She says she will say sorry to Adi. He says no need. She says we expect sorry when he makes mistakes. He says she should apologize to him too. She says she says sorry when she does mistake. Raman flirts with her. They laugh. Yeh hai mohabbateinplays..He holds her close.



Mihir takes pics and says baby is cute, I will send pics to Rinki. Balas mum likes her. Ishita talks to Ruhi on phone and says baby is cute like her and asks her to come soon. Appa brings Shravan. They all have a laugh. Bala says about the daughters future and cooks stories. Raman says she is Iyer and will tackle guys, guys should be afraid of Iyer girls. Ishita asks him why is he being sweet today. Raman tells Vandu that the baby is very pretty. The nurse comes and asks the baby name if they decided. She asks them to go out, mum and baby should rest. She says she has to make birth certificate and goes. Bala says they are strange to ask name so soon. Ishita and Vandu ask him to lave.



Mihir comes home and Rinki says baby is very cute, mum said Mrs. Iyer is coming tomorrow, I wish to play with baby. Mihir says I know you are excited seeing baby, but we are not ready. Rinki says I m not thinking, relax. He asks her to focus on studies and he has to focus on his work, he has imp presentation tomorrow. She hugs him. Adi cries and asks Ishita not to say sorry. Ishita says it was my mistake, Raman explained me I should not be over protective. Adi says he does not like if she says sorry. She says its act of courage, not act of shame. He apologizes to her. He asks about baby. She says they will come home tomorrow.




Raman talks to Mihir on phone about the presentation. The nurse comes and Vandu is sleeping. She gets a call and says she is coming. She says this man got the lady to hospital. He may be her husband, he will be knowing babys name. She asks him the babys name. He gets mistaken and says Raman Bhalla. She asks is he sure. Raman tells Mihir that nurse was asking his name, maybe for hospital formalities. The nurse notes down the name and leaves. Ishita comes to Raman and goes to meet Vandu.




Mrs. Bhalla tells Mr. Bhalla that she is going to help Mihika in welcoming the baby as Amma is not here, Vandu can come anytime. Bala and Ishita wind up things at the hospital room. Bala takes the baby. Ishita sees Vandu sad and asks what happened. Ishita says Amma is there well with peace, let her rest, you are in happy zone. Raman asks them to come, he got discharge papers. The nurse gives the birth certificate. Vandu says but you did not ask baby name. The nurse says she asked her husband. Bala says she did not ask me. They get shocked seeing Raman Bhalla as baby name. Vandu sits down. Bala signs Raman.





Mrs. Bhalla surprises Vandu and welcomes her in Tamil way. She says Amma has given her instructions and asks them not to worry.



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