Written Update - 24th June 2015 Kalash

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Jun 25, 2015

Written Update - 24th June 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 24th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Monty gives water to Manju, Manju says i pray that Saket relation with Devika breaks then Savitri will cry buckets and i will get peace. Gayetri sys to Savitri that all misunderstandings are cleared and now we all are fine, soon Saket will get married, Savitri says to Saket that if anything bad happened from my side then i am sorry, Saket says no problem, Savitri says i taught lesson to Ravi and his mother, now there will be no problem in marriage, Gayetri says now if everything is fine then we will do marriage on grand scale, Savitri ask Saket that if you wanna meet Devika before going then you can, Saket goes to meet her.

Sakshi says to DEvika that how you know that Ravi has no affair with Navi, DEvika says i am sure that Ravi has no feelings for her, Sakshi says you are saying as if you know his heart beats for you, Saket comes and ask whose heart beat for whom? Sakshi sys she was talking about you, she was telling us what she feels for you, Saket says to Dvika that you could have told me, i wanted to listen from you, i knew you will fall in love with me, i love you, Sakshi says when you have waited so much then wait for some more time, Saket says i am liking your talks for first time, Saket ask Devika why you are sad? this is not our last meeting, i will comeback, Saket leaves, Devika says why you joke so much, Sakshi says what joke? he is your would be husband, if you dont feel anything for Ravi then you must ave place for Saket in your heart and if you dont have place for him then you are fooling yourself.

Scene 2

Ravi comes back to Sangeet, he thinks that Saket should not know that i know truth else he will play another game, i have to find proof first, he calls Vikas and says i am waiting in parking, come outside. Ananya is in car and thinks that what if Ravi tells truth to everyone, Saket will get angry, before Ravi tells anything to Saket, i will tell Saket, she calls Saket, Saket scolds her for calling, Ananya tells him everything that driver was Ravi and how she told him that she is pregnant, Ananya says he fooled me so i blurt out that i am pregnant, you be alert and handle everything, i dont want you to be insulted, Saket says i will handle, thanks for telling, he ends call, Saket says once marriage is done then i will handle this Ravi. Saket comes in parking, he thinks that i have to finish this Ravi and Ananyas matter, Ravi comes there, both stare at each other, Saket beats guy who hits his car, Saket says i get mad when someone hit my favourite thing, Saket comes to Ravi and ask what are you doing here? where were you all the time? Ravi says i thought that you would enjoy function without me so i left it, Saket thinks he must be planning something, Saket says i hate people who become wall in my way, if anyone force me then i have to teach lesson, nobody can snatch my happiness, i wont let that happen, tomorrow is my Haldi, i want you to come as i am happy, you know Devika told me that she loves me alot, i have forgiven her as i love her, dont be late, he leaves.

Scene 3

Manju says to herself that thank god Ravi was not here, what if Ravi gets to know it, anybody can tell him, he was already angry that i brought Navi here, my plan of hitching them together will be destroyed, i have to do something, Devika says to Rekha that i will go to office tomorrow to talk about Ravi to Navi, Manju comes to her and says i need your help, Devika says yes, Manju says please calm Ravi and tell him everything, tell him that it was not my fault, you are his good friend, he will understand you, if his job is gone then we will be gone, Devika says i will talk to him and Navi both and wont let this job go off his hands, Manju thanks her.

Ravi comes to Devika and ask why did you call me here? anybody can see us, DEvika says talk is important, Ravi says why you are worried, did something happened? Devika says yes i am in tension for you, Ravi says i didnt do anything in sangeet then whats problem? Devika sys problem is going to happen, Ravi ask Devika to tell clearly, Devika says when you were not in function, my dadi announced your and Navis marriage, Ravi says what nonsense, how can she announce this, why she is involving in my life, DEvika says i know its wrong, she must have done this to take revenge from Manju, Ravi says its all my mothers fault, she brought that Navi here, forced me to be with her, i will talk to her, DEvika says it was not her fault, dont do anything which can affect your job, i will go to office, i will talk to Navi and will say sorry on my dadis behalf, i know this job is important for you, Ravi thinks if you are thinking so much for me then how can i let your life be destroyed, i will free you from Saket, DEvika gets call from Rekha, her phone drops, both bow down to pick, their head bangs, she says sorry, he says dont be formal, she bangs their heads again and says by banging head once, we can have fight, both laugh, Ravi says to Devika that you are my friend but you have hidden many things from me, Devika says what? Ravi says isnt it true that something is changed in you? you feel something else, yo do things which you have not done before, Devika ask how do you know? Ravi says i know many girls going from this phase but i cant understand that after knowing everything, how can you fall in love? Devika tensely looks at him, Ravi says atlast love happened, i am not against love, you can love anyone but i didnt think that your choice will be such, you can get any guy but why did you chose him? Saket told me that you have confessed that you love him, DEvika says its not like that, Sakshi told him weird story and Saket thought its true, trust me its not like that, Ravi says why did Sakshi say that to him? DEvika recalls how Sakshi was talking about her and Ravi.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that you finally came, Saket ask what are you doing? Ravi says i am finding proof as someone is trying to spoil a life, i am trying to save it, Saket says keep trying.


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