Written Update - 25th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 26, 2015

Written Update - 25th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Qubool Hai 25th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Location: Ahils residence

Ahil takes on the guitar and then gets to singing, oblivious that shashi plans to electrocute him through the guitar. Meanwhile, the new bride intentionally asks sanam and shaad to dance. they comply. sanam is unable to keep her eyes off ahil too, and is boggled at that. Meanwhile shashi stealthily arrives aat the place for electrocution. shaad leaves sanam abruptly, when he gets a missed call from his informer. He rushes to get to know that Sir juda is here. Shashi is about to turn the knob on for ahils death when he is surprised to see sanams zipper down. he takes off the guitar, and rushes to sanam, just when she presses the button. The guitar lies on the ground, while he covers her bare back with his hands, and twirls her around so that she falls in his arms, and he stealthily does the zipper, much to her embarassment and nervousness as he gazes straight into her eyes, with a steely gaze. They have an eyelock. shashi is frustrated. The new bride is angry while all others are surprised. She looks at him boggled. the new bride comes and turns them away in anger, and asks sanam that she should go and change the dress, and not create anymore drama, and orders her to go. Ahil tries to speak, but she shuts him up. sanam leaves for the room in disgust. The new bride thinks that ahil may have saved her from disrespect but not for long. She then overhears shashi and saif talking about putting plan b in implementation, for ahils death, and the new bride ie shocked to hear this. she confronts shashi regarding this, wherein shashi says that she cant save ahil, and smiels evilly. The new bride is shocked, as she eyes saif cutting the rope of the chandelier below which ahil stands oblivious to all this. she is shocked. Finally, it falls but stops mysteriously a few inches above and when she sees, she is shocked to find the new bride controlling it through spells. She warns shashi not even try it. shashi is alarmed by a tap on the shoulder. she wonders how is Sir juda here. Razia slaps shashi tight, while back in her avatar. She points out how she cared for her all her life and shashi forgot to give respect to her only now. All are boggled at her presence.

Meanwhile, sanam inebriated is mortified as to what happened. A drunk man ogles at her and then places his hand on her bare shoulder. the screen freezes on her surprised face.

Precap: An unconscious sanam is in ahils lap, he professes that he wont let anything happen to her, and tht he loves her immensely. Shaad comes and sees them like that, and is filled with hatred. He takes out his pistol and aims at ahil.

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