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Jun 25, 2015

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“What the..what are you saying??aashi is no where to be found.. from when is she missing come on speak out dammit” roared on his phone, Arnav Singh Raizada...the great business tycoon of Delhi. Aman Mathur put his phone away from his ears for a while not knowing what to reply his angry boss. Aashi… daughter of Arnav Singh Raizada and Kushi Singh Raizada is missing.Arnav appointed security guards for her protection and now they are facing the wrath of ASR. His anger rose when he found out that her guards don’t even know where she went. Suddenly, after an hour of bashing those idiots...who assured him of his daughter’s safety, he realized that not only his daughter but his wife Kushi is also nowhere to be seen. He immediately called to her phone but getting no response his anger has no limits now. He got to know that she was with their daughter before she went missing. He informed his friend the police commissioner to search for his wife too. He don’t know what to do… he contacted all those where his wife or his daughter might have probably gone but no use… he got only one reply and that is they don’t know. He himself went in search of them and went to all temples but didn’t find them. He came home disappointed and then went to security room where he can find all the videos of CCTV footages. He saw them talk to one of the guards and walk inside the house again. He searched the whole house once again but didn’t find any of them. He asked the guard about what they told him.But that guard replied “ Sir aashi madam said that they are going to watch a movie and not to disturb them.But i swear sir madam didn’t say where they were going.”with fear evident in face. Immediately he was fired from the job for informing him lately.Arnav informed his police friend to search for them in cinema theatres. After 15 minutes, Kushi and Aashi came to hall which is filled with tension in air. They saw ASR pacing in tension and roaring like a hungry lion. Kushi called him.He saw both of them and hugged them immediately.He asked his questions non-stop. “Where are you?? where did you both go without informing me??? where are you both and how come you both are coming from inside??Do you know how tensed i am?? Never do like this and why the hell does the guards know nothing about your whereabouts ??? Are you listening ??” Aashi their daughter spoke out “ Dad, we will speak only if you give us a chance and we didn’t go anywhere.We are in my room,the one you gifted me last year.Also we informed both of our security guards that we are going to watch a movie.So not to disturb us and then we went inside dad.” “Arnav Singh Raizada if you won’t believe us then here are the proofs.”Saying so Kushi showed him her phone where they recorded aashi informing the guard and moving inside the house, then she showed him the footage of them entering her secret room. He don’t know what to say because his wife very well know that he will not believe them and she is showing him the proof.These two have hid before too and then he was scolding them that they were lying.SO this time they have decided to show him the proofs. Arnav knew he is always over-reacting.Last time when these two queens are sleeping he made the whole Delhi sleepless until they woke up and met him. He has become over protective that he can’t live without knowing each and every second of their activity. Initially they were happy seeing his care and concern but soon it became a hurdle for them.If they want to go to temple then there won’t be anyone other than the pandit. They don’t like it at all.They always wished to live with everyone but this man had put obstacles...those huge black security guards always tailing them irritated these two a lot. Being a simple natured woman Kushi always felt uncomfortable but agreed for the guards just for Arnav and their daughter Aashi got used to those irritating fellows as they were with her since she's a small kid. But Arnav never agreed to these two for removing security guards.He is a well known business tycoon and his rivals increased along with his ever expanding business.So for him his family's safety is important. They argue over this issue all the times but neither of them agree to one thing. So Kushi being sankadevi sometimes escape to visit temples without the knowledge of these guards and Aashi too learned few tricks from her mom and they both divert these guards to roam around the city peacefully. They very well know ASR...so they go out only after making sure they're safe. After getting lost in their own thoughts... All came back to this world by the police car sound. Aashi immediately asked her father "Dad don't say me that you informed police " Before arnav can say something, his friend said " You know what Aashi he is like that only... A very protective and possessive father and husband.He can't lose you both at any cost.But next time infirm me dear...Delhi police needs some break from ASR.This is the fourth time you both went missing for ASR. Arnav now i'm leaving but next time I can't handle the situation... You better be alert this time.I am going now bye all." Saying so the police commissioner left the place. Arnav didn't utter a single word as he very well know that he has to pacify his queens. After watching a lovely movie,Kushi wanted to enjoy her day so she left from the hall and went to her room. Arnav knew how to pacify her so he turned towards his daughter.But it isn't Arnav Singh Raizada's day... Aashi saw him once and thrusting her hands into the pocket, she walked down with an independent air towards her car outside. THE END...

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