Written Update - 30th June 2015 Suhani Si Ek Ladki

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Jul 1, 2015

Written Update - 30th June 2015 Suhani Si Ek Ladki (By sanchi)

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj talking. She says she has to go once Krishna goes from here. He says for his friendship and ties a red thread to her hand. He says it was broken and mum got it, she asked me to tie it again as it will protect her. She says will he not protect her. He says he is not Big B to fight with 100 goons. She says will this thread fight. He says no, but it wont put you in that situation. She says even he wont let her fall in such situation. He says he cant win over her in arguments, but likes to argue. They smile.


Its morning, Rags and Menka have a talk. Menka gets angry seeing Rakhi wear her suit and Suhani stops her. Radhe says he has got to know everything, and calls Krishna. He says no one will go anywhere, he has come to know the plan, he has got to the dancer and she told me that Suhani told her ghost stories and made her sing bhajan, our plan failed, I got insult by this girl. Suhani says yes, I did this, why will you all do anything and will we see the drama.



Radhe says we will not forgive her, I m sure she is making Lalita leave. Krishna says Radhe is right, Suhani will not sit peacefully. Suhani says yes. Radhe gets the ghungroos and asks Suhani to dance. Soumya asks Krishna to stop Radhe. Suhani says dance is pure art, but he is cheap mentality. Radhe says today she will beat insult. Anuj comes in between and stops Radhe.


Krishna asks Anuj to be away from this matter. Anuj says she is my Bhabhi, dont dare. Ramesh also comes in between. Krishna pushes him and Anuj gets angry. Krishna holds Anuj and sides him. Radhe says wear ghungroo. Suhani slaps him. Radhe says you slapped me, now you see and gets close to her. Soumya says stop Radhe. Lalita holds Soumya. Radhe pulls Suhanis dupatta and she gets shocked. It falls over Yuvraaj. Sharad and Yuvraaj fume seeing Radhe misbehave with Suhani. Suhani cries.



Yuvraaj tis her dupatta in his hand and pushes Krishnma. He beats up Radhe. Anuj and Ramesh stop Krishna. Yuvraaj sees Suhani crying and throws Radhe. He covers Suhani with her dupatta. Sharad says how dare he touch my Bhabhi and beats Radhe. Yuvraaj says leave him, we will give him in police. He drags Radhe. Krishnna and his family ask him to stop. Suhani asks Soumya did she come here to do this and cries. Radhe pushes Yuvraaj and runs to the terrace.


Yuvraaj goes after him and looks at him angrily. He asks where will he run now, why did he do this. Radhe says I want revenge, I was insulted. Yuvraaj holds him to beat him up. She recalls Suhanis words that they will not fall low like them. He leaves Radhe and says he can punish him right here, but this is the difference between them, he will give him in police and scolds him. He asks what will he do now. Radhe looks around. He says police cant catch him and stands on the railing, threatening Yuvraaj that he will jump. Yuvraaj asks him to get down, and asks Anuj and Sharad to come. He says he promised someone and will not do anything, come down. He fools him with Krishnas name and tries to stop him. Radhe slips losing balance and Yuvraaj holds his hand. Radhe worries seeing swimming poll down. His hand slips and he falls in the pool. Yuvraaj sits in shock. Krishna, Rakhi and everyone come there and see Radhe fallen in pool. Krishna asks Yuvraaj what did he do. Yuvraaj says he fell on his own, I did not push him. Krishna says you killed Radhe and they all look on shocked. They all rush to Radhe. Krishna says no one will go to Radhe and jumps to save him. Krishna takes Radhe with him.





Yuvraaj tells Suhani that he promises he did not do this. Suhani says she believes him. Menka says but he threatened to kill him. Anuj say shut up. Dadi asks Yuvraaj not to worry. Rakhi faints and everyone worry for her. Yuvraaj says Suhani I think we should go to police and tell everything. Suhani says no need. Rakhi wakes up and says save my Radhe. Radhe says why did he jump. Suhani says why did he go on terrace instead of running out. Krishna comes with Murali and says Radhe was scared, Yuvraaj has killed him. He cries. Lalita asks what is he saying. Krishna says Radhe is no more.


They bring Radhes dead body and everyone get shocked. Rakhi says she will take revenge from Yuvraaj. Dadi says this cant happen, Yuvraaj did not do anything. Krishna says he killed Radhe. He calls police and Yuvraaj says I did not push Radhe, he jumped himself. Soumya asks how much will he lie, he has threatened Radhe and he has pushed him. Suhani asks what is she saying. Soumya says he is a murderer and makes Yuvraaj arrested.



Yuvraaj is arrested and Dadi and everyone look on sadly.



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