Written Update - 1st July 2015 Reporters

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Jul 2, 2015

Written Update - 1st July 2015 Reporters (By sanchi)

Reporters 1st July 2015 Written Episode

During interview, Nilini Verma asks Ananya if she loves someone. Ananya says she has a hate relationship with love. Nalini says that means whom she loves loves someone else and says love looks good only in books and people betray often in love. Ananya ends interview.


Ananya sees Ronnie and says she wants to talk to him. He says he is busy. She insists and asks to come to the corner. He asks her to speak right here. She apologizes him and asks why is he ignoring her. He says he cannot and says soon he is resigning and she does not have to see his face often.



Malvika speaks to her friend over phone and requests her to give a highly paid job to Ananya so that she can leave her office. She then gets happy thinking if Ananya is not here, then Kabeer will pay attention to her.


Kabeer gets a lead from his khabri and asks him to watch news tonight, khaas baat kabeer ke saath. He calls Ananya to get Nalinis interview script.


Ananya gets Malvikas friend who offers her a reporters job in her news channel with a better pay and hike. Ananya reminisces Ronnie, Malvika, Kabeers words and accepts offer. She says she will join from tomorrow. Kabeer comes and asks her to give nalinis interview script. Ananya says she is leaving KKN as she got a job offer from another channel. He is shocked and says it is fine. She says she will keep script on his table in a few min.




Malvika calls her friend and thanks her for taking out pain/Ananya from her office.

Kabeer starts Nalinis interview and asks why she writes only pain and betrayal in her novels. She says she writes what she feels and what is happening in society. He says she is writing her personal experience in her novels and uses her told words. She says he is using her words against her. He says he just know to bring out truth.

Kabeer continues interview and asks if she will tell about Shekhar Sharma or he should say. She asks what he wants to know, she loved Shekhar once, but he is her past and she does not even want to hear about him. Kabeer says he is proud of her that she is a self-made woman and does not value Shekhar in her life. He continues that Shekhar does not deserve anyones love and is a very bad man.



Nalini continues that she left her home for Shekhar and waited him for 2 days, but he did not turn up and just send a letter. Kabeer asks if she did not think why he did not return back and sent a letter. She says if he has researched so much, then he should tell the reason. He says love is a feeling. She asks him to stop scratching her past and asks to close the interview. He asks her to just wait for 2 min as someone else wants to confess.


Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

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