Written Update - 29th June 2015 Reporters

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Jun 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th June 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Kabeer serves breakfast to Tarinis son Anurag and Anurag starts chatting. Kabeer tells he should not talk while eating. He shows DVDs and asks why is he holding them. Anurag says he cannot speaks. Nurse comes and Kabeer asks her to come before 8:30 a.m. as he has to get to work soon. She brings maid Priyanka with him and says she will take care of Anurag from today. Kabeer greets her in, gives his numbers to Anurag, asks to call him if needed, and rushes to work.

Ananya takes Nalini Verma into KKN office. Khalid greets her in and tells Ananya is our junior reporter and will coordinate with her. Nalini says she likes Ananya and believes she is her soul sister. She tells a lengthy weird shayari/poem. Kabeer enters and Khalid introduces him to Ananya. He says she is a queen of tragedy and love and asks Nalini if he is right. She says he is wrong and gives her view. Khalid jokes with Malvika that she cannot understand Nalinis words and invites Nilini for coffee in his cabin. Malvika looks at Ananya and asks Kabeer if they can discuss schedule in his cabin, her cabin, lunch table, or during dinner. Ananya leaves fuming. He says Malvika that he is busy during dinner and lunch he will have at office, so they can discuss it now at his or her cabin.

Sunny taunts Trisha and she runs behind him. He clashes with ronnie. Ananya sees Ronnie and tries to speak. He says he is busy and leaves. Kabeer sees that, and Malvika tries to divert his attention. He says they should discuss schedule now and takes her conference room.

During board meeting, Kabeer gets maid Priyankas call and excuses himself. Malvika says Priyanka must be his stinger. Manav says if she is stinger, he would not take her name. Kabeer speaks to Priyanka who says Anurag is not having food. Anurag says he is tired of daal chawal and needs baigan bharta. Kabeer asks staff if they know to prepare baigan bharta. Trisha says Ananya knows and she prepared 2 days ago. Ananya says her mom prepared it and she will not call mom and asks as it is not in her job profile. Kabeer says she is right and tells Anurag that he will order pizza now and will prepare baigan bharta for dinner. He then starts discussing schedule with staff.

Trisha and Richa discuss that Ronnie was very rude with Ananya. Manav interferes and starts discussing that Anurag is Kabeers son from Tarini. Trisha ignores him and says she will go and take Ronnies class. Ronnie is busy sipping coffee and watching Richas news. Trisha sits next to him and says she is leaving job in 2 days. He says he will not stop her. She says asks what gift he will give. He says he has already bought it. She asks him to throw it as she needs what she likes. He asks what she likes. She asks him to patch up with Ananya. He says he cannot as Ananya loves Kabeer. She acts as surprised. He says yup and leaves sadly. Trisha then asks Richa why did not she inform that Ananya loves Kabeer. Richa says she did not want to. Trisha says now wait and watch what she will do.

Kabeer tries to prepare baigan bharta for Anurag. Door bell rings, he asks priyanka to open door and tell not to disturb him. Ananya comes in with baigan bharta. He asks why is she here.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: No precap today.


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