Written Update - 26th June 2015 Comedy Classes

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Jun 27, 2015

Written Update - 26th June 2015 Comedy Classes (By sanchi)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita being shocked knowing about Adi. She says I m coming there and rushes. Vinnis dad asks did Raman Bhalla not have time to take call or come here. He complains Ishita about Adi watching adult movie with Vinni. She is shocked and asks him to wait, she will ask Adi. Adi says he has messaged Raman that he is at Vinnis home. He says Adi is a liar. She argues with him and says kids will not learn anything if you shout, learn to handle kids. Vinni says my friends said its good movie, we did not know, we were not allowed in theatre. He scolds Vinni and raises hand on Adi. Ishita holds his hand and asks how dare you.



She says no one can dare hand on my son, remember this, dont come near my son, learn to talk to kids, then come to us, Adi will explain to just his parents, no one else. They leave. He says he will ruin them and fumes. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked knowing Abhishek is finding Sarika. She asks Romi how are they related. Romi says I dont know. She asks him not to tell Abhishek, else he will pose problems. Romi says its our mistake. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we want to bring Sarika home and accept her. He says if Ishita and Raman see your face, they will understand.


Ishita brings Adi home. He cries and says its not his mistake, sorry. She says she has to tell his dad, did he see how Vinnis dad was shouting. He says I messaged dad. She says maybe he did not see, he was sleeping. Raman comes and asks whats happening. She sends Adi to room. She asks did Adi message him. He says yes, that he is going to Vinnis home to see movie. She asks him not to delete, it will come in use. She tells the entire story and says Vinnis dad took our class. He says it means you went and came. She says yes, you were sleeping. He says he does not behave well, why did you go. He asks her not to overreact. She says she saved Adi from his anger, Adi is doing mistakes because of your casual attitude, Adi does not think before anything. They starts arguing. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to explain Ishita.



Ishita asks Neelu to tell. She says Jhakad said he will give Adi to police. Raman gets angry. Ishita goes to her room. Vandu asks Mihika about Abhishek. Mihika says he is nice guy, I m bit attracted to him, I need to ease this out, Simmi is moving ahead without any mans support, I want to be 100% sure about Abhishek. Romi comes and hears them. Mihika says we dont know about his family. Vandu takes baby and leaves. Romi gives laddoos sent by mum for Vandu. Mihika says thank aunty. He asks about Abhishek, did he tell about family. She says no. He says did he say about Sarika. She says no, whats the matter. He says just like that and smiles. She asks him to sit and she will get coffee.



Mihir gives the presentation. Jhakad recalls Ishitas scolding and starts troubling Mihir. Ashok smiles and thinks its something else. Ashok gives his presentation. Jhakad praises him and says he is better than Raman. He gives the project to Ashok and says congrats. They leave. Mihir looks on. Ashok asks Jhakad why was he annoyed in meeting. Jhakad says he will not leave Raman, I hate him and his son. Ashok says Adi is famous, I raised him for years, Adi stayed with me and Ramans ex wife. He says Adi is a spoilt kid, he was involved in car accident, Raman freed him from juvenile court. Jhakad says its serious, I have to do something, he is in Vinnis car and school. Mihir looks on and gets Ramans call. He says he has two bad news.



Ishita and Raman argue over Jhakad. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Ishita asks him to decide is Adi imp or business. Mrs. Bhalla says she is seeing them fighting over Adi, she understood that they both love Adi a lot. She says she knows such fights, she used to fight with Mr. Bhalla for Romi, and he got spoiled. He advises them not to fight, this will be Adis loss. She asks him to make Adi prepare for school, its first day, Vinni will also be there, I want we all to protect him. She asks them to explain Adi with love. She leaves. Raman and Ishita agree.



Its morning, everyone pamper Adi. They all joke on heights and Raman has complex from Simmi and Romi. Raman asks Romi why is he quiet. Romi says nothing. Raman serves Adi and Adi says what if Vinnis dad comes there at school. Raman says we are Punjabi, dont be scared. Ishita says your dad is coming with you. Raman says I promise I wont hug you infront of your friends. They laugh and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to worry, everything will be fine.


Raman drops Adi to school and informs Ishita. Adi is scared. Raman tells her that Jhakad has scared him a lot. He starts leaving. The peon tells him that principal has called him. Raman thinks did Jhakad tell anything.


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