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Collab SS : Igniting her silent heart Part 9 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 56 times)

Arnav was immersed in his work. He don’t even have time to eat his lunch. His target for today is 20 designs to complete. He was in so much anger at Khushi for rejecting his work. He was working cursing her at the same time. He is not that bad in designing. He knows that very clearly. But being not in touch with his creative side for so long won’t make his design so terrible either.

Khushi entered their cabin after finishing her lunch. She saw Arnav sketching something without taking his eyes off from the sketch pad. Her eyes were moving with every stroke if his hands in the pad. Unknowingly, she started admiring his working nature. Arnav sensed someone gaze on him, he looked up to find Khushi looking at him. He raised his eyebrow at her thinking ‘Now, What reason does she thinking to insult me more?’. Not able to work under her gaze, he threw the sketch pencil on the floor. With that sound, Khushi came to reality.

“What?... Why are you gaping at me?” Khushi asked him.

“Me? Gaping at you?”

Khushi nodded innocently.

“Excuse me MAM (Stressing the word MAM).. If I do remember, I was working until you entered this room”

“If you were working, why are you looking at me now?”Khushi blabbered at him not able to find good reason.

“What the?”

“What.. What the?”

“Argh… I don’t know, Why dad asked me to work with you?”

“Yeah.. That’s the same question I have. Ok enough.. I was just checking whether you were working properly or not” Khushi said and rushed towards her desk without looking at him.

Arnav was gaping at her thinking ‘Has She gone mad?’

Arnav again started working and Khushi was glancing at him from time to time. ‘Did he had his lunch?’ was the only question that is ringing in her mind right now.

Both were working, with disturbing the other. Arnav looked at his watch and saw it’s 5.00pm. ‘Still 11 more designs to go’ Arnav thought.

“Did you finished the designs?”

Hearing the voice , Arnav looked up at her, who standing before his desk.


“Did you finished the designs?” Khushi repeated her question.

“No” Arnav replied nonchalantly.

“What? What the hell are you saying? Didn’t asked you to complete all the designs by today?”Khushi bounced at him with questions.

“MAM.. You asked me to complete the design by today night. I think, I still have 4 hours in my hand” Arnav said with calculative mind.

“Whatever… Finish the designs and Keep them on my desk. I will see them tomorrow morning. Don’t even think of going home before completing the designs” Khushi warned him.

“I won’t MAM.. You can trust me in this” Arnav said with sincerity dripping from his voice.

Khushi left him to do his work. Arnav was looking at her seeing her moving out of the office through glass door.

“She is not Ms.Gupta.. She is Ms.Hitler” Arnav said it out loud to the empty room and got back to his work.

Next day morning, Khushi entered the office at sharp 8.

‘I’m sure , he would never finish the design by yesterday night. No one, not even I  can finish everything in overnight. He would have left the office after my departure.’ with these thoughts, she entered her cabin but stood shocked at the door.

She saw Arnav sleeping with his head resting on his desk. Sketch pens and papers scattered on his desk. His coat, tie lying lifelessly at the floor.

“Why he is sleeping in office?” Khushi wondered out loud.

She neared him to see two folders lying on his desk. She took one to find some 15 designs on western outfits.Each design has something unique. Each design screaming their elegancy. She loved each design and admired it silently. She took the other file to find 10 bridal wears of various kinds from sarees, lehenga, and frocks. She personally loved one particular design that touched her heart. Then only she noticed Arnav wearing the same outfit as yesterday.

Khushi looked at Arnav wide eyed. She looked at his face then his outfit and then the papers and then again his face. 'Is he insane? He sat here completed all the designs?" She sighed 'I think all the rich are not spoilt all the time" shaking her head and shrugging the thoughts she decided to wake the arrogant prince.

"Arnav ji wake up, its office time. Arnav ji"

But the prince is in deep sleep. She tried one more time but nothing happened.

"Mr. RAIZADA" she shouted at her top of voice.

Arnav woke up from his sleep with a jerk and looked at Khushi with sleepy eyes.


For fraction of second Khushi felt bad for waking up Arnav, but that feeling didnt for remain long, its just for a fraction of second. Remembering Harish’s plea, she composed herself  immediately and said, "This is not your bedroom Mr. Raizada., you better take leave if you want to take rest and sleep" she knew she was way too rude towards this brat. But she can't help, she promised.

"But, I was working late night" Arnav was really tired of yesterday's sleepless night.

"Its not my problem. Come on fresh up now and carry on with you work. I'm leaving to check with our team”, saying this Khushi left from here.

Arnav looked at Khushi retreating figure not understanding what she said and ordered. Sighing lazily and stretched his hands and legs. He settled all the scattered papers and  sat on the couch before leaving to home.

After nearly two hours, Khushi came to their cabin to see it neatly arranged. She turned to go to her table, she stopped seeing Arnav sleeping in couch. She looked at his figures with unbelievable look. She moved to him and tried to wake him up again. But she couldn’t move his hair too. 'This Laad Governor will spoil my work too. I never see some one sleeping like this. Such a spoilt brat he is. Laad governor  kahike' muttering these, Khushi took her things and left to her old cabin to work.

After almost three hours time, nearly at lunch our prince woke up from his sleep and shouted for his coffee

“HP… Coffee…”

“Here HP can’t bring the coffee, they only can show what we do with our commands”

Arnav opened his eyes to look the person who is blabbering nuisance. His eyes widened seeing his father looking at him with expressionless eyes. Immediately Arnav looked at surroundings and understood that he slept on the couch in their cabin. But he couldn't understand what his dad said

“Dad, what are you saying?”

“I said, The HPs here can’t bring you any coffees, they only can show the commands which we give on our Keyboards”

“What?” Arnav is still confused

“WAKE UP Arnav… THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME… THIS IS OFFICE…” shouted Harish with irritation

“Yeah… but why can’t hp bring coffee?”

“BECAUSE THE HP WHICH IS HERE ARE MONITORS NOT HUMAN” Harish looked at his son not understanding how to react for his stupid brain

“Oh… Then who can bring the coffee for me?”

“Unbelievable…” muttering Harish went to Arnav, make him stand and shook him hard and said gritting his teeth “Arnav, wake up… this is office… OFFICE… you won’t get any coffee or tea. You have to go to canteen to drink that. You aren’t Raizada here, you are just a mere employee here” with that Harish pushed Arnav with force with which Arnav landed on couch. Arnav came back to his senses completely and looked a this father with wide eyes. he looked around to see Khushi, but she is nowhere.

“Where is Khushi?”

“She is not spoilt brat like you to waste time. She is working in another room not able to bear your sleep”

“Dad… enough now… she gave lot of work yesterday and asked me to complete before going. So i ended up sleeping here while doing my work. I’m not that much spoilt as you think dad. Stop comparing me with that arrogant stubborn girl” Arnav’s ego hurt with his father’s comparison.

“So what?.. It’s your duty to do the work given by higher authority. Isn’t it?. But you said one thing correctly, I can never ever compare you with her. She is much much much more better than you. In Fact She is the Best” Harish said increasing Arnav’s anger further.

“I can’t believe this” muttered Arnav “Dad… I know, I did wrong, my friends are bad and yesterday what ever had happened I agree that’s really wrong and I also tell you that I was not in that. But, Dad… I’m trying now, to prove myself to you and to Kh… I’m trying my best dad. At least give me some time to come here completely leaving my old habits. I’m not a machine to change in few seconds with a small command of damn switch. I too need time dad, please try to understand. I’m trying my best Dad… and I will try as much as I can. Please trust me dad. I need support and trust. I may be spoilt but not bad. All I expect is little bit of trust and belief from you and Khushi” with that Arnav strode towards washroom leaving Harish in mixed emotions.

Harish stood there thinking, ‘Did I do wrong in judging my son?. I know my son is not like others who disrespect girls. He is my blood. I think I should give him a chance to prove himself. I know he has some feeling for Khushi. Even though he tried hiding it, I can see clearly in his eyes. The same feelings I had for his mother. He deserves this chance. I trust my son. He will get his Khushi(Happiness) and Khushi too. All the best Arnav’ blessing his son in his heart, Harish left the room.

The day ended smoothly for everyone in AR but not for Arnav, Even though he exhausted with sleepless night, he is hell bent on proving his talent. Khushi time to time kept tab on him, ignoring his hard work, commenting every mistakes he did during his work.

It's been two days since he started working with Khushi. These two days were hell for him. Khushi kept on pointing out mistakes in his designs. He was actually fed up with her attitude.

Next day is the day they have to finalise designs for bridal wear. Arnav had prepared 11 designs that can be used for fashion parade. He was perfectly prepared for the meeting along with the presentation. He was sure everyone would be impressed with his work. He was not nervous about the meeting, he can handle that with ease, but his only thought is about Khushi. Because nowadays, Khushi had become hindrance to his works.

Even while preparing slides for presentation, Khushi kept on insulting him with his working style. ‘Oh god… She is such an trouble for me’ Arnav thought.

Meeting started, Everyone were assembled in the conference hall including the MD of AR. Arnav started the presentation explaining about his designs. Everyone were impressed with his works including his father. Harish was proud of  his son. He ended the presentation stating that the work in production factory will start soon. None raised their hand for queries, they were satisfied with the work. Arnav was about to take his seat when Khushi raised her hand.

“I knew it… waiting for this only” muttered Arnav

“Mr.Raizada, If you do know that I'm also the head of this project. My decision is final here. I appreciate your work Mr.Raizada, but I liked only 3 of your designs, I’m not sure about other 8 designs as it doesn't impress me much” Khushi stated not caring about the look giving by furious Arnav.

“What do you mean by this?” Arnav questioned her with rage.

“I mean, I can take only 3 of your designs from this bridal collection. As for other 8 designs , I have that with me. I got those designs approved by the MD of AR, Mr.Harish Raizada.” Khushi reasoned him.


“THATS BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO PUT YOUR ENTIRE EFFORT FOR THIS SHOW” Khushi replied him with the same manner.

Harish sensed the cold war that is going between Arnav and Khushi. So, he dispersed the meeting asking them to proceed their work.

After everyone left the hall, Arnav marched towards her,

“Khushi, What’s your problem with me?”

“I don’t have any problem with you Mr. Raizada”

“Then, Why such drama?”

“I’m not doing any drama. I said I had 8 designs with that I’m going to use it”

“Khushi I don’t have problem with you using your designs, but I asked you, Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Because I don’t want to”

“You wanted to insult me so you did this, right?”

“I have no reason to insult you Mr.Raizada”

“I know Khushi, you are taking revenge of what happened that day in restaurant”

“I’m not the one who takes revenge on someone”

“Stop bluffing Khushi. Stop this” said Arnav in frustration

“Why would I bluff? Enough Mr. Raizada, you can stop your No Nonsense talk.”

“Why should I stop? You know what, You can never appreciate others work. That’s what you are. I know this was the reason why you were out of  KB FH. I’m sure, it was you who misbehaved with Mr. Khanna. It was you who would have did those cheap tricks. I know, it was you who did all those damn acts, lying to everyone stating it was Mr. Khanna behind all those things. I don’t know, what you did with my dad. He is all the time supporting you. Damn you Khushi. I didn’t know you were such a cheap middle class girl” Arnav spitted venom at her not caring about her inner turmoil nor not seeing the changing emotions on her face.

Khushi stood there looking at him with tearful eyes. She couldn’t believe Arnav said those things. She composed herself gulping hard. She said controlling her emotions.

“I’m not middle class girl, Mr. Raizada. I’m a low class girl, who lived in an orphanage without parents care, who studied with her scholarships and who lived her life independently, who learnt to be genuine at her work and to her employer. I don’t need to give explanations to you. But I will say one thing Arnav Ji, if you don’t like anyone then scold them, hate them even hit them or throw them on floor; but please… please don’t judge them. Don’t accuse their character when you don’t know them. Don’t insult them saying how cheap they are, without knowing anything. It hurts Arnav ji… it really hurts here” she said showing her heart “I did all these because I wanted to help you to remember you talent and bring the best of you. I did all these because your dad wanted us to work and your dad wanted this project to be success because you are handling it. I just wanted to help you. I’m sorry for crossing my line Mr. Raizada. I’m really sorry” saying that Khushi went to their cabin and opened the drawer. Taking an cover from that she left MD’s cabin to submit her resignation.

Arnav stood there not knowing what to do. Khushi’s tearful face came infront of his eyes, he saw the hurt he caused to her. He closed his eyes knowing where his words hit her.

“I’m sorry Khushi…” he whispered seeing the way she went. After that he didn’t see Khushi anywhere in the office. He saw her things on the table. Thinking she is doing her work in her cabin, he continued his work. When it became evening he didn’t see Khushi. He felt uneasy in Khushi’s absence. he went to his dad’s cabin to ask about Khushi, but was informed by Aman that Harish went to meet some of his friends. Arnav stood there for some time thinking whether to ask Aman about Khushi and her number or not, but asking nothing he left to his cabin.

Next day, Harish entered the office premise not knowing the volcano that erupted yesterday. He went straight to his office and took his seat ordering a coffee through intercom. He was relaxing in his chair, when his eyes caught an envelope addressing to him. He opened the letter with curiosity to know what it is, as it doesn’t looks like a professional letter. He started reading the letter only to get the shock. His anger rose knowing Khushi resigned from her job. His anger doubled because Khushi didn’t talk with him before leaving. He should not left them alone yesterday. He can guess the reason behind her resignation. He stood up and dashed towards Arnav’s cabin to give him peace of mind.

There, Arnav’s condition was not less. He was guilt for speaking so much about her. He knows Khushi is not the one who accepts every insults being thrown at her. He was regretting for his action. “Damn my anger” he cursed himself. His office was mess. He didn’t even left the office from yesterday.

When Harish entered his cabin, he was shocked to find him in the mess created by him. For a minute he doubted whether he entered into someone’s cabin. On seeing his condition, he knows both were affected with the problem which is still unknown to him.

“Arnav?” Harish called him.

Arnav  looked up at his dad. He couldn’t face him. He promised his dad not to hurt her, but all he did is to hurt her, that too very badly. He couldn't keep the promise he made to his father. He failed today, failed as a son as well as a human being. He spitting all the words not caring about anything including his feelings. He said all those words not caring about what wounds and fears he is awakening in Khushi.

“Arnav, What the hell was happening? What is this?” Harish throw the letter on Arnav's face

“What’s wrong dad?” Arnav took the letter from floor and opened to get shock. “Dad… Kh...Khushi… resigned from her job???!!!” shock, surprise and pain clearly audible in his voice.

“Why am having the feeling that you know the reason behind Khushi’s resignation, Arnav?” Harish questioned.

“Dad..” Arnav struggled to explain the situation. Bracing himself he narrated everything what happened after everyone left the hall.

Harish felt like someone slapped him hard on his face. He trusted his son with Khushi. ‘What a fool I’m?’ Harish thought. He never knew his son can be this cruel to anyone. ‘Didn’t I tell him everything about Khushi? Haven’t I warned him about Khushi’s past? I should have never given the responsibility of changing him in Khushi’s hand. It’s my mistake’ Harish regretted for making Khushi as a partner of this project.

“Dad…” Arnav felt like the sky will fall on him

“I’m wrong… I was wrong in trusting you. What that poor girl did to you that you are hell bent on insulting her? what was that poor girl’s mistake in her past? Didn't I say not to hurt her again bringing her past?” Harish sat on the chair and asked with so much pain in his voice

“Dad… I’m sorry Dad…”

“Your wronged me Arnav… you disappointed me… You failed me completely today” A lone tear escaped from Harish’s eyes.

“Dad… I’m sorry dad… I’m really sorry. I was out of control. I didn’t know what I spoke until Khushi left. Dad  please trust me… I didn’t mean to”

“You didn’t mean to what Arnav? You didn’t mean to hurt her? You didn’t want to accuse her? What do you mean with what you said to her?” Harish shouted at Arnav

Arnav stood there not saying anything.

“Arnav… I don’t know what you will do… But I want Khushi in my office next day, resuming her job” Harish said warning him about repercussion he would be facing if not what he said is done.

“Dad… I promise dad… I will bring Khushi back”

“You can keep your promises with yourself , Arnav. Now, I know that promises made by you are meant to be broken” Harish saying so, left the cabin, cursing his son in his mind for bringing such situation. ‘How will I face her?’ was the only question that is nagging his heart and mind.

Arnav stood up with determination to get back Khushi even if he has to give his life for her. Getting her address from the office help desk, he got into his car and zoomed towards the destination.


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CHAPTER 1O (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 52 times)





Arnav stood before Khushi’s apartment not knowing how to approach her. ‘Oh god.. I don’t know how to apologise to her’ Arnav thought cursing his mind for not getting anything. ‘Ok. Whatever it is Arnav. You did a mistake taunting her with her past. Now you have to correct it.’ with this thought he rang the doorbell. He waited for Khushi to come and open the door. But None, he was worried not getting any response from the other said. He ranged again, but still No response. He was tensed thinking ‘What happened to her? Why she is not opening the door? Did she do anything wrong?’. He moved towards the window tried peep in to see anything. All he could see is tables and chair. He kept on ringing the bell. With frustration, he pushed the door with full force, only to fall flat on his face. ‘What the? She didn’t even close the door. What the hell is she doing inside?’ thinking aloud he got up dusting his shirt and pant.

He walked inside calling her, not finding anyone in the hall, he moved further. He saw a room to his left. With hesitation thinking whether to knock the door or not, he called “Khushi… Khushi… Khushi? Oh God… I can’t shout  more for her” he marched towards the room and started banging the door, but the door creaked open. He entered the room only to find a unconscious Khushi lying on the floor. He rushed towards her.

“Khushii… Khushii? Wake up dammit” He was shouting for her, shaking her vigorously. He lifted her and place her on the bed and ran out towards the kitchen to get water. He came back and sprinkled water on her face, get her to sense..

“Khushi…. Dammit.. Come on. Wake Up Khushi”

Seeing some movement on her body, he fed her some water.After some time Khushi woke up to find Arnav’s face just an inch before her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Khushi screamed.

“Sh… Khushi… it’s okay… it’s me… Arnav… relax....” Arnav said trying to reduce her fear.

“What are you doing here?”Khushi questioned him seeing him in her apartment.

“Khushi… Im here.. be” He was cut off by her

“Yes, You are here. I know that. But tell me Why? For What? Is there something left to accuse me? Is there any incomplete task which you left halfway? What? Why are you looking at me like this? Answer me? What do you want from me? Why are you hell bent on hurting me? What did I do for you? Is that because I rejected your damn proposal? Is that because I didnt accept your wish? If so, then please leave from here, because you are wasting both of our time.”

“Khushi.. Listen”

“Whats there to listen more? I think you said everything you wanted to say yesterday itself”

“Khushi.. I’m sorry”

“Sorry?..”Khushi smiled sarcastically at him. “Your one sorry wont heal everything Mr.Raizada”

“I know Khushi.. saying sorry wont reduce your pain.. But”

“But What? Mr.Raizada, You never knew what and how I felt when you accused me. You never knew the feeling of being orphan. You never knew the feeling of being harassed by someone. You never knew the feeling of being alone in this world. You never knew the feeling of being a girl, with no one in this world to take care of. You have everything what one wanted to have Mr.Raizada. But I’m not. I have seen the days, when I cried in hunger, When I cried for protection, When I cried in need of roof. I never enjoyed my life as you all did. I stayed in orphanage and studied with scholarship. All I knew is to study and to stand on my own leg. I did. I did completed my studies and started earning. Getting a job in this high tech world is not possible for a poor girl like me. We have to struggle a lot, bearing all the pain this world impose on us. You should have been in my place Mr.Raizada.What do you know about me Mr.Raizada. It’s not my mistake that Mr.Khanna tried taking advantage of my helplessness. It’s not my mistake when someone asked me in return of job. It’s not my mistake that you are accusing me Mr.Raizada. Did you get that? It’s not my mistake… It’s not my mistake” Khushi cried hiding her face in her palm.

Arnav slumped next to Khushi not knowing how to answer her question. He didn’t know that he hurt her this much. He today understood the feeling of being orphan. ‘How could I hurt her? Didn’t I say I love her? Then, why? How could I not understood her plight? her pain?”

After few minutes of silence, Arnav heard Khushi saying

“You know Arnav ji… being a girl is not at all easy to live. Do you have any idea of being an orphan, how it affects our living? Do you have any idea when others asks us to do horrible things after knowing we are orphans? No Arnav ji… you will never understand. I wish, you will never come to know that. It’s really worst situation. I cried on many nights Arnav ji.. waiting for my mom to console me, my dad to hug me… but no… nobody came. Every night was horrible for me to spent in orphanage. I thought if I start living in house it will be easy. Every time I see my friends or colleague  with their parents, I longed for their love Arnavji.. Everyone avoided me stating I’m an Orphan. Is that being an Orphan a crime, Arnavji? On that horrible night, running away from those men to save me and my dignity, not knowing the path where I’m going is the worst Arnavji.not knowing what your future holds is terible. No girl should never face this. I was all alone before them. I didn’t even know how to save myself. All I knew was that i had to get away from them Arnavji. It was a worst nightmare that haunts me daily. I try to forget those incidents and move on Arnavji. But each time I try, I fail miserably. No one helped me in this.

After I resigned from the job, I had gone for many interviews. But I couldn’t get through the interviews because their only intention was me. You know Arnavji, how I felt standing before their eyes. It disgusted me. After all the struggles, I got job in your company by your father. I got the father’s love which I never had. I got my childhood friend, Aman too. They helped me in moving on Arnavji. You know, you are lucky to get a family like yours, Arnavji… When your friends humiliated me, all my past rekindled. If not for your father, I would have lost myself in my dark past long back. When you father asked me to help you in this project, I couldn't say No to a man I respect a lot. I accepted, I tried being cold to you, so you will learn things won’t get in your way easily. I wanted you to strive for your success Arnavji, so I insulted you at every chance I got. I didn’t do anything intentionally to hurt you Arnavji..I just wanted you to improve...... If at all I did anything wrong, that hurts you.. Im sorry Arnavji… Im sorry…. Im sorry. i thought preparing you for rejection would help you” Khushi cried for her fate.

Arnav stood motionless. He looked at Khushi who is crying thinking about the love and care that she never got in this world. He never understood why his mom always made 100 call to ask him whether he is fine or not. He never understood why his dad always adviced him at work. He never understood why his sister always nags him asking him about his whereabouts and if he had lunch. But now he understood… It’s their love for him… It’s their way of showing their love for him. He cried for not understanding all these. He knows, he had long way to go but right now Khushi is his first concern. He place his hand on Khushi’s shoulder.

“Khushi… Please Don’t cry”

Not able to take anything more, Khushi hugged him crying for all the lonely days she stayed without having anyone. Arnav rubbed her back consoling her.

“Khushi I’m really sorry…… I don’t know how to explain myself. I was being a jerk with you. But I didn't say anything intentionally Khushi. I know I can't feel for your pain, but I can share your pain Khushi.. I want you to be with me Khushi, throughout my life. I won’t shout at you, won’t insult you, don’t even open my mouth before you. You can beat me, slap me, even bash me, but I won’t say anything to you. I want you to help me in shaping myself Khushi. I want you to stand beside me at my success and failure. I want you to teach me about life Khushi. I want to learn everything from you Khushi. I want a friend in you Khushi.. I want a guide in you Khushi. I want a Mentor in you Khushi. I want a partner in crime in you Khushi. I promise, we both can be together in all pranks that I play on my sister. Pakka Promise” Arnav said innocently.

Khushi chuckled at him and looked up at him with tearful eyes.

“Will you be my friend Khushi?” Arnav offered, first step of their relationship.

After seeing him for sometime, Khushi nodded her head accepting the offer. She don’t know why she agreed, but she felt peace after sharing everything with him. She felt home for the first time in her life. She wants to live her life again. 

After sometime, they realised their awkward embrace.. Both parted away from their hug.

To break the awkward silence

“Khushi… chalo” Arnav said out of nowhere.

“Where?” Khushi asked with confused eyes.

“Of course… To have lunch… I Know it’s quite late to have lunch at 3.00pm but what to do… I didn’t had anything after yesterday breakfast. I know you too didn’t had anything, that’s why you fainted. I’m sorry for being the reason for that. Now, come on… chalo… I’m starving” Arnav  pouted.

Khushi smiled at him said “Ok, just wait for five minutes. I will join you”

“Ok” Saying so Arnav walked out of her room.

After five minutes Khushi came out of her room after getting ready only to see Arnav sitting comfortably on the sofa watching TV. She smiled at him and called him “Arnav ji… Shall we go?”

“Yeah Khushi.. We shall” Saying so, he stood up , switched off the TV and looked for something around the hall.

“What are you searching for?”


“Your car key?”

“No your Apartment Key”

“Why are you asking?”

“Because you have the bad habit of leaving your door without locking it”

“What?” Khushi felt embarrassed

“Yes, When I came here, the door was not locked. I rang your doorbell, you didn’t open. I pushed the door resulting in falling on the floor”Arnav said glaring at her.

Khushi smiled at him “That’s not my mistake”

“Yeah, right… whatever… Shall we leave, Now” Arnav asked desperately. He just want Khushi to be normal. He felt relaxed seeing her  small smile.

“Ok baba… we shall”

Both locked the apartment and moved towards Arnav’s car.

They had a nice time having lunch for the first time together. Khushi even smiled on Arnav when he told about the scoldings he got from his parents for his deeds. Arnav felt happy seeing her smiling and sad for being the reason for her grief.

“I’m sorry Khushi… I’m really sorry for whatever the pain I caused. I will try my best to be in control” Arnav said suddenly.

“It’s okay Arnav ji… leave that. I want to give a chance to my life. Please I don’t want to talk about whatever happened in my life till now. I want to start afresh. It’s okay…” Khushi assured him with a smile

After having their lunch, Arnav started the car to his destination.

“Arnavji.. This is not the way for my home” Khushi asked with confusion.

“Yes Khushi.. It is…” Arnav said her.

“Then where are we going?” she felt little tensed.

“Shhh… Khushi relax… you can trust me now. I’m not going to hurt you in any way. Just relax… you will get to know in 15 minutes.  Keep quiet for sometime Khushi, trust me you are fine”

Nodding her head with tensed smile, Khushi sat in car with thudding heart. After 15 minutes of drive, his car entered inside the gates of a very big mansion.

“Arnav Ji… Whose house is this?”

“Wait… Be patience”

Arnav parked his car and both got down. He took hold of her hands and entered the mansion. Khushi saw an elderly lady along with an young one sitting together in the living hall..

“Arnav Ji... Who are they?”Khushi whispered at him

“Khushi Beta!!!”

On hearing a familiar voice, she looked up to find Mr. Harish Singh Raizada coming down along with a lady beside him. Khushi assumed her to be Mrs.Raizada. All the members attention turned towards her.

“Sir?” She uttered slowly.

She looked at Arnav who is smiling at her and looked at others who are equally confused like her.

“Beta… You are here..” Harish rushed towards her and hugged her. “How are you beta?”

Khushi cried for getting her father like figure in her life back.

Harish looked at Arnav with question ‘Why you got her here? What did you do to her now?’

On knowing his father’s silent question in his eyes, Arnav briefed about what happened in Khushi’s house.

Harish sighed in relief where everyone smiled thinking that this girl might be the reason for the change in their Arnav.

“Ok Dad and Mom, You guys carry on. I will be back” saying so he walked upstairs.

Harish introduced everyone of his family members to Khushi. Everyone liked her instantly. Everyone hugged her and greeted her. Khushi’s eyes moistened after getting family’s love for the first time. She felt blessed.

“Khushi… I want to talk with you. come little early to office tomorrow” Harish voice is little, very little stern.

Looking down, Khushi nodded her head knowing about what the discussion is going to be. After talking with them for sometime, Khushi asked their permission to leave. But they asked her to stay for dinner which she politely refused saying she will come later. Harish asked his driver to drop Khushi at her home.

After bidding bye to Khushi, Arnav went to his room and returned with bag in his hands

“Arnav? What’s this bag? Are you going somewhere?” Arnav’s mom questioned him.

“Mom, Dad… I’m leaving the house” Arnav said dropping the bomb at everyone

“What? Why?” Everyone questioned him standing in shock

“Mom, I know, my decision will hurt you all. But trust me Mom, I need this. I need this change. I want to understand what  life is. I want to be independent Mom. I want to stand on my own. I want to know this world by myself. I want to be known as Arnav Singh Raizada, not as Son of Harish Singh Raizada”

“What is the need to leave the house for that? You can achieve that staying here too?” asked Arnav’s mom.

“I know Mom. But I want to learn everything by myself, not with Dad’s influence. I know, you all are with me and you all will help me. But, I want to do this. Even Khushi is too with me. I mean, she also will help me in this. I want to be successful as dad and Khushi. With all of your support, I’m sure I can achieve” Arnav explained his thoughts.

Everyone was proud at his decision, the most one is Harish. He looked at his son with pride in his eyes. He patted Arnav’s shoulder and gave his permission. Dadi too accepted his decision, where it took much effort to him to make his mother and sister to accept.

“But where will you stay?”

“Mom… I will take one apartment for rent and will live in that”

“What’s the need for that Arnav? You can stay in our guest house if you want. Even you can take HP with you too” said Dadi, both the ladies - his mother and sister nodded their heads

“Then it’s better if he stays here. Let him face the life alone. He wants to learn life, then he should live alone. I know, staying alone will teach so many things. I have good example” said Harish looking at his son, smiling little.

Understanding his father’s tease, Arnav looked down to control his emotions. He felt different to face the teasing. He went to Harish “Thanks for understanding Dad, and I’m sorry for not understanding you till now. I will try my best to be your son. I will try to undo my deeds dad. I will try my best to bring smile. I will try to bring the ‘happiness’ into our home by it’s wish”

Harish understood Arnav’s each and every word. He felt proud at his son. But now, he felt different like it’s real. He hugged Arnav “I wish you all the best in getting the ‘happiness’ Arnav. Good luck. But for today stay here and leave tomorrow, it’s really late” nodding his head Arnav asked his maid to keep the bag back in his room. Everyone went to have dinner.Arnav felt very different during dinner. As he’s going to move out early morning. After that he retired to his room and looked around it. He took a deep breathe. He's feeling so good about his decision. He didn't know what is waiting for him... but all he knows is that... he can do it... With these thoughts he drifted to sleep. There Khushi closed the door and a smile emerged thinking how Arnav searched for the keys. She couldn't believe how she nodded for his friendship. But she felt good. She too rested her eyes.

Next day by 6pm Arnav was ready and talking to someone about his flat. After few minutes he ended the call with a satisfaction. When he came down with his bags... everyone looked at him. "Good morning everyone... It's time for me to move..." saying this briskly he took blessings from everyone. Ladies signaled sadly for the breakfast. "No way... then you guys will halt me for lunch... dinner...." he nodded his head like no "Don't worry... I will manage..." saying this finally he moved out. They felt very proud though with heavy hearts.

By 8am Khushi reached the office and waited for Harish. She knew what is coming for her. Within five minutes Harish reached there and stepped to his cabin. "Good morning Sir..." uttering this Khushi entered with a light smile. "Good morning" he returned her greeting though a bit sternly. She knows the reason too. "Sir...I..." before she could tell anything... "I never expected this from you Khushi... even though the situation is very worse..." he came to the point straightly. "Sorry Sir" she couldn't meet his eyes. "You should have talked with me first... before taking such a drastic step" he looked at her fallen face.

"Well the mistake is in my side... so..." he paused she looked him. "Resume to your work..." he said with a smile. "Sir..." she couldn't believe it. "Yes... you heard me... what did you think... I will let you go just like that... never... I can't lose you... such a talented person... at any cost" he smiled and she too smiled. "Sorry sir… this won't happen again" saying this she went to her cabin. She waited for Arnav... as it's their first day after their talk yesterday. She was sure that now everything will go smoothly.

But when Arnav didn't turned up... She dialed Aman to ask about him. What she had heard shook her. She never thought that he would move out from his house to prove his skill. Right at that time, Arnav entered saying "Good morning Mam" with a wink. She looked at him sternly. "What... now what's wrong..." he came to her. "Why did you moved out" she fired directly. "Oh... so you know it..." he said coolly. "Yes" she said sternly. "Khushi... whatever I told you yesterday is true from my heart... Won't you help me in shaping things..." he looked at her. "Yes... I will... but..." she stopped. "Khushi... I want your help in leading my life independently too... can you help me in that..." she could feel the confidence in him. She nodded simply. "Good... so now work...." saying this he moved to his desk. She too reached her desk.

Arnav was too busy that day in his work, that he didn’t even moved out of his place. He was designing for western outfits as bridal was complete. He was also arranging his things in his new flat using his men with the help of HP.

“Yeah Mr. Kapoor.. If all the things are set in my flat, you leave the flat after handing over the key to HP” Arnav said through his phone.

Khushi entered the cabin at that time. Arnav on seeing her, put down the call.

“Seems like, all set for new flat” Khushi asked him formally.

“Yeah... It is”

“That’s great”

“Ok Khushi… Here is the designs I had drew for western theme. Please check it and tell me the corrections” Arnav said handing over the file to her.

Khushi was looking at the file checking each and every work of his.

“Arnav Ji, you did a great job. But why all your designs are either frock or knee length short dresses?” Khushi asked with confusion clearly visible in her eyes.

“Khushi… That’s what teenage girls loves to wear” Arnav said his point of view on his designs.

“But Arnavji… There are girls who don’t wear these types of outfits that shows their skin. We need to consider them also. Our summer collection should be depict all styles of modern wears like  Jeans, Kurti, Skirts, Gowns etc” Khushi explained Arnav clearly about their needs for summer collection.

“Ok Khushi… I understood… You can choose some of the dresses from this, I will design others styles. But Khushi… I have some doubt?”Arnav questioned her back.

“What Arnav ji?”

“Do we need to design dresses for pregnant ladies and fat people’s also?”

“Wow… That’s great Idea Arnavji… Summer collection for pregnant ladies… We can open a new line on this” Khushi exclaimed and appreciated his question.

“New Line?... Do you think this will work?” Arnav asked in doubt.

“Of course… It will Arnavji… Ok I will design dresses for those categories” Khushi said her decision.

“Fine… Go ahead and please inform this to Dad also”

“Ok Arnav ji” she said and moved towards Harish’s cabin

precap:rajveer khanna returns. Arnav khanna faceoff


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CHAPTER 11 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 56 times)

The day ended soon, Arnav left the office two hours before than the office hours. Khushi left a note in Arnav’s table asking him to go through the tender file.

Khushi was hell tired when got out of the auto rickshaw before her apartment. She entered the lift and pressed her floor number. When the door was about to close, someone entered the lift along with her.

“Arnavji?.. You here?”Khushi asked him, shocked to see him.

“Hey Khushi…. Im here because I’m gonna stay here” Arnav said smiling at her.

“Stay here?... What do you mean?” Khushi said, confusion and worry and tension were evident in her eyes.

“I mean… I got an apartment for me here. Well, To be more specific, I’m your Next door friend from now on” Arnav said smirking at her.

“What?.. Next door friend?”

“Yes… Don’t you like it?” Arnav felt little different

“No… Not at all” Khushi stammered while answering him.

‘Didn’t he get any other apartment in Delhi?.. Is there any shortage of apartment, that the only son of Mr. Raizada is staying here’ Khushi murmured within herself.

Arnav heard her ranting herself.

“Of course Khushi.. there are so many apartments in Delhi.. But I felt I can be little comfortable knowing that My friend is staying right next to my door and also, I won’t feel home sick” Arnav said what he had in heart truly, not hiding any anything from her.

Khushi’s heart little warmed hearing his honest reply.

A beep sound came alerting them, that they reached the floor.

Arshi got out of the lift.

“So?” Arnav asked, not wanting to drop the conversation so soon.

“So?.... Nothing… Bye. I have to go now. Have to prepare dinner” Khushi said, not wanting to stay here more. Its not that she hates Arnav, it’s just she was still insecure interacting with Men.

“Ok bye Khushi… Goodnight for now” Arnav said understanding her situation.

“Bye Arnavji… Goodnight” Khushi waved bye to him and got into her flat.

Arnav stood there still looking at the closed door.

“Sorry Khushi.. for everything… But I will make sure you trust me and love me one day.” Arnav said it out loud with determination.

Next day, Arshi were getting ready for office in their own flat.

Arnav came out first and saw Khushi’s door is still close. He just stood there to wait for her after locking his flat. After some 10 minutes, Khushi came out of her flat and was locking her door.

“Good Morning Khushi” Arnav greeted her.

Khushi turned and saw him standing before her.

“Hey Arnav ji… Good Morning” Khushi greeted back at him.


“Of course... where else?”

“Come Khushi… Me too going there only.. I will drop you” Arnav asked her.

“No problem Arnav ji… I will go to office  either by bus or auto” Khushi politely refused his offer.

“Khushi… Either way, we are going to same place only. Then why?”

“Yeah Arnav ji… Our destination are same, but still I don’t want to. Please don’t compel me” Khushi said in final tone, that clearly said that the discussion ends there.

“Ok fine… Come… I think, I can at least  get an auto for you”

Khushi smiled and said “Yeah sure”

Both entered the lift, there was complete silence inside the lift. None wished to start anything. After Khushi got an auto for herself, Arnav followed her.

Khushi got down from auto before AR. Arnav went to park his car in parking lot while Khushi paid for the auto.

When Khushi was about to enter the premise of AR, when  someone grabbed her hand from behind.

“Hey Baby”

On seeing him Khushi’s anger rose.

“You?... Leave me” Khushi struggled to get her hand from his grip.

“Oh darling… i  just saw you here, thought to greet you.” The man said smirking at her.

“Hell with your greeting  Rajveer. You better leave me” Khushi snapped back at him.

“Tsk… Tsk… Tsk… Khushi… Don’t forget I was your Boss’s son”

“Yes I didn’t forget that You are My EX Boss’s son”

“Wow… you are still that tigress. you haven’t changed a bit Khushi. I just want to see how much fierce you will be when I...” without completing the sentence Rajveer was lying on the road suddenly.

Khushi looked at him surprisingly and then she shifted her look towards the man, who is covering her from the group of men’s lusty looks towards her. She felt a warm feeling seeing that man.

“Aranv Ji…” she whispered

“You are safe Khushi, I won’t allow anyone to hurt you. Relax”

After parking his car, Arnav waited for Khushi to come inside the office. But seeing her not entering the gates after few minutes, Arnav walked outside to see what the matter is. But when he saw the scene before his eyes, his blood boiled in anger. He saw that idiot Rajveer Khanna holding HIS Khushi’s hand and trying to harass her. Arnav took long strides toward them and punched Rajveer hard resulting him falling flat on his face.

Till now there was a small crowd surrounding the spectacle.

Khushi felt humiliated and scared because of Rajveer. But felt safe because of Arnav and felt happy when she saw Rajveer getting up with a lot of trouble and looking around to see people talking about him.

He turned towards Arnav “Mind it Arnav, I will not leave you. You know about my dad, don’t you?”

The words coming out of his mouth weren't completed because the very next second Arnav had Rajveer in a chokehold against the glass door. He gasped for breath “No  Rajveer by all means I wish you would come to some place to take your revenge alone like a man, I would love to see what you can do.” Arnav shook him hard against the door Rajveer khanna felt his teeth rattle with the force, he had to do something, otherwise his dad would kill him.  

“Why the hell are you siding with her Arnav, I know what type of friends you have. Leave me and apologize now and I might not tell my dad.”

Arnav’s blood boiled “It would be my pleasure to tell your dad this in person. And as for her, don’t you ever think about her again, don’t ever touch her again. If I see you even near her you will have me to answer to. UNDERSTOOD?” Arnav let go of Rajveer after one last push. Like the coward he was he beelined for his car and drove off with his tail between his legs. The staff were laughing at his face downright humiliating him.

“Everyone get back to work NOW!” Arnav commanded in his no nonsense voice. Soon the crowd dispersed and he turned back to see Khushi, she had pushed herself into the corner eyes wide still looking at the spot Rajveer was as if afraid he will pop up  again any minute. Anger with a vengeance reignited in his heart,that **** had so much control over her, he could scare her even with a whiff of his name.

Well that would change now he decided. Khushi had lost far too much to suffer more now.

Walking over to her he grabbed her shoulders making her come out of the corner she had tried huddling in, he felt her shallow breaths. She was barely breathing with the fear.

“Khushi relax and look in my eyes, just focus on me not him. He is gone, he can not get you anymore, I am here see, calm down. Just focus on my voice and breathing.” Khushi willed her mind and body to focus on his soft voice, slowly her heartbeat and her breathing returned to normal. She felt safe cocooned in  his strong  arms. Never had she felt such safety. She looked up at his face to see  much concern, worry and love in his eyes. Not able to control her feelings, she threw herself in his arms and cried her fears out.

She cried for all that she had lost, she cried for all she had missed in her life, drenching his shirt with her tears.

Arnav felt he was in hell, never had he thought that when she was in his arms he would feel such immense pain but the way she was sobbing in pain and fear it made him wish that he could kill Rajveer.

He wished he could go back to the  past and change everything.

Soon Khushi felt light headed due to incessant crying.  She noticed whom she was hugging and moved back consciously.

‘Why had she felt so safe with him that she cried out her sorrow on his shoulder.she had always been so strong never giving up but with this man why did she felt she could finally brrak down for a while and be ok. She never cried infront of a stranger. Did she really think of him as a stranger now?’ She thought.

“I am sorry for that Arnav Ji, I dont know what came over me I…”

Arnav interrupted her “Don’t Khushi, I will lend you my shoulder anytime for your support. You dont have to feel shame about anything. I understand your feelings. Don’t worry he can't hurt you now.”

Maybe Arnav would never know the impact those words had on Khushi. A small part of her felt relieved, finally she had a shoulder to lean on. She felt freed finally someone understood her feeling, what surprised her was that someone was Arnav.

How  had he turned  out to be this changed man standing in front of her. He really had turned over a new leaf. Arnav guided her inside AR to their cabin and got her a glass of water while she was plagued with these thoughts.

May be he was not so bad after all. She numbly thought.

She had taken her seat at her desk reluctantly Arnav left her and went to his own desk. Both could not concentrate on the work. Arnav kept stealing glances at her making sure she was alright where as Khushi was distracted  by Rajveer’s thoughts and Arnav’s changed personality.

She  didn’t noticed Arnav go out of the cabin. So immersed in her thoughts she didn’t see him leave.

She was brought back to her thoughts as someone patted her shoulder. She looked up to find Harish Singh Raizada standing beside her

“Sir.. You here?”

“Yes beta.. Arnav told everything to me”

“What?”Khushi looked at Arnav with accusing eyes. ‘How dare you say this to sir?’ Khushi asked mentally in her mind.

Arnav smiled as if hearing her thoughts. Both were brought back from their thoughts by Harish’s voice.

“Beta.. You please don’t worry about this issue. Let me take care of that. It seems Rajveer needs to know about what Raizada’s can do, when someone hurts their family, what you say Arnav?” Arnav nodded his head

Khushi looked at both of them in shock and surprise

“Why are you looking at us like that?” asked Arnav

Khushi shaked her head sideways.

“Khushi beta, you are my daughter, like Anjali. Me and Arnav are there for you. You don’t think about that incident and concentrate on the work” Harish said with fatherly affection

Khushi smiled at him and nodded.

“Work? Dad are you serious?” Arnav question him.

“Yeah work… Why? What Happened to you?”

“Dad, its almost 12”

“So What?”

“Dad… I’m starving here… All you can think about is Work… Work… Work” Arnav signalled him towards Khushi

“Yeah… I forgot Arnav”

Khushi stood silently watching both of them. A small smile was playing on her lips.

“Dad.. How about we all three going out for lunch?” Arnav said excitedly.

“Not a bad idea” Harish agreed for lunch.

Khushi’s eyes widened.. “You both can go for lunch.. I have some work”

“NOOOOO” Both Harish and Arnav shouted simultaneously.

“Why can't you join us?” Arnav asked her

“I can’’t Arnavji… you both go and enjoy” Khushi refused politely.

“No Khushi beta.. you too are coming with us. No more discussion on this” Saying this Harsih held her hand and walked out of their office.

Arnav smiled at his victory of making Khushi joining them for lunch..

At restaurant, all the three ordered their food and were waiting for it. Harish and Khushi were discussing about some business deals.

“Oh No… Here too business… Dad, Khushi… Don't you both have any other topic to discuss”Arnav said feeling completely bored of hearing their talks about deals.

“Ok so we won’t talk about business how about I tell Khushi about your childhood stories?”

Arnav blanched in shock. “NO!! Dad Please”

“What Dad…? Let Khushi Know How much you troubled everyone” Harish said smirking at Arnav.

“Dad please stop it… You both continue your business talk”

“Arnav, Now we are bored with business talk. What say Khushi?”

Khushi nodded at him and said with a smile “Haa Arnav ji… we are bored with these deals…” turning towards Harish “Sir, you tell me about it”

“STOP THERE…” Arnav shouted, but nothing affected them.

“Ok Khushi… NK is Arnav’s cousin. Arnav doesnt likes him because whenever he comes to our house, all their attention will be on him. You know what he did?” Harish said looking at Arnav

“Dad… Please… No not that” Arnav pleaded him.

“Sir, Please tell me na.. What he did?” Khushi was very much curious to know what Arnav was up to during his childhood.

“So where was I? Yeah NK came to spend his vacation. He liked some girl at first sight, like a crush as your generation says.” Harish said “Poor NK wanted to propose the girl at the masquerade ball we had at our annual AR anniversary. He asked for help from Arnav on how to propose in Hindi.”

“NK didn’t know Hindi?”Asked Khushi curiously.

“Oh no the poor guy lives in sydney thats why. Any way Arnav taught him such that instead of saying marry me NK ended up saying ‘You are a beautiful fat witch, please marry me because I want to commit suicide, what better way to do it than marry you and die a quick death’. NK thought he was saying I will die for you.” Harish ended with a laugh and Khushi burst out laughing at NK’s fate. Soon Arnav was also laughing along with them. They had to admit, it was devious and funny not from NK’s point of view though. Being embarrassed and slapped in front of the whole AR staff and honorable guests that was a real shock to NK but thankfully everyone knew his poor Hindi skills.

“That’s so bad Arnav ji” Khushi said in between laughing. The same sparkle was back in her eyes which that rascal Rajveer had snatched. Arnav was happy with his decision to bring her to lunch along with his father. He knew if he asked alone she would have refused him.

“That’s just one of his many mischiefs Khushi beta.” Harish said.

Soon their lunch arrived and while they relished the food with Khushi and Arnav telling Harish to cut back on the fried items because of his blood pressure Harish told some more stories of his childhood. By the end of the lunch Arnav was red with embarrassment and Khushi was out of breath due to laughing so much. Suddenly her whole day had turned so bright.

She never thought the  that her day could be filled with so much laughter in her life, these 2 men had made her forget her sorrows. While heading towards the parking lot she thanked them. “Sir, Arnav ji thank you very much for everything you did today. It helped alot. I am grateful to..”

“Khushi!!!” Harish interrupted angrily

“No sir, Please let me tell. This is needed, I need to say this. Let me feel the warmth you both are pouring on me. I never had any person in my life. I never had family or friends with whom I can share my pain or happiness. But today, after spending time with you both, I am feeling like I got my father back, I am feeling like I got my friend back. Thank you, Thank you so much for being my support. Thank you so much for understanding my pain. Thanks a lot”

Feeling her pain, Arnav came to her and held her shoulder “Sh… Khushi, don’t separate us with a damn thank you. we are friends, right? If I can’t understand or if I can’t remove your pain, then who can do? If friends won’t support us, then who will do. Didn't you hear a friend in need, is a friend indeed?”

“Khushi beta, I just want to say one thing here. You gave me a great responsibility putting me in your father’s place. I don’t want to fail you or upset you. I will be always with you as your father. Let the past go, beta. It will never give you anything except pain. Why do we waste our present and future for some bad idiots? Why do we waste our future happiness for our sad past?”

“Let go Khushi. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?” said Arnav

“Yes, Arnav is right. Live beta, live your life, enjoy your life, embrace the happiness. Take chance to be happy. Look around, no one is stopping for anything, then why You? Please Khushi, for me for your fatherly figure, for your friend, most importantly for YOU” said Harish patting her head

Feeling the fatherly touch on her head, Khushi hugged Harish in happiness. Harish patted her back affectionately

“Fine, it’s getting late; let’s go back to work now. I need to finish my designs or else my partner will kill me” said Arnav to lighten the atmosphere

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chapter 12 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 12:

Soon days were passing by Arnav and Khushi now had a better understanding of each other. Their days were spent better, discussing and planning the fashion show’s  clothing line. Harish frequently came to visit  them and see the progress and soon the trio would be occupying any place in the cabin and discussing ideas and telling old stories. The whole staff found it strange that Arnav and Harish spent so much time laughing these days.

For kushi life couldn't be better,deep down unknowingly she was healing. It didn't mean that the damage never existed, it meant the damage no longer controlled her life. Someone had said the truth that surround yourself with people that make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul. Her new small family Harish uncle and Arnav did just that. They made sure she was happy, sure they had small bickering over the designs but each of them gave in if other was right. There was no pride, ego in their friendship.

Soon the days were nearing for the final show. In just 2 weeks time they would have to present the show.

From today rehearsals for the show were going to start and everyone was expected to be present into the ramp hall at the side of the office.

Soon models were dressed in their outfits. Khushi and Arnav were with a DJ backstage they had opted for live music instead of tracks being played so they were going through the playlists to decide the music.

Arnav wanted to opt for some western song for every clothing line but Khushi advised him “Choose a song that matches the collection line I am not telling you to go all traditional but you tell me  Beyonce’s ‘SINGLE LADIES’ matches the bridal line?”

Arnav laughed at that, it really didn't match. So they opted for the perfect songs they could find. He saw Khushi listening to a melody with her eyes closed totally immersed in the beats, she was tapping her fingers on the desk simultaneously. ‘God she looks pretty’ he thought. Shaking his thoughts he said “Let's head over to the front and see the rehearsal show.”

They both headed over to the front row seats, sitting side  by side they instructed in the mike, where everything should go.

soon the lights dimmed and models walked the ramp orderly. They kept discussing which mistakes should be corrected. There was some disorganizing  problem in the middle that Khushi made a note of.

Soon it was bridal collection line on stage. She saw the models having some trouble walking in the heavy lehengas. Khushi couldn't be angry on them after all AR had never done bridal collections before so models of AR were not used to them but she did announce that they should work on the posture and walking style with lehangas.

The rehearsal ended and they were again behind the stage making sure that they remembered the order models were supposed to go on stage.

“I have a feeling this show would be phenomenal Arnav.” Khushi said looking around the green room.

“Me too Khushi me too. This is my first project and I would give it my 100% and make this show the best in history of AR.”

Suddenly they heard hushed voices from the room on their left side.  They thought it was wrong to eavesdrop so started moving out of the room but stopped when they heard Khushi's name being taken.

“Did you see how Khushi was ordering us to walk straight in those damn heavy lehengas, telling us to work hard on our posture and stuff. What does she know about walking in lehangas? How can we keep the dupatta on our heads? It's such difficult balancing it on our heads.” the model huffed back biting about Khushi.

Arnav angrily started making his way towards the model's room when Khushi held his arm and stopped him. “Arnav ji wait, if you get angry at them their opinion is not going to change. Sometimes words are nothing, actions are everything, so dont tell them let's show them."

Arnav was confused with her sentence but decided to hear her out. “Go and wait in the seats. ask all the models to take a seat as well there is going an important announcement.” She said.

20 minutes later when everyone was settled in the hall Arnav was sitting in the same chair anxiously glancing at the ramp to see what announcement Khushi had.

Suddenly the ramp glowed,soft music begin playing.

everyone heard Khushi say on the speaker “To all those who said i can't do it well watch me.”

And then the spotlight switched on and his breathing stopped.

He thought touring the world, he had seen all the beauty this world had to offer oh how wrong he was. There she stood in all her glory in a red bridal dress, the veil on her head. 'How had she managed to look like an angel in such a short time?' he thought he was lost in the meaningless world and then she arrived giving it meaning,perfection and beauty. She was beautiful, soft at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel, perfect and mine, no not mine, I was hers till my last breath.  

Khushi took a deep breath she was very much aware of the intense gaze of Arnav penetrating her soul. She let go of every thought in her mind and  begin walking. She had never in her life walked the ramp before but it seemed to be pretty simple and straightforward she could do it. She focused on the front row and her eyes met Arnav’s, who was staring at her like she was the only girl in this room, this made her feel all the more beautiful and confident.

Soon she had finished her walk and the lights turned back on. Everyone in the room was stunned with the way Khushi had gracefully handled the heavy bridal dress, not even stumbling a bit she had looked elegant and breathtaking. No one in the room could deny that. Arnav stood up clapping, proud of her, proud of her confidence. Soon the whole room erupted into applause. Khushi felt amazing at seeing Arnav cheer for her, he gave her a thumbs up sign and she nodded at him acknowledging it.

She returned back to the green room.

She was just taking of her jewellery when Arnav came in. Seeing her duppata lying on the table he said “Sorry I forgot to knock I will leave now.” he made a beeline for the door. A flustered Khushi recovered and said while draping her dupata “No its ok I am fine. What did you want to say?”

He turned back. He was more dumbstruck by her beauty up close, she dazzled him like the sun.

Clearing his throat he said “You did great out there, congratulation Khushi, You look beautiful.” She blushed scarlet at his compliment and thanked him.

After few seconds of silence she asked  “Is that it? Or you wanted to say something else?”

“No that is it. I just wanted to congratulate you on your victory though a small one but just wanted to be included in your happiness so came here. I will leave now and see you in the cabin when you have changed.” Saying this he left leaving Khushi with mixed feeling. For the first time someone had wanted to be a part of her happiness to congratulate her on her victory. She didn't even know she had missed it till now. She felt unknown feelings stir in her heart. She pushed them to the back of her mind and finished her work.

Soon they were both back at the office. All designs were finalized except one last design for bridal line. Arnav and Khushi had decided they would work on it together as a team and this dress would be there show stopper.

They had set the canvas up in their cabin with all the charcoal pencils needed.

While brainstorming ideas Arnav said “We should decide the color combos first Khushi after that we will decide the designing that should be on it. what say?”

Khushi smiled he really was a changed man these days. He made sure to make her know that he always prioritized her  feelings and choices not because he wanted to impress her but because he valued her talent and experience.

Soon they were so busy in sketching that they didn't even realize it was dark outside. These days they often had stayed late night to complete their work,often getting take away dinner delivered after the first night Arnav had broken into the cafeteria and tried to make mac and cheese,one would think such a simple dish would be an easy feat for Arnav singh raizada but after Khushi was forced to run to throw it up they had both mutually decided that getting dinner delivered was the best option.

It’s been 6 hours since they started sketching, they forgot the time. After lots of discussion, finally they finished they design together. They looked at each other and asked ‘Is it Okay?’... Both stared for sometime and burst out laughing.

“I think it's amazing but something is missing,i think the neckline is too bland,it needs to have some X factor to make people go wow. what do u think Arnav?” Over time Khushi had grown a bit comfortable with Arnav and they were on first name basis,still Khushi tried to be aloof from him,she didn't need the extra emotional baggage that falling for him would entail. No doubt he was not the same man,she had come to know that under all the spoilt brat exterior was a man who learnt from his mistakes and loved his father,he was very kind.

“Ok then right now lets head back home and we can work more on this design tomorrow maybe inspiration will strike tonight.” Arnav said and started packing his stuff that he took home.

“Khushi i was thinking if you don't mind its too late and we are going to the same building so why not go together it would be difficult finding an auto at this time of the night.”Arnav tried to be nonchalant but inside he was begging her mentally to agree. If he persisted too much she would never agree he knew her that much. To his relief and shock she agreed.

She starting closing her computer  files thinking it really was late and it’s better if she went with someone safe. Suddenly she thought when had she started thinking of Arnav as safe?

No she was just going with him because she didn’t want to walk the streets at this time of the night,she was too tired for that.she told herself that and together they made way towards the lift.

Soon they were in the parking lot,the chilly air made her shiver,she looked up and saw the black night sky it was a clear night today so all the stars were gleaming bright and clear.

They headed back home in silence. It was one of those silences that are not uncomfortable or forced,neither felt the need to make small talk.

Soon they were home.After saying good night they headed to their respective apartments.

thankyou so much for your lovely comments.we love u all for the support.

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CHAPTER 13 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 49 times)

Next day everything was going smoothly,Khushi and Arnav were engrossed in making final preparations. The fashion show was after 1 week. All the famous people from all over India were coming for the most anticipated event in the fashion world. 

“What the hell Aman? I have been living in that dump for so long, the cleaners were suppose to come today and clean it before I got home. Do something.” Arnav slammed the phone on the desk. 

Khushi looked up shocked and queried. Turned out the apartment Arnav was living in opposite to Khushi’s, was not cleaned properly and Arnav had been living in it despite that, because he was determined to make it work. Turning back home at the first obstacle wouldn't get him anywhere Arnav explained. Khushi was very surprised at his decision so she thought she would help him a bit. 

During their lunch break Khushi asked him to come with her.  He was told to sit quietly and buckle up for the ride. And he did just that especially after Khushi had seriously said that she was driving after years so it might get rough before he could respond to that she had her feet on the accelerator. Those little bumps soon turned into rocking twist and turns. At one point he literally thought this was it, he would die today, Khushi had made a sharp turn into a one way street telling him to calm down she knew the area like the back of her hand, well turned out she didn’t know the front of her hand because the street was one way with a huge lorry coming from the opposite way. Seeing a dead end they both looked at each other seeing probable death before them they clinged on to each others hands. He cursed and Khushi muttered “Oh no devi maiya” Praying to all gods to protect them she swerved into the dingy alleyway at her right and crashed into the sandbags piled there at the same time Arnav jumped from his seat pushing his seat belt out of the way he shielded Khushi with his body, the impact with the sandbags protected them from immense damage but he felt his ribcage  shake due to hitting himself on the steering wheel. 

Silence fell in the car after their narrow escape they both straightened and came out of the car towards the bonnet, examining the damage. Khushi stood with a serious face scowling at the broken side mirror as though somehow it was the mirror’s fault that she turned into a one way street. Whereas Arnav stood scowling at her. They both turned towards each other and stared for a minute before Arnav laughed “OH dont worry Arnav ji, I am a champ at driving, just buckle in and we will be at our destination in no time” Arnav mimicked Khushi. “You failed to tell me our destination was god Khushi!!” He laughed at her. “Oh god you drive worse than a dummy.” 

“Shut up” Khushi grumbled and turned away from him but a small smile played on her lips unwillingly at his imitation of her. She schooled her face back to her normal expression.

Any way thank god his car wasn't totaled, only side mirror needed to be fixed.

“Any way let’s head to the apartment building. Our apartment building owner Mr happy singh lives right nearby, he also owns a garage so he will help us for sure” She said guiding him towards their destination again this time no chance of a disaster because they were on foot. 

Soon they were at the garage of Mr Happy Singh whose shop looked like something out of a wedding parade. He had the board decorated in millions of fairy lights and he himself sat upon a vintage chair that looked like it had seen much better days but still Happy sat on it like it was the throne of his lavish kingdom. Seeing Khushi, his eyes lit up, she was the lady who passed his shop every week and always wished him a good morning and paid her rent on time.  Most of the snobs living in his building looked down on him because he was a mere mechanic and were most of the time were broke themselves. But they forget that Happy Singh is the owner of the building where they are residing. Happy Singh also providing the house cleaning service. So, Khushi took Arnav there to take the service. After asking Happy Singh for some supplies and service, to which he readily agreed.

Happy with the wonderful day they had well minus the near death crash Arnav turned towards Khushi with a huge smile on his face. ‘Thank you Khushi’ he said. She smiled right back at him. 

Soon they three were at his apartment door. 

To her shock the entire apartment was bland apart from the small couch and a few broken paintings hanging from rusted nails. It reeked of dirt and dust, cobwebs lined the windows and walls. 

“Sir ji, you said you will clean it up by yourself, then what happened? I thought you need little service. but here we need to clean from the start!!!” He kept the supplies in the room and said “You have to manage it by yourself. I will send the furniture by evening and any more stuff you might need... But the problem is I wont be able  to hire workers on such short notice. You have to appoint your men” He said in low voice, not able to help them how they want.

To Khushi’s shock, who had thought that Arnav would shout at Happy Singh for saying Arnav has to work by himself, gladly accepted. After Happy singh left Arnav turned to Khushi’s questioning gaze and he replied understanding her question. “I wanted this Khushi. I want to learn from the start. It’s my first step towards the success I want to achieve, my first step towards the life my dad dreamed for me, my first step towards independence and Khushi I want to thank you to be there for this first step in fact thankyou for helping me achieve my first step” He said his eyes moist and his lips smiling. 


“No need to thank me Arnav ji…, now come lets go back to the office we have many more steps to take. Mr happy will deliver the stuff by evening, we will sort it out till then. And now, I still need rest of the designs by you.” She said strictly making smile both of them. They both headed back to the office by a bus because Happy ji had said it will take atleast 2 days to get the poor car fixed. 

For Khushi it was a everyday experience taking a bus or auto rickshaw but for Arnav it was his first ever journey. Despite the humidity and the push and shove he faced he couldn't be happier because he was with his Khushi, his happiness, his reason to smile.

The rest of the day went per routine.

True to his word Happy Singh had delivered the stuff to his door, Khushi had gone to her apartment soon after coming.

Guess he was going to do this all alone. 

He started opening the boxes and furniture delivered. There were paint buckets in as well. Guess Mr. Happy Singh wanted him to do everything by himself. 

Suddenly his door bell rang,wondering who it was he opened the door and there stood his ray of sunshine with a plate in her hand and some cloth pieces in one hand. “You…”

“Yes me... couldn't let my new neighbour and best friend starve to death and let him work all alone. could I?”she said with a small smile on her lips

He grinned like a cheshire cat. 

“Come on in then partner” 

She walked in uncovering the plate of hot piping cheese balls, setting it on the one legged table she turned to him. “First have something to eat and then we will start sorting through this mess”

Soon another obstacle appeared. What color the living room walls should be. Where Arnav thought tea pink would be too girly Khushi thought black wasnt that macho either. Black according to her would look like you entered the devil's dungeon and though she said with little hesitance she agreed with the devil part but dungeon would ruin the decor. Seeing his frown she laughed little, controlling not to burst out; he was too easy to tease. Still trying to be angry at Khushi for the devil comment, they both settled on blue, the middle ground. But he felt happy noticing the change in Khushi’s behaviour around him. 

Khushi had tied the dupatta at her waist and both set to work diligently.

Arnav decided, since he was tall he would take the upper wall and he thought it would be easier for Khushi to sit and paint the lower wall else it will be too tiring for her and they had office tomorrow as well.

“You know Arnav Ji painting is really fun I never thought it could be this exciting.” Khushi said while dipping her roller into the gooey paint.

“Well I think my lovely company is making it more enjoyable for you Miss Gupta”

“No, you are not. I have always loved painting, designing infact thats the reason I got into fashion designing. Creating a beautiful piece of art on an empty canvas it's like feeling you are the queen and the canvas is your empire, make it beautiful however you want to. That brings a certain type of joy nothing can bring and after the life I have had I guess that's one thing no one can take away from me, my art, my creativity. It will always be mine.” She never noticed when Arnav had climbed down the ladder and was sitting right in front of  her brush in hand. 

“Khushi no one can steal your art, your creativity and no one else can steal your happiness not until you let them Khushi. The past might not be in your hands but the present and future is. So, don't let someone steal it from you. Its ok to let go in front of someone Khushi. You can alway share with me.” Arnav pleaded with all his heart that she would not refuse his advice like always. 

Khushi placed the roller on the paint tray and looked into his eyes, her own filled with tears “But it hurts Arnav ji, it hurts too much.” She looked at him, her eyes demanding an answer when the past hurts so much how can one let it go, how can one forget the pain it caused, how can one move on from it? It’s never too easy. 

“Khushi I know its not easy that's why I am saying let me be there for you. Let me make it easy for you. Bottling up your past inside is only going to make your life a hell.”

Khushi stared at him,eyes glistening. Why was this man so eager to help her?

precap:serious conflict


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chapter 14 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 54 times)




“I don’t know Arnavji.. Everytime I try to move on leaving my past behind, it’s still following me like my shadow.. Something or other always reminds me about that. The days which I spent having no one, the days which I struggled to live my life were like words written on the stone. I couldn’t erase it” said Khushi looking at Arnav. Her eyes were showing the sheer agony, pain, loneliness, anguish, helplessness and last fear. Fear of moving on.

Arnav understood what she was feeling, but he was in a state that he didn’t know what to do to make her come out of this. All he could do was, to be there for her, and to support. He wanted to erase those hard printed past of hers.

“Khushiii…” Arnav said, placing his hand on her.

Khushi held it in her tight grip, try to vent out everything for once and for all. Her nails were digging into his skin, but he didn't show anything on his face. Khushi cried, cried harder. She was crying as if this was the only way to solve her problem, her voice become unsteady but louder…

Arnav gathered her in his arms, trying to take her pain even though he can’t. Khushi clung to him as if her life dependent on him. His shirt was getting wet with her tears, but he didn’t care. Khushi enveloped her arms around his waist, each time she tightened her grip on him.

“I couldn’t Arnav ji.. Please help me.. this thing is killing me each and every day. I don’t want to live in this nightmare… I lost everything… I don’t have anything nor do I have anyone.. This lonely life… This is like a hell to me. I can’t live this anymore… I want to live like others, but what if it wont happen. No I can’t go through this again.. I can’t.. I CAN’T” Khushi shouted getting away from him..

“Khushii..” Arnav whispered seeing her in this state…

“NO.. I CAN’T LET YOU IN MY LIFE…… I CANNN’TTT” Shouted Khushi..

“Khushii.. Relax… Relaxx… Plss” Arnav said trying to touch her..

“NOO” she pushed him and stood up…

“YOU too will leave me alone in this World… I don't want to be left alone here.. I cant bear that.. I don’t need you.. I can't let you in my life.. leave me.. leave me alone” shouting.. venting out everything Khushi ran out, ran away from him, not wanting to hurt him…

Arnav went behind her, before he could reach her, she closed herself in one of the room in his flat…

Arnav started banging on the door shouting, “KHUSHIII… Open the door dammit.. Khushiiii……”

He was shouting for her, but she didn’t react to any of his shouts.. He was in a dilemma, should he let her cry or should he go and console her. He couldn’t come to a conclusion now.. He tried pushing the door, but it didn't even move a inch.

Inside the room, Khushi was crying muttering only one thing, ‘I can't let you in…. I can't let you in”

Arnav was tried banging on the door, so he stopped and sat on the floor waiting for her to open the door.

It’s almost middle of the night, Arnav was sleeping on the floor when Khushi opened the door of the room. She saw Arnav sleeping uncomfortably. She was about to touch his shoulder to wake him up, but thinking something she left to her apartment without disturbing his sleep.

Khushi reached her apartment, locked her door and sat on the floor.

When she woke up in Arnav’s apartment, she saw a different surrounding, then only she understood what happen previously. She knew Arnav will be waiting for her, so she opened the door. When She saw Arnav sleeping, she left without disturbing him, because she needed some time.. time to understand her feelings for him.

She thought back to the time when she met Arnav for the first time, how he proposed for a coffee, how he approached for the first time?. Her mind went back to the incident that happened in the restaurant and after that. The changes she saw in him, his behaviour towards her, his attitude to prove himself to her everything ran in her mind.

‘Everything was fine then… Now I don’t even know what happened to me… All I had in my mind was him. My life had changed after the incident in the conference hall. He regretted for his mistake the next day. Then, everything should have gone back to the same track right. Why did I shared my past with him? Why did I pour out all the things which I kept buried deep inside me? Our relationship took a new dimension from then. His decision to move separately, him asking me for help to start a new life, Him agreeing to all the decision I took, Him standing up for me when Rajveer harassed me, Him supporting me during the fashion rehearsal. Why these changes? Is that change was because he wanted or because he loves me…? Love…? I couldn’t name the relationship we had is love. I liked being around him, I like the change in him, I like him trying hard to woo me, but why couldn’t I love him back. What was stopping me from doing? Is it because of my lost trust in relationship…? Is it because of loss of trust in him?.. No It couldn't be.. I trust him.. I trust him blindly now. I got a friend in him which I never had. I got a companion which I never had. I got a supporter in him which I never had. Even then why I couldn’t love him. Is it because of his family? No, they are not like others.. they are the best people I had ever seen in my life. But then why? Why I still couldnt decide anything? Whats stopping me?’

Her mind was running with these thoughts, her confusion was evident on her face. That when she heard..

“You are a fool Khushi” A voice..

Khushi looked up only to find herself speaking.. She looked at her in confusion..

“Don't look confused.. I'm your inner voice”

Khushi nodded at her in understanding..

“What are you thinking?”


“You are trying hide it from myself”

“No Im not”


“Its.. Its.. Just”

“Are you afraid to accept your feelings for him”

Khushi nodded..

“But Why?”

“What if he too left me?”

“Did you  tell this to him?”

Khushi shook her head saying No..


“He will be hurt thinking I didn’t trust him”

“So what?..”

“I can’t hurt him”

“But Why?.. You don't love him.. What bothers you if he get hurt or not?”

“Who said I don't love him?”

“Oh.. SO you love him”

Khushi stopped speaking when she heard this. She looked at her soul in shock..

“Shocked are we?.. So you love him right”

“N..NO..” stammered Khushi..

“Of course you do”

“I didn’t”

“Yeah You didn’t, but now you do”

“Im telling you right..I didn’t”

“Shut up Khushi”

“Who are you to tell me all this”

“Your Inner self”

“I don’t have any”

“Yeah right.. If you did had, you would have realized his love long back”

“What’s there to realize?”

“Your love for him?”

“When I didn’t have one, then where does this love comes from?”

“Khushi, you can’t bury everything in your heart.. I can’t take it anything more.. You are not only hurting you, but also me”

“No.. I never did hurt anyone”

“You did.. You are hurting Arnav too”

“No.. I can’t hurt him.. I can’t”

“But why?”

“I don’t know”

“Khushi.. Why can’t you hurt him?”

“Because he is my friend”

“Only Friends”

Khushi nodded..

“You didn't love him”

Khushi was about to nod, but stopped..

“You can’t give an answer right?”

Khushi kept mum..

“Shall I ask you something?”

Khushi nodded…

“Are you happy with him?”

“I’m happy only with him”

“Did he hurt you anytime in this period of your work?”

“He didnt.. He never tried to hurt him”

“Do you feel insecure with him?”

“No.. I feel safe with him”

“Do you think, he won’t live your life yourself?”

“NO… He wants me to live my life for myself?”

“Do you think you can spend you life with anyone other than him?”

Khushi looked at her inner voice with widened eyes, but couldn’t say anything.

“What Khushi, answer me”

Khushi kept mum

“Why are you not answering me?”

“I.. I..”

“What I I I?”

“I won’t…”


“I can’t think my life with someone other than him”

“Why is it so hard to accept your love for him...? You just have to voice out your thoughts to him.. He will understand you… He is not like the one whom you met months before.. He changed.. you love him. Accept it.. get this in your head.. Life can never give a second chance, but you have it.. dont lose it in your foolishness”

“So I do love him” Khushi asked trying to confirm herself.

“Yes, you do love him” stressed her inner voice… with irritation

Khushi smiled at the realisation, happy tears started flowing from her eyes…

“I.. I.. I love him… I do love him… I do.. I do” saying Khushi looked up to see, only to find the empty space before her, she didn't care, she was so engrossed in her realization.

“I LOVE HIM” said Khushi grinning like an idiot. She felt as though she now had a new reason to live.

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Aug 26, 2015

CHAPTER 15 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 48 times)

Next morning the sun rose with new light, bringing new hopes and promises of a future, khushi had always wanted. She didn't remember when she had fallen asleep thinking about him and even after sleeping he was ruling her dreams. She freshened up and made breakfast, for the first time in years she felt her heart was light, it was free. The pain of her past wasn't gone. It was still there, but it didn’t hurt anymore because she had Arnav to share it with. To lessen it. She thought about the moment when she would tell him, when she would finally reciprocate his feelings, she would relish the look in his face for eternity, she would trace the smile on his face with her fingers to make sure he was real. Suddenly her mind flashed back to yesterday night she had pushed him away again, she had flung his heart and his support, threw it out the window. The broken shards must have stabbed his heart. She had given him pain again and again because she was too deep into her own pain but no not anymore. She would make it right. they both deserved a bright future and while khushi got ready to meet arnav for the first time in years Khushi was hopeful and happy about the days to come.

The sun rays disturbed arnav out of his sleep. He got up groggily when last night flashed in his mind - khushi had been angry, hurt and had locked herself in the bedroom. He slapped himself mentally for falling asleep what if she was crying the whole night. He rushed towards the bedroom nearly tripping over the cushion. In his haste he failed to see the door slightly open thinkin it still must be locked he pushed right into it and nearly fell head first into the room. She was not in the room, maybe she went to the toilet, he went and knocked. After no answer he opened the door to find it empty as well. His movements were now frantic, his heart clenched painfully at the thought what if she had done something drastic in her pain.

No she can’t do this, she is too strong to do something like this. He tried to calm his mind but his heart wouldn’t listen. He ran towards her apartment all the time thinking he would never push her again to move on, ‘please just be alright khushi’ he thought

Khushi was just thinking how to do her hair, suddenly she was conscious about how she looked in front of Arnav ji, she wanted to look good in front of him. She was just in the process of brushing her hair when someone banged her door loudly. Flinching she ran to open the door sensing the urgency in constant knocking. When she opened it she let out a startled scream because next second she was crushed into Arnav’s arms.  

“Khushi thank god you are ok. Why did you run off dammit? What if I couldn't find you?”

By now khushi was able to deduce this much that he got worried when she was not in his apartment.

Still Arnav hugged her tight, too scared to let go. “You were sleeping Arnav ji. I didn't want to disturb your sleep so I came.” she said meekly.

“SO WHAT? My sleep is not more important than you khushi.” Arnav said he voice raw with emotions, the tremor in his voice showed the terror he felt at her disappearance.  

After calming down a bit at seeing her in perfect condition he realized their position and moved back. Both of them missed each other’s warmth but tried to school there faces into indifference. Saying their feelings out loud was still an alien concept sometimes to them.

“Are you ready? Let's head off to office.” Arnav said trying to mask his face again.

Khushi looked up at him in shock at the sudden change of topic. He really was an enigma sometimes.

“Office..?” Khushi asked in confusion

“Khushi AR Designs? We work there. Don't you remember?”

“I do remember But in this attire” Khushi asked pointing her fingers at him.

Arnav looked at her finger, then at himself. He was in blue T-shirt and black pant, his shirt was covered with the paints of blue color. Then only he remember that he ran to her flat without freshening himself.

“Oh yes.” Arnav said. “Give me 20 minutes, I will meet you in the parking lot. We can go together.”

“Sure” Khushi said.

2o minutes later Arnav and khushi were quietly on their way towards the office.

Arnav noticed khushi was glancing at him time to time, and turned away quickly whenever she caught his eye. Weird he thought. Usually she just  preferred to stay to herself. Heading into the lift he couldn’t help but remember the first time they had met, months ago on that fateful day.

Khushi too was remembering that meeting, sure they had been in the lift few times after that after all they worked in the same office but she would never forget that first time she saw him.

Both didn't notice the small smile playing on their lips.

The day was going per routine. Arnav and khushi got working on the canvas for some more designs. The finalized designs had been sent to the tailor for stitching and would be done before the fashion show.

Arnav knew something was up with khushi, she was not able to focus completely. When he asked her “What kind of bridal dress would you wear? We should make it like that because you would have a feminine point of view which would enhance our design.” She had blushed crimson for no reason. Only god knew what was going on in her mind he could do nothing but stare at her antics.

Soon,  arnav was out of the office in the HR department to ask them  details about fashion show models. That was when khushi breathed a sigh of relief. She knew she had been acting like an idiot since morning but ever since her subconsciousness had pushed her into realizing her feelings, she was thinking about it 24/7.  She saw Arnav was putting in extra effort to stay normal and not talk about last nights fight but she could see the hidden sadness in his eyes.

She couldn't think of a way to tell him she loves him. Maybe she should wait until the fashion show because the show was in 2 days and the company was already under a lot of pressure. She didn't want to distract him and after all it was his first accomplishment. She didn't want to be the reason of something wrong happening in the show. So she thought she would only confess her feelings to him once the show was successful. May be till then she would come up with some grand idea to do it. After all she couldn't just run of to him in the parking lot and tell him “I love you.” She blushed scarlet even thinking about it. How was she suppose to say it out loud to him? She realized she was no more always thinking about her pain, her pain had been replaced by the man who brought her happiness,courage and  told her she could dream, she should dream. It was her right, he had showed that to her and she couldn't be more grateful and happy. He had come like the bright sun in her life sweeping the shadows of the past away and leaving bright sunny rays of happiness to cherish.

That night when Arnav and Khushi finished their work late, they were mentally relaxed because all preparations for fashion show were done.

As usual whenever late khushi went with Arnav but they were half way towards their apartment building when his car gave up. The tyre was punctured. Just what they needed at 12 in the night but they decided to walk the rest of the way due to pleasant weather. Walking silently. Just a few people were seen on the roads. Some stall owners were packing up and going home. He saw a florist also packing up.

Khushi saw the roses on his stall and thought back to the day she crushed his roses. She got sad thinking of rejecting him. Arnav saw her looking at the roses longingly. She kept walking lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice when Arnav was no more beside her. Black clouds rolled into the sky bringing strong winds with them. Suddenly khushi was shaken out of her thoughts due to lightning. She looked up and a water drop fell on her nose. She smiled, well walking home just turned into more fun. She had loved the rain since childhood. What ever changed this one hobby of hers never changed. She looked beside her to share it with arnav but found he was no where to be seen. She looked around but couldn't see him anywhere. A sudden panic rose in her heart. By now the rain had increased. It was quickly drenching her. She ran back the way they had come and while running she stopped suddenly. She felt a tap on her shoulder turning around she saw Arnav also drenched like her. Hands behind his back he was smiling at her.

“Dammit arnav ji, where were you?”  She punched his shoulder. “This was your plan to scare me?”

“No I wasn't scaring you”

“Then what were you doing with this disappearing act of yours.”

Arnav brought his hands in front of her and in them was the most beautiful bouquet she had ever seen. The rosses were mixed with white carnations enhancing the dark red color more.

She looked at him and noticed the apprehension in his eyes. Maybe he was scared she would crush them too, “I thought they would go well with your apartment curtains. I saw this morning na so thats why.” He tried to clarify so she didn't get angry.

To his surprise she said “yes they are lovely, they do go with apartment curtains very well but I would have taken them anyway even if they didn't.” Arnav who was way too shocked and elated to see her accepting didn't pay much attention to her last line

Now they both looked at each other and noticed that rain had drenched them like drowned cats. Khushi was sure she looked like she had dropped the whole bottle of hair gel in her head but to Arnav she was beautiful.

Her face glowed under the moonlight with water droplets hanging on her eyelashes she looked like  a greek goddess.

Soon they were back to walking home. Due to the dark streets khushi couldn't see where she was going and nearly tripped on the stone in her path but Arnav held her hand, steadying her. “Thanks” she murmured shyly. “No problem.” For some odd reason both whispered feeling the moment would be broken if either spoke too loud. After that Arnav didn’t leave her hand and she never pulled back. They walked hand in hand back home feeling better than either had in years.

ok guys now only one chaptr and epilogue left. keep reading to see what twists we  have planned. the final show is up next so wait and read. thankyou for your support. 

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Aug 29, 2015

CHAPTER 16 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 73 times)


It was time.Finally

Today was the day. At last, Today Arnav would complete the final stage to complete his challenge to Harish. He was sure he had a perfect collection and he knew he couldn't do it alone, not without khushi. 

He had decided, he would be at the venue early and look after all the preparations. Entering the grand venue he saw Khushi already standing on a stool shouting instructions to the workers to rearrange lights and decorations. He smiled, she really was a god gifted designer.

The fashion show would be attended by all the prestigious businessman in the country and there were few of their associates from abroad as well. 

He couldn’t wait for his family to see the final show tonight. 

He saw khushi heading  backstage and followed her. He wanted to thank her before the show after all this had been only possible due to her inspiration, dedication and motivation. 

Khushi heard the door close behind her “Arnav ji you? You are also here early? Its good there is so much work left to look over. You need to go approve the caterers choice. He thought having lady finger dish in menu would be good. Can you believe it I told him to change it and threatened him with Harish uncle if he changed our given menu again.” Khushi huffed. 

“Khushi calm down I will look it over and dont worry I already instructed aman and Prasad to look over the food before guest arrive I even have a backup caterer for the after party.”They had arranged for an after party in the same hotel. 

“Khushi I need to say something.” Arnav began. “After we go out that door again  we will be overwhelmed with work and tasks and I may not get a chance to say this until later so I would like to say it now.”

He looked at her face “Arnav ji whats so important we can talk later no?” She thought she still had to prepare some final arrangements of her surprise. 

“No I just need to say it once and you need to hear it." He said stepping in front of her. “Khushi thank you, Thank You for all you have done for me. Thank you for the guidance and support you gave. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't scolded me all those times. I might not have done enough for you, I don't think I can pay you back but I will always be grateful.” Before she could reply he had left after saying 

“You can get back to your work now khushi.”

She stood there speechless. This man thought she had been the support and guidance to him? Instead he was the light, the support,the sole reason which helped her move out of her darkness. What was this man made of? How could he be so caring and kind? This only strengthened her love and determination to confess to him tonight that she loved him with her heart and soul. 

Soon Arnav and khushi got ready separately. After all, as show organizers they were to receive the guests on behalf of AR with Harish. 

Arnav had opted for a 3 piece black tux and where as Khushi had gone for a more traditional look, A red and white saree with minimal jewellery. She had opted for a bracelet and earrings only. She decided to leave her hair down. 

They both headed towards the main entrance separately. Arnav ran into khushi in the corridor and he was mesmerized. She looked ethereal in white and red. Harish called him,interrupting his gazing. 

Khushi’s heart fluttered at his gaze, he looked at her like she was the only women in the room. Her eyes couldn't help but notice his dressing. He had always looked handsome but today he looked extra dashing. 

She took a deep breath to calm her racing heart and headed to greet the guests.  Soon when everyone was seated Harish took the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, A warm welcome to all of you and thank you for being here tonight. This show is very close to my heart, for many different reasons, first and foremost because it is headed by 2 wonderful people, My son Arnav Singh Raizada and our designer, just like my daughter Khushi Gupta.” Applause erupted at their names. Khushi smiled at Arnav backstage.  Harish continued “Secondly this show is Arnav’s first show and I am proud to announce that after this the new CEO of AR designs would be Arnav singh raizada.” The hall echoed with the claps for them. Arnav was shocked would be an understatement. ‘How could dad do this, it meant he really is proud of me’ Arnav thought. He looked at khushi who was also shocked, her mouth and eyes both are opened wide. Then he noticed her expression changed into happiness. Her face glowed with a broad smile and she folded her hands looking up as thanking God. she turned to him with the same broad smile and twinkle in her eyes “Congratulations Arnav Ji, you deserved it.” she whispered. 

Soon harish was also seated and the show began. Arnav and khushi stayed back stage to make sure models were sent out in order. Till now the audience response had been amazing. Suddenly Aman came rushing in, out of breath. “Relax aman what happened?” 

“Arnav Khushi our show stopper bailed on us, she says she is stuck in traffic, won't be able to make it before the show ends”. “What the hell” Arnav asked anger and panic prominent on his face. Without the show stopper they were screwed. It was their best creation which khushi and arnav had designed together. 

“Ok Aman, I need you to do one thing, send one of our men to her house and see whether  she is really in traffic, or playing us.”

Aman left immediately.

“Khushi take one of the models who have done the walk we can make them change into the dress and they can be out show stopper.”

“Arnav ji it’s not possible, AR designs is such a huge company, we can not repeat models, media is gonna have a field day with this. They will make headlines like AR is too poor to to hire models. It won't be true but it will just give us bad publicity which we don't need.” 

By now they were both pacing worriedly. Arnav nodded agreeing with Khushi. 

“Khushi I have a solution.” Arnav said his eyes burning with excitement. The inspiration of that dress was his solution after all. “ You can be the show stopper of AR designs. You did it in the rehearsals you will do it perfectly well here. I have faith in you.” Arnav took her hands in his. 

“But arnav ji this is the final show, everyone is out there, I don't want to let you down.” She said, deep down scared that she could ruin this, in 100 different ways and Arnav would have to bear the brunt of it all. 

“Khushi calm down and look at me, I trust you, ok? No one can carry this dress with grace and attitude like you can, because I have seen you walk the ramp khushi, you are a natural. Don’t be afraid after all me being the head organizer I would be there right with you. Its the rule right? remember?” He said. Khushi felt a bit better knowing that he would be here. 

“Ok I will do it.” she said letting out a breath she had been holding at his words and praise. 

“Good.”Arnav smiled finally he would see their creation on the person for whom he had envisioned the lehenga. 

“Ok now khushi only 2 models are left we will go after them.Hurry up and get ready”

“No not two there are 10 models left.” Khushi said smiling.

“How?” He looked perplexed. 

They were sitting in the green room viewing the show on a plasma screen. Khushi left the room for a minute instructed her models to come out and walk the ramp. Walking back to Arnav she was excited for her surprise hopefully he would like it.

Khushi joined Arnav and both saw as the extra models khushi had just revealed began walking the ramp. He was shocked to recognize the designs were some of the first one he had drawn, his designs khushi had pretended to throw in the bin were turned into amazing creations and were displayed for the world to see. 

He looked at khushi, overwhelmed at her surprise. 

“Khushi I….” he couldn’t find words to say,

“My surprise Arnav ji, those designs were brilliant I just behaved strictly that time because I wanted you to understand and face rejection, you can be faced with it in any point in your life but you have to have the courage to face it and frankly those designs were awesome so had to put them in our collection this fall.” She said, her eyes reflecting her wisdom. 

“ Thank you khushi,  it means a lot. Thankyou.” 

“Now stop saying thankyou Arnav ji, I  need to go, after all, there is one final task we need to do, to finish our show.” Arnav smiled at hearing our show. It really was their show in all aspects. 

While khushi ran into the green room to change Arnav was deep in his thoughts, his eyes seeing the ramp but his mind on the girl he would walk it with. He was touched with her gesture. 

Khushi came out of the changing room dressed perfectly with her jewellery and make up.

Arnav turned around at the sound of her waist chains chiming.

His imagination had not done justice, in his imagination she looked like a goddess in red but in reality her beauty was heightened ten folds, she was glowing, her inner beauty shining through.

Before Arnav could say something it was time for them to go out and face the world as Designers of AR.

Khushi tucked her arm into his and the music changed, lighting went out. They took their spot on the stage and




The spotlight was on them. They heard the silent gasps and the collective admiration of the audience. Harish was also confused but he was also happy, he would love if khushi and Arnav got together. What he didn’t know was that the silent storm was brewing and had finally reached it’s peak.  

They walked hand in hand together, each thinking about the journey that had led them here.

the final destination.

Finishing the walk both stopped at the front of the ramp. Arnav was handed a mike to say something.

Harish looked  on proudly at both of them.

“Good evening everyone, I hope you had a great time watching our fashion show. Actually I don’t have much to say today except the fact that I am grateful to my Dad for trusting me with the position of CEO of AR and I assure you all I will not disappoint. I will run AR with the same passion and determination that Harish singh raizada did. Lastly I will mention my Co designer and friend Khushi gupta without whom all this wont be possible. She guided me and mentored me to be the man I am today. So a thank you won't be enough but still Thankyou so much khushi.”

She smiled and said to him “Thats enough Arnav ji you are going to embarrass me.” Arnav offered her the mike if she wanted to say something she shook her head in a no. She was loosing precious time. Her planned surprise would be ruined if they didn't leave now.

Arnav sensed her urgency so ended his speech to ask her what was wrong. “Ladies and gentlemen if you would please head over to the ballroom of the hotel for the after party and we will try to join you as soon as possible. Till then enjoy and mingle.” Said Arnav smiling at everyone

As soon as the ramp lights were out khushi dragged arnav backstage She didn’t have time to change now she took his hand running into the back gate of the hotel from there they headed to the car all the while arnav questioned khushi but followed her quietly once she said “Just trust me on this please.”

Khushi once again took the wheel and after 10 minutes of relentless driving and breaking all the signals, which she was sure AR was going to be sent many speeding tickets by tomorrow.  They reached a quiet area. she parked the car and took him to the forest across the road.

Arnav came out of the car and took in the scenery, it was breath taking.

They were surrounded by mini hills, greenery. the air was filled with fragrance of flowers which were lined all around them.

She took him to the top most hill stumbling a lot because of the lehenga, she laughed if someone saw her now she would definitely be dubbed  crazy lady. After all who hikes in lehenga and heels.

After a very strained effort with help of arnav they reached the top of the hill.

They both stood watching the city below them. Clouds were covering most of it.

“Its beautiful, right?” she asked. He couldn't do much than nod his approval.

She turned towards him then preparing herself to say what she had practiced but looking into his brown eyes the rehearsed speech flew out of her mind and she said exactly what she felt.

“Arnav ji I have never been the one to voice my feelings to anyone, I always thought if I kept my feelings bottled up deep inside me one day I would forget it, I would be free but I never was, the pain kept crushing me, stabbing my heart with its ugly shard whenever it could. And I thought it would stay the same till the day I die but it changed Arnav ji, it changed when you came into my life. You have been an immense support to me, helping me, forcing me to move on if needed. Arnav ji you are so very stubborn” Khushi let out a small chuckle at that. “So persistent in pursuing me the first time I met you. I am here today because you gave me enough courage to openly say this Arnav ji.” tears flowed from her eyes, her eyes were glittering in tears but her lips were curved into beautiful smile. She close her eyes for a minute, taking a deep breath and opened her eyes. Arnav stood there shocked seeing her eyes which were showing the love he always wanted to see. Right then and there, he understood he got what he wanted, his love. But still he waited for Khushi to complete. Khushi looked at him not knowing how to start, pushing everything behind her mind she said, “I Khushi gupta can openly confess this today that I love you with my heart, mind and soul.” Arnav’s world stopped right there. His eyes hadn't left her’s, she continued  “You healed me Arnav ji. I began to live again. Since the time you came into my life, I started leaving all the past that were haunting. I never expected this change in myself. I changed, my perspective about my life changed,. Now, you are the only reason why I continue to survive. I am sorry for all the time we wasted due to my unwillingness to let go of my  past but your love ignited my silent heart which had long forgotten how to love and trust. Thank you for teaching it to me. I know I should stop talking now but I just can't seem to stop.” Both chuckled at that. “Arnavji, I will be lost without you. I never thought I would find my love in you, but I did. Now, I'm not ready to lose you. Only Because of you I’m seeing all the beauty of this word. It has been ages since I smiled heartily till you entered into my life. I wanted to share my happiness, my life , my love, only with you Arnav ji. I dont know whether you love me or not, I dont even know to define my love, I actually fell for you before I even realised it. I’m a fool to understand this a little late. But I’m glad that I understood. I… I..” Tears were choking her words..

“Shhsshhh” Arnav wiped a small tear off her face. Cradling her face in his hands he whispered “You don’t have to tell me anything Khushi,.. I can understand”..

Khushi nodded a no to him, “ I want to tell you Arnavji.. Now or Never… I have shied away from this for too long but I realized you have the right to know. You gave me the meaning of my life, now I don't want to live this life without you.. I need you throughout my life.. I… I Love you Arnavji.. I love you alot..”

Her tears were drenching his hand, He was smiling at her in content, happiness, love and all together respect for his ladylove for sharing her true feelings with him, keeping all the trust on him. She had given him the most valuable thing in the world, her trust. And as god as his witness he would cherish it till his last breath. He would never break it. He would treasure it as his most prized possession.

She looked at his face for a reply. She was feeling nervous waiting for his reply. She was afraid about his rejection.  He didn't answer instead the next moment he was down on his knees. Holding her hands he looked at her shocked expression.  His actions still had the power to shock khushi.

“Khushi you have no idea how much this meant to me. I have lived for a long time responsible for no one, answering to no one but my dad. During this time I thought the world was mine for the taking. I lived life to the fullest, partied with my friends and never gave a second thought to anyone. Then you came in to my life and I realized how incomplete my life was. I was lacking so many things, first and foremost I was an irresponsible man, you changed me khushi. My life lacked the inner happiness because I didn’t have true love now through some  miracle I found true love in you. You complete me khushi. I have fallen undeniably in love with you, to be honest I never thought I would say these words to anyone in my life but seeing you they come out effortlessly. Thank You for giving my life purpose. Thankyou for making me a better man. Today I am not the man I was. Right now the man standing in front of you is a man utterly in love with you. The man of your life Khushi. I don’t even know when you become the most important part of my life. My heart seems perfect today because you are inside. I was a man with so many flaws, you changed me, you didn’t said to change or remove my flaws, you were there for me, helping me to reduce the flaws. I got you as my friend to share my thoughts, I got you as a guide to show me the way of life, I got you as a trigger of my life, I got you as a supporter whenever I look up for one. Now I want you as my lover, to love me, I want you as my wife to share my life with me… I love you, not now or after you started helping me.. I loved you ever since I got to know the feeling of Love.. Ever since my eyes fell on… you are the reason of my life Khushi…. Will you always be there to love me? Will you always be there to guide me? Will you always be there to support me? Will you always be there to share my life?. I can’t promise you of building a taj mahal for you, I can’t promise you of giving the world’s entire love for you.. but I can give you, only one promise, that you will always find me right beside you, holding your hands. Love you is the small word for me to express my love Khushi, but that’s all I can say.. I love you.. I love you soo much Khushi… Will you marry me?.. Will you be my better half?”Arnav said looking at her…

Khushi smiled, a 1000 watts smile for the first time in her life. Now, She was not an orphan.. She has a family, a life ahead now. She got on her knees and hugged him, both of them toppled over…

Arnav lost his balance, both fell down with Khushi on top him. Arnav felt this was the best moment, having his love in his arms after their confession. He wanted this moment to freeze.. He looked at the women of his life in his arms and smiled at her…

“You still didn’t answer me Khushi” asked Arnav

“When shall we get married?” said a blushing Khushi, hiding herself in his arms.

Arnav’s grip tightened feeling her lips on his skin, but he controlled himself, because he knows this was not the time to proceed their relationship.

“Today?” asked a very eager Arnav..

“Huh?... No we need your family na.. What about tomorrow” asked Khushi lifting her head.

“Yes.. we need them, but small correction, It’s our family” said Arnav looking at her twinkling eyes.….

After half an hour of enjoying the silent night, sharing all their thoughts about their life, they were finally complete. This moment was theirs, before they tell the world about their love, they wanted to savour these alone moments to the fullest. They both lied on the top of the hill watching the night sky, for the first time in ages feeling at peace with themselves. The pain of her raging past had finally calmed down by his love, his life of loneliness  had faded away and he welcomed the companionship she brought in his life.

Both reached the party venue after enjoying their time. Everyone’s head turned towards them who were entering the party hand in hand. Raizada’s looked at the glowing face of their son and the girl who stood beside him. They shared a knowing smile with each other. They understood what might have happened between these two.

Arnav and Khushi greeted everyone with a smile plastered on their face, they soon reached Raizada’s who were standing at corner.

“Seems like someone is too happy” said Anjali eyeing at Arnav…

“Di… it’s nothing” said Arnav

“So, you are not happy with this success” said Harish pulling his leg..

“What the.. When did I said I'm not happy with the success” defended Arnav.

“Right Now chotey, you said ‘ITS NOTHING..” NOTHING… what does it mean” said Anjali grinning at him.

“Whatever… I’m happy dad.. so much” Arnav said pulling Khushi towards his side who was looking at everyone with small smile.

Harish raised his eyebrow looking at their entwined hands..

“Are we missing something?” asked Arnav’s mom.

“Of course mom.. Look Chotey… He was smiling with no reason and also take a look at the blushing face of the girl who is standing beside him.. we for sure missing something” Anjali said getting in between Arnav and Khushi..

“Is that right Arnav?.. then what is it?. We are eager to hear that” said Harish.

Arnav eyed at Khushi who was standing at the left hand side of his Di.. Khushi smiled and lowered her head, conveying her answer to him. Arnav looked at his family members and their faces which were filled with happiness and joy because he was happy.

He slightly pushed his Di and took hold of Khushi’s hand. Both took a step forwards entwining their hands in their tight grip.

With a broad smile he said “Mom, Dad… I love Khushi… She too Loves me *He passed for a minute and looked at the blush that was rising in his love’s cheek* Me and khushi want to get married”.

Gasps of happiness and shock were heard because though his family knew there was something special between Arnav and Khushi, but to see arnav talking about marriage without any inhibitions was a surprise for them. At that moment they knew that arnav and khushi, this bond would last a lifetime.

Harish broke the silence by walking ahead and hugging both his son and daughter. He had never been a happier man, finally his son had turned into a man he knew he was destined to be.

“chote i am so happy for you but angry also” Anjali pouted.

“what the di angry?But why?” Arnav queried perplexed.

“I am angry because i was not informed about this relationship earlier. of course you didn't bother telling your only sister that you loved someone. I missed a nice chance of playing a cupid”

Anjali crossed her arms slightly turning away pretending to be deeply hurt.

Khushi left Arnav’s hand and hugged anjali from back, resting her head on anjali’s shoulder she said “what if i said as soon as i confessed we told you? technically you are the first one to know DI.”

Anjali froze at hearing khushi calling her DI. Khushi straightened and sensing her stiffness she thought anjali didn't like her calling Di. “I am sorry Di just slipped out of my mouth Anjali ji. I just thought...never mind. i am sorry.”

Anjali turned back and held her shoulders “Khushi ji stop, stop right now. I love that you wanted to call me DI i was just surprised that you would be so accepting of arnav’s family so soon. Well i shouldn't have been after all you are arnav’s choice you would be the best. Now promise me of you really think of me as your elder sister you will always take my side against Arnav?” saying this anjali gave a cheeky smile to her chote.

laughing  khushi said “Of course i will take your side Di. thankyou for accepting me” she said with teary eyes to his whole family. “I have never known what a loving family feels like, it was snatched from me too early but seeing you all here with me celebrating in my happiness i feel like finally i have everything i wanted in this world, A true love” she said glancing at Arnav “a sister to share everything with and tease” she added and smiled seeing anjali’s reaction  “a loving father figure who trusted me when no one did, thank you Harish sir for everything for your confidence in me.” She looked at rest of the family members, nani and gayatri “Thank you for giving me a complete family.”

Harish moved forward to hold her  hand again. “Khushi beta you say i am like a father figure yet you call me Sir what kind of daughter are you? From this day onwards you will call me Dad just like arnav and anjali. Understood?” Harish said trying to be stern but failing because of the huge smile on his face at seeing his son finally complete.

“Yes dad.” Khushi said. The raizada family broke apart when more guests came up to congratulate them on the show.

They all scattered throughout the hall with renewed vigour because of the news they had just shared. Arnav was soon approached by Aman who took arnav to a corner.

“Sir..  Remember our show stopper who didn’t turn up well turns out she was khanna’s mole. She was bribed by him to ruin our show. I tracked her down and found  that there was lump sum amount was being transferred to her account and all she had received frequent calls from him” said Aman indicating the **** who was standing at the corner eyeing the party.

Arnav’s anger raised, his fist tightened thinking about the nasty things he did to His Khushi… He was just waiting for right time to give a pay back, and now he got one.

He looked at Aman and asked, “Do you have all the proofs?”

“yes sir, I do have, Including all the illegal and underground business he was doing” said Aman

Arnav looked at Aman in Pride and smiled..

“Then,  what we are waiting for… Let’s end the game he had started” saying Arnav took his phone and dialed someone..

He gave some instruction to the person who was at the other end and dropped the call…

“Everything is done Aman.. All we have to do is, to sit and watch” said Arnav smirking at him..

Aman passed a understanding smile, though he knows him for years, but the Arnav who was standing before him was new, he could feel the changes in him.. He looked at his friend who was standing with Raizada’s giggling at something said by Anjali. He was happy for both of them.

“Thank you sir” said Aman..

Arnav looked at Aman, he knows he was not thanking for this, but for something, he saw his eyes on Khushi…. He understood his look and hugged him taking in shock..

“Its Arnav for you”

Aman smiled and completed the hug…

After exact 30 minutes, cops arrived…. Arnav signalled them to proceed further. The cops moved towards the Khanna’s and said..

“You are under arrest”

Khanna stood shocked, his eyes widened..

“What… What are you saying?” asked Khanna looking around nervously

“That you are under arrest for bribing the showstopper of AR and also for doing smuggling and all other illegal activities. We already arrested your men.. We got enough proof for everything….” said the Man eyeing the other person to arrest him…

Khanna looked around, he saw the men approaching him, he took a step backwards and was about to run off, when he saw Aman standing behind him.. He looked here and there, pushing Aman and tired running out of the place when his foot slipped and he fell flat on his face.. He looked behind, only to see Khushi smirking with raised eyebrow… He understood that she was the one who tripped him. He was about to get up and escape, when he felt a hard kick on his face. A drop of blood came out from the slit made at the corner of his lips… He looked up at the person in anger, only to see the great Arnav Singh Raizada standing with closed fist…

“You” he opened his mouth, but was again forced to stop by the second punch that fell on his stomach.

Arnav grabbed his neck with one hand, making him yelp in pain and punched his face again..

“How dare you hurt her.?”Arnav had lost control of his calm facade seeing the man trying to run from his punishment he had coming for a long time and remembering what khushi had to suffer at his hands he couldn't control himself. He launched himself at Khanna again and punched him on the nose. He heard a satisfying crack and Khanna’s anguished scream. Soon the cops pulled him away and he felt khushi holding him back too which finally calmed him. Khanna was dragged kicking out of the venue. Harish apologized from the guests for the interruption and the party resumed.

Khushi and arnav stood in a corner.khushi caressed his face “you didn't have to do that you know.” She murmured.

“I wanted to, that **** deserved it khushi for hurting you.”

“Thank you Arnav ji. i didn’t think it would help me but it feels good to see him finally being punished.”

“Dont thank me khushi, I want to do everything i can to make you happy. Your smile brightens my life… I can even give up my lif” He stopped speaking feeling her finger on his lips…

“You can’t…. You have to live for me Arnavji” Said Khushi looking at his eyes… She don’t know what to say or convey… She just neared him and hugged with all her might…. Both stood in each others arm wanting to feel their warmth and love.


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Sep 2, 2015

CHAPTER 17 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 54 times)


It's been 7 months after the fashion show…..

“Harishji.. What’s taking you so much time?. We are waiting here..” said Gayatri through the phone..

“Gayatri… Why are shouting?”asked Harish..

“Ji.. Me?.. Shouting?.. Me and your son are desperate to see my bahu.. Please bring her fast here…” said Gayatri..

“Yeah.. I’m just standing before your bahu only… but she seems very busy with her nanad chatting anything and everything” said an annoyed Harish..

“They can chat after marriage ceremony.. Not now” ordered Gayatri..

“As if I asked them to chat” murmured under his breath.


“ji.. nothing” saying he cut the phone and looked at the girls..

He looked at Khushi.. whose face was reflecting only happiness.. He mentally thanked his son for bringing the new life in her… He saw their relationship progress in all these months….

When he approached Arnav regarding their marriage right after the fashion show.. he blindly refused.. Harish’s thought went back to the day.


“Arnav…. Me and your mom were discussing about your marriage” said Harish entering Arnav’s room.

“My Marriage?.. Who said I'm getting married” said Arnav with doubtful eyes.

Harish was shocked hearing his reply.. He thought Arnav again played with Khushi’s feelings this.. this angered him..

“Arnav.. how could you do this to that girl?” Asked Harish gritting his teeth..

“What I did?.. Which girl?” asked Arnav not knowing what his dad was asking…

“Im speaking about Khushi… How can you cheat her?” shouted Harish..

“What the hell dad?.. When did I cheat her?.. What rubbish you are speaking?” roared Arnav.. for a minute he forgot that he was speaking to his dad..

“Mind you language Arnav… How can you refuse to marry her?” asked Harish..

“When did I..”Arnav started but stopped in midway, then only he remembered what he said to his dad when he asked about his marriage. He realised where this misunderstanding came..

His anger vanished in thin air and looked at his dad.. his eyes softened… Harish realised the change of his emotions…

“Dad… I love Khushi so much that It has become very hard to stay away from her.. I wanna get married to her as soon as possible.. but I couldn’t.. I wanna marry her as THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.. though I proved myself as your son, I wanna do something that speaks only my name, not yours.. I’m not offending you in any way dad… I wanna start my own firm.. I wanna reach the success step by step.. I wanna feel the power of success with my hard work… I wanna marry her, but with only my hard earned money dad.. I wanna be there in every minute of her life… I wanna make her to feel  proud of me… I wanna see her eyes shining in happiness seeing my success… please dad.. let me.. I already decided to start my very own firm.. Even I had blueprint with me and already applied for loan… I'm just waiting for the approval… I will marry her just after my first project dad.. It’s my promise” Finish Arnav, His eyes has the hope and dream of his future.

Harish understood his son’s point… He understood Arnav’s faith and goal in his words… He knows he did a mistake of not trusting his son after all these things.. He was about to lower his head in shame, but stopped hearing him..

“Don’t dad… I wanna see my dad with head held high.. not like this” saying he hugged him..

Harish smiled and patted his head..

Flashbacks ends..

The things changed after this… Arnav and Khushi bonding grew more stronger… Khushi’s day started and ended with his greetings. She had become his centre of attention. Khushi started spending all her days in RM and Raizada Industries… Everyone were pouring all their love on her. She started living for herself… She started smiling more… She even helped Anjali in playing pranks on Arnav. Gayatri started pampering her with her cooking and shoppings… Khushi had become favourite grand daughter for Nani. Khushi considered everyone of them as their own… Though she had so many relations now.. She always felt close with Harish and Arnav…. She started calling Harish as papa on compulsion of Arnav… She liked the change in her.  Arnav started working, sacrificing everything including his sleep… He initiated a start up firm and named Khushi fashion house blindly neglecting Khushi’s protest. He started learning all the business skills…. Launched his first collection of designs and banged the first deal of his company. He worked hard for 4  months to complete the project… he successfully finished the project 2 weeks back….  On the success party, he proudly announced his marriage and proposed Khushi declaring his love for her to the entire world…

Right now, the CEO of Raizada Industries, the great Harish Singh Raizada was standing in Khushi’s apartment, to escort his daughter, Khushi for her marriage.

“Girls… How much time will you both take?” asked a literally annoyed Harish..

Both Anjali and Khushi looked at Harish and giggled. Even though they knew Harish was angry they also knew he would never scold them on today of all days. Harish smiled knowing what they were thinking,he couldn't be angry on them even if he wanted to.

He took in the scene in front of him, his one daughter anjali excited beyond limit for the marriage fluttering around khushi with jewellery and his other daughter khushi glowing in happiness at finally achieving her dreams. He was a proud father today.

“Now come with me.” He took khushi and anjali with him. the drive to the venue wasn't long but for khushi it felt like an hour because of the anticipation of seeing arnav. Everyone had forbidden them to see each other and they were banned from talking to each other for the last two days all because a naughty anjali had snatched their phones. khushi was under house arrest with anjali so arnav couldn’t sneak into meet her,though he tried his best but his scratched knee while trying to climb the pipe was enough of a setback  and to top it off anjali caught him.

Reaching the venue khushi took a look around, bright fairy lights and flower decor surrounded the building. It all looked very elegant and classy after all the owner of KFH and CEO of Raizada Industries was getting married.  

Aman had asked khushi for permission to carry out her kanyadaan and khushi had cried and hugged him,saying he didnt even need to ask. He was her constant support through childhood,the best brother she could ask for.

Harish and anjali entered the venue with khushi in the middle.

Everyone stood up watching her walk towards Arnav. Arnav stood transfixed with her heavenly beauty,in her embroidered red and golden dress she looked no less than a queen,and she sure was the queen of his heart,soul and mind. He had dreamt this occasion many times over the months when he was working day and night for launching his own fashion house KFH. But all his dreams had not prepared him for the current feeling in his heart at seeing khushi dressed like this,dressed to become his.

Soon khushi was seated right beside him and Arnav turned his face to stop from staring at her after Aman coughed slightly. He gave Aman a look,he had been deprived from seeing khushi for last 2 days. he would stare today if he wanted to. Aman cowered at his glare and pretended to turn around and examine the flowers.

khushi blushed at his staring,thinking what would the guests be thinking. She turned towards him and tried to signal with her eyes.

“stop staring people will think you are so whipped.”

“Who cares when i have such a beauty right by my side?”

“you really are whipped.” khushi smirked at his frown.

then she leaned a bit near to him and whispered “i love you” he didnt turn to look at her but if his smile was any indication she was forgiven for the whipped jab.

Anjali bent down near khushi and whispered “you know you have the rest of your lives to flirt and confess right now getting married should be more important.” she laughed but the priest interrupted then to start the rituals.

When asked who would give her away Aman stepped forward as her brother and fulfilled the ritual.

with the last chorus of priest’s words they were finally married. Finally united never to part. while all the guests congratulated his family arnav and khushi couldn't stop from staring at eachother. both had huge smiles on their faces, eyes locked,hearts in sync,minds picturing the glorious future they had talked about spending in eachothers arms. they had never been happier. 

Arnav had had enough,he was losing patience,every now and then some guest would come and drag khushi with them to congratulate and gush about how pretty she looked. He had not been able to spend 10 minutes in peace with his wife, his wife Mrs.khushi Arnav singh raizada. It sounded perfect. 

He signalled anjali,his eyes begging her. she nodded with a mischievous smile.

Khushi was chatting with few guests looking around to catch arnav’s eye every now and then. She didn't want to leave his side at all if given a chance but the damn politeness ingrained in her brain wouldn't let her be rude to anyone. Finally she thought she had had enough. There should be some rule to leave the newlyweds alone after marriage she thought, well technically they would  be alone that night after the party ended but she had not talked with him or spent any time with him and she was frustrated now.

 Passing a fake smile she headed towards the ladies room of the hotel,she would think of her next plan of action there in peace. Maybe she could call arnav but damn she didn't have a phone on her tonight. 

Lost in these thoughts she didn't realize she had taken a wrong turn when she felt someone grab her arm before she could scream on reflex she felt hands on her mouth. She was dragged to the nearby stairs towards the terrace.Strange that her attacker was wearing a familiar cologne she noticed. Struggling she felt the man chuckle,damn it,she was furious now he was laughing at her weakness. They were now at the entrance to the balcony. She stopped struggling  giving him the illusion of victory. As soon as they were through the doors under the sky she used the most famous self defence trick she had seen in movies. S.I.NG. She was about to elbow him when she heard  

“dammit khushi i didnt know you were so aggressive, i would have worn a metal armour instead of this.” He turned her around. She let  out a breath in relief.

“Arnav are you crazy,i could have died of fear. And if you had revealed yourself a minute late you would be on the ground half dead and we would never have been able to have kids all because you decided to kidnap your wife total serial killer style and drag her to a balcony.” She punched his arm venting out,only then taking a minute to take in her surrounding. They were surrounded by flowers and candles. Arnav grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to himself “I didn't know you thought about our future kids so much khushi.” He smirked at seeing her flustered.

And just like that the atmosphere changed. She looked up at him,blushing she whispered “of course i do,don't you? I want 2 girls and one boy.” She said then looked at the button on his dress to avoid staring into his eyes,she couldn't stand the intensity. 

“Any specific reason for 2 daughters?” He asked.

“Well i need the female ratio to be higher so we can always gang up on you and get you to do whatever we demand.” Khushi replied mischievously. 

“You just have to demand my lady and i will do it.”Arnav said kissing her forehead. “there is nothing i will not do for my wife,my love.”

She hugged him in contentment. “By the way congratulations Mrs raizada.” He said.

“Congratulations to you too dear hubby.”

“Mrs Khushi Raizada you are my model and my  accomplice,you are my true counterpart. I promise i will love you,hold you and honor you for the rest of my life.I promise to be your consoler,sidekick,best friend and your husband. Finally i promise you myself.”Arnav said sincerely.

“You know me better than anyone in this world and i am honored that you love me. Arnav you are my one true love. There is still a part of me that cant believe that I get to be your wife. I promise to be your lover,companion and ally. your comrade in adventure, your student and your teacher. Your consolation in sadness. Your accomplice in mischief.You have been my friend,guide,confidante and my greatest challenge but most importantly you are the love of my life  and you have made me happier than i could ever imagine to be and more loved than i ever thought possible so i am truly blessed to be a part of your life which as of today becomes our life together.”Khushi ended her heartfelt speech with a kiss to his cheek.

“Khushi thank you for that. I love you too. now lets ditch this party. We deserve some alone time after the hectic mingling.I have straightened it with anjali di lets go.” He held his hand out to her. She looked at his face, seeing her future calling her. She closed her eyes and opened them,accepting her future she slid her hand into his as they made way towards their new life together hand in hand. Love had silently ignited their hearts and made their life better and brighter. 

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Sep 7, 2015

EPILOGUE (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 56 times)

After Arnav and Khushi’s marriage, everything changed. Particularly,the Raizada Mansion. If anyone sees the mansion now, no one can identify the surroundings. No, it’s not the appearance of the walls, furniture and decor… it’s the Happiness, laughter and enjoyment, which had changed the atmosphere of the Mansion. KHUSHI - this name is enough to bring the smile on faces of Raizada members. Nothing will go with or without that one person. Khushi became a daughter, where the son of the house became a  son in law. Sometimes, Arnav feels Jealousy seeing his family giving more importance to Khushi. But at the same time, he feels like he is the most luckiest person in the world for having this amazing Angel in his and his family’s lives. Whenever he goes to office, he calls his wife every half an hour to talk with her, and whenever he stays in home, he will be glued to his wife. He never wanted to or wants to share his wife with anyone. Every Time, when he stays at home, he will get irritated or annoyed with his family’s over excitement and love towards his wife. They never leaves her alone with him. He always fights with his family about this, which makes Khushi turn into  bright red with shyness. He loves to see his favorite color on her.

Though now Khushi was used to his habits but initially when they were just married Arnav had been a totally different person. After marriage khushi had taken a 4 month leave to spend with her family and decided to join office later. Arnav used to work from home for 2 months straight and even if he went to office once in a blue moon he would be back in 2 hours asking where is khushi. In the beginning it was cute for the family members but then it irritated them because arnav being home all the time meant no time for family with khushi. He got teased a lot but one day khushi decided to put her foot down.

Khushi was knotting his tie, helping him get ready for office, she had blackmailed him with her puppy face and ASR had relented to his wife’s charm.

“Arnav I have a request.” khushi murmured while adjusting his collar.

“What is it khushi? Tell me.”

“I want to be the reason for your success not your failure Arnav. I dont want people to say that Arnav Singh Raizada lost his business streak  due to his wife. I want you to reach newer heights and make people say that his wife is one of his support systems, she enhances his life not slows it down” Khushi caressed his face, her eyes pleased with him to understand her motive.

Arnav looked at her and smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her closer and kissed her forehead, “Khushi you are the best thing that ever happened to me, you are the reason i have reached this success  today, you are the reason I have my own company today and whole of AR knows that you are the one who motivated me, and I know I haven't been going to office regularly for past 2 months” seeing Khushi’s ‘oh yes’ expression he amended “I mean I haven't been going to office at all but I assure you we have suffered no loss, after all my staff is the best in the world. Also how can your husband slow down or lose after those wake up calls by his gorgeous wife.” Arnav said and khushi smiled at the memories.

She pushed him out the door and wished him luck. He was back the next minute asking for a goodbye kiss. “Arnav you are too much.” saying this she pecked him on the cheek and ran outside before him saying “Wait till tonight for something more.” Arnav groaned at her. She was such a tease. Smiling he headed for office.

The thundering of cloud brought khushi out of her reverie, she looked up and saw it was evening, dark clouds rolled up in the sky and were beginning to drizzle. Arnav would be home soon, she better check where the 2 devils were. It will be better if she makes them sleep before he comes home. With their two Angels, it’s really getting hard to get some time for each other.

Heading inside RM she called out “Shravan….Sadhana….” The twins came running to her, with toys in hand. She smiled and opened her arms for them to run into, god had gifted them with these adorable angels just 2 years after their marriage and they had brought a whole new box of happiness in RM. Nani had been on 7th sky and Anjali couldn't be more excited to spoil them. Arnav had been adding fuel to the fire in spoiling them along with Anjali. Poor khushi was stuck in between trying to keep the kids grounded but she knew under Nani’s values, anjali’s loving and witty upbringing, Gayatri's lessons and Harish’s lenientness ,Arnav’s protectiveness and care and her motherly advices these kids won't ever face defeat, they would be kind, loving just like their family.

“Mama...mama… look shlavan is not sshaling his toys with me.” Sadhana said in her broken pronunciation.

“Aww my baby come here.” Khushi hugged her “Shravan beta what have I said about sharing?”

Shravan looked down and said in a low voice “She also not shaling her toys with me. She says daddy gave them to hel (her)”

Just then Arnav made his presence known he was observing the kids for a while now seeing them telling their problems to Khushi.

“Then  no need to share your toys with your sister, Shravan” said Arnav

The trio looked at him and both the kids ran to him. He lifted both the kids and went to Khushi, who sat smiling.

“But daddy, Mumma said we shud shale oul toys with othels” Shravan looked confused.

“Yes, we should. But when others are not ready to share their happiness with us, then we should stay away from them” Arnav said looking at his daughter’s tearful eyes. He was waiting for the desired reaction, while controlling himself with  much difficulty. He never can see his Angels in pain

“But… I want to play with Shlavan” said Sadhana.

“Then why aren’t you sharing your toys with him? Do you really think he will play if you won’t give him? What did I say when I gave you the toys? Didn’t mumma said you HAVE to share?”

Sadhana looked at the trio. Not able to see her daughter left alone, Khushi took her in her arms and kissed her cheeks

“If you share your happiness, then it will give more happiness to you. Don’t you remember dadi says sharing happiness with someone doubles your own happiness? Sharing is the best thing in this world. If you won’t share things, then who will? Do you want your brother to be left alone? do you want your brother to play alone without you? Do you want others to tease your brother for playing alone? Do you want your brother to cry?”

That was enough  for the a tiny heart of Sadhana to feel guilty and pain for her brother. She suddenly left Khushi’s lap and hugged her brother.

“I will play with you. I will shale my toys with you… Please don’t cly… I can’t see you clying. Please… I want you to smile always like mumma. please don’t cly. Solly fol not giving my toys… please… I’m youl sistel, light? please don’t cly” with that she started crying loud hugging her brother tightly.  

Shravan also hugged his sister and smiled at his parents with tearful eyes.

Both Arnav and Khushi looked at their kids with lots of love.

“Now both of you wipe your tears, its bed time.” Arnav carried Sadhana and Khushi carried Shravan both heading to the twins nursery.

Half of the nursery was pink and other half was blue. Khushi smiled remembering it seemed like just other day their parents were fighting on which color to paint black or pink and that very night Khushi had realized she couldn't live without Arnav. Tucking them in, they both headed out to the poolside, their favorite place in RM.

Watching the stars that night they laid together on the recliner. Talking about their day as usual.

“Thankyou” Khushi said suddenly

“For?” he implored

“For making me complete Arnav” she nestled further into his chest.

“Same here khushi… thank you for making me complete” They didn't realize when they slept in eachother’s arms. The stars shined upon them, the two souls who had unknowingly healed and mended the flaws of the other. The fate smiled at them finally living the life of their dreams.


SRI: First of all… My heartfelt thanks to my darlings… Iansomer, Nakshu (Hema) and Kalai for accepting me as the part of their lives and bearing me these days ;P darlings… Love you all… without you all (INK) there is no me (S) Thanks for that. I enjoyed working with you all… I loved for being the part of your lives… Thanks a lot… Love you… Hmmm…  what to say about the story…? I’m feeling really bad that this is the very first and last collab coming from the INKS. I’m really happy for being the part of INKS at the same time, feeling sad for not able to create more collabs. This… collab…  really special for me because there were lot of days we fought, argued, LOLed, ROFLed, Discussed and much more we did. Those days are awesome… I’m really going to miss those days, this story and my darlings. I wish and hope we will get our days back… Love you darlings…



Hey all.. I can’t believe this. I mean, INKS ended so soon. Feeling bad for that.  I have so many beautiful memories related to INKS. I can’t specify one. We had lots and lots of fun while writing funny scenes, yeah even at emotional scenes. Only Sri di and Witchy knows, how did i wrote those parts. Lots of Struggling needed, yeah not from me, but from sri di and witchy. You guys know about me na, how crazy i became when i start writing. Its been more than two months since we started this INKS. Now it has became a part of us. Im really sorry that this will be the first and last collab of INKS. Due to various reasons, we couldn’t continue through this. Wish We get time to start new one. If so, I will be the first happiest person. For me, this is not a farewell. May be, a note to tell  you all, that we will for sure come back. Each and every scenes of this story holds something special in my heart. Each part has our contribution. No one can say this was written by sri di, or this was written by witchy. Thats how we worked together. Thanks for reading our story. I dont know what else to say.  Thanks, Thanks, Thank you so much.

Sri di, Thanks for helping me in writing things which I never knew I can write. You bear with me, all my crazy antics. Thanks for that di. Thank u so much.

Witchy aka Iansomer , What can I say about you. My partner na. Where ever you guys find me, Witchy will be there for sure.

Kalai di , Im missing you so much. Please come back na. Give sometime to us also.

My dear readers, How can I leave you all?. Wish I can come back. But with this hectic schedule, I dont think it will be possible. One thing I wanna conevy. Im missing you you all so damn da

mn much.. I love you all.. Muaahhhhhhh

byee all

Urs Nakshu aka Hema aka Pranky Queen.



What can i say? this all finally comes to an end. i am feeling sad and excited aswell. i still remember the day we thought of this ff.  all 4 of us were chatting together and out of no where someone says lets write a collab ff and next we know we have our doc opened and are browsing ideas and we finalized a plot. all in a span of 2-3 hours.There were so many times when story was left in middle and we were rolfing about something or other. we were constantly supporting eachother,we have our disagreements and agreements but that only strengthened our bond. I loved making khushi kick the villains and how witchy and sri laughed at my punishment for villains.

this ff would not have been possible without us 4.Kalai could'nt come because she was busy but lets hope she comes back soon.

 still remember the day with witchy when instead of writing the  update me and witchy got to discussing kanjivaram sarees. As a team we gelled so well together one would be writing the other editing simultaneously and others pitching ideas together. going to miss how while deciding baby names sri  said i am happy with anything except a long list of names she gave me. which i completely agreed with but was still adorable for me.Now if i continue any longer witchy and sri might kick me for making it too long,and if i stay to tell you all our backstage/blooper moments while writing this story  i will be sitting here for ages. So ending it on a happy note. thankyou for your support guys. I love inks as i am sure you do too.

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