Written Update - 29th June 2015 Kalash

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Jun 30, 2015

Written Update - 29th June 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 29th June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Rekha says to Shekhar that i cant do anything for DEvika when that jerk was around her, she says do anything but stop this marriage, Shekhar says have you gone mad, this is not joke, Rekha says Saket is making joke of our respect, i dont know what he will do with DEvika after marriage, what you want me to do? that i close my eyes and see DEvika falling in pit, before marriage Saket is going mad what he will do after marriage, you dont do anything, i will do things myself, i will talk to Savitri, Shekhar stops her and says i understand you, Savitri will not understand, its too late.

Ravi comes to farm house, he finds girls shoes there and says Ananya is here, he sys i have to tell her that haldi ceremony has started, and will tell her how Saket is going mad for Devika, then she will come with me, Saket goes inside, he finds someone sitting on chair, he says Saket is doing haldi ceremony, he has cheated you, chair turns and its Saket there, Ravi ask where is Ananya? Saket says i dont know anyone, i love only DEvika, we will come here after marriage for small honeymoon, Ravi ask to stop acting, tell me where is girl, Saket says you are my guest, have some wine? Ravi stares her, Saket says you must be findind my cousin Ananya but i dont know where she has gone, Ravi says i know you have hidden her, Ravi ays i know you must have hidden her, i will find her, Saket says find her, Ravi looks here and there, Ravi says to Saket that you are cheap guy, Saket say you are right, i am characterless, what i want, i get it at any cost, yes i made Ananya pregnant, what else you know about me? this is nothing, i am devil, you have not seen my real face, you will shiver seeing it, i told you to be away from me but you have crossed limits, you came till here? what you told Ananya that she came here? you dont know how much fast mind work, you are challenging Saket Kapoor, why you are doing all this? Ravi says i want to save three lives, Ananya, her child and my friend, i will save them at any cost, Saket says you want to do welfare or you have some feelings for Devika? he drinks wine, Ravi says you will not understand this as you are not human but devil as you said, you still have chance, marry Ananya and i wll not say anything to anyone, Saket laughs and says after ages someone has challenged me, if you are able to find Ananya then i will not do this marriage, i will give you clue, i have hidden in such a place that even a bird cant reach her, go and find her, if you are not able to find her then you will not come inbetween me and Devika and if you try to do so then i will forget that you are my relative, i will make your life hell, go and find her, he leaves, Saket drinks.

Scene 2

Monty calls Ravi and says Devika is in problem, you come here, Ravi says i am coming, Monty ends call and tells Sakshi that he is coming.

In office, Navi recalls Savitri announced her and Ravis marriage, she says i have to forget all this, one office guy comes and congratulate Navi, she ask for what? he says he got to know that you and Ravi are marrying, Navi gets angry and says what? get lost from here, Navi says this is all happening because of Ravi, i will not leave, he is interfering in my personal life too, i will punish him in such a way that he will remember for life. guard informs office people that Rakesh Luthara is coming, Rakehs comes, everyone greets him, he goes to meet Navi.

Ravi comes to Devikas house, he finds everyone normal there, he says why did Monty call me here in hurry? Monty sees him and says before Ravi catches me, i should run, Ravi catches him and ask why did you lie? Monty says i was forced to lie, Sakshi comes there and takes Ravi from there, she takes Ravi in room, he ask what urgent thing? Sakshi sys didnt you see what Saket was doing with Devika in haldi, didnt you feel bad? Ravi says i felt like smacking his face but Devika and your family want this, Sakshi says who said devika want this? she is stuck because of family, you dont know how devika is facing that cheap man, Ravi says i cant do anything till i dont get any proof, Sakshi says so you will stay silent? will see her marrying him> Ravi says till Devika dont take step against all this we cant do anything, Sakshi sys then force her, Ravi says i am outsider why will she listen to me, Sakshi says i know you are outsider but she listen to you alot, if you will tell then she will definitely take step against all this, Sakshi says to Ravi that i love Devika alot, i cant see her in pain, i dont want to regret later that we had time but we didnt do anything for her, i know its difficult but we have to stop this marriage.

PRECAP- Saket is getting close to Devika but Raiv comes inbetween and says dont come near her, Saket says she is my would be wife, Ravi says she is not your property, if she scream for once then you will be gone.


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