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Jul 11, 2015

OS: DOCTORS IN LOVE... (By Arshi_Shreya) (Thanked: 81 times)

'WHAT THE!!!! CANT U DO A WORK PROPERLY? Don't know how did u even become an intern in such a reputed hospital??? Now what are you staring at me Go and complete ur work....' Arnav spoke angrily scaring the intern standing in-front of him.

'Sorry Sir...' The intern apologized and ran away to save her dear life.

Arnav angrily entered his cabin. The intern went near the reception and was muttering something.

She asked the receptionist 'Does Dr. Arnav always gets angry?'. This made the receptionist look at her in pity 'So today was ur turn Lavanya... This is common here. ASR always gets angry. he needs everything perfect. A single mistake and be ready for his wrath. He believes in discipline. But yeah he's one of the best doctors here. Don't worry he isn't that bad.'

Khushi who was going through that area heard everything and mentally smiled knowing Arnav's such behavior. She made her way towards Arnav's cabin and knocked the door.

'Come in (After a pause without looking up) How many times have I told u Khush not to knock the door?' Arnav asked while he got a sweet reply 'Everytime I have knocked on the door' Saying this she winked at him.

'Arnav.. You aren't yet ready. C'mon the function is gonna start soon.' Khushi spoke taking a seat opposite to Arnav's.

'Khush u know I don't like to attend such functions. Please don't force me.'

'I know the Great ASR doesn't like to attend such functions but u r going to get an award. & Please I want to see u take the award on ur own... Can't u do this much for ur friend.' Khushi spoke with a puppy dog face.

'Why do u always blackmail me with our childhood friendship girl? U always take its advantage.' Arnav spoke looking at her as if warning her not to blackmail him again.

'That's the only thing which makes u accept everything I say... So that's final u r coming.'

'Have I ever denied any of ur wish?' Arnav spoke lovingly while Khushi squealed in happiness & took leave after warning him to be on time.

In the Auditorium,

Everyone was excited for the ceremony to start. This ceremony happens every year where the best doctors of each field are awarded. & No doubt every year, Arnav would take the award of best cardiologist & Khushi for the best Physicist.

Arnav & Khushi entered together and occupied their seats waiting for the ceremony to start. Though every year, Arnav was awarded but this is the first time he had come to receive an award. or it would have been Khushi who would be taking on his behalf. Lavanya was restricted form attending the ceremony bcoz she had so much of piled up work.. All thanks to ASR... the other name of perfection.

Soon, the ceremony started while Lavanya was cursing Arnav under her breath for making her work so much. She was asked to prepare different types of chemicals that were used in making medicines. She was in the department of Forensic Science and so she had more work held up.

In the ceremony, Khushi was very happy after all her bestie had finally accepted to attend the function. While Arnav was sulking but kept a happy face not wanting to hurt his friend. 

'The best award in the filed of Psychology goes to.... none other than Dr. Khushi Singhania.... I would request our chief guest Ms. Shreya Patel [Didn't get any name so thought of mine ;)] to hand over the award to Dr. Khushi Singhania....'

Khushi excitedly went up on the stage and received the award while Arnav whole-kindheartedly cheered Khushi.

On the other side, Lavanya was preparing different chemicals and gases to complete her assignment but when she saw through the glass wall that Khushi was being awarded, she stopped her work and started clapping for her. Lavanya & Khushi had become good friends and Khushi mostly saved Lav from ASR's Wrath.

She resumed back to the work, but her lack of remembering things didn't help he rout and she didn't know where she had left the process. She ruffled some papers and tried to recall things fearing of Arnav's wrath but that too didn't help her much. She started adding whatever she found. She was one  among those careless interns whom Arnav hated.

The sound of breaking of glass caught Arnav's attention who was sitting just a bit away from the lab. He opened the door and was about to enter when his name was announced.

'The best award in the field of Cardiology goes to... Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada... I would request Ms. Ayesha to do the honour by giving the prestigious award to Dr. Arnav...' Loud applauses were heard and Arnav soon felt him being dragged by someone. He saw Khushi pulling him and asking him  to take the award.

In all this, he forgot about the lab and went up on the stage. He received the award and began his thank u speech. But before that everyone started laughing & what was more shocking was the great ASR known for his rudeness and principles too was laughing his head out. Controllign himself, Arnav started to speak. But his laughter was nowhere to stop. Still he tried but he spoke in parts due to his laughter.

'Thank you so... much for considering me to.... be capable of receiving this.... award.... I'm delighted for it. As everyone... says that there's ....a lady behind every.....successful person & same goes to me... I had lost my parents.... at a very young age... If only I didn't have my.... best.... friend beside me I wouldn't have been......capable of standing here on my feet. She has.... been with me through thick and thin. & I'm... glad she's here too with me....' Till he completed this much part, the auditorium was filled with silence not utter silence bcoz Lavanya's mistake had led them to laugh like nothing.

Lavanya too was laughing while tears made their way down her cheeks thinking about the future. "Why does this always happen to me? How can I be so careless to prepare Nitrous Oxide instead of Nitrogen peroxide"

Giggles and small laughters were heard. Arnav balancing himself sat on the floor of the stage and continued speaking while laughing. 'Khushi had... always... been... with me whenever I needed her... She never... backed off.. from.. anything... She was always.... with me.. like a friend... like a mother... like a father... like everything... She never got... upset.. with me.. due to my... angry.. behavior...'

The hall turned silent. There was indeed a pin-drop silence. Everyone had tears hearing his story. Arnav didn't know what he was speaking in his sub-conscious state. he just needed to pour out his heart today. he continued 'I have always seen Khushi sacrificing her happiness for me.. She cared for me even before herself. She never complained for anything. & may be this is what I loved about her.... I... don't know... how... & when... I had started creating... feelings for her... in.. my heart... i don't.. know ... why I always need her... beside me... I just can't live without her... I just can't...' Arnav got up from the stage & went near Khushi.

Kneeling in-front of her, he spoke 'Khushi.. i don't know... what u feel about me... Neither I know what u have in ur heart... But I just know... one thing.. that.. i... I Lo... Love you.. I love you Khushi... I just can't live without u.... Are you willing to bear me for the rest of ur life? Will you marry me?'

Khushi had tears in her eyes listening to him. She wanted to scream in happiness... But her voice didn't help her much. She just bowed down and hugged Arnav for her dear life. Arnav heard her giggling & saying 'I have waited for this.. since long Arnav... I love u... I love u too...'

Arshi hugged each other while loud applause and laughter again started rejoicing such a memorable moment.

Arnav went near Lavanya laughing who had closed her eyes in fear of getting scolded again.

'Thank you so much.. Lavanya... Today... bcoz of ur carelessness... I finally... got the... guts.. to propose... Khushi... Tnx (After a pause) But don't u dare think that u r safe... U'r gonna get a bigger punishment...' Lavanya who was first shocked and relived for getting saved from his wrath was again scared thinking of his punishment.

'Ur punishment is to... ur punishment is... to.. attend Khushi's and mine wedding...' Arnav again started laughing while Lav wasn't yet sure of what she heard. Though relived but scared too. She looked up only to see that both the love-birds have gone away to spend some time together. Lav laughed but also cried....


I know this is all a creep. Tomatoes & eggs are welcomed. I'm sorry for disappointing everyone and also for wasting ur time. but this was the only thing that came up in my stupid rotted brain. Please try to forgive me.

Both NEGATIVE & POSITIVE COMMENTS are warmly welcomed.

I would dedicate this OS to MY GOOD-FRIEND PREETI & ME MYSELF. We both have a crazy wish to smell Nitrous oxide once in our life-time..

Aug 21, 2015

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