Written Update - 24th June 2015 Dream Girl

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Jun 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th June 2015 Dream Girl (By sanchi)

Dream Girl 24th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Samar showing attitude to Karan. Laxmi goes to Samars vanity and keeps a gift for him. Laxmi comes to her vanity and takes the pics. She goes to get ready. The girls brings some purses and dresses. Laxmi asks them to say which one should she wear and asks their choice. She chooses dress and recalls Bua ji, and smiles seeing the super treatment. Samar gets ready in the vanity and recalls Laxmi. He does not wear Rajs clothes. Laxmi gets drinks and sits for the makeup. They get juice, coconut water and snacks on time. She thanks them. She thinks of Raj.

Samar gets a little boat in water kept by Laxmi and crushes it in anger. Laxmi gets ready and smiles. She thinks to ask Raj. Samar scolds the staff and asks them not to keep junk here. Laxmi sees the boat thrown out. She gets sad. Samar gets the childhood pic of his and Laxmis movie stint. He reads her letter behind the pic. She says fate has linked us again, all the best. He crushes it and throws.

Laxmi comes to him and says its good it matters to him, even if he gets angry. She says she will send boat every day and see till when will he angry. She asks how is she looking. He asks her not to act infront of him. She slips and he holds her. She says it matters to him. He says she will get hurt if she gets after him. She says he was again and again asking her. He says but she did not give him answer. She says she will love him. He says she is so shameless, he did not expect this from her, no he cant expect anything else than such girls, she forgot Karan as she got Samar, where is Karan.

Karan comes and says his shot is ready. Samar says Karan has come, and asks him to see Laxmi. Karan says he is not understanding. Samar says I know everything. Karan says we are just friends. Samar says its good trick to hide love by friendship. You are not her friend, but a backup plan. Samar says I will tell Manav that Laxmi will take time to come, and taunts them. Karan says shot is ready, come Laxmi.

Samar does not let Laxmi sit near him. Karan arranges another chair and Laxmi sits far. Ayesha joins them and wishes all the best. Ayesha says Laxmi can seek her help, she has come to give her acting tips, I have come here just for you. Laxmi says she can give great tips, she is taking her place, thanks. She says Manav wants honesty in acting, so I dont need your tips. Ayesha smiles and says shayari. She says all this will end soon, give shot well. I m watching.

Samar and Laxmi go for the shot. Samar is unable to focus and recalls Laxmi and old time. Manav comes to him and asks Samar whats the problem, get emotions right, Raj loves his good friend and going to propose her. Samar and Laxmi do the shot, and Raj proposes Vidya. Laxmi smiles and says yes. Manav says cut, your answer is no. Laxmi says I m sorry, we will do one more. Karan goes to Laxmi and says Manav is saying Raj loves Vidya, and connectivity is missing, try with confidence and Vidya has to say no.

Samar and Laxmi give the shot again. Samar takes Laxmis name. Manav says cut and holds his head as they are unable to act. Ayesha thinks al hardwork waste, I explained Samar and still Laxmi is on his mind.


Laxmi and Samar try coordination techniques. Laxmi jumps and Samar holds her, she slips and falls down. Karan goes to her and asks is she fine. Laxmi and Karan sit to have lunch. Ayesha fills Samars mind that Laxmi wants to control both of them, Karan and Samar. Samar gets angry and goes to Laxmi.


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