Written Update - 26th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jun 27, 2015

Written Update - 26th June 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 26th June 2015 Written Episode

Sher with Vikas reached home drenched in rain. He starts cleaning himself. Sunehri sees Vikas wet and asks him to change his clothes. He says he is fine. She insists and says if he does not, she will scold him. He smiles and agrees. Shraddha looks at Sher and gives him towel to dry himself. He looks at her, takes towel and leaves. She asks Gajra to prepare tea for Sher. Gajra tells Sumer also to change his dress while she prepares tea for even him. He smiles.

Shradha sees sher getting ready and gives him tea. He finishes tea and gets Ranis call who asks him to meet her right now. He says he told her last night itself about his decision. She insists to meet. He leaves. Shraddha worriedly asks what happened. He says it is none of her business and leaves.

Bhavri scolds Vikas for sending Sher alone to Ranis den. He says he tried to accompany bhaiyaji, but he insisted to go alone. He says maybe bhiayaji knows that 4 people held contracs wtors wife.

Shraddha gets tensed regarding Sher and while drinking water drops glass. She tells her worry to Sunehri who calms her down and asks not to worry.

Bhavri looks from her room window and waits for Sher. Maama says what if Rani knows about our plan. She says if Rani knew our plan, she would have already started bombarding here, not to worry Sher will handle the situation. He asks what if Sher will doubt us. She says if he had doubted, he would have known about our plan. She thinks Rani is just doubting on them and Sher will handle her.

Sher reaches Ranis house and asks whom she thinks did this work. She says she is doubting everyone and even herself. Pandey says he knows contractor Awasthi was not involved in tempo loot. Rani says then we have to find out who the betrayer is and this time one life will be lost, either it may be either Shers or hers. Rani takes Shers phone from him and keeps it on table. Pandey asks him if he is ready to kill betrayer.

Shraddha takes phone to call sher and dials his number. She takes sindhoor bottle and gets her finger injured. She applies sindhoor on her forehead. She hears voice that dialed number is out of reach. She gets worried for Sher and reaches Ranis den. She peeps and looks at Sher. Sher sees her and fumes. Rani sees Shers face and doubts. Sher asks Rani to stop her drama and come to his godown to see if he is holding liquor tempo. Pandey says there is no drama here and they are just clarifying. Sher says he trusts his partners and if they dont trust him, he will break partnership, their togetherness was till here. Pandey says they will check even his godown and then decide.

Sher says his godown is locked and he will inform his man to open it. Pandey says there is no need to call anyone as bhabhi is at home to open door. They will go to his houses backyard godown. Shraddha hears that and says Sher is in big trouble and she has to do something. Rani says we know we will not find anything in Shers godown, but we should check it. Pandey says until a person dies, he cannot see heaven.

Precap: Shraddha asks family members to help he clear godown before Sher comes with Rani here. Rani comes and tells Sher if she finds liquor in his godown, Pandey will shoot him.

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