Written Update - 1st July 2015 Kalash

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Jul 2, 2015

Written Update - 1st July 2015 Kalash (By sanchi)

Kalash 1st July 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1

Devikas father greets everyone, Savitri ask him what happened why you are worried? father says that lawyer called me and told me that DEvikas maternal uncle is no more, he died last night, Savitri gets happy and says that what about that land? who will get it? father says Devika will get it, Devikas mother transferred that land in Devikas name but her uncle claimed it and did case but now when he is no more so Devika will get it, Savitri says this is great news, why you are sad? father says this is happy news? we listened about death of someone, Savitri says that uncle had no respect for relations, he got punished, Gayetri ask what you people are talking about? Savitri says Devikas mother gifted Devika some land but it got claimed in court but now that uncle is no more so Devika will get it.

Devika says to Ravi that i dont know why i am crying, what in my heart i dont know, i feel something is wrong, i dont know what should happen if not this, i am confused in my life, Ravi says i understand, Devika says no you cant as even i cant understand it, did you see how Saket was touching me? but whats wrong in it, he is my would be husband, he can touch me but why i was feeling disgusting, i felt like pushing him away, i dont feel good when he touch me, i knew Saket is is like this but why i am not able to accept him, its his personality and i am marrying him but why i cant accept it, i want him to go away, my life was simple, i had only one dream that do job after marriage and Saket has never stopped me from doing job, he has promised me that he will let me do job soo i should not have anyproblem then why i am not happy? i have so many questions and my eyes wells with tears anytime, there is no one to tell me that i am doign right, Sakshi never liked Saket, she never wanted me to get married to him, Rekha doesnt say anything but i know she not happy too with this marriage, nobody say anything to me and i am totally confused, i am alone, Ravi says you are not alone, i am with you, Devika says it means alot to me, thanks for being there always, Ravi says please stop crying else Savitri sees you with me then she will shoot me with her old gun, DEvika smiles and wipes her tears, Ravi thinks i wish i can tell you truth of Saket but if i say anything without proof then you will break, you are happy that you are right but when i get proof i will solve your confusion, i promise, he leaves.

Scene 2

Gayetri says to Savitri that its very goo news, with this marriage, you got such good news, Savitri says you are right, we were not hopeful about that land, its worth is around 10crore, Saket looks on, Sakshi says i will tell this news to Devika.

Sakshi comes to Devika and ask where is Ravi? DEvika says he left, Sakshi says congrats, you got your moms land back, Devika says how? Sakshi says leave it, you got it, now you can fulfill your dream of making mandir and school there, DEvika cries and says i cant tell you how much happy i am, i will thank to Ambe Maa, Saket comes there and says i need your 2 minutes, Sakshi says 2 minutes means 2 minute, she leaves, Saket says you didnt tell me about land case, Devika says i didnt remember about it, Saket says this marriage is lucky for us, i am thinking to make bungalow there, Devika says i have always dreamt of making mandir and school there, i always wanted to get it fulfilled and thats why i was doing job, now when i got this land then i want to fulfill that dream even if i have to cross hurdles, Gayteri comes there and says what you are you saying Devika, you are getting married to him and after marriage, girls happiness lies in happiness of husband, i know you are emotionally attached to that land but its stupidity to waste that land, Saket knows about land and property so do what Saket is saying as its good, Devika is stunned.

Scene 3

Ravi comes back to his home, Navi comes there with bouquet, Ravi is stunned and says you here? you are here to fight with me about sangeet thing, i had no fault in that, i told you to not go there but you went there, i am not in mood to fight so please, Navi says why you are like this and in actual you are not like this, from exterior you are rude, anyone can say you have attitude but in actual you are very soft and caring, Ravi says i am not understanding anything,Navi says thanks for giving me happiness of my life, i got it because of you, i was running behind that happiness from years and i got it because of you and it happened when i least expected it, you can ask anything from me, Rvi says you are giving speech like politicians, i am not understanding anything, Navi says you remember that contract papers? which you got it when i was drunk, Ravi says yes, you were drunk and it was important so i filled them and sent it, Navi says that project was very important and i signed against my father, and he was angry with me, he told me that i cant handle it and i should back out and if you had not sent those papers then i would have lost, my business would have died, you have saved me, for first time my father praised me, i waws feeling like i am on cloud nine and it all happened because of you so thanks, Ravi says i did as duty, in business one should do things on right time, Navi says i will remember it, she extend hand, he shakes it, she leaves. Manju finds Navi outside house, Navi greets Manju, Manju sys you here? Navi says i came to meet your son, Manju says if he said rubbish things then i am sorry on his behalf, dont throw him out of office, Navi says nothing like that, your son is very nice, you are lucky to have him, she leaves. Manju comes to Ravi and ask what happened? i saw Navi here, Ravi says she came to say sorry, Manju says why? Ravi says she realized that she over reacted in sangeet and i did her work so she thanked me, Manju gets happy, Ravi ask her to not see much dreams, Manju says i am feeling that she can walk with you miles, Ravi says dont start again, Manju says she was talking nicely about you, why? Ravi says she was happy as i did got project for her and dont create more problems for me, if you do something again then i will leave this job, he leaves, Manju says i cant be wrong, that girl have something in her heart for Ravi. Navi thinks this Ravi is weird, not ready to take credit, he is not selfish, he is innocent, he is clever and he is caring, Ravis wife will be lucky girl, he is a perfect guy with no wrong intentions, she smiles.

Devika comesin mandir, she says you know everything about me, i have always hoped to fulfill dream of my mother, i wanted to make mandir and school for orphan kids there then why you are doing this with me? i have to give test everyday in my life but i dont complain, i know you are with me but why you created this problem for me? she says you know i can bear any problem but i cant bear that if anyone stop me from fulfilling that dream, i will not like that person, i will fulfill that dream at any cost and if anyone come in my way then i will not forgive that person.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that why did you come here? what if anyone sees us, Ravi says its about your life, if you do this marriage then you will be in problem.


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