Written Update - 29th June 2015 Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Jun 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th June 2015 Suhani Si Ek Ladki (By sanchi)

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rakhi and Lalita trying Dadis necklace. Suhani brings the saree for her and dress for Rakhi. Rakhi asks why this. Suhani says this is Menkas designer suit and shows Pratimas costly saree. Lalita asks how did she decide to give this to them. Suhani says she is simple and asks them to leave the house so that her family does not get sad, she knows they will not leave the big house. They say yes. She tells them about Dadis big farmhouse, if they promise to leave this house, they can get the farmhouse on their home and fools them. They smile. Suhani says its more big than this house.

Yuvraaj comes and asks her to take the farmhouse papers and keys. He leaves. Suhani says she has a condition, that they will not tell this to Krishna and Soumya, he wants revenge and will not leave house for farmhouse, he has self respect. She gives keys to Lalita and stuns her. She asks her to think about farmhouse ownership and asks them to leave the house in morning. She asks her to decide herself.

Suhani comes out and asks Yuvraaj will their plan work. He says we have to divide them. She says maybe their greed will divide them. They see Lalita and Rakhi going to Krishna. She says she wants to go from here right now. He asks what. Lalita says she wants to go, she has taken revenge and its enough now. He says he will not let her go, he has to take revenge. She says they will go. He says he will not go. Lalita opens door and sees Yuvraaj, Sharad and Suhani.

She says she will not support him now. She asks Ramesh for kerosene oil and Rakhi asks Krishna and Soumya to save mum, she wants to die. Yuvraaj says this is acting to blackmail her son, see how Krishna runs to her. Krishna runs to Lalita. Lalita says she will die and wont stay here. Krishna says this is her acting, I will not listen to her. Yuvraaj asks will he let his mum die for his revenge. Krishna says he will not fall in her acting. Lalita pours kerosene on herself. Suhani worries. Soumya asks Krishna to stop mum, she has put kerosene on herself.

Lalita does drama and the fire gets lit near her. Krishna asks what is she doing. She says he will get peace when she dies. Krishna apologizes and says they all will go from here and hugs her. She cries and smiles seeing Yuvraaj. Radhe sees this. Menka says she will wear designer dress after a long time. Anuj says we cant say till they go. Yuvraaj comes to Suhani and says our plan worked. She says she is thinking about Krishna, he was waiting for his mum to catch fire. He says he knows she does drama. She says I can never think so for my mum.

Dadi says something happened that Lalita is eager to leave. She worries. Suhani says they have the formula. Yuvraaj says we will get it. She says everyone will get free They look at each other. He asks her to get free. Krishna makes Lalita sleep. Radhe says why did mum do this, what happened. Krishna says I dont know, there is no reason to stay here. She says I did not mean this. He asks her not to explain. She asks why is he annoyed. He says he is not upset. She asks will he not care if she goes. He says she decides always, did she ever ask him. She says what if she asks him, what will he say. She shows him a shooting star and smiles. She says lets make a wish. They wish and ask what did they ask for. They wish for everything to get fine and smile.


Radhe says this time Suhani will dance. Soumya says stop. Lalita holds her. Radhe steps on Suhanis dupatta and it falls off.


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