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Sep 1, 2015

SS:VIVAH (By Samatha) (Thanked: 96 times)

Part 1


Arnav jus returned from his London branch of AR to INDIA in emergency courtesy to his di who lied to him dat his nani had heart attack.and now he stood in his nani room breathing fire where rest of d family gathered in d room cared less.which made him further more angry.

ASR:Am not getting married di.n mostly not to that gupta girl whom I dint even see or talk to.

DI:Ohhoo dats not even a pblm chotte her pic is on ur dressing table.n she is a very gud girl n also she is n.k's bestfrnd.if u want u can talk to her on mble I wil giv u her num.

ASR:no need di I wil talk to her directly after marriage tmrw.arnav said smirking thinking of his plan.

DI:really chotte u r ready for the marriage. Thank u devimayya she said beaming with happiness


khushi had jus arrived from London on emergency courtesy her mom who lied to her dat her dad had an attack. Now she stood in her father's room breathing fire n the reason behind the lie her marriage.

Khushi:am not marrying any raizada guy whom I dont know.

But she got d same answers as arnav about pic, n him being lavanya her sister's senior n also bestfrnd.she grudgingly said ok thinking of some plan in her mind.

Sep 2, 2015

part two (By Samatha) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav singh raizada was a well known business a very young age he brought many victories to his fashion house.Being a handsome man he always had his female following but for reasons unknown he never dated any girl. He belongs to a rich royal family who are Into fashion n textile industries.Right now he is busy in expanding n establishing a branch in London. But his crazy family wanted him to marry n settle down which he didn't want to not atleast now.

So now arnav stood in his room n started thinking of ways to stop this marriage which is jus a day away."I mean who in their right sense wil agree to marry a girl whom he didn't even meet.the process shud b like he meets a girl befriend her then fall in love with her then marry her n have family with her."

Yes guys our beloved ASR always wanted to have a LOVE MARRIAGE. That is the reason he never dated any girl. Because he wants to fal jus for the right girl who wil capture his heart on the first look itself.

The situation of khushi was no better.she couldn't think of a way to stop this marriage. 'Was she ready for the marriage'"NO"this cannot happen.she cant let this happen. Jus because the boy is rich n successful business man.

She can't enter a loveless marriage where she wil b jus a trophy wife of a billionaire. She has been waiting for her prince charming since she cant leave her soulmate n marry some stupid who was chosen by her family.

Khushi Gupta the youngest designer who won so many prestigious awards for her work belongs to a rich family who are in to construction n hotel businesses since ages.

So now stood the heir n heirness of two respected families in their respective rooms thinking of ways to escape from their weddings.

"That's it"they both said at tha same time.

"Hello international airways this is Arnav singh raizada/khushi Gupta speaking book a ticket on my name for London on tmrw morning flight. "Saying this they both cut the cal n threw their mobile on bed.

"Serves you right my crazy family. I knw this is not the right way but u guys left me with no choice"thinking so both of them slept early since they have planned to RUN AWAY from THEIR WEDDING.


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Sep 3, 2015

part three (By Samatha) (Thanked: 93 times)

Next day morning.


Arnav called aman his p.a.

Aman:hello ASR.

ASR:Hello aman how is work going on der?

Aman:every thing is fine here ASR. Wat about ur naniji is she fine?

ASR:oh yeah aman she is fine I jus called u to inform that I wil b in india for three to four weeks n I wil b unavailable on phone jus take care of everything there.

Aman:sure ASR.everything wil b handled.anyways there is nothing much left .all the paper work is already done so jus production is remaining. So no worries.

ASR:that's great aman.take care of the office n I trust ur decisions. Jus remember that n in case of emergency mail me.

Aman:sureASR. N thank you.

ASR:ok aman bye.

Aman:bye ASR.

"Great arnav.ur office is in safe hand.n ur family is very safe in their hands itself. Now only u need to b safe."thinking to himself arnav took his luggage which was still unpacked N silently left RM from from back gate.he already informed everyone not to disturb him til the time they are ready to leave for the wedding altar.


Khushi called steve her boss cum friend.

Khushi:hello sir.

Steve:hey khushi n pls cal me steve.

Khushi:steve actually I need leave for a month.u knw ryt its emergency at home. I need to take care of certain things here.

Steve:hmm I need u here but as u dint take leave even for a day in the last two years am granting u leave.take care of ur father honey.

Khushi:oh thank u so much steve.u r d best.bye.

Steve:bye khush.

After disconnecting the cal khushi took the same luggage she brought from London n left her house leaving a mess to her mom"gng to parlour wil b back before marriage".


"This is the last cal to the passengers boarding the flight to london".

Hearing the announcement both khushi n arnav took their luggages n boarded the BUS leaving to GOA.

Yes arnav singh raizada n khushi Gupta decided not to go back to London since their families wil never hesitate to fly there n blackmail them emotionally to agree for the marriage. So they need to leave to a place where their families wil least expect them to b.and GOA is the best choice.

They cant fly to goa since they knew the power their families they drew huge amount of money from their bank accounts in delhi itself since they cant take the risk of getting their cards traced now everything is set for the RUN AWAY.they bougnt tickets in cash too n after hearing the announcement both of them boarded the BUS.

Arnav to himself"wow my crazy family.see wat u hav made .u made ME, THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA to travel in a BUS.wowww thaliya".

Khushi to herself"hey devimayya.aap hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyun karthe ho.are my jalebis that bad that u r punishing me ME ur FAVOURITE devotee. Wowww thaliya."

Both of them were so busy in their self thought that they both didnt notice each other n both of them moved to the same seat and BANGGGGGG they hit each other n fell down saying "OUUCHHHH" at the same.

Hearing the same word from each other they both looked up at the same time again to see the person they hit and both of them were LOST IN EACH OTHER'S EYES andddddd RABBBAVEEEEEE............. was playing in the background.

Sooo thats it for today.hope u guys like it. Do like n comment if you like my story. Sam.........

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Sep 4, 2015

part four (By Samatha) (Thanked: 80 times)

Rabbave was still playing in the background and arshi were still lost in each other.

Conductor:sir mam are u ok?

This broke their eyelock n both of them got up from the fall with the help of each other.

"Sorry"they both said at the same time n smiled at each other n settled themselves in their respective seats. Khushi sat near window seat n arnav sat beside her.

"Am so sorry I shud hav seen wer I was walking"said arnav.

'Wat d.arnav singh raizada and sorry. Hav u lost it man?u r apologising to her n dat too two times.u cant get affected by her she is just a mere girl wat if she is beautiful n has a great smile flawless beauty rosy cheeks n plump lips he thought dreamily.grrrr get a grip arnav u r ASR control control.he chided himself. '

Khushi:actually am sorry too even I too dint notice u.

"Stop drooling over a stranger khushi Gupta. Wat if he is handsome n dat cute smile n awww his eyes I jus love dem. ..."

Her self talk was interrupted by arnav

Arnav:by the way am arnav si....I mean arnav.

"Wat r u doing arnav whole world knows who ASR is dnt use ur surname if you want to enjoy ur holiday n thank god aman never allowed media to publish his no one wil recognise him not atleast in India"

Khushi:hai arnav am khushi.

"Khushi too dint tel her surname to avoid being identified by any one.mostly she lived in London away from India n media so no one wil recognise her"

Arnav:hmmm khushi beautiful name just like u. He said winking at her.

Khushi:are u flirting with me mr. Arnav. She asked raising her eyebrow.

Arnav:may be yes n may be not?

Khushi:well den I must say u hav a handsome name just like u arnav.she too said winking at him.

Both of them burst out laughing.

"Wow arnav singh raizada knows how to laugh"thought arnav.

"Wow khushi Gupta knows how to flirt"thought khushi.


It was time to leave for the altar so anjali went to arnavs room to cal him but she could not find him. Whole raizada family searched for him but alas no trace of him.

Dats wen everyone noticed something written on arnav's mirror. "BYE BYE MY CRAZY FAMILY"

anjali:he ran away. Arnav singh raizada ran away from his wedding. She said in disbelief.

NK:di, we should hav guessed wen he easily agreed for the marriage but wil we tel d guptas now.he said biting his nails.


there was no trace of khushi til now.all thought she must be resting in her room after coming from the parlour.but she is not there in the whole house. That is wen dey found a note on khushi bed.


"She ran away"shashi said laughing loudly.

Garima glared at her husband for laughing on such a serious matter.
Lav:we should hav known it earlier wen she agreed for the marriage easily. Khushi n her crazy wat wil tel to the raizadas.she said biting her nails.

While both the families were worrying about the other family. Our arshi were busy in knowing each other.

In the bus

Arnav:so y r u gng to goa?

Khushi:for much needed holiday after two years. Wat abt u?

Arnav:for much needed holiday after hmm five years. He said imitating her.

Khushi playfully hit his shoulder.

Khushi:so wat do you do?

Arnav:am a fashion designer Wat abt u?

Khushi:wow wat a coincidence even am a designer.

So they continued talking about anything n everything as the bus left the outskirts of delhi.

Thats it for today's update. Hope u guys like it. Do like n comment if you like my story. Sam......

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Sep 8, 2015

part five (By Samatha) (Thanked: 84 times)

Soon it was nyt time n the bus stopped near a dhaba for dinner. All got down from the bus.

Driver:everyone have your food. We wil leave in an hour.

Khushi n arnav sat on the cots opposite to each other. They were busy in checking out menu cards while the girls n boys were busy checking out them.

Arnav:So khushi did you choose the items for ur dinner.

He asked her so that he could order the same food as he never ate in dhabas like this.

Khushi:not yet arnav I knw only few items in the am unable to unable to understand wat to order.

Meanwhile the waiter came to take the order so they asked the waiter to bring something tasty n vegetarian. Soon they finished dinner with butter nans n paneer butter masala.

Soon they were walking towards the bus when a group of street boys started commenting khushi.

Khushi felt very uncomfortable by their continuous stares n their filthy comments.

Arnav was very angry n wanted to kill those idiots for commenting khushi.

Boy1:y r u seeing angrily at us hero.

Boy2:seems like he want to have a fyt.

Khushi started dragging arnav away from there.

Boy1:go go take ur boyfriend n feed him milk.still he is a kid.leave him n come to us we wil keep u happy.

Thats it arnav lost his temper completely n rushed towards the boys to teach them lesson.

He started to beat them mercilessly. The boys stand no chance infront of him. Since arnav is specially trained in marshal arts.khushi tried to stop him But he continued hitting dem.

Khushi:leave them arnav.u wil kil dem.

Arnav:then let them die dare they?

Khushi:pls arnav leave dem.

Arnav lost his concentration for a while because of khushi's continuous pleads.taking this as the advantage the boys tried to stab him with a knife but he escaped in time n the knife made a cut on his upper arm.

Khushi:ARNAV.........khushi shouted in shock.

Soon the other passengers reached there n caught hold of the boys n handed them over to police.someone came with first aid kit n dressed his wounds.

Now only arnav n khushi were there.

KKG:are u ok? Wat is the need to do all this?

Arnav:ofcourse there is a need dammit.they were talking nonsense about u.

Khushi:so wat arnav I can handle it.

Arnav:ya ryt I saw how u handled.walking away in tears.

Khushi:u cant protect me every time Arnav so let me handle it in my way she shouted.

Arnav:y dont u understand khushi. Khushi:because I dont want to n U JUS STAY AWAY FROM ME AS U R NOONE TO ME she said in anger but immediately regretted it.

Arnav was hurt with her words.he thought they were friends but no.

Arnav:am sorry saying this he walked away.

Khushi:arnav am so.....but he already moved away.

Okay done for the update. Do like n comment my story if u like it. Sam......

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Sep 14, 2015

part six (By Samatha) (Thanked: 98 times)

Khushi:am sorry arnav. She said to air since arnav already moved from there.

"Wat is wrong with you khushi?why did u shout at him.he was just trying to save u."shouted her brain.

"So Wat should I have done.didn't you see how he was getting hurt in the process of protecting me?do u know how I felt wen I saw blood flowing from his hand"retorted her heart.

"The pain u gave him is more than the pain caused by the wound"reminded the brain.

Khushi closed her ears to stop voices from her innerself.

She was deeply regretting the words she said to arnav.she wanted to apologize but arnav is not giving her a after boarding the bus too he avoided her.he even exchanged his seat citing some reasons to the conductor.

Meanwhile at RM

"Aman" anjali shouted at once making everyone in the hall jump at once.guptas who were also present in RM seemed to be shocked hearing her shout.

Anjali:ofcourse Aman will know chotte's whereabouts.afterall he is chotte's p.a.he will be informed about everything concerned chotte.

Shyam:u r genius ranisaheba.let's call Aman.he said genuinely proud of his wife and life.

Mami:ha ha call him fastwa.otherwise who knowzz he too will b disappear.she said dramatically.

Everyone could only nod in response while akash dialled Aman.

Akash:hello Aman.akash here.

Aman:hello akash sir how are you?

Akash:am Gud are u?

Aman:am gud is naniji doing?

Akash:she is is Bhai?he asked carefully.

Aman:Bhai??u mean ASR?he is in India ryt?

Akash:no Aman Bhai is not in India.I mean not at I thought u will know wer he is?

Aman:no sir.he just told me to take care of office for few days since he will be unavailable.but he never said he Wil go out of station.

Akash:ok Aman just inform us if u will get to know anything about him.

Aman:sure sir.saying this he cut the call.

Everyone in the hall were disappointed for not getting any information about arnav.

The guptas too couldn't locate khushi.both arnav and khushi left their mobiles n credit debit cards at home.not even private detectives are having any clues so far.

In the bus

Khushi and arnav both slept in their seats uncomfortably busy in other's thoughts.they wanted to be with each's hardly one day they met but already they became an important part in the others life .

Next day morning

The bus stopped for breakfast.khushi decided to apologize to arnav at any cost.

Khushi:arnav.listen to me pls..

Arnav:yes do I know you?

Khushi:arnav pls am sorry.

Arnav:am sorry mam' but y r u apologising to me?a stranger?


Though arnav was angry he couldn't see her cry.yes she had hurt him.but this hurt he got by seeing her crying is more than the hurt her words caused.

So he just tightly hugged her saying soothing words to console her.

I hope you like the update.thanks for the likes n like n comment if you like my story.

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Sep 16, 2015

part seven (By Samatha) (Thanked: 87 times)

Arnav:sshhh.khushi it's ok please don't cry.

Khushi:am so sorry arnav.I really didn't mean wat I said.

Arnav:I know it's okay.

Khushi:no it's not ok could I hurt you while you were just trying to save me.

Arnav could only smile at her childishness.she is really something he thought.

Arnav:ok fine now stop crying.I accept your apology and now no more rona dona.

She nodded at him smiling still in the hug.but when they realized both of them were overcome the embarrassment arnav spoke.

Arnav:well I accepted your apology but only on one condition.

Khushi:condition?Wat condition?

Arnav:that you Wil treat me with a COFFEE.

khushi:hahaha.just COFFEE.sure.

Arnav:atleast are we friends now???

Khushi:ofcourse we are.she said forwarding her hand and both shook their hands.

After the reunion they had breakfast n started their journey to goa.this time they Sat together.thought they didn't talk much they were happy with their friendship.


Everyone woke up and are now at dining table.Guptas too stayed back last night.

Nani:akash did Aman leave any mess about chotte?

Akash:nahi Nani.there's no info from anywhere yet.

Anjali:do you think we should inform police?

Ratna(arnav's mom):ha yes they wil find my chotte.

Aarav(arnav's dad):no Ratna that will spoil our reputation n anyways he is not kidnapped or went missing that we will file a complaint. for God's sake he ran away from home.

Shashi:I agree with you Aarav n the media will make it a big issue if they come to know about our children's deeds.

Shyam:and worst case they ran away from their wedding.

Everyone agreed not to Inform police since its risky.but they decided to stay in touch with the private investigator.while NK n lavanya stayed silent throughout the conversation.

In the bus

Conductor:the bus will reach goa in half an hour.announced the conductor.

Khushi:so where are you staying?

Arnav:I have not decided yet but maybe the one I stayed last time.Wat abt u?

Khushi:oh actually I have never been to goa I have no idea.

Arnav:Ohh then you can stay in my hotel's PEARLS RESORTS very famous here and a beautiful place.


Soon they reached goa and took a cab to their resort.and went to the reception.

Receptionist:PEARLS RESORTS how can we help you mam.

Arnav:actually we need a suit.he said without thinking much.

Rec:oh HONEYMOON suit.sure sir.we have beautiful packages for the HONEYMOON couple.

Both khushi and arnav were too shocked.khushi's eyes were almost out of her sockets n a blush slowly crept on her cheeks.while arnav stood gaping at the receptionist.

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Apr 16, 2016

part eight (By Samatha) (Thanked: 75 times)

ASR:no no miss we are not husband and wife.what I meant to say was we both need separate suites.

Receptionist:Ohh am sorry's jus that you both looked like a couple so I misunderstood.and here are your keys sir.have a nice stay here n mam u too have a pleasant stay.

KKG:thank you

Both of them took their keys and walked towards their respective suites which were opposite to each other.they decided to rest for the remaining day n have dinner together in the terrace restaurant.

At night both of them met at the diner n had a heavy dinner and went to sleep deciding to visit beach after breakfast and roam around the local market.

After breakfast both of them headed back to the suit to change into swimming costumes.

Meanwhile breakfast at the guptas and raizadas was very silent since everyone was busy in their own world thinking where khushi and arnav could possibly go.there was no chance they left back to London and investigators too couldn't find any the only choice left for them is to wait for the Prince and princess to return back on their own will.

But nk and lav are hell bent on finding them at any cost.and they surely have a way to find them.that is arnav and khusis weakness work.wherever they maybe they will never neglect their they are working on to know about the future projects of arnav and khushi....with this details they can reach arnav and khushi....

Meanwhile at beach

Arnav was in his shorts without wearing anything on top while khushi wore a two piece swim suit...

Arnav turned to look at commotion made by few boys who were talking about some Indian girl who was breathtakingly beautiful

And the moment he saw the beauty he know they were absolutely right because before stood him khushi in all her glory looking like an epitome of beauty.

While arnav was admiring the beauty of khushi..our darling khushi was looking oooppsss no drooling over arnav.she can't turn her eyes from the hunk before her who is devilishly handsome...

And without their own consent they started moving towards each other gradually decreasing the distance between them first and then decreasing the distance between their lips and the magic of love started.............

Hello guys am back and u will have regular updates after this weekend. .love u all n missed comment n like if u like the story

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May 13, 2016

part nine (By Samatha) (Thanked: 82 times)

When they broke the kiss they had a smile on the they didn't regret the kiss not they wanted to run away from the fact that they both were attracted to each other so they stayed like that looking in to each other eyes....

Arnav:so khushi would mind US giving a chance? He asked with his famous smirk...

Khushi:well looks like u know the answer already she said cheekily...

For which arnav smiled and held her face in his hand and told in sincere voice

Arnav:khushi donno y but from the moment I saw u I started liking u.there is something which pulls me towards u.I know it's still early for love but y don't we go with the flow and explore Wat is between us.are you ready to give us a chance?

Khushi:the feeling is mutual yes I want to give US a chance.she said with a smile and hugged him.

Both of them stood in embrace while the rest of the tourists whistled and clapped for them.

In the night at dinner table

Both arnav and khushi Sat having dinner and talking about everything and anything..they discussed about childhood teenage crushes professional and family except for the fact that they both ran away from wedding and their surnames...

In Delhi

Both guptas and raizadas started their usual routine but couldn't stop worrying about their kids and also regretted for forcing them to marriage...

Lav: so nk any progress she asked him while entering his room..

Nk:no Lav every way is dead end .No clues of them anywhere.he said slightly upset.

Lav:am sorry nk because of my sister everyone in ur family are facing problem.

Nk:come on Lav don't be silly even arnav too ran away so don't blame's our mistake.we should have discussed with them earlier.he said assuring her.

On the other side in goa khushi and arnav were having gala time and enjoy their DATING.....

After two weeks

Khushi was in her room watching.and suddenly her mobile vibrated indicating a message.they took a new phone and new number after coming to goa.

The message read " come to pool side.....arnav".

The message brought a smile on her face and she immediately went to get ready...the last two weeks were bliss with their cute fights,romantic encounters,friendly conversations and adventurous outings ..

They have got good time with each other without anybody with them.No work tension no family tension but just THEM.

At pool side

Arnav decorated the whole pool area with flowers and candles...Finally he decided to propose khushi HIS KHUSHI...he was jus waiting for her arrival to make her his...he was nervous too though he know the answer will be yes.....

Do comment and like if u like my story.....loads of love......Sam......

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Apr 5, 2017

part ten (By Samatha) (Thanked: 62 times)

Arnav was desperately waiting for khushi when she came with all her glory in a beautiful red knee length gown....

Khushi was surprised seeing all the arrangements made at poolside and at first she was confused and surprised but when the realization dawned upon her ... she became nervous....Arnav was going to propose her...oh Goddd.....what should she reply....ofcourse yes dumbo her heart replied but isn't it too early her mind questioned.....shut up idiot shouted the heart at mind......

Here khushi was busy in self thought while Arnav was busy admiring her and planning how to propose but as she came closer he automatically moved to her taking her hand in his........

Arnav:Khushi.....from the moment I met you my life became so's like I never lived before you entered my life ...every breath I take every move I make u r in it.....and I want u to be in it forever.....because I can't imagine even a second without you....because u became more important to me than my breath.....because you are my life......because I LOVE YOU.....Will u give me a chance to love you forever and be mother to our babies......WILL YOU MARRY ME KHUSHI..........

Khushi don't know how to express her happiness she wanted to shout YES YES YES YES.......but her voice betrayed her she just couldn't say anything.....she just went and hugged him tightly.......

Khushi:yes......she whispered in the help and I LOVE YOU TOO.....she shouted to the whole world to listen to whom she belongs to........

Hey guys this is it for now.....hope you like the like and comment.....and don't forget to give a look into my blog.....I just started it recently.....lots of love.......Sam.........

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