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May 13

Marriage english transaction (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 48 times)

shyam- Rohan what do you said now how dare you say like that don't you have any right to say like that you got it

Rohan(in same anger mood)-shyam I think you forgotten that she is my sister and as much right I had previously on her so much right here today

shyam-oh now you talking about your right then where was you when she had missing so long.she were missing but you know where is she.if you can't pay any attention to your sister then she should not want such a brother

all rayisadhas looking them with a lot of confusion

Mami- HHBB what are you doing now why both of you fighting like this

Kushi-bhai please don't fight you both because of me. chalo let's go now from herd

she push Rohan's hand like a child

Arnav- lt seems that you forgot that you are my wife now Mrs.Kushi Arnav Singh will not go anywhere from here

Shyam and Rohan - ARNAVVVVVV...<\br>

Arnav - don't shout jiju we are not dough

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May 17

Marriage total drama (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 80 times)

Shyam- dont you dare to call her as your wife Arnav she is not your wife

Arnav- really JIJAJI[he stressed the word JIJAJI] she is my wife now if you guys mane ya nhi it would not change hena kushi 

he side hugged her tears are started to flow from her eyes

kushi{in mind}-i'm sorry bhayyu he left any option other than this .i'm really sorry i broke your every dream

Rohan-Arnav how can you do this i said to you na ki i can't givemy sisters hand for you

Arnav-then who can gave you her hand for him{looking shyam] for him na

Anjali- chote....... what are you saying

Arnav- i'm saying the truth diii he is betraying you he have an extra marital affair with kushi because of that he didn't allow my proposal with kushi

Anjali- no chote he cant he only love me he

she said cryingly every one got shock because of arnav's reveleation

Arnav - i'm saying the truth diiiii

He narrate every incident which he saw in upstairss.every one got the shor ka jadkaaa

mami-WHAAAATTTTTT............shyam bitva cheating anjali for thesetwo rupee girl HHBB

NAni- i can't belive this how can damad ji do that

akash- no jiju aap ese kaise kar sakthe ho

anjali were numb and she dont know how to react she sit her like a deadbody 

Arnav- diiii    please look at me diii please

Shyam- Rani sayibaaa

he tried to hold her but arnav removed his hand from her

Arnav - dont you dare to tiuch my sister with your bloody hands mr.jha

Shyam  Arnav  .... please hear what i want to say

Arnav- i dont want to hear any new cooked stories now mr.jha i heared alot now

Anjali {she come out from her shock]-no chote he will never cheat me i know how much he loves me hena Shyamji

she hold Shyams hand and put it on her belly

Anjali-bolona Shyamji that you have any relation with these girll...please bolona....

Shyam shockingly withdrawed his hand from her belly 

Anjali got extra shock.tears started to flow kushii

Anjaly[in anger]- dont say her name again are betraing me these years and i am mad to think that you also love me like i did

Shyam- anjali.......i can explain...

arnav{in anger} - we dont want to hear any of your blody explanations you bas****ed

he angerly punched shyam and shyam fell on ground 

rohan- Shyam.....

kushi rushed to shyam and she wiped the blood which comes from his mouth because of Arnav's puch. she make him stand with a crying face. he wiped her tears with his thups this made all rayizadhas blood boiled

Anjali pull kushi from shyam's said and raise her hand to beat her.but shyam held her hand

Shyam- rani sayiba dont have any right to punish her

Anali- leave my hand shyamji today i will kill this chudali how dare she

she tried to slap kushi again but this time she fell a tight slap on her face

yes shyam slaped her

Anjali-{with shock] Shyamji......... aap....wo bi iskeliye

Arnav -how dare you shyam 

he again come closer to shyam. but kushi come in between them 

Kushi-please don't do anything please leave him mein aapka paav padtha hu please leave him

Arnav- wow kya pyaar hai ye you bloody ****

Rohan-Arnav..... dont you dare to call her like that...oyherwise i will kill you

Arnav=oh really 

rohan-[in anger] Arnav please be in your limit now you are crossing your limit bhai hu mein uski

Arnav-really then tell me what typeof bhai you are Rohan . you know your sister's affair with Mr.Jha  phir bi you remain silent you know na he is already married.but you allowed this or you and your sister traped him in your plan


Arnav- said me na rohan what is her relation with MR.jha is his Mistress


suddernly shyam grabbed arnav's collerin full of anger in his eyes.all rayisadhas were shocked on his suddern move and he rored in anger


do you like my story guys please to be with me

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Aug 29

Marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav - what The ...she is your sister

All rayisadha's got their biggest shock in their life.They look Shyam and Kushi as they are coming from any other world.

Mano- HHBB ye patti sadi is Shyam bitwaas sister how can this happen?

Anjali(in shock)- what ??? she is your sister then why didn't you tell us.even not to me

Shyam looked everyone he know everyone is waiting for his answers. for those words that once he cover up.those answers which make their lives like this.for those answers which make him and his sister make superate..He close his eyes for a while.some flashes are running in front of his eyes.

A ten years old boy were running behind of a 4 years girl.

Two girls one a 6 years girl and another 8 years are ties Raakhi to a 12 years boy's hand

A lady around 35 wiping water on that boy's head and one girl is sitting with a man around 40's and the elder one serving coffee for them

someone shots that man and lady.the two girls were hiding behind a wall

Shyam opened his eyes suddenly .he looked kushi.his eyes were red because of pain in his heart.The way he looked Kushi it contained the care, the love, the fear he have towards her

Anjali Brock the silence which kept there

"Shyamji we want our answers" said Anjali

Aug 29

marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

sorry for late update .I will try to update regularly. because of some issues caused on my state I lost my book which I used to write the story I change entire plot of this story. so you all will get new twist and turns

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Aug 31

flashback (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

Arnav - I think he is cooking up new story di.if she is his sister then why didn't he tell this first

Rohan - Arnav Shyam is right Kushi is Shyam's sister.he didn't tell this to you because she

Shyam - Rohan...

Shyam signals Rohan to not tell anything to anyone. so Rohan keep quite.

All looked them confused.

Suddenly Kushi felt dizziness when she go to fall Arnav and Shyam hold her.Shyam looked Arnav .so Arnav released his hold from her.

Shyam lift Kushi and take her to gust room.she were unconscious . everyone followed them to guest room

In Guest Room

Kushi is still unconscious so they decided to call doctor. Shyam called doctor

doctor checked Kushi and said" no problem Mr.jha her B.P got increased, don't worry. now she is in sedation she will be ok in 1 hour

the doctor leaves from there.

Shyam looked Kushi's face . he kissed her for head and said every one that he will wait them on outside

In hall
everyone presented on hall.They all impatiently waiting for when Shyam broke his silence. Finally Manorama break the atmosphere with her HHBB

Mano- HHBB why Shyam bitwa kept silence
Shyam looked everyone

Shyam- I know you all want my answers. yes Kushi is my sister. I hide this from you all because I scared that l will lose her again

All looked him confused. Shyam started to narrate his story


I have a small family.My Baba Mahohar jha, Maa Rohini jha and two little sisters Payal and Kushi. My Baba was a sincere police officer . He loves our family very much.when I was 15 years old baba got a transfer to Nagpur. That place changed our lives completely

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Oct 22

Flashback continues (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 48 times)

one day papa came home via happy .when we asked abolished that he said he met his brother after a long time in udaipur

Maa and papa did love marriage because of that my dadu thrown out of them from home

After a week chachu and papa come to home.he asked as to come with home but papa not ready for that.he said his father throws out of him because of that he can't come again but chachu said that past five years he were searching us.dadu want to see he were paralysed.

When papa hears that he become emotional and decided to go to Village back

When we reached on village  dadu and our new family welcomed us whole heartly we think like that

Me,payal and kushi were very happy because of our new family... But....but it was a trap.....a trap made by my dadu and chachu

Chachu and dadu want to do a human sacrifice. They believed because of my maa their family faced these problems. A pandit who does black magics said to them if they gave a girl who Bron on chithrapowrnami as sacrifice they will get back everything what they lost and they will get what they wish

Because of that chachu make this plan.,.and the girl they choosed it was our kushi

When papa come to know all about this he broke all relationship between them.,and we came back to udaipur..we think all is done...but it was not done there.....

He founded as....

It was a black Sunday. I'm gone for a scholarship exam

Chachu come to home to take kushi with him.but my papa is not ready for that...chachu killed my parents .....kushi and payal run out of there.when I came back to home all was over there.....

I found my parents and my two sisters dead was burned and I can't identity the faces........ One dark Sunday stolen my family away from me

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Oct 26

Flashback........... (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 70 times)

Flashback continues

I don't want to stay alone there.our home makes me gone crazy .......our non jokes....pyaar ....masthi.....

After a year I got a scholarship so went to abroad.... There I met Rohan.we two become good friends...years passed like that... As you all know one day I met Anjali in UK and we fall for each other ... And we get married.she heals my pain slowly and you all made my family complete again but some where the wound didn't fully cured 

Anjali - shyamji but where you get kushi back why you didn't say anything about her

Shyam- don't you remember Anjali once me and Rohan went to udaipur because of a case

Anjali- ha that day you two met with an accident 

Shyam- ha ...but it was not an accident was a murder attempt

All were shocked

Anjali- what ??murder attempt???

Arnav- what the how ??? Who did that???

Shyam- it was my chachu... when he come to know that we were come back to udaipur he planned a car accident... But his bad luck we only have some small injuries...and in that accident he lost one of his son....people admitted us in a small hospital. It was a small hospital and there have no proper treatment facilities... So we shifted him to Delhi. I informed rohan's mom and his sister about his condition

That time I saw my kushi again...she were in rohan's home. They were treated her has their own daughter.. Rohan's sister... Her name was also kushi were died in accident when she is 12 years...aunty placed kushi in her place....

When kushi and payal run out of our house they split two ways and kushi hit by a car driven by rohan's dad.he take kushi with him 

She thinks me and payal also died ....

When I got my sister back I'm cloud at nine.....but a fear again come to my mind...if chachu comes to know about kushi he will snatch my kushi again.. Because of that I hide this from you also

When I got my kushi back a small hope comes to my mind.....if kushi is safe then my payal also.....

From past two years we are searching for payal everywhere as I can....I don't know anything about her....but I hope so.....

When I came to know you find kushi as Arnav's bride I'm scared... If anything happen to her ....I can't allow that ....because of that fear I did all this

Arnav hugged Shyam and said I'm really sorry jiji...I don't know anything ..because of that I did all this...if I come to know this before then I will done anything like this

Shyam- but Arnav you agrees kushi for this marriage

Arnav- woo...I...I...

Rohan- come on say it na 

Arnav- I blackmailed her 

Shyam and rohan- what?????

Arnav- ha ....I said to her if she didn't agree for this marriage I will kill you and Rohan... Because of that she agreed for this marriage

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Nov 22

Twist twist twist (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)


They all hear  slapping sound

Yes Shyam slapped Arnav

Shyam- how dare you dammit

Arnav- iam sorry jiju...when I saw you and kushi were hugging each other.. I don't know what happened to me..I lose my control over me

Anjali- Shyamji leave it na...galthi tho Sabse Botha hai

Shyam- really do you think it's just a mistake... It's a's a crime to marry a girl without her wish.and I slapped him for's not only for my sister for all those girls who were forced to marry someone without their wish

Garima entered into the hall

Garima-shyam bitwa kushi get consciousness..shall we take her with us

Arnav looked Garima

Arnav (on mind)- nooo...not again.... My half mother in law why you make problems in our life.....why you want to take kushi with what will jiju say...I know definitely jiju will say yes

He looked Anjali with a pleading face...

Anjali looked Arnav's face and assured him that she will not allow her to leave here at any cost

Shyam- no aunty ...what ever Arnav did it was a crime but now kushi is his wife...and we can't break that relationship.... So I don't think it's right to take Kushi from here....what is your opinion nani

All confusingly looked Shyam

Nani- are right beta...chote did a big mistake to force kushi bitiya...but now she is our bahu....Anjali bitiya come we need to prepare for grihaprevesh

Anjali (happily)- ji nani

Mano- HHBB bahu comes home...come ..come we need to get ready na...I mean hame saari thayyari karna hai na

Arnav were damn happy

All went from there expect Shyam and Rohan

Rohan- hmmm...,why you allow kushi to stay here?? What is your plan now??? And first of all why said lies to them....what a touching story but...full of lies

Shyam- ha...ha...ha...ha.....lies...yes ...I lie to them....what do you think I will say whole truth to know was our plan to enter this family... For that I married Anjali... I acted like I fallen love with her...mad women she believed that and these bloody Rayizadha's make her as my was our first victory towards this rayizadha's...and my sister is now Arnav's wife...first I'm not ready to spoil kushi 's life but she obtrude to marry him..he thinks that he forced kushi for this marriage.... Poor Arnav but he did not know it was our plan...he fallen our plan like his sister... Now it's our time to take our revenge towards this Rayizadha's

Rohan- you are right Shyam....what they did to us this is the right time to return that...... And ha what about Aakash??

Shyam- don't worry.... I got her....she will come

Rohan- mathlab.....payal

Shyam- ha....she will make dhoom on Aakash's life now

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