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Aug 28, 2015

OS:hamari kahani (By Samatha) (Thanked: 67 times)

An early summer morning.as the clock tick 7a.m.

A 27 yr old young man stretched his body n woke up from his slumber to welcome yet another busy day.hoping aman has kept all the files required for todays meeting. This is Arnav singh raizada whose day begin with thought of work n also ends with the same.

In the other part of the same city lay a beautiful girl on her queen size bed dreaming about her prince.her mother came to wake her up but the girl is not ready to start the day yet.so she woke up grumpily n wlked into d hel to find her father reading newspaper she jus went n lay on his lap to continue her beauty sleep.this girl is our beloved Khusi gupta whose day start with craziness n also ends with the same.

Garima:khushi abi tho uth ja beta.its already 8.go n get ready did u forget today we need to visit ur uncles home.ladke wale aarahe hain tumari cousin payal ko dekhne ke liye.shashiji apne bigad ke rakh diya is ladki ko.patha nahi jab iski shaadi hogi thab kaise adjust karegi ye waha.

Shashi:chintha math karo garima.iske liya rajkumar mai latha hu khona khona dundke.khushi, mera bacha utkar ready ho jao.

Khushi :huh ok papa.waking up jus for u.by the way gud mrng papa saying dis she kissed his cheeks n ran to her room while shouting gud mrng to her mom.

Later garima shashi n khushi left to payals after getting ready.

Anjali enterd arnavs only to see him all ready forhis office.

Anjali:chotte yeh kya maine bola tha na ki aaj hame aakash ke inlaws ke yaha jaana hai.aur tum office ja rahe ho? Wat is dis chotte.

Arnav:am so sorry di.I jus forgot about the matter but I need to go to office di.I hav imp meetings.

Anjali:I knew it u would forget.so I already informed aman to keep ur schedule free for this day long back.now no more arguments u r coming with us.

Arnav:okay .as u wish.

At payal's home

Raizadas arrived n sat in d hal having refreshments. Arnav was least interested so he sat der playing with his phone wen he saw a flash of white passing through his side.he was mesmerized by the beauty.n he suddenly started panicking wat if she is d bride? He couldn't breathe properly by knowing the probability. Much to his rising heartbeats elders summoned payal the bride to b n his heart almost had an attack seeing his white dress angel descending the stairs with two other girls.meanwhile anjali felt arnav was restless but shrugged it off thinking it as his disinterest in rituals.but she observed him sigh in relief wen akash's fiancee payal was introduced. Something is definitely fishy...

Arnav relaxed visibly after knowing dat his angel was not payal'might b her frnd r some cousin'

Arnav had observed her fidgeting from the time she entered the room he observed her every action carefully n saw her stealing glances at him.n he saw her stopping her fidgeting n giving her ful blown smile wen he arnav singh raizada was introduced as the cousin of the groom.

aag tho donon taraf barabar lagi hai

Later all youngsters wer seated separately. Anjali spoke with the girls while the girls teased akash n payal.his sister n another cousin n.k also joined the girls in teasing.arnav spoke wenever he was asked something n khushi too .but arnav n khushi never spoke to each other directly.

The rishta was fixed n shagun was given.engagement was fixed after a week n marriage after 2 weeks.while returning from payal's home arnav enquired his DI about a girl in certain white dress n came to know dat her name is khushi payal's cousin as in aakash's saali n also arnav's.

Though anjali had doubts about her chotte's behavior she let it go because of marriage works.

Finally the engagement day came n arnav dressed perfectly in his black armani.in this one week arnav always thought about khushi.

Khushi was also in same condition this one week. The day she saw him on shagun.it was love at first sight for her.today she wore a black n white combo chudidar n she was pleased to see him also in black.

They kept on stealing glances at each other through out the engagement but neither dared to talk.

The same eye conversation continued throughout mehendi, sangeeth, marriage even haldi n marriage day n reception days too.they never talked afraid of rejection from the opposite side.

During all these days arnav too realized he hav fallen head over heels in love with his angel.he even took her number from akash but never dared to cal her.

But after marriage rituals r completed he grew restless as he wil not b able to see her from now on.so he finally got her FB id n sent a request to her.
Khushi was highly disappointed dat a certain arnav singh raizada dint notice weras d whole male population was literally behind her begging to b their girlfriend. So she slept lazily on her bed after three days of the weding.dat is wen she heard a vibration telling her about a notification.n after checking the notification she immediately accepted the friend request sent by ASR.n started dancing madly while her mother who was jus passing by the room saw her crazy daughter dance sighed deeply pagal"

Arnav who waited with breath sighed in relief after seeing her accept his request.

Their fb convo



A:how r u?

K:am fine. How r u?

A:am gud.by the way am arnav.arnav singh raizada.

K:I knw.am khushi.khushi kumari gupta.

A:I knw

K:acha? Wat al u knw abt me?

A:that u r beautiful. Nly daughter to shashi n garima gupta.completed p.g .joining ur papas business next month.n d list goes on.....n yeah u r single too.n *********** dis is ur mble.

K:hahaha.so u hav whole info.mere upar zasoosi ar rahe ho? Aakir irada kya hai?

A:dont talk as if u dont hav info about me? Waise mere irade teek hai par aapka patha nahi*wink*

K:line mar rahe ho?

A:may b?

And d rest is history. Soon the smal chats becme lengthy. Numbers wer exchanged.late nyt conversation wer never ending. N all dese changes in arshi wer also noticed by the elders n soon arshi wer caught redhanded in a restaurant wer arnav was proposing khushi for marriage. The elders wer more than happy n got dem married immediately n dey lived happily everafter.

Arnav finshed telling his love story to his 5yr old daughter arahi n 8yr old son ahaan.

Arahi:wow dad meri b aisi love story hogi kya? Mera prince charming kaha hai? Kab ayega?

Ahaan:arahi tu pagal hai kya ? U wil not get any prince charming. N by the way I heard ur classmate pranav proposed to u to b his gf? U never told me?kal mai uska haath pair thodke raktha hu.samajtha kya hai apne aap ko? Meri behen ko propose kiya stupid?

Arahi:but bhai he Is soo cute.

Ahaan:wat d? Cute my foot.I wil see him tomorrow in shcl.

Saying dis ahaan marched out of deir parents bedroom followed by arahi who was on a mission to save her so called bf.weras arshi stood witnessing the siblings fight"life was is n wil b beautiful for dem"sighing ded hugged each other.


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