5S : Mulakat (Meet)

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Jul 18, 2015

5S : Mulakat (Meet) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 76 times)




Part 1:



Delhi railway station:


So many people are looking at the person who is entering the station. They got surprised to see the great businessman – Arnav Singh Raizada, in a railway station that too in casuals. Some girls are drooling over his handsomeness and killing looks. Some boys hated him for catching the eyes of almost every girl on the platform. The police, who were doing their duty there, followed him to secure him from people. Thanking them, he rushed towards the first class bogie of the Lucknow train followed by his driver. When he is searching for the person and went little forward, he heard a voice calling him from behind.




He turned back and went to the person


“Nani Ma… how are you Nani Ma? How was your journey?”


“I’m fine Chote… what about you? You are looking tensed? How is Anjali?” Nani asked, cupping Arnav’s cheek


“We are fine Nani Ma…” Arnav replied, keeping his hand on Nani’s hand on his cheek. He suddenly hugged Nani, tightly, feeling her warmth


“What’s wrong Chote? Are you fine? Is there any problem in office?” Nani is worried about her grandson


Arnav was a few months baby when his mother died with cancer. After that his father was addicted to drinking, to divert his mind from his wife’s death. With that addiction, he couldn’t survive much. After they both died, Nani took the responsibility of both Anjali and Arnav. Anjali is Arnav’s elder sister. As she is much older than Arnav, she adjusted with the surroundings and happenings around her. But as Arnav was a baby when he came to Nani’s house, he took time to adjust to life. He always stayed with Nani. He never felt his Nani as Nani, he always saw his mother in her. That’s why he calls her ‘Nani Ma’ he is very much attached to Nani than others in the family. He shares everything with her, including his official matters and his models’ clinging matter. He can’t stay one day without her. And now as she was away for total one week, he missed her a lot.


When she said she would be leaving to Lucknow to meet her relatives, he made a world war in the house. He locked himself and stopped eating anything. It took a lot of effort for Nani to make him understand. But when she said she would be going and coming on the train, he bluntly refused her to go. But with whom he is playing with? His NANI…, the great, mighty Arnav Singh Raizada’s Nani – DEVYANI SINGH RAIZADA. At last he surrendered his fight. And now, he came to receive her from rail station. Yesterday he couldn’t sleep thinking about Nani’s arrival; he was super excited for his her return.


“Chote…?” not getting any reply Nani called Arnav again


Arnav broke the hug and almost pounced on her.


“What was the need to travel in this iron box? Look at the seats and the floor, how can you travel in this Nani Ma? What’s the need? Why didn’t you travel in flight? I’m angry at you for this”, he shouted controlling his anger. He couldn’t see his Nani travelling in the train


Smiling at her grandson’s love towards her, she cupped his both the cheeks and said “Chote, relax… I’m fine. I came back safely; I’m in front of you, safe and sound. Why are you getting tensed about this?”


“Nani Maa please… from now on you are not allowed to travel in this iron box. I don’t like this, please Nani Maa listen to me…”


“Chote this iron box has a name – train”


“Yeah… whatever… come we will leave now”, he ordered his driver to take the luggage and moved to parking.


When he opened the car door for his Nani, suddenly someone bumped into him making him drop his mobile and stumbling front


“What the!!!” he turned to his back to see the person, but when he turned he found the person hiding behind him holding his shirt tightly


“What the!! Who are you? Come out damn it” he cursed the person, who grabbed his hand and hide behind him, again. When he tried to see the face of the person, he only found that person to hide more. All he can notice is, the person’s two soft hands, holding his left upper arm. He craned his neck little to have the clear view of the person. When he craned, he saw two beautiful eyes filled with tears of fear.


‘A girl’ he thought


‘A beautiful, innocent girl’ his mind corrected. For the first time, he understood the meaning of beauty in simplicity and innocence. He lost looking at her, but something disturbed him – her tears. He felt some unknown uneasiness in his heart, when he saw her fearful eyes.


“Excuse me… who…” before he ask anything more, one man grabbed the girl’s hand, which is near Arnav’s upper arm and pulled her harshly making the girl yell. But the girl freed herself from that man’s hold and again hide behind Arnav.


Nani Ji looked at the petite figure hiding behind Arnav and looked at the man who is talking to her grandson


“Sorry sir, sorry for troubling you. My wife is mad. She ran from us when we are trying to admit her in hospital. Sorry for the trouble” the man turned to the girl and said, grabbing her hand, “Aur tum, abhi isi vakt, mere saath aao(You, come with me now)” He pulled the girl.


“Nahi, hum nahi ayenge. Hamari Bau Ji ne kaha, hume ajnabi logo se baat nahi karni hai, aur unke saath nahi jaana hai. Aur jo kuch bhi woh dete hain, hume nahi khana hai.(No I won't come. My father said, we shouldn't talk to strangers and we shouldn't go with them and whatever they give, we shouldn't eat)” The girl said.


“Bau Ji ne kaha, ajnabi logo se ye sab nahi karna hain. Par main tumhari pati hoon na? to tumhe meri baat maan ni padegi (Your father said we shouldn't do all these with strangers. But I am your husband, right? So you have to listen to me)” the man said rudely. Arnav didn’t feel good, looking at the man. Arnav stood there seeing the unfolding drama. He was surprised by the scene. He looked at his Nani, who is equally shocked like him.


“Chote…” Nani’s held his right shoulder not understanding how to react. He turned his look from his Nani, hearing the girl's voice.


“PATI!!! Aise nahi bolte. Devi Mayya ko gussa ayega. Aap hamare pati nahi hain. Shyam Ji hamare hone wale pati hai (Husband? You shouldn't say like that. God will get angry. You are not my husband. Shyam is my would be husband)” said the girl


“BAKWAS BANDH KARO, AUR CHUPCHAP MERE PAS AAO (Stop your nonsense, and come to me now)”


The girl hid behind Arnav and held his shirt tightly, getting scared by man’s high pitched voice. When the man tried to pull the girl again, Arnav held the man’s hand and shook his head in no. He turned to the girl


“It’s okay, you are fine now” Arnav said, patting her hand, which is on his hand. The girl looked at Arnav with the same fearful eyes.




“I said, you are fine now”


“Ji, hum batate hai. woh… woh ye uncle Ji ne hamare peeche pade hain aur meri Amma, Bau Ji, Bua Ji aur Jiji ko ek kamre mein bandh kiya hain” she gave pause to weep little and to catch her breath and continued “Bau Ji ne kaha, mujhe thaane jaakar POLICE walon ko batana chahiye. Main bahut patli hoon na, isliye main udhar se bhag aayi. Par ye uncle Ji  hame dekh kar hamare peeche pad gaye hain. Hame bahut dar lag raha hai (Okay, I will tell you. This uncle is following me and caged my mother, father, aunt and sister in one room. My father said, I should go and inform police about this. I'm very thin, right? That's how I ran from there. But this uncle saw me and kept following me. I'm so scared)” the girl said looking at Nani while tears rolling down her cheeks. She thought Arnav asked about what is happening


“Tum ise janti ho betiya? (Do you know him, dear?)” asked Nani


“Chi… ise main nahi jaanti. Hume is ghatiya aadmi se bat nahi karni hai (Chi... I don't know him. I don't want to talk with this bad guy)”


Arnav turned to the person and held his collar.


“Where is her family?”


“Who are you to ask?”


“I will tell now” Arnav dialed a number in his mobile “Uncle, it’s me Arnav. I’m near the station. I have a problem here. Can you send some of your men? I think it’s important and a serious issue”




“Thank you uncle, I will wait for your men”


Arnav with the help of his driver held the man and made him sit in the car and made sure that the man can’t escape. He stood near car waiting for his uncle’s people.


He felt a smooth, light and small pat on his shoulder. He turned and looked at the girl, who stood there with helpless, fearful eyes.


“Wait for few minutes, we will save your family. Help is on the way” he said


The girl looked at him confused. Seeing her expression, Arnav repeated his words to get same expression.


The girl looked at Nani too, with a same confused face


Both Arnav and Nani looked at each other and then looked at the girl.


Seeing their confused face, the girl understands the problem. She smacked her forehead and said, “Arey haa… hum Khushi… Namaste, hum Lucknow se hai. Isi jaisi gadi se aaye hai hum (oh yeah… I’m Khushi, Namaste, I’m from Lucknow. I came by the train same like that) she showed the train from the gates of the station.


“Hi… I’m Arnav, she is my Nani… What happened to your family? What are you doing here alone?” Arnav said. Nani, for the first time, is seeing her grandson with so much concern, towards another person other than her. For the first time, she is seeing a new Arnav.


“Ji? Hey Devi Mayya, ab hum kya karein? Maaf kijiye, hume angrezi samajh mein nahi aathi aur lagta hai aapko Hindi nahi aathi (what? Oh God, now what should I do? I don’t know English and it seems like you don’t know Hindi)” she is almost on the verge of crying.


“it’s okay… mera matlab… koi baat nahi. Mujhe Hindi aati hai” (it’s okay, I mean… don’t worry I know Hindi)


“Sach mein? Jai ho Devi Maiya ki… ab hum aap se kuch bhi keh sakthe hai” (really?! Praises to the goddess… now I can say anything to you)


“First tell me… mera matlab, pehle ye batao, tum akele yaha kya kar rahi ho? Tumhare Amma aur Bau Ji kaha hain?” (First tell me, I mean now tell me what are you doing here all alone? Where are your mother and father?)


“Amma aur Bau Ji? Kahan hain? Jab hum gaadi se nikle, Bau Ji Shyam Ji se baat karke hume bataye ki, Shyam Ji ek aadmi ko bhejenge hume lene ke liye. Jab hum unse, hamara matlab, ye uncle Ji se mile, woh hume ek purane ghar leke gaye aur andar band kar diya. Jab Bau Ji ne unse puchha, woh aise kyun kiye, usne kuch nahi bataya. Phir Bau Ji ne kaha, mujhe thane jaake POLICE walon ko batana chahiye. Main bahut patli hoon na, to main udhar se bhag nikli. Par ye uncle Ji hame dekh kar hamare piche pad gaye. Hum yaha kuch police walon ko dekh liye hain aur hum woh waha se doud kar aa rahe the ki yaha aake aap se takra gaye. Hame bahut dar lag raha hai (Mother and father? Where are they? When we got down from the train, my father talked with Shyam and said Shyam will send one man to pick us up. When we met him, I mean this uncle, he took us to one old house and caged us. My father asked him why he did this, but he didn't say anything. Then My father said, I should go and inform police about this. I'm very thin, right? That's why I ran from there. But this uncle saw me and kept following me. I saw some police here and I came here running from there and directly bumped into you)" pain, tension, worry and fear is clear in her eyes, face and body.






I know you guys are waiting for Anmol. I am writing it now. Will try to post next week.


Who ever supporting and responding... Thanks a lot dearies... Love you all...


And Yeah... I finished writing this 5Shot.




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Jul 24, 2015

5S : Mulakat (Meet) Part 2 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 87 times)

I know I'm late. But I can't help it. I'm at my hometown at present. I got time and I'm posting the update. I will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday. After that I will post the third part of Mulakat and Anmol. As I already completed writing this 5S, I am posting this now. I have to write Anmol still, then will post. Please be patient with the delays. Thank you so much for your support and response.


Please spare the typos



Part 2:



Arnav gulped seeing the girl in front of him. He felt like, removing all her pain is necessary for him



“What the!!!” he said, noticing his thoughts



“Hum humare pariwar ko kaise dhundenge? (How will I find my family?)” Khushi is on verge of crying now.



“Sh… it’s okay, the police will see to it”



“Ji…?” the girl looked at him with confused eyes



“mera matlab police dekh legi, aur tumhare pariwar ko vapas le ayenge ( I mean police will see to it and will bring your family back)” said  Arnav



“Par, hamara pariwar kaha hai, hume pata nahi hain na? to unhe kaise doond lenge? (But I don't know where my family is,  then how to find them?)"



“Koi baat nahi bitiya, daro mat. Ye mera pota hai na? Ye police ko achhe se jaanta hai aur police main sabse bada officer ise jaanta hai. Chinta mat karo, woh aapke pariwar ko dhundenge (Don't worry dear.  Don't be scared.  My grandson is here, right? He knows so many police and the highest police officer too. Don't worry,  they will find your family)”, Nani said



“Sach mein Nani Ji? (Really grandmother?)” Khushi’s eyes are full of hope. “Par jab tak humara pariwar mile, main Shyam Ji ke ghar jaoon?” Khushi asked “Par Bau Ji ne kaha, koi bade log saath nahi hai to mujhe Shyam ji ke saath nahi jana chahiye. Aap dono hume Shyam Ji ka ghar me chhodenge? (Till my family comes back, can i stay with shyam? But my father said, without having elders with me i shouldn't go to Shyam. Will you both leave me at Shyam's house?)” Khushi asked looking at Arnav



“Shyam?” asked Arnav frowning his eyebrows



“Aap ko pata hai Nani Ji, Arnav Ji, hum Dilli kyun aaye hain?(Nani Ji and Arnav Ji, do you know why did I come to Delhi?)” she sounded very excited, she didn’t listen to Arnav’s question



“Nahi bitiya (No dear)” Nani said and Arnav nodded his head in no enjoying the innocence in front of him



“Hamari shaadi ka joda lene (To buy my wedding dress)” Khushi said shying



“WHAT THE!!! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED?” Arnav shouted suddenly making Khushi jump on her place



“Chote… what’s wrong?”



“Nothing Nani ma, I’m fine” but his Nani can see the pain in his eyes. She felt bad for her grandson. Nani turned to Khushi



“Ye bahuti achi baat hai betiya (That’s really a good news dear)”



Khushi bent and took blessings from Nani there itself



“Khush rahiye (stay happy)”



“Hum rahenge Nani Ji… aakhir hamara naam hi Khushi hai. Aap ko pata hai Nani Ji… Shyam Ji yehi kehte hai, hume hamesha khush hona chahiye, kyunki hamara naam Khushi hai (Of course I will be Nani Ji, after all my name is Khushi. Do you know Nani Ji, Shyam Ji says like that only, that I should stay happy always as my name is Khushi)”



“Shyam?” Arnav asked again



“Ji… hamare hone wala pati. Aap ko pata hain Arnav Ji… hamare Shyam Ji ek bade acche vakeel hain, yahi pe, hamara matlab dilli me hain (Yes, my would be husband. Do you know Arnav Ji? Our Shyam Ji is one of big and best Lawyer here, I mean to say in Delhi)”



“Lawyer?” both Arnav and Nani looked at each other feeling some unknown fear



“Ji nahi… vakeel hain… vakeel… ( no… lawyer… lawyer)



“Both are same damn it” Arnav shouted



“Ji?” asked Khushi, with fear in her eyes



“Vakeel ka angrezi shabd Lawyer hai betiya (Lawyer is the English word for Vakeel dear)” said Nani



“Acha? Maaf Kijiyega (Really? Please forgive me)”



“it’s okay… kaha kaam kar rah hain TUMHARE Shyam Ji? (It’s okay… where does YOUR SHYAM JI works?)” Arnav mocked getting a surprised look from Nani



“Humne kaha na… yehi pe… matlab delli me ( I told you, right? Here only… I mean in Delhi)”



“I can’t believe this… mera matlab konsa court hain damn it (I can’t believe this. I mean to ask in which court damn it)”



“Pata nahi… (I don’t know) lekin humari Bau Ji ko jaroor pata hoga (But my father may known)"she said confusingly. She looked so innocent then.



“Bitiya… aap kitne saal ka ho? (Dear, how old are you?) asked Nani



“Hum, 17 ke hai Nani Ji… ( I’m 17 years old Nani Ji)”



“What the hell? This is not the age to get married damn it…”






“Really Nani… she is a child still. How can she get married to some random guy?”



“But we can’t do anything about this. You should control your anger Chote…”



“Fine… I’m not talking any more” Arnav turned his head other side



All the while Khushi stood looking at both of them not understanding why Arnav Ji getting angry and what Nani is saying to him



“Bitiya… aap konse class mein ho? (Dear… on which class you are in?)” Nani asked



“Nahin Nani Ji… ek saal pehle hi humne padhna band kiya hai (No Nani Ji… I stopped studying) Khushi said in a low voice



“Kyun? (Why?)” Arnav is more curious to know.



“Shyam Ji ne kaha, woh bahut paise kamate hain aur unke paas bahut paise hain. To, mujhe padhne ki aur kaam karne ki koi zaroorat nahin ( Shyam Ji said, he earns so much money. So, I don’t need to study or do job)” Khushi said with tears in her eyes. She looked at Arnav and said “Par hume padhna bahut pasand hai, aur kaam karna bhi, hum padhna chahte hain… hum kaam karna chahte hain Bau Ji ki tarah. Lekin nahi kar sakti, kyunki Bau Ji ke paas paise nahi hai (I like to study, I like to work, I want to study, I want to do job like my father. But I can’t, because my father doesn’t have money)” both Arnav and Nani felt sad for the child in front of them.



“Kya matlab hai iska? tumhare Bau ji ke paas paise nahi hai to, tumhe jaroor kaam karna hai (what does that mean? IF your father doesn’t have money, then you should do job to help him)” Arnav said, looking at his grandmother for the support.



“Par, Shyam ji ne mana kiya tha na? (But, Shyam denied, right?” khushi said looking at Arnav with confused look



“Kyun?” Nani asked



“Kyunki, agar main kaam ke liye chali gayi to mein bigad jaungi. Is liye, shyam ji ne mana ki hai (because, if I go for work, I will get spoiled. That’s why Shyam denied)” khushi said with a small smile



“What the hell…” both arnav and nani shocked hearing khushi’s words.






“kuch nahi…” before arnav says anything, his uncle came with his men.



Seeing them in their uniforms, khushi hid herself behind arnav with fear. Nani patted Khushi’s head in assurance. Arnav's driver handed the man over to police Arnav explained his uncle whatever happened.  Then, he introduced khushi to his uncle and made her tell what happened with her. With arnav's support and Nani's hand on her shoulder made her tell the happenings.



"Arnav, what do you think about this shyam? I mean... is he, by any chance... ?"



"I know uncle, I too have the same doubt. I need to find out"



"Don't worry, as it is a police case now, my men will work on this."



"Ye dono kya baat kar rahi hai Nani ji?" (What these two are talking Nani ji?)



"Woh dono aap ki pariwar ke bare mein baat kar rahe hai beta. Ab ye police case ho gaya na, to hum kuch bhi kare jaise aapke pariwar ko Milne ki koshish karna aur tumhare mangetar ko milna aur is mamle me kuch bhi karne ke liye unse ijazat lena hai"(They are talking about your parents, beta. As it become police case now, we have to take their permission to do anything, like search for your family or try to meet your fiance or anything we do regarding this case)



Khushi moved forward towards them and stood beside Arnav. Both arnav and his uncle looked at her



"Saab, jab tak meri parivar mile, mein Shyam ji ka ghar jaon? (Sir, till we get our family back, can i go to Shyam’s house?)” Khushi asked



“NOOO…” Before he can stop, Arnav shouted.



His uncle gave him a known smile and patted his back and turned to Khushi



“NO dear… you can’t… as you are…”



“Maaf kijiyega sab, hume angrezi nahi athi (Forgive me sir, I don’t know English)” Khushi said in low voice.



Arnav’s uncle looks at the petite innocent girl and then looked at Arnav, who nodded his head. Smiling at Arnav, his uncle said



“Nahi beti, aap Shyam Ji ka ghar nahi ja sakte. Jaise aapke pariwar khatre mein hain aur apki jaan bhi khatre mein ho sakti. Jab tak woh nahi mile, hum apko kahi nahi jaane de sakte. ( No dear, you can’t go to Shyam’s house. Like your family’s life is in danger, your life also may be in danger. Till we find your family, we can’t let you go anywhere)”



“Acha… to hum kaha rahe? ( Really? Then where will I stay?)” Khushi’s eyes teared up hearing the Police uncle’s words.



“Agar Devyani ji ko koi problem nahi to, tum unke ghar ja sakti ho ( If, Devyani ji doesn’t have any problem, then you can stay in their house)” Police uncle suggested.



Khushi looked at Nani ji, with tearful and hopeful eyes. She also looked at Arnav, with  pleading eyes.



“Arey, mujhe kyo problem hogi? Akhir hum ek dusre ko achi tarah se jaan chuke hain, hain na chote, Khushi bitiya ( Why would I have problem? After all we came to know each other well, right chote and Khushi dear?)”



Khushi smiled broad and hugged Nani



“Shukriya Nani ji… Haan… hum ek dusre ko achi tarah se jaan chuke hain and aur dost bhi ban chuke hain, hain na Arnav ji? ( Thank you Nani Ji. Yeah, we came to know each other well, and we became friends too, right Arnav ji?)”



Arnav nodded his head seeing the hope in Khushi’s eyes. He can never break her hope.



“Theek hai, main chalta hoon. Arnav, Khushi ka khayal rakhna. She is really important now, to know about him. We can’t leave it like this . Its related to our Anjali. She is way more important for us than any other girl. I hope you understood what I’m saying. Don’t let her go at any cost, till we find out the truth. She could be the partner with him”



Arnav looked at Khushi, feeling some sort of uneasiness, hearing Khushi could be partner with Shyam. But seeing her intent innocent eyes, he sighed and looked at his uncle



“Don’t trust anyone easily Arnav. Sometimes, it’s not good” saying this Arnav’s uncle left from there, commanding his men to follow him



“Kya kaha woh saab ney? (what did he say?)” asked Khushi



“Kuch nahi… bas, tumhara khayal rakhne ko kaha (Nothing, it’s just he said to take care of you)” said Arnav



Khushi nodded her head, with a frown on her face. She didn’t get convinced with Arnav’s answer. She knew something is happening around her, she felt some uneasiness seeing arnav and his uncle talking in English. ‘Agar, woh uncle ji ne, hamare khayal rakhne ko hi kaha, to kya zaroorat thi ki angrezi mein baat karne ki?’ thought Khushi. She looked at Arnav, whose expression is completely disturbed



“Aap theek toh hai Arnav ji? ( Are you okay, arnav ji?)” asked Khushi



“Yeah… I’m fine… mera matlab… haan, main theek hun” said Arnav not looking at her face



Seeing Arnav’s face, Khushi understood something is bothering him. Before she says anything, Nani led them towards car saying they are already late. Arnav made Nani sit comfortably in back seat. Before he asks Khushi to sit beside Nani, Khushi said “Hum aage baithenge (I will sit front)”



Arnav and Nani looked at Khushi with surprised eyes.



“Woh kya hai na, jab bhi hamare Bau ji ya Amma ya Bua ji safar se wapas aate hain; aur jiji unke saath baith ti hain, hume acha nahi lagta. Hamesha sirf hum hi aage baithna chahte hain aur koi nahin. Toh, aapko bhi aise lagta hoga na? ( It’s that, when my parents or aunt comes back from their journey and if my sister sits with them, I don’t like. Only I want to sit not others. So, may be you also think like that, right?)”



Both Nani ji and Arnav looked at the girl before them



“Understanding” murmured Nani


Smiling at Khushi, Arnav sat with Nani. Khushi sat in with an awe looking around metallic black Skoda.







Thank you...




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Jul 30, 2015

5S : Mulakat (Meet) Part 3 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 103 times)

Part 3:

"Aapki gaadi bahut achi hain aur bahut lambi hain. Aap bahut bade kaam kar rahe hoge aur ye gaadi aapke office walon ne diya, hain na? ( Your car is really nice and long too. I think you are doing big job and your boss gave you this car, right?)" Khushi asked with wide eyes.


Before Arnav says anything, Nani asked Khushi "Ye sab ****iye bitiya. Aap Ki bare main kuch bataye hame (Leave all these. Tell us about you)"


"Hamare bare mein?(About me?)"


"Hamara matlab hain ki aapke pariwar ke bare mein. Aap ki ek jiji haina? (I mean to say about your family. You have sister, right?)"


Getting exciting, Khushi turned back in her seat sitting on knees and hugging the head rest. Driver got scared about Arnav and about to say something, but stopped seeing arnav shaking his head in no through the mirror. "Haan, unka naam Payal hai. Bahut achi hai. Woh hamare jaisi nahin hai, woh bahut padhi hai aur kaam dhoondh rahi hai. Arnav ji, aap ke office me koi kaam meri jiji ke liye milega? (Yes, her name is Payal. she is so nice. She studied and searching for job, unlike me. Arnav ji, can she get any job in your office by any chance?)"


"Dekhta hoon ( I will see)"


"Acha... shukriya ( Really? Thank you...) "


"Par, unhe kaam karne ki ijazat mili, tumhare SHYAM ji se? ( But, does she get the permission to work from your SHYAM JI?)" Arnav mocked


"Ha... Shyam ji ne kaha, sirf mein kaam nahi kar sakti, kyon ki woh nahi chahthe hai aur mein...( Yes, Shyam ji said, only I can't work, because he don't want and I...)"


"Haan... Haan... jaanta hoon... ( Yeah... Yeah... I know)" said Arnav and  muttered "Ridiculous"


"Pata hai Nani ji... hamri jiji ki kaam karna zaroori hai , par paise ke liye nahi, unka dard bhoolne ke liye ( Do you know Nani ji... it's necessary for my sister to do job. but not for money, but to forget her pain)"


"Kya hua usse? ( What happened to her?)"


"Baraat wapas chali gayi" Khushi eyes teared up "ladke walon ne dahej manga tha par jab hamari bau ji ne diya, wo log aur jyada paise magne lage. Par hamari  bau ji ke paas paise nahi hai na, isliye Baraat chali gayi. (Her marriage was stopped, Boy's family asked for dowry. But when my father gave, they asked for more. But my father couldn't give because he doesn't have much money, so, they left my sister in the hall and went)"


Both Nani and Arnav felt bad for Payal. After that Khushi said everything about her family. Both Arnav and Nani ji noticed some uneasiness or discomfort in Khushi whenever she talks about her fiance. First they felt, she may be feeling shy, but no, she is not. Both looked at each other trying to understand other's thoughts.


After few more minutes, they reached their mansion. Khushi stood there looking at the Mansion before her eyes. She closed her mouth with her hands taking the pride stood before her eyes.


"Chalo... ( let's go)" Arnav pushed Khushi forward little


"Arnav ji... Ye aap ka ghar hai? ( Arnav ji, is this your house?)" she whispered


"Haan, kyun? (Yes, why?)"


"Ye toh, Raj Mahal jaisa hai ( It's looking like Palace)" with that Khushi gave a broad bright smile to Arnav, making him smile too. Arnav led Khushi inside the house along with Nani. Anjali along with others welcomed Nani and Arnav; complaining to Nani about her Chote's antics and tantrums in her absence. In all these she failed to notice, one petite girl standing at the door. Nani ji turned back and asked Khushi to enter, then only other family members saw the beautiful innocent girl standing at the door.


"Nani... Ye? ( Nani... this girl?)" asked Anjali


"Hum batate hai betiya. Pehle inhe andar aane dijiye ( I will tell you dear, first let her come inside)"


Khushi came inside and stood between Arnav and Nani fearing about others. Then Arnav introduced everyone to Khushi making her relax. Smiling at them, Khushi joined her hands and said "Namaste". Then Arnav explained everything whatever happened. Feeling bad about this girl, Anjali hugged Khushi and assured her with some soothing words.


After talking with them for few minutes, Khushi made herself comfortable. She liked everyone from Arnav's family. Anjali showed Khushi her room and asked her to freshen up. All the Raizada members were spellbound by her innocence.




"She is an Angel and so innocent..." said Mami after Khushi left to her room after having the dinner. Everyone agreed with her without a doubt. Arnav and Nani ji looked at each other thinking What will be their reaction after knowing about Khushi's relation with her family' Both sighed and retired to their rooms.




It's already three weeks from Khushi came to Raizada Mansion. Anjali, Akash and NK befriended with Khushi almost immediately. They took her to the shopping by Arnav's insistence. They also helped her in understanding their life. They really felt surprised when they came to know Khushi don't know English. Both Akash and NK took the responsibility of teaching Khushi English. Being a quick learner, Khushi started learning things faster than expected. Arnav smiled at her broken English but helped her in improving.


Arnav enjoyed her child like English


"Arnav ji... time at what come you from office?"


"Nani ji... What eat you want?"


"Mami ji... How up make your face?"


Everyone silently noticed the change in Arnav as well as the atmosphere of their house after Khushi's arrival. They are enjoying, they are laughing continuously, totally they are living their life.




In these three weeks, Arnav and Nani discussed about talking with Khushi about her fiance. But they feared about Khushi and Anjali's reactions. On the otherside, Police was also working hard to find Khushi's family.


One day, Arnav's uncle called Arnav, to ask him to bring Khushi to his office, to recognize some people. So, Arnav came back to home and took Khushi to his uncle's office.


Here in home, when maids doing some cleaning work, Anjali's photo fell down and the glass got broken. Cleaning everything, they sent the photo to make the frame and glass again. In the afternoon, Arnav along with Khushi came back to home and informed everyone that Khushi is able to recognise two men. He also said that his uncle said it will be easy to find Khushi's parents now as they got the men. Everyone felt happy for Khushi, but also sad thinking Khushi will go once her parents are found. They all sat in the living room, when HP - their maid brought the photo. Anjali asked him to show. When the paper was removed from the photo, Khushi jumped from her seat and shrieked.




Everyone startled with her shriek. Arnav became alert with the sudden happenings. But before he can control Khushi, she asked


"Di... Do know Shyam Ji you? "


"Haan... Khushi, He is my husband" as Khushi is able to understand, everyone decided to talk with her in English.


"WHAT!!!????" Khushi again shouted. Arnav closed his eyes, guessing what is coming. He silently sat waiting for the storm to hit his family. He looked at Nani, who is looked at him with same helplessness.


"Oho... Khushi... what's wrong? why are you shouting?" asked Mami


"Your Shyam ji husband???" Anjali nodded her head in confusion


Khushi looked at Arnav with tearful eyes "Arnav ji?" Arnav too nodded his head not able to meet her eyes.


"Me with him engagement" Khushi started crying making Arnav and Nani ji more helpless.


"Do you have any idea, what you are talking Khushi?" Anjali shouted angrily making Khushi shiver


"Di... he my engagement. Promise"


The next second, Anjali slapped Khushi hardly making Khushi fell on the floor near Arnav's feet.


"DI..." "Anjali" shouted everyone.


Before Arnav make her stand, Khushi crawled towards the sofa to hide herself behind the sofa. For the first time Khushi got scared seeing the Raizadas. She felt like running from there. She searched for the door.


Seeing Khushi like that everyone felt bad. Nani and Arnav's eyes teared, seeing the fear in Khushi's eyes. Khushi is literally shivering seeing them.

"How dare she? How can she blame my husband? Such a low class life. Chote, throw her from this house. Instead of showing gratitude towards us for our help, she is trying to break my marriage? How dare she? I don't want her in this house, where my three brothers stays. I don't want her to trap my brothers too. Throw her out chote... this every minute, I want her to be out of this house" Anjali shouted


Khushi understood each and everything Anjali said about her. She looked at Arnav and shook her head in NO, as saying she didn't do anything of that sort. Then she pinched her throat and said


"Hum sach keh rahe hai... Ye wohi Shyamji hai, jis se hamari sagai hui hai. Devi Mayya ki kasam Nani Ji, Arnav ji... Hamara yakeen kijiye (I'm telling the truth. He is the same Shyam, with whom I'm engaged. I swear on Devi mayya, Nani ji and Arnav ji, please trust me)" Khushi pleaded. But moved back hastily seeing Anjali coming towards her. She never see anyone in angry. She is hell scared seeing this angry Anjali


Anjali walked towards Khushi and said in a dangerously low voice, gritting her teeth "Just.Get.Out. I won't listen or believe anything against my husband"


Suddenly Khushi remembered one thing, she ducked and escaping from Anjali she went to Arnav.


"Aap mujhe sirf ek mouka de sakte hai? Humare paas sabut hai ( Can you give me one chance? I have proof)" Khushi waited for Arnav's permission.


He looked at everyone and nodded his head very slowly. Khushi ran to her room.


"I can't believe this Chote..., instead of throwing her out of this house, you are supporting her?"


Khushi came back with her backpack and sat on the floor and emptied it. Khushi searched for few seconds and take out a book from the folds of her dresses. she opened the book and smiled little and looked at Arnav. Seeing her smile, Arnav understood she is indeed right and now, he don't need any proof.


"Arnav ji... ye dekhiye... ye hamare pariwar ki tasveer hai. Ye hum hamari sagai ki waqt liya tha ( Arnav ji, look at this. This is my family photo and it was taken at the time of my engagement)" Khushi has habit of carrying her family picture wherever she goes, came in help now.


Arnav didn't move from his place trusting Khushi, but others moved to Khushi and took the book from her hand. Everyone gasped in shock seeing Shyam with Khushi's family. They gave the book to Anjali. Khushi searched for something and gave it to Arnav, who by now came and knelt beside Khushi. He took the Gold material in his hand and immediately recognised his sister's Rakhi gift given by his brother Akash.


"This is my gift to Di on last year Rakhi" exclaimed Akash taking it from Arnav


Anjali looked at the Gold chain in Akash's hand. She looked at Khushi, who is looking at her back with so much fear in her eyes. She moved towards Khushi, but Khushi dragged herself hastily behind Arnav and held his shirt.


Arnav's hands covered Khushi reflexively and unknowingly Arnav sat on his knees covering Khushi from his sister. Anjali looked at her brother, who stood against her for the first time with surprise. She knew that instance, that Khushi indeed correct, because her brother never can be wrong.


"Nahi... hume mat maariye... agar aap ko hum par aur hamari baton pe vishwas nahi hai to, hum yaha se chale jayenge. Par, hume mat maariye ( NO... Please don't beat me. If you don't believe me or my words, then I will leave from here. But please don't beat me)" Khushi cried her heart out holding Arnav's shirt. Not able to see her in that condition, Arnav hugged her tightly.


Why would I support Di always when others too in pain? Why would I support Di, when Khushi is the victim too? Di has our family members, but Khushi doesn't. Whatever others think or say, I will support Khushi this time. Then think about Di' thought Arnav


Why would I support Anjali always when others too in pain? Why would I support Anjali, when Khushi is the victim too? Anjali has us to support her, but Khushi doesn't. Whatever others think or say, I will support Khushi this time. She is so innocent and childish. I can't leave her alone in this cruel world.' thought Nani ji.


"Hush... Khushi... relax... don't cry... I trust you..." said Arnav.


Khushi looked at Arnav and hugged him again getting a nod from him. Anjali sat with a thud on the sofa before Arnav and Khushi. Mami helped Anjali by holding her shoulder. Anjali looked at the petite figure hugging her brother to get some support. She looked at Khushi's reddened cheek, which swollen with her hard slap. Arnav slowly left Khushi, asking her to pack her bag again with silent eyes. Nodding her head while hiccupping, Khushi tried to pack her bag back. Both Akash and NK helped Khushi. Arnav didn't look at his sister or didn't go to her to console. He couldn't. He sat there on the floor, looking at Khushi, who is hiccupping and packing her back while wiping her tears with back of her palm. After few seconds, Arnav saw Khushi went to Anjali and sat near her feet and became alert, to save Khushi if his sister behaves wildly again.


"Di... hum itne bure nahi hai, ki dosron ki zindagi barbad kare. Hum itne bure nahi hai, ki aur kisi ke pati se shaadi kare. Hum par yakeen kijiye Di, hum sach keh rahe hai (Di, I'm not that bad, to make others life spoil. I'm not that bad, to get married to others husband. Please trust me Di, I'm telling the truth)" tears rolled from Khushi's eyes.


Anjali closed her eyes seeing Khushi's crying face. She don't want to believe, but... she has to, because Khushi have enough proofs against her husband. She silently stood and left to her room making Khushi cry more. She kept her head on the floor while sitting and cried her heart out.


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Part 2 - 76 votes ;  11 comments


I don't know why I'm writing and posting stories here still. God only can put some sense in my mind. I don't know why I'm preferring to be hurt. Hmm... Confused


Thank you whoever commented and liked... Hug Hug


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5S : Mulakat (Meet) Part 4 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 80 times)

I wrote this story as per my wish. If anyone don't like this, they are free to leave. I'm not forcing this. As I already completed writing this, I can't change anything. If you guys want/love/like any particular thing in this story, you can request the writer to write another one with that Tongue Wink  ( just kidding ). Sorry if you don't like this. Sorry if I disappoint you, but I'm not sorry for writing this, because I love this story of mine...  *batting eye lashes* *hugging myself for writing this story* Tongue LOL




Part 4 :



Khushi never said any lie. She can't take when someone wouldn't believe her when she says truth. She feels like she is not good girl and she shouldn't talk with anyone. Arnav slowly lifted Khushi from the floor and made her sit on the sofa. He wiped her tears shaking his head


"Hum sach keh rahe hai Arnav ji (I'm telling the truth Arnav ji)" said Khushi hiccupping hardly


"I know... I know... relax..." NK brought the water and gave it to Arnav "Here, drink this water. Then tell me what has happened and how you met Shyam"


Nodding her head, khushi drank the water and started telling how her family met Shyam


"Shyam ji, Jiji ki shaadi mein pehli baar hamare ghar aaye the. Woh, Abhinav ji ke ache dost hain. Jab Jiji ki baraat wapas chali gayi, mera matlab Abhinav ji ne bahut paise maange aur jiji se shaadi karne ke liye mana kiya, Shyam Ji unhe samjhane ki koshish ki par jiji ki shaadi nahi hui. Us din ke baad, Shyam Ji ne har din hamare ghar aake, bau ji ko bahut madad ki. Wo jiji ke liye aur ek rishta bhi leke aaye the. Par jiji ne kaha unhe shaadi nahi karni, kyunki bau ji ke paas paise nahi hai aur woh kaam karna chahte hai. Toh, Shyam Ji ne Bua ji se kaha woh jiji ke liye ek kaam dhundenge. Ek din, jab hum aur hamari Amma bazar gaye the, goondon ne hamari beizati karne ki koshish ki. Us waqt bhi Shyam ji ne hame bachaya. Jab hum ghar wapas aaye, hamare padosiyo ne hamare baare me bahut galat baat kahi. Jab Amma aur Bua ji rone lage, tab sab kuch dekh kar Shyam ji ne kaha, woh humse shaadi karenge (Shyam Ji, He came to our house for the first time at the time of my sister's marriage. He and Abhinav is close friends. When my sister's marriage broken, I mean when Abhinav asked for more money and disagreed to marry my sister without money, Shyam tried to make him understand. But my sister's marriage stopped. Later that day, Shyam started to come my house daily, and helped my father. He even brought one match to my sister. But my sister said, she don't want to get married because my father doesn't have money and she wants to do job. So, Shyam Ji told to my father that he will find job for my sister. One day, when me and my mother went to market, some goons misbehaved with me. At that time too Shyam helped us. After that, when we came back to home, our neighbors taunted me and bad mouthed me. hearing that my mother and Aunt started crying. Seeing us like that, Shyam told he will marry me.)" with that khushi cried more. Arnav rubbed her back to sooth her.


"Phir kuch dino ke liye, Shyam ji gayab ho gaye ..., hamara matlab, woh kahi chale gaye the aur hum me se kisi ko bhi kuch nahi bataya. Phir achanak woh wapas aa gaye aur kaha woh kuch pooja ke liye gaye the, hamari Khushi ke liye. Phir, Jab mein bauji se kaha ki mujhe Dilli mein padhna, unhone mujhe padhne se mana kiya. Woh kabhi nahi chahte the ki hum Dilli aaye. Jab se hum Dilli Aye, hamari shaadi ka joda lene, bahut kuch hua hai. Aur ab, hamari wajah se Di bahut dukhi hui hai ( Then, for some days, Shyam vanished. I mean, he went somewhere and didn't say anything to any of us. Suddenly he came back and said he went to one pooja for my happiness. Then, when I asked my father that I want to study in Delhi, Shyam ji didn't agree. He never wanted us to come to Delhi. When we came to Delhi to purchase my wedding dress, a lot things happened. And now, because of me Di is in pain.)"


Arnav tried to console her. He hugged her tightly by sideways and rubbed her back.


"Khushi betiya..." Nani came to Khushi and sat beside her other side and took her hands "Khushi betiya, you like Anjali right?" KHushi nodded her head "Then will you help us in saving Anjali from that man? I think, whatever he did was not good"


"Is mein sochne ki kya baat hai Nani ji? Unhone jo bhi kiya Di ke saath, woh bahut galat hai. Di jaisi Patni kisi ko bhi nahi milegi. Di bahut achi hai, pyaari hai, Shyam Ji ko aisa nahi karna chahiye tha (What's there to think Nani Ji? Whatever he did with Di, is completely wrong. Nobody can get a wife like Di. Di is really nice and lovely person. Shyam shouldn't have done this)" Khushi said between her sobs.


Everyone understood how pure hearted and innocent is Khushi. Anjali, who is listening everything from her room door, felt bad for slapping Khushi.

Nani ji touched Khushi's cheeks and wiped tears.


"Aap rote hue achhe nahi lagte ( YOu won't look good when you cry), don't cry dear... everything will be fine"


Khushi nodded her head.


After that Akash, NK tried their best to divert Khushi's mind where Mami, Nani ji tried their best to console Anjali. Arnav just sat on the sofa, looking at his sister. He didn't say anything, in real he couldn't.


Later that day, Arnav informed his uncle about whatever happened in their house between Anjali and Khushi and confirmed him that both the Shyam-s are same and requested him to find Khushi's family as early as possible.


In all these days, Shyam didn't fail to call Anjali and tell her that he is busy with his work in Mumbai. When the truth about him came out, Anjali refused to talk with him. But Arnav made her understand that if she don't talk with him, it will alert him in any way. So, till they find Khushi's family and caught him red handed they have to behave like nothing happened. With lots of difficult everyone in the family talked with him. IN all these days, Khushi became an inseparable part of everyone's life. Mostly, Nani and Arnav became habituated with Khushi. Anjali apologized to Khushi and asked for forgiveness. Being a happy go girl, Khushi immediately forgave Anjali and helped her to come out of the pain. Anjali thanked Khushi for being her support.


One Sunday, when everyone sitting in living room after their evening tea, Nani suddenly asked


"Khushi dear... Will you marry my chote?"


Everyone in the room sat in their places in shock.


"Nani Ma...?" But Arnav's question went unanswered


"Tell me, Khushi betiya, Will you marry my Chote?"


Everyone heads turned to Khushi and looked at her with utmost curiosity.


Slowly, understanding the question, Khushi shook her head in NO leaving everyone in mixture of different feeling and expression.


"Why betiya?"


Khushi shook her head again, but didn't say anything or didn't look at anyone. she bent her head till her chin touch her collar bone.


"Khushi...?" Mami said touching her shoulder "Don't you like Arnav?"


Khushi nodded her head in yes and shook her head in no and whispered "My Bauji, no money to dahej" tears formed in her eyes.


"What?" Arnav, who is restless to hear her answer, asked almost shouting.


Still not looking at anyone, Khushi nodded her head and said "You all people more money. My father no money. And I not want trap Arnav Ji"


Everyone looked at Khushi with shock. They can hear the insult and pain in Khushi's voice. Everyone look at Anjali, who sat like a statue hearing Khushi's words. They understood what effect Anjali's words had on Khushi. They felt bad for the innocent soul sitting in between them.


Arnav slowly sat beside Khushi's other side and held her hands in his.


"Khushi look at me" he said in low voice, not wanting to scare her


Khushi looked at him with so much pain in her eyes


"I Want go my family" said khushi, tears rolling on her cheeks. Now all of them clearly understood what khushi feeling. They might be able to help her in diverting her mind, but they failed to bring her out from her pain, insult


Arnav gulped hard and nodded his head, not able to voice out his feelings. He hugged her sideways and said "Don't ever say that you tried to trap me. Di didn't mean when she said. She was in pain and she said all those things in angry, Khushi. Believe me, Di likes you so much as we all do" Khushi looked at Anjali. But looking at tearful Anjali, Khushi felt bad and cried again. Understanding her feeling, arnav rubbed her back and said "Sh... she's not crying because of you. She is feeling bad because she was the reason for your pain. relax..." Khushi nodded her head


Everyone looked at Arnav with shock, seeing the soft side in him.


"If, Anjali doesn't have any problem with you, then will you marry Chote?" Nani don't want to lose this Angel, that too not after his grand son's confession. Nani looked at Arnav, who sat with tensed eyes.


Khushi again shook her head in NO.


Remembering her Dahej' point, Anjali went to khushi and sat on the tea table before her.


"After spending this much time with us, do you really think we will ask dowry from your father?" Anjali asked holding Khushi's hands in her

KHushi nodded her head in yes and said "Buaji tell, all rich log want money. They ask more dahej. My father no money to dahej"


"Khushi... we don't want money. I have so much... I'm earning so much" Arnav tried to make her understand


"You say that today. but by marriage, you ask more. I know, Abhinav ask like that"


They couldn't understand how to make her understand. everyone looked at each other with helpless expression. Suddenly, NK said


"Khushi, will you believe us if we promise before Devi Mayya in mandir?" NK really prayed God to make her agree to marry his brother.


Khushi looked at everyone, then Nani and then Arnav


"But, Arnav ji, no like God. How he promise to Devi Mayya?" Khushi asked innocently


Rolling his eyes, arnav said "I will do. You believe God, right? That's enough to take promise. No need for me to like or believe in God to promise you"


"Acha? Sach mein?" Khushi felt all these confused. She looked at everyone with the same confused expression.


"Khushi, you believe me, right? And you know that Arnav never oppose whatever I say, right?" Khushi nodded her head for both the questions. Nani continued "Then I promise before Devi Mayya, will you agree for marriage now?"


After thinking for some more time, Khushi asked "Bauji what say? hey Devi Mayya!!! Jiji no marriage now, I marry arnav ji? it not wrong?" she asked


"Unbelievable" muttered Arnav with a small smile on his lips


"Dear... We will search a good boy for your sister then you both can get married on same day" suggested Mama ji


"Sach mein? (really?)" Khushi excited hearing her sister marriage


"Yes, really..." said Mami ji


"Thank you Mama ji, Mami ji. I know, you see good man my sister"


"Not only for your sister, you also getting good boy as your husband, Khushi" said Anjali


"GOOD BOY!!!!????" Khush almost jumped from her seat. Anjali nodded her head in yes in confusion


"No... Arnav ji Good man... no Good boy" Khushi said as a matter of truth. everyone looked at Khushi amused


"Then, are you a good woman?" asked Arnav


"No... I'm good girl..." said Khushi with a shy smile making arnav Laugh out loud and pull her towards him by keeping his elbow beside her neck and making her face hit his side of chest. he kissed her temple and said "I love you..."


Everyone in the room including Khushi, except Nani looked at him with wide eyes.


Looking at their expression, Arnav smiled inwardly.


"Huh... you no say like this before all family peoples. You say in room, you and me stay" Khushi said innocently making everyone smile. Hearing their smiles, Khushi blushed and hid her face in her palms.


After that, everyone talked about so many things for long time while having their dinner. When they about to finish their dinner, Arnav's phone began to ring. Seeing his uncle's name on screen, he immediately answered the call





I didn't want to give importance to Shyam ( -ve) character in this. So, just skipped about Shyam's interference in Khushi's life and her family's life. I just want to show the positive side. As it is ONLY 5S, I think whatever I wrote is not in hurry or something else. Hope you guys will like it...



Thank you for the wonderful response Clap Clap Hug Hug I hope I won't need to request or threat in every update, It sucks... Tongue  Wink


Hope I will get same or more response for my works...


Thanks a lot





P.S. Writing Anmol. will try to post today. If not today, then tomorrow for sure...


Priyanjali : HOpe you got all the answers you wanted with this update. Thanks for reading my stories (whether you can wait or not/How much you are irritated with my late  updates). what do you think, why I'm posting my updates here still? If it is not for you guys, I would have left long back. But still, I deserve the comments and likes, don't I? I laughed a lot after reading your threat. and I can't promise about cliffhanger...   Tongue  Wink

Tparvaiz : Only writers can understand the pain. Thanks for understanding. I hope readers will understand that too... and Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging. Seeing the response from readers in different websites, I think indiaforums is best to post stories. Hope you got the answers for you all questions. and this is NOT SS. this is FIVE SHOT. And yes, this will be end with next part.

clau18 : Thank you... Hope you liked this update...

Arshifanshaf : Thank you... hope you don't have any issues with this update...

Aliya : Thank you...

sweet gal : Thank you... Anjali knows (she thinks) her husband from years, she only knew Khushi from few weeks, so she reacted like that. sorry... Confused

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Aug 6, 2015

5S : Mulakat (Meet) Part 5(LAST) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 77 times)

"Yes Uncle..."




"What? When? Where?"




"Oh... thank God..."




"Yes, we are coming there now. Thank you so much uncle... Yes, I will bring Di along with us" saying this he disconnected the call and said "Police found Khushi's family"


"What?" everyone shouted


"Yes, and also caught Shyam red handed"


"That's great... Now, he will get his punishment" said Anjali with so much anger. Everyone looked at her with mixed emotions "Don't look at me like that. I loved him and trusted him, that doesn't mean, I will accept him whatever he does"


Nodding his head, Arnav said "They found Khushi's family in bad condition. They admitted them in hospital and they are fine now. Uncle asked me to bring Khushi there along with Di"


"Hospital?" Khushi said in verge of cry voice


"Sh... Khushi they are fine. We will go now, okay?"


Khushi nodded her head. All these weeks, staying with Arnav, he made Khushi stronger than her original self. He boosted her courage with his words and support.


"Me too will come along with you" said Nani


"Me too" said everyone


Nodding his head, Arnav asked Akash to take out the car. He hopped the car along with Khushi, Anjali and Nani. Akash hopped his car along with Mami

Ji, Mama ji, and NK. They rushed towards the hospital




Khushi ran towards the ward after hearing the directions from the receptionist. Arnav followed her closely followed by others.


Once she is in the ward, she barged into the room where her family was kept.


"Bau ji..." she rushed to her father and hugged him. She cried her heart out seeing their condition. Nani and Anjali tried to console her. Khushi introduced them to her parents and told them how they took care of her. Khushi's parents and Bua ji thanked them for their care. Akash and NK went to doctor to ask about Khushi's family's conditions. Here everyone bid bye to Khushi's family when  Nurse said patients need rest. Khushi and Arnav stayed in Hospital throughout the night.


Shyam was arrested and proved guilt in the court with stronger evidence and sentenced for life. Anjali got divorce almost immediately after the judgement.


Khushi's family came to RM after three days. All the Raizadas took a very good care of them. Khushi's family felt overwhelmed with this care and love Raizadas showered on them.




One evening, when Arnav came from office, he spotted Khushi sitting in the garden with a dull face. He went to her and sat beside her


"Khushi, why are you sad? And why are you sitting here alone?"


"Bauji say, we go Lucknow tomorrow. No stay here from tomorrow" Khushi controlled her best to not to let tears roll down


"Shh... don't cry. You won't go anywhere. In fact no one will go anywhere. I will talk with them. You know, I don't like your tears. don't you? Then stop crying now and come let's go inside" he wiped the tears and led her inside hugging her sideways


When they both came inside they saw their families sat and chatting.


"Nani Ma..." called Arnav, getting Nani's nod, he continued "I think it's time"


Understanding Arnav's unsaid words, Nani nodded her head and held her hand for Khushi


"Khushi come hear betiya"


Khushi silently went to Nani and sat beside her. Nani addressing Khushi's family, said "I want Khushi betiya to stay here along with us for lifelong. My Chote loves Khushi betiya and wants to marry her. So, I'm asking your daughter's hand for my grandson."


"Kya? (What?)" Khushi's family whispered


"Yes, I'm asking Khushi's hand for my elder grandson - Arnav" confirmed Nani


"Why? Don't you like us?" asked Mama ji with a small smile


"Nahi nahi... aisi koi baat nahi. Hum toh, bas... yehi..." They couldn't understand what to say in fact how to react or how to feel with this news. They all looked at each other and looked at others.


Seeing her grandson getting impatient, Nani nodded her head in assurance. She turned to Khushi's parents and said "I promise you and can assure you, Khushi betiya will be happy with my Chote. He is really nice person and very much in love with Khushi betiya" Nani caressed Khushi hair with so much love. Khushi blushed hearing Arnav loving her. Khushi's Bauji, Amma and Buaji, saw the happiness in their child's face. Payal felt very happy for her sister. After few minutes, Khushi's father said


"We don't have any problem in this... but... but..." Khushi's father hesitated


"We can understand your thoughts. If you don't mind, I know one boy, who will keep your daughter - Payal, happy throughout her life" suggested Mami ji


"Sach???" asked Khushi's parents and Buaji. But Payal moved uncomfortably in her place


"Yes and don't worry, he is same age of our Arnav"


"Who is that boy, Manorama?" asked Nani


"He is that boy" Mami showed the person, who stand beside Arnav


"AKASH!!!" This is really big surprise for everyone


"What the!!! Mami ji... what are you saying?" asked Arnav with happiness and confusion


"Yes, he loves Payal" said Mami looking straight into her son's eyes


Unable to look into his mother's eyes, Akash hid himself behind Arnav.


"That's great... But what about the bride? Payal, betiya will you marry my Akash?" asked Nani


Everyone looked at Payal with hopeful eyes, but Payal sat there looking at the floor making some designs on her left palm with her right index finger.


"JIJI SAY YES" shouted Khushi with excitement clapping her hands, startling everyone.


"Khushi... chup" Anjali scolded Khushi affectionately


Khushi rushed towards her and said "No Di... When Jiji shy and want say yes, she do that"


"What?" Arnav is curious now


"Write with right finger on left hand - it yes; write with left finger on right hand - it no" khushi said with twinkling eyes.


Arnav immediately looked at Payal and again looked at Khushi


"Are you sure?" asked NK


"YES... YES... YESSS" shouted Khushi.


Khushi mother asked Payal, whatever Khushi saying whether it is correct or not. Payal nodded her head in yes with red color on her cheeks.


Everyone sighed in happiness and congratulated both Akash and Payal. After celebrating for few minutes, Khushi's father corrected his voice to say something but was stopped by Nani's words


"Don't say anything, we all know about Payal's broken marriage"


"It's that boy's bad luck to lose this beautiful girl" said Mami touching Payal's cheeks


"And one more thing. As it is MY marriage, only I have the right to spend money on this occasion. I'm not going to allow anyone to do that. I will take care of both the sides of expenses and as me and Akash both are getting married at a time, It's our responsibility to take care of everything. Just tell us your requirement, we will do the arrangements. We will take care of your relatives too" Arnav said in a final tone


Khushi's family looked at each other surprisingly. When Buaji about to say anything, Arnav cut her saying


"I didn't ask your opinion in this Buaji, I'm telling my decision. Till now, I never allowed anyone to cross my decision" he tried to threaten with a smile on his face


Not understanding how to react, everyone nodded their heads in agreement


"So, I think it will be better if we talk about... about... dowry and all" Khushi's mother said in low voice


Arnav immediately looked at Khushi who stood beside him with shocked expression. Smiling inwardly, Arnav hugged khushi sideways and said "You are giving me most valuable precious gem in this world - Khushi. What else I want?"


"Exactly Arnav... I agree with you. You are giving us your Angels to us. We don't need any dowry and all. You just come to the hall and do kanyadaan. That's all." said Mami ji.


Khushi's parents folded their hands and thanked Raizadas for their generosity. Khushi looked at Arnav with a bright smile and twinkling eyes, the way Arnav like to and want to see. He hugged her sideways again and kissed on her temple. Payal and Akash stole glances at each other with pink cheeks

Everyone settled in their places and talked about the rituals and all. After having dinner, everyone retired to their rooms eagerly waiting for tomorrow to meet Pandit.




The dates were fixed; engagements will be held in a 15 days and marriage will be held after 2 months from the engagements. As Khushi will turn into 18 after a month and half, Arnav preferred that day despite of his eagerness to marry her soon. Date, time and place were fixed for each and every ritual. NK took the responsibility of decorations, Anjali took the responsibility of caterers, Mama ji took the responsibility of inviting their business friends and colleagues. Nani, Mami ji from groom's' side and Buaji Amma and Bauji from bride's side will take care of inviting the relatives. Everything was finalised, wedding planners has come, decorators has come and everything is finalised. Arnav appointed best designers to design the dresses for their families. Everything is settled, just the days has to come




One day, when both Akash and Arnav came from office, they both spotted Khushi lying on the grass in the garden while humming some songs and giggling. Both smiled at each other looking at her childishness


"I wish, we could do that, enjoy our lives like the way she does. But I think we are way matured than necessary" said Akash. Arnav nodded his head agreeing with his brother. Sighing deeply Akash bid bye to Arnav and went inside, where Arnav went to garden towards his life


"What are you doing here?" asked arnav sitting beside Khushi on the grass. He felt different feel while sitting on the grass along with Khushi and seeing her bright smile


"Arnav ji... you came?" asked khushi trying to sit. But Arnav stopped her from getting up and pushed her little as asking to lie


"Yes, just now. What are you doing here?"


"Wait, first me go and bring coffee to you"


"No, HP will bring. You tell me"


"I thinking"


"Khushi... it's I am thinking... how many times I said don't forget am' "


"Sorry... I'm thinking... about my feels"



"Yes, yes... feelings"


"What are you thinking?"


Khushi stopped saying, seeing HP coming there with their coffee cups. After taking the cups and HP went from there Khushi said in low voice


"You know Arnav ji? I feeling... no no... I'm feeling different"


"Like?" asked Arnav in curiosity


"I feeling to sleep, but no getting sleep. I feeling to eat, but not getting eat"


"Why like that?" Arnav asked. Even though her english is difficult understand sometimes, Arnav understands her well enough.


"Don't know. I confused. And you know, I feeling like tension, I mean, when we eat, when we sit in hall, when we go for walk and when we do anything. My heart runs fast. See, now also it's doing that" Khushi said with wide eyes keeping her hand on her chest.


Arnav somewhat understood what's going on with her.


"Do you feel all these, in all the day and night time?"


"No... only Night dinner and morning breakfast. After 10 it will go, and evening this time it will come"


So, you are feeling this before I leave for office and after come from office' thought Arnav, sipping his coffee.


Khushi looked at him with hopeful eyes.


"Do you feel your cheeks burning when I do this?" Arnav touched her cheeks with back of his fingers


Khushi observed for few seconds and said with wide eyes "Yes..."


Arnav slowly moved towards her and asked in low voice "Do you feel your heartbeat increasing more than before now?"


Khushi again observed for few seconds and said "Yes" now her eyes are gaining the fear


Arnav smiled inwardly seeing the innocence in front of him


"Khushi, Do you feel irritated when I'm talking on phone for long?"


"Yes" the answer is immediate


"Do you feel sad when I'm talking with any other girl or person?"


"Yes" the answer is clear


"Do you feel like to be with me all the time? Do you feel like talking with me all the time? Do you feel like listening to me all the time? Do you feel scared when I come home late and whenever you can't see me?" Arnav is getting impatient. It's getting difficult for him to control his excitement


"Yes, Arnav ji... I feel" Khushi said with so  much surprise in her voice


"Oh... sweetheart... Thank you, thank you so much..." Arnav hugged Khushi tightly, leaving her confused.


"Thank you... why?"


"Because for loving me"


"WHAT!!!???" shouted Khushi in her top voice


"Yes, dear... you are in love with me" said Arnav smiling broadly




"Yes, whatever you are saying... I feel all of them when I see you. My heartbeat takes a rapid pace when you sit near me. Here, feel it" he kept khushi's hand on his chest. Not able to feel anything, Khushi kept her ear on his chest and gasps in surprise.


"Your heart very fast beat!!!"


"Because You are near me and I love you"


"Toh, my heart also like beat this? But why?"


"Because, our heart beats mingles with each other, our hearts feels each other's heart's presence. Do you understand what I'm saying Khushi?" Arnav asked in eagerness.


"I think" she said thinking deeply about what Arnav said.


Arnav, sat there patiently, waiting for the realization is to hit her mind. Arnav smiled seeing Khushi's eyes growing big and mouth opening wide. Khushi looked at Arnav


"I Love you????" questioned Khushi with a shocked expression


Arnav nodded his head with a smile, "I'm damn sure..."


For next few minutes, Khushi sat, staring at Arnav. Suddenly she pounced on him hugging tightly, making him lie on grass holding her tightly


"Hey Devi Mayya... I love you??"


Arnav laughed at her English.


"Yes my dear... You loves me"


"Sach Arnav ji?"




Khushi tightened her hold around Arnav and whispered with controlled excitement


"I Love You Arnav ji..."


Arnav felt like the world around them was stopped moving. He felt like flying in the air, he felt like walking on the sand on beach. He felt like he got his life back. He tightened his hold on Khushi and murmured


"I Love you too Khushi..."


With that both of them lied on the grass, grasping the emotions, feeling the warmth of each other, feeling the longing of each other. They lied on the grass not wanting to move away from each other, not wanting anyone to disturb. They lied there, dreaming about their future, waiting for their marriage, waiting to explore their life with each other support, waiting to be each other's forever, together...








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