Written Update - 1st July 2015 Piya Rangrezz

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Jul 2, 2015

Written Update - 1st July 2015 Piya Rangrezz (By sanchi)

Piya Rangrezz 1st July 2015 Written Episode

Shraddha shows mangalsutra to Sher. He asks if she thinks he will forgive her and dorn it in her neck, then she is wrong. He loved and even married her, but she betrayed him and with her lover Virat even tried to kill him and his amma. If she thinks just by saving his life once, he will believe her, then she is wrong, maybe she does not want to give him an easy death and wants to kill amma and him at once. Shraddha gets very sad and with teary eyes sees him walking.

Sher brings doc to check up amma/Bhavri. he checks and says she can stay here. Sher takes his number and says he will call him if any emergency happens. Doc gets afraid and leaves.

Sher comes to his room and sees Shraddha trying clean room. He shouts at Gajra to come in and clean room. Shraddha says she will clean it. He says she does not have to and asks her to rest. He says Gajra that he has a party tonight and needs food ready.

Maama asks Bhavri now she is back home and what will she do next. She asks him to wait and watch in todays party.

While cooking food, Sunehri taunts Shraddha with a song and tells thakur saheb ordered gajra to prepare food, but she is preparing it. Shradha says guests are coming and as a elder bahu, it is her duty to take care of guest and says athithi devo bhava. Sher hears that and gets emotional. Sunehri sees him and starts singing chup tum raho, chup ham rahe.Sher calls her and asks her to prepare breakfast for amma and ginger tea for him. Sunehri says she is busy and ask him to order thakurayan/shraddha. She jokes that thakurayan is preparing dum aalo for him and he likes it. Shraddha says she will prepare tea for him.

Party starts. People ask where is Bhavri. Bhavri comes waving hands. Sher and Shraddha starts attending guests. A guest introduces himself as MLA and apologizes for not attending their marriage. He praises their jodi and says they are like Ram and Sitas jodi. Bhavri gets irked hearing his comment. Shraddha touches his feet, and he blesses her. She holds Shers hand. Bhavri fumes more. Sher leaves from there. Shraddha looks at Bhavris fuming face and walks behind Sher. Sher goes to food counter and searches for dam aloo. Shradha comes with dam aaloo and starts laughing.

Precap: A masked dancer dances in party and kills all guests with poison mixed alcohol. Bhavri blames Sher for all the mishap.


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