arshi:made for each other

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Aug 27, 2015

arshi:made for each other (By Samatha) (Thanked: 37 times)

Wat we see is always not the truth and it need not be true always too.

The scene starts from khushi falling from the office of arnav na na ASR on the boxes placed below the office.

Everyone in d office froze for a second looking at the scene but ASR's one growl"get back to work everybody" made dem busy in work.

Lavanya n her two followers too were dismissed to their cabins and khushi was summoned to the DEN ooooopss ASR'S cabin by the devil himself through aman aur bichara amam did his work.

And the whole office waited for the angry lions shouts and timid goat's pleading but the sound proof and also vision proof cabin dint giv away any of the happenings between the two.

But aman who was in emergency to forward a certain mess to his boss for a second forgot his manners n entered THE ASR'S cabin without knocking n by seeing the scene in front of him he FAINTED.

Ya the strong intelligent smart cunning loyal n left right hand of the ASR can handle any situation but not the scene before him.

Because aman witnessed ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA kissing KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA.

The last thing that was in aman's mind before he was fainting was"beta aman u r already dead n WOW man u r in heaven see u r seeing ASR all lovey dovey.hehehe"

This is samatha guys. U can cal me reposting the prologue n characters sketch again since I forgot to log in and post yesterday. I wl update chapter 1 today.

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Aug 27, 2015

character sketch (By Samatha) (Thanked: 33 times)

Arnav singh raizada:ASR to the world. Rich rude arrogant intelligent short tempered n devilishly handsome.

Khushi kumari gupta:is she? Strong cute beautiful girl. At times fiesty n naughty.

Anjali shyam jha:a lady who adores her family n takes care of dem.on a mission to take revenge on the murderers of her mother But hides these fact from chotte to not worry him.

Shyam, akash, payal, mama, mami, nani, guptas, op, hp, jp I hope I dint leave any p. ...all r same as the show

N not to forget Aman n laxmi tooo.hehehe

Aug 28, 2015

chapter 1 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 69 times)

The scene starts from khushi's fall.aman informs khushi dat asr is calling her to his cabin.khushi is huffing and puffing in anger n moves towards asr's cabin muttering curses under her breath.

ASR cabin

Knock knock

Asr:come in

Khushi stands their folding her hands to chest in anger not uttering a word.


Kkg:wat wat?

Asr:wats wrong honey?

Kkg:dont honey me mister arnav singh raizada.and how dare you?

Asr:how dare me? Ab maine kya kiya khushi?

Kkg:kya kiya? Pucho ki kya nahi kiya?

Asr:ok tho bolo ki maine kya nahi kiya?

Kkg:aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aapne mujhe neeche kyun giraya?

Asr:come on miss.gupta it was u who told me to leave u.

Kkg:unbelievable. If I tell u to kiss me u wil do that?

Asr:sure.y not?

He smirked n lifted her in his arms while khushi gasped n was struggling hard to get out of his hold.but his hold was strong and it was impossible for her to move out of his hold.he made her sit on his lap while he seated himself comfortably in his chair.

He hugged her n started nearing her lips while she was moving her head back but after a certain distance she couldn't move further due to the table.n she closed her eyes as she could'nt do anything other than that.

> Arnav wishpered in her ear"open ur eyes khushi".she opened her eyes only to get lost in his eyes.slowly their lips neared each other n started kissing each other for god knows how many minutes. And they wer almost breathless but wer still kissing each other.

And this is d moment our beloved aman decided to gatecrash asr's den n witness d breathtaking scene(literally hehehe)

Arshi broke d kiss only to hear a thud sound.dey both wer confused by the sound n turned towards the door only to witness the scene of aman fainting.

ASR was back on bang with anger to see someone enter his cabin without any permission.they both moved forward towards aman n wer left aghast listening to his mumbling in unconscious state

"Beta aman u r already dead n WOW man congratulations u r in heaven see u r seeing ASR all lovey dovey.hehehe"

Hearing aman both arnav n khushi looked at each other in shock and the next they started laughing falling on the ground. Rofl rofl hahahha hahaha........

Hope u guys like it.please like n comment.

@hihi:Thank u for d help.I dint request for the dairy yet.wil b happy to get one.

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Aug 29, 2015

chapter 2 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 78 times)

Long forgotten were their angers n d two souls continued their laughter. The cabin walls echoed with their laughter. After wat seemed like ages they stopped laughing.

asr:this aman is really crazy.

saying this arnav tapped aman's shoulder to wake him. But aman lay unconscious without moving. khushi handed him a glass of water which he sprinkled on aman.slowly aman started getting conscious. Seeing this arshi relaxed n khushi made herself comfortable in THE ASR'S seat where no one dared to lay a finger let alone sit.while arnav stood by aman in his ASR mode.

khushi lay comfortably in the chair thinking"time for some fun".aman now regained his conscious n stood face to face with ASR no ANGRY ASR.

at first aman was confused seeing himself in his boss cabin.later he was shocked by remembering the scene he saw.he thought"wasn't I dead n reached heaven. Den y d hell am I facing this angry ASR.dont I have peace after death too.hey devimayya aap hamesha mere saath hi aise kyun karthe ho".aman would have gone on n on if not for ASR'S shout.

ASR:wat d hell r u doing in my cabin aman? And dat too without my permission?

that is wen aman stopped his self analysis n looked shocked at his boss only to realize he was alive. But wat abt the kissing scene. OMG!!! Did he dream dat? ? Hmm yeah may b.n d next moment aman bursted into laugh remembering his dream.totally failing to see his boss emitting fire.

ASR:WAT THE? Why d hell r u laughing aman? Have u gone crazy?

AMAN:hahaha ASR u too wil laugh wen I tel about wat I dreamt a few min back.saying this he casually turned his face towards his boss's seat n was shocked to find khushi sitting comfortably.his laughing died down n his face became very serious.

AMAN:ASR I want leave for a week.

ASR:unbelievable. Aman tumhe ho kya gaya hai?

AMAN:I think I hav a disease of hallucinations ASR .see am seeing mis.gupta in ur seat.

hearing this khushi burst into laughter again.but arnav was super duper angry.

ASR:you r not hallucinating aman n yes khushi sat in stop making silly statements n tel me y d hel did u enter my cabin in the first place.

though aman was shocked with the revelation he understood the warning in his boss voice n replied to ASR.

AMAN:ASR the police commissioner is here n he is waiting for u in d conference room.

ASR:OK.lets go.and dare u open ur mouth about wat u saw in d cabin. He warned aman who caught the warning precisely. He left to the conference room along with khushi n aman.

in the conference room

ASR:Hello uncle. Am sorry I made u wait.

com:its okay beta.and how r u? Oh my god khushi how r u darling? N wat is dis new fashion? He said chuckling while looking at her dress.

for which khushi shrugged n arnav rolled his eyes.


KHUSHI:Glared at arnav n replied to commisnr"am fine uncle n I missed u n aunty soo much.unlike some others" she said hinting at arnav for which he rolled his eyes.

Comm:ok dont start both of u again. Arnav I have done al d arrangement u asked me to do. I just came to inform u dat.

ASR:thank u so much uncle. My manager aman wil coordinate with u.

.Aman who stood at a corner nodded his n wishing dem all good byes commissioner left.then arnav explained aman briefly dat he already know khushi but this fact should remain secret among the 3 n arnav also explained aman to take care of khushi in the office since he cant do that infront of all. Aman was also informed to stay in touch with the commissioner.and being intelligent aman understood every order n left the room promising ASR to follow dem perfectly.

Now only arnav n khushi wer left in the room.

khushi was still angry with arnav hugged her from behind n wishpered in her ears

ASR:Baby r u angry with me? U knw na I cant bear ur silence. Pls talk to me. Saying dis he made puppy dog face.

by seeing dis khushi's anger melted away n she turned n hugged him.

khushi:n I too cant stay without talking to u. But y did u throw me down? Wat if I broke my hand or leg? Wat if I hurt my head n die

she couldn't complete her sentence as arnav placed his hand on her mouth.

ASR:shhhhhh..never talk about dying khushi. I wil never let anything happen to u.I left u to fall down because I already made sure not to hurt u by placing tons of silk cushions beneath my cabin.

Khushi:u knw wat.




I hope it is up to the mark.happy raksha bandan.thanks for your love and support. Like n comment if you like my story. Thank u guys who liked n commented.lots of love. ...sam.....

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Aug 31, 2015

chapter 3 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 62 times)



khushi:hmmm I knw the way as uncle said wats up this new fashion?

khushi:acha hai na? Khushi said giggling.

arnav:have u lost it khush? Dis is so down quality n for god sake too bright for eyes n dese round round balls....c**p.

Khushi:offoooo my dress is not c**p u r c**p raizada.

arnav:wat d.

khushi:dont wat d me raizada? It was u who told me to remain underground few days n now blaming me.

arnav:I told u live as kkg.not to wear dese tacky clothes n become chammak challo.

khushi:wat d.

arnav:hey dats my line.


arnav:but wer d hel did u get dis dress.

khushi:woh payal haina uski dosth ki hai.I barrowed from her.

arnav:u mean to say u borrowed her already used dress.ASR said flaring his nostrils long gone was d arnav.

khushi:no no no dis is a new one she never used it.khushi said understanding arnav's anger.

arnav:watever it is khushi u r not gng to wear these dresses.u r KHUSHI remember dat.

khushi:ok baba got it. Leave about these dresses but wat about my job n wat wil u inform ur staff?

khushi said getting all worked up n started pacing the room muttering to herself. Arnav was amused by seeing her.he gently held her by shoulder n hugged her tightly to relax her. 'Come with me'Saying dis he left the room followed by a confused khushi.reaching on d top stairs of his cabin he called aman.

arnav:attention ladies n gentlemen meet miss.kkg my new p.a.

everyone in d hall wer shocked including aman n lavanya.but no one dared to question the ASR but not some dumbo like lavanya.

la:but ASR am ur p.a.

arnav:u wil assist aman from tmrw miss kashyap. And aman prepare an appointment for miss Gupta n explain her all the works n miss kashyap wil b ur new p.a.

aman:ok ASR. Aman said half confused n half shocked.

arnav:and miss gupta hope u remember our 6 months challenge


now khushi was even more confused wat challenge n which challenge is he talking about? Even the whole office is curious about the challenge.

arnav:ha challenge andar cabin mein keh rahi thi na ki u wil prove me wrong by prooving u r efficient to work for AR n ASR said arnav smirking.

now khushi smiled understanding his plan n thought'well two can play the game ryt?'so she replied. ..

khushi:it wil b my pleasure to prove mr.Arnav singh raizada wrong.

She said smirking jus like him. All the AR staff stood shocked seeing the audacity of the girl talking to THE ASR in a challenging tone.

Arnav:aaahaaaaannn.den welcome to hell miss Gupta.

khushi:thank you mr.raizada.

arnav:ok everyone back to work now. N miss Gupta tmrw sharp 9a.m in my cabin with my schedule n ya wear formals.u r THE ASR's p.a n I have a dignity to maintain.

Saying dis he stormed to his cabin with a stern face while khushi just stomped her foot in anger n left to amans cabin to collect her appointment order n his other details.and others got back to work. Later khushi left office leaving a message to arnav but couldn't meet him personally as everyone would get suspicious. Arnav was also busy with his work n rest of the day passed on like that.meanwhile khushi too went for shopping to buy formals for her. With this the day came to an end n both of dem reached their homes by 7p.m to their awaiting families.

this is it guys I hope u like it.dont forget To like n comment n thank u admin for d diary n also the people who liked n commented so far...lots of love. .sam......

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Sep 1, 2015

teaser n note (By Samatha) (Thanked: 55 times)


Receptionist:yes mam how may I help u?

Person:I want to mr.Arnav singh raizada.

Receptionist:do u have an appointment mam?

Person:I dont need one.the lady said arrogantly.

Receptionist:then am afraid u cant meet him.

Person:how dare u to... she was cut short by khushi who has been listening to their conversation from the start.

Khushi:wats happening here? She asked in a stern manner.

Receptionist:khushi mam dis lady doesn't have an appointment and she is creating nuisance wen I rejected.

Khushi:ok I wil handle her n u do ur work saying so to the Receptionist she asked the lady to follow her to khushi cabin.

Person:I want to meet arnav ASAP.

khushi:arnav? Hmmm interesting. May I knw who u are??

Person:Mrs.Sheethal Arnav singh raizada. She announced herself proudly.

While khushi jus raised her eyebrow in amu****t by seeing the NAMOONA infront of her.Arnav who had just entered the cabin to meet khushi could only utter "WHAT THE" in DISGUST.

NOTE:In my story khushi is educated n modern.the video tape of khushi in arnav's arms is not released. There is no shyam khushi yet.khushi's babuji jus had an attack n is in bed.payal also does job.they r not poor but not rich too.khushi speaks fluently in English.

Thank you for the support so far.hope u enjoy the story further.

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Sep 2, 2015

chapter 4 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 77 times)

At night time

Arnav lay on his bed thinking about his love his khushi. The moment she fell in his arms in sheeshmahal he knew it she was the was his first fashion show n he found her in his arms in the place of shows topper.though he was angry at first he couldn't deny her effect on him. That day he found his life again n started their journey in India which he left after the tragedy struck him wen he was 14.after the fashion show life became colorful again with their little meetings, cute fights n never ending talks.

They started hanging out with each other. Ofcourse they met in more private places n city outskirts since dey couldn't afford attention from public n was a secret for their families too.

Khushi was also reminiscing their love story with a beautiful smile on her lips.n she felt like laughing wen she remembered their meet in sheeshmahal fashion show.she went there to meet payals would be husband. N landed in the ASR arms.she remembered his expression very well initially he was angry then shocked then surprised then lost .ofcourse she too was lost in his eyes in him.

Both felt the urge to talk to each other n called each other at a time n dey laughed out knowing very well that the other was trying to cal dem.such was their relationship.

"So trying to cal me" they messaged at the same time.

"Hahaha we are wierd"they texted again at the same time.

"Chalo so jao kal office jana hai. Gud nyt"saying so both slept with each other thoughts.
Next day morning

Every one at the breakfast table could see how arnav was eager to go to office today.its not dat daily he was not eager but today he was looking happy?

Akash:bhai kya bath hai? Aap bahuth khush lag rahe ho?

Anjali:ha chotte office jane ki liye ithni jaldi? Koi nayi deal sign mila kya?

Arnav:no di.jus a gud start of the day

. Mami:aisan kya gud hui gawa mrngwa mein.meri tho sleepwa hi nahi complete wa hua.

Everyone jus rolled their eyes for mamis comment.

At guptas

Khushi was literally running the whole house n had one r two panic attacks already. This was her first job n she want to look her best n give her best. Payal was also running behind her feeding her n consoling her that everything wil b gud.

At office

ASR entered the office with his manager n all stood up to greet him while he just nodded his head n continued talking to aman.but he noticed that his staff stood stunned n looking at the entrance in shock. He too turned towards the entrance only to forget how to breathe. There stood khushi in all her glory in a black trousers n white shirt neatly tucked n hair in a high ponytail. She wore minimal makeup with black studs n black heels n black leather bag looking perfectly professional. Arnav came out of his dreamland by hearing the click sound of her heel. Everyone in d office too got back to their work seeing the glare of his. But they couldn't stop wondering whether she is the same girl whom they saw yesterday. She now looked like a model walking the ramp in a formal wear.

ASR:miss.Gupta u r late he said showing the clock which showed 9:01a.m

KKG:but sir I entered the office before 9.

ASR:I told u to b in my cabin by 9a.m miss Gupta not my office.

KKG:but sir u too did not enter ur cabin.

ASR:I never said I wil b there in the cabin to receive u.he said smirkinG


ASR:I dnt hav time for ur apologies miss Gupta.

KKG:am not apologising mr.raizada

ASR:But still u r excused.

The total office was watching the tennis match between the duo interestingly. Its not everyday we get to watch some one arguing with ASR

. KKK:now aren't we getting late mr.raizada. she said smirking back.

ASR:wat d? Aman come to my cabin nnow n mmis Gupta u too.saying so he angrily left to his cabin.

After reaching the cabin they discussed about the upcoming project n dismissed aman.

"So I see someone is looking gorgeous today"arnav said eyeing khushi from top to bottom.

"am glad some one noticed it"said khushi smiling naughtily.

saying this they hugged each other.

days passed on like dis.

one fine day

a person entered AR as if she owns the office.

rereceptionist:yes mam how may I help you?

person:I want to meet arnav singh raizada.

receptionist:do you have an appointment mam?

person:I dont need one. She said arrogantly.

Receptionist:then am afraid mam u cant meet him.

Person:how dare you. ..she couldn't complete her sentence as she was interrupted by khushi who was watching the scene from the start.

khushi:wat the hel is happening here?

Receptionist:khushi mam dis lady wants to meet arnav sir but she doesn't have an appointment mam.

khushi:I wil handle her u carry on with ur work. Saying dis to the receptionist she moved to her cabin asking the person to follow her.

In the cabin

person:I want to meet arnav ASAP.

Khushi:arnav? Hmm interesting. And may I knw who u r? ?

person:am Mrs.Sheethal Arnav singh raizada. She announced herself proudly.

Khushi raised her eyebrow in amu****t seeing the NAMOONA infront of her while Arnav who came to meet khushi could only utter WHAT THE in DISGUST.But didn't enter her cabin to see how khushi handles sheethal.

khushi:oh really. Den I am khushi prime minister of India. Nice to meet u.she said laughing loudly.arnav could barely control his laughter.

while sheethal was hell irritated.and raised her hand to slap khushi.

but arnav who saw her hand raising stood before khushi as if a shield to protect her.

Sheethal who saw ASR before her suddenly n in huge anger stopped her hand in air itself.

now seeing sheethal before him ASR highly regretted his mistake he did a few days ago.

so this is it guys. Hope u like it .please like n comment if you like my story. Lots of love. ......sam....

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Sep 4, 2015

chapter 5 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 88 times)

Arnav was furious. If looks could kill sheethal would have been dead long ago.

Now he regrets for agreeing to his DI to accompany her to a friend's party.mithali was anjali's bestfrnd n sheethal was mithalis younger sister. He went with his di to mithali's reception party just because she was sick.there he met sheethal n came to know anjali was not at all sick but it was her plan to bring him along with her n hook him up with sheethal.

Sheethal kapoor, a rich spoilt brat.A person who just cares for money and fame.Dont know the values of relationships.An arrogant n proud girl who just loves her self.And above all she is obsessed with ASR, his money, his fame, his looks.she loves him ASR who is rich n powerful not arnav who is soft n loving.
ASR hates her n Arnav loathes her.every cell in his body hates her with a passion for reasons unknown ooopsss known.

And now seeing her infront of him trying to hurt HIS KHUSHI made his blood boil to no extent.

ASR:how dare u try to hurt my employee.

Sheethal:ASR u r shouting at me for a mere employee. Am ur fiancee.

ASR:u r NOT my fiancee and WIL NEVER BE.

Sheethal:oh come on dear anjali di said that soon she is gonna announce our engagement.

ASR:this is my life dammit.and I WILL DECIDE WAT TO DO WITH IT NOT UR DI OR MY DI.

Sheethal:u wil regret rejecting ME ASR.she said as warning him.

ASR:Regret my foot.arnav said as if he dont care.

Sheethal:I wil see ur end ASR. Saying dis she walked out of the cabin n his office.

Khushi was a silent spectator til now.she placed a hand on his shoulder asking him to calm down.

he jus turned and hugged her tightly letting out all the worries.

ASR:how dare she try to harm u.

kkhushi:its ok arnav u r der to protect me na.

ASR:always n forever.

"Ok its already late pack ur bag I wil drop u home"said arnav. "Ok "saying so khushi left with him to home.

At night in RM

Anjali:chotte I was thinking to announce ur engagement with sheethal since u both love each other.

Arnav:wat d? Wen did I tel u dat I love her di?

Anjali:oh come on chotte no need to shy away from me I observed many changes in u since u met sheethal. I also know ur little secret of buying her gifts chotte.

Arnav:wat d he said in disbelief.

Anjali:I saw u buying her gifts wen I enquired the shop owner he said u wer buying for ur girlfriend. She said winking at him.

Arnav:unbelievable he said n u believed it. I was buying it a client di.n its purely professional. Said so he walked away to his room.

while the whole family dint looked pleased with his answers.

Next day morning

ASR's sleep was disturbed with the continuous ringing of his phone.

ASR:yes aman.

Aman:ASR u need to watch tv n today's news paper. We r in a mess.

ASR:wat d hell happened aman.

Aman:u see it by urself ASR. Am reaching office u too reach der ASAP.

saying this aman cut d cal n though arnav was confused n he went to get ready for the office n check out wat mess aman was talking about. He checked his mobile for any cals r mess from khushi but there were NONE."STRANGE"thought arnav.

After shower he came down only to witness everyone in the family r glued to the tv or newspaper. "Wat happened"he asked everyone in the hall.

Anjali:wat happened? R u really asking dis chotte? Den look it by urself.

Arnav was shocked to see every channel n newspaper filled with his photos with sheethal in most compromising positions. Some dey were hugging n in some dey were kissing.


Anjali:"how could you do this to her chotte"she asked in anger.

Nani:"is this wat we taught u chotte.if u dint want to marry her den y did u show her hopes n worst she is pregnant. How could u? Dint u think about our family reputation even once?"she asked ashamed n disappointed.

Mami:u did not do right arnav bitwa.said mami hello hai bye bye.

Arnav:u all believe her over ME? He asked in disbelief.

Anjali:y shouldn't we chotte? She is jus like my sister.why wil she lie to me?

Arnav:and am ur brother di.

Anjali:who dont believes in marriage u jus wanted a live in n wen she forced u for marriage u dumped her.the story is clear chotte.saying this she walked to her room. Nani n mami following her.

Arnav:mamaji akash atleast u truste

Akash:I trust you bhai.I knw u can neva do something like dis.

Shyam:I dnt think u r ryt akash all the evidences r against sale sahib.said the creep.

Mama:I agree with damadji.saying so both shyam n mama ji walked away. Leaving arnav n akash in d hall.

Akash:dnt worry bhai am with you. Though arnav was hurt that his family dint believe him he was happy atleast his bro trusted him

Arnav:thank u leaving to office I wil meet u later.

H.p:arnav baba ur breakfast.

Arnav:am not hungry h.p.saying this he was about to leave wen

H.p:dont worry arnav baba we know u r innocent n u Will prove dat too. Other prakash bros to nodded agreeing.

Arnav n akash smiled at their trust n concern.nodding their heads at the brothers they left to their office. On d way to their office arnav suddenly remembered khushi.

"Oh God how did I forget her.wil she trust him? Or like his family she too wil think he is at fault? Is it y she dint cal or mess him yet? Oh no but she loves him ryt so she wil trust him or may b not?"hoping for gud arnav entered his office in ASR avtar.

Aman joined him at the entrance he observed his staff looking at him in curiosity, anger, hurt n some with pity.

ASR:wher is khushi aman?

Aman:she is in ur cabin ASR.

Mustering up all the courage he had he entered his cabin to find khushi in TEARS.

seeing arnav khushi stood up from the couch.arnav asked aman to wait outside while he speaks to khushi.

Khushi:how could you do this to me arnav?? Didnt u for even once think about me??? How could you Mr.Raizada saying this she moved towards him holding his collar.

"That's it he lost HER his LIFE his LOVE.he couldn't breathe he couldn't talk he couldn't do anything but stare at ground in pain hurt.he was alone all again totally lost.he cant see any path.he is in darkness. His family dint trust him he felt hurt.his KHUSHI dint trust him he is not just hurt he is emotionless n lifeless. So he just whishpered "AM SORRY KHUSHI"" He was in tears.

Khushi:u better b.something broke in his heart.

Khushi:fisrt u do mistake n den it so easy for u raizada? Patha hai (u knw ) I was so worried wen h.p kaka called me n informed u dint hav breakfast n tablets. Last time wen u missed ur meds u remember na u fainted n became sick.wat if something happens to u.u just dnt care about urself. Hey devimayya wat do I do with this man????

She went on and on with her devimayya where arnav was confused at first but then it hit him.

"Oh my god!!! She was angry n hurt because he didn't have BREAKFAST n MEDICINE not because of shesheethal fiasco"sighing in relief n happiness he hugged khushi tightly.

Though khushi was confused with the sudden hug she too hugged him still complaining n scolding him.

No proof read.bear with like n comment if you like my story .Sam. ...........

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Sep 8, 2015

chapter 6 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 95 times)

They stood in the hug for sometime but were disturbed by a knock.

ASR:come in.

Aman:sorry that I disturbed u ASR but all media are trying to gate crash AR.

KKG:ask them to come after two hours dem we r holding a press conference on this fiasco.

Aman:sure mam'.

KKG:now come with me Saying dis she dragged arnav to the couch n started feeding him the bf with her own hands.

Aman was looking stunned at the scene infront of him while arnav was enjoying the bf.

KKG:aman didnt u eat ur bf? mean yes I had my bf. KKG:Then r u expecting me to feed again??she asked sarcastically.

Arnav choked his food listening to khushi.khushi spoke while patting his back n making him drink water.


Aman:yes mam saying this he scurried out of arnav's cabin.

"Lady HITLER my ASR is far better. Atleast he is not sarcastic but just angry.hmmmpppphhh " self thought aman.

ASR:wat was dat? He asked smirking.

KKG:teaching manners to ur stupid staff.

Saying this she completed feeding him n gave him tablets.

ASR:my staff are well mannered khushi. Its jus dat bichara aman couldn't take someone dominating the ASR. He said chuckling forgetting the crisis he is in.

Their talks stopped abruptly with the ringing of his office phone which she received.

After the cal khushi told arnav they have a guest n he should agree with her n go in the flow with the guest.though arnav was confused he agreed since he trust her more than himself.

Soon there was a knock and on getting permission aman entered the cabin followed by SHEETHAL KAPOOR.

SK:good mrng ASR hope u r doing well after the little publicity I gave u. She said smiling evilly.

ASR:how dare you? He was so angry that he wanted to kill her but khushi's one nod was enough for him to calm down. Wat do you want sheethal?



SK:u dont hav a choice. I heard ur family too thinks u r the culprit n ur shares values too reduced. She said winningly.

KKG:lets have a deal miss sheethal tel us a figure n admit ur mistake infront of media.u wil get ur money.

SK:do you think am a fool n wat money? I have too much money to even buy delhi city for myself.

KKG:then y r u framing ASR?

SK:revenge. Because he rejected me.and nobody rejects sheethal kapoor n gets away easily.

KKG:thank you sheethal.

Sheethal was confused at first but soon she was surrounded by POLICE. she suddenly started tearing up n spoke in oh so innocent voice to the inspector"see inspector he said he wil marry me n now offering me money to shut me up"she said crying.

Inspector:yes we saw thats y we came to take u."YOU ARE UNDER ARREST MISS KAPOOR for trying to put false allegations on Mr.ASR"

SK:but I did not put any false allegations I even submitted proof. She said panicking.

Inspector:which are false too.n now we have proofs against u wer u confessed ur mistake infront of the world by urself. The meeting in this cabin is being aired live.

Sheethal even arnav n aman were also shocked with this info while khushi just smile.

Lady constables took sheethal away n the inspector appreciated khushi n aman for their loyalty towards their employer n he also shook hands with arnav for having such smart employees.

Aman:I wil finish the further formalities ASR he said moving out with the inspector.

While arnav stood shocked n surprised with the events so far. He could only utter



hope u enjoyed the update. Do like n comment if you like my story. Sam. ......

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Sep 13, 2015

chapter 7 (By Samatha) (Thanked: 82 times)

Asr:u know am really lucky to have you.

Kkg: well I feel honored khushi said bowing her head dramatically.

Asr: but how did you manage all these khushi.

Aman: ask me did she manage all these said Aman who just entered Asr's cabin.

Asr: Ohh Aman did you finish all the formalities.

Aman: they're done I have something to confess Asr.Aman said overdramaticlly.

Asr: okay.he said confused while khushi just rolled her eyes.

Aman:u know Asr I love you I love you so much.

Asr::Wat d? Behave Aman am straight.

Aman: no no Asr u r misunderstanding.Am straight too.n I have my's just dat...

Asr: dat.....?

Aman:after working with this lady Hitler(pointing at khushi ) I realized I love u Asr.she is a tough boss to please.and all these years I thought u r the arrogant n cold boss.u r the best Asr.

Aman went on n on praising his Asr that he failed to notice the laughing Asr n fuming khushi.

Khushi:Wat d hell Aman? U called me Hitler?

Aman: of course u r mam.don't u remember wt all u made me do from morning.

Now Asr got serious he really wanted to know how his khushi pulled up with this act to save him of course by terrifying Aman which everyone could clearly see.

Asr:ha Aman tel me Wat al she made u do?

Khushi:actually today I woke up very early so I was very shocked to see all the papers n news channels filled with ur news.I knew it was that sheethal's plan to get hooked up with I immediately called up Aman.

Aman:at 6 in the morning.and the reason"to meet a lawyer n get anticipatory bail for u"


Aman:yes Asr sheethal has lodged a complaint against I had to disturb Mr.Roy so early to arrange bail for u.

Asr:oh god how could she stoop low.

Khushi:women like her can stoop still low arnav.she said remembering the photos that sheethal had used to trap arnav.

Aman:after arranging the bail for u khushi mam lodged a return complaint on them for tarnishing ur image.but the police informed sheethal about our complaint.that is when we called her to ur office to strike a deal with her.

But mam u never told about the live telecast of her confession.

Khushi:it was necessary Aman all the proofs were against us.n the police too never believed us.they just gave us benefit of doubt.n sheethal is too clever she already had all the cctv photage of ar under her control stating we Wil manipulate the photage to our convenience so I used live the police whom she brought to arrest arnav arrested her instead.

Aman:though u r a tough boss and was great working with u mam.said Aman saluting her.

But still my Asr is least he gives me an hour or two to get the work done.not like you mam who shouted at me till everything is sorted.he said keeping puppy dog face.

Both khushi and arnav laughed out loud seeing his expressions.while Aman still pouted like a baby.

Asr:thanks Aman.Asr said hugging him while Aman was happy to see his boss safe n happy."thanks for helping khushi n ALSO BEARING THIS LADY HITLER".this time arnav and Aman laughed together while khushi rolled her eyes.

Khushi:ok fine.stop it guys.n Aman thanks saying she hugged him tightly n SORRY too for making u run whole morning she said embarrassed on remembering how she made Aman run .

Aman:please don't be sorry mam.I know you love Asr too much to let anything happen to him.I was just pulling ur legs.we are friends ryt?

Khushi:of course u r my friend Aman.she said hugging him again.

Asr:can I b ur friend too asked arnav out of blue.khushi welcomed him openly with a group hug while Aman was still shocked with the friendship proposal by Asr.

thank you guys.hope u like like n comment if you like my story

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