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Sep 27, 2015

Shots Gaia's Tale (By Nanak) (Thanked: 23 times)

Shots: Gaia’s Tale 

        Arnav, Khushi, Akash, Payal and NK are on their way to the Rest House of the Raizadas’ in Nainital for a small weekend after a tiring college week. NK munching his potato chips at one hand while chocolate at the other hand; Khushi with reading a book while Payal busy with her mobile. Arnav driving while Akash sleeping.

       They all are best buddies since they joined college and now they are in their last year. Still few months and then they are free from all those college stuffs. Arnav, Akash and NK a.k.a Nandh Kis**** are cousin brothers while Payal and Khushi joined them only in college. Akash and Payal are in a relationship of two years.

        This trip is on Arnav, He planned to take them all to Raizada Villa in Nainital for weekend. He always had a thing for Khushi which turned into Love as time passes. So taking this as a chance he had planned to propose her there.

      Nainital is a beautiful Hill station and the nature around the environment is always attracting, refreshing and breathtaking. So when Arnav discussed with his friends about the trip, they were hell excited and agreed right away. 

    Soon the beautiful city Nainital welcomed the five friends with its chilly climate and waves of freshness. Since they are riding in a jeep, NK stands up and starts to shout like "oohh" "Hey Nainital, we are here to rock" while everyone laughed at him.

"How much time more? My legs feel sore" Khushi complained as she shut her book close.

"Few more minutes Khush, Its somewhere isolated, near a forest" Arnav replied, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

"NK, Stop munching for god sake!" Payal cringed at how NK munched his chips while Akash stirred a little from his beauty sleep.

"Why so? This is yummy" NK let out moan as he put a pair of chips inside his mouth. Payal let out an annoyed sigh while Arnav and Khushi laughed.

"Fine, Suit yourself! Its not me who will end up with a pot belly" She snapped, her hands folded. NK give her a blinking look which screams 'really' and then went back to normal and he continued munching away his chips.

"I'm sure one day his wife will divorce him cause he has an affair with his chips" Arnav chuckled at his thought as he turned the wheels to a curve. It is a kilometer or two away from the city of Nainital and he had taken the curve. And then a huge Iron gate appeared surrounded by big rocky stones. A Golden plate which is engraved with "Raizada Villa". The watchmen open the gate as he sees the Jeep. Arnav drive inside, giving a smile to the watchmen.

"WOW! This is gorgeous" Khushi and Payal cried out of excitement as well as amazed which is fair enough to wake Akash who was so into his sleepy mode while NK and Arnav laughed. The tall trees and beautiful plants on both the sides were mesmerizing.

"Once you are in, you will love it more" NK said, finally stop eating. Payal sent a thank you to god but what NK did next made her want to punch him. He tossed the chips packet on the rood. Oh, I forgot to say that Payal is into Social works, she is kind off 'social reformer' and she chants "Clean India" like it is her family members name. 

"Stupid NK! Wait until I get my hands on you at Uni" Payal thought, glaring at NK who isn't aware of this. He just introduced his hand inside his trousers pocket and dug out a chocolate from it.

    Arnav continued driving since it is a Kilometer inside where the Villa actually is. As the jeep went more in, there emerged a big Villa built in Olden style with a huge grassland in front of it and a fountain in front of the Villa.

"OMG!" Shrieked Khushi in excitement as well as Payal.

"This looks stunning" Khushi managed to say between her excitement. She just love this place, It is like Nature is residing here in all its glory. A perfect mist over them makes it more attracting. Arnav stopped the jeep in front of the fountain of the Villa as everyone piled out of the jeep.

"My Goodness! It has a farm with Horses, A forest around.. And A LAKE!" Payal said out, checking her mobile over the whole map of the Raizada Villa.

"Good afternoon everyone" There comes a man from inside the Villa.

"Saxena uncle" Arnav said as he moved front and hugged Mr. Saxena.

"How are you young man?" Mr. Saxena asked with a fond smile. He then looked at everyone and his eyes rest at Khushi and then he turned his gaze back to Arnav.

"You brought her along, wow" He added, now in a low tone in a naughtier way.

"I hope I will get it arranged the way I wanted Uncle" Arnav asked for which Mr. Saxena nod and then he goes to greet the rest.


"This is awesome" Khushi jumped on the soft bouncy bed as she sits on it while Payal placed her mobile on the dressing table.

"It indeed is and It is awesome clean as well" Payal said back, appreciating the clean and neat maintenance.

"What are we going to do now? It is late evening now and we haven't done a thing? What must be the boys doing?" Khushi asked as she let herself fall in between the silky soft pillows.

"Saxena Uncle said that, we will have Dinner at 7 and after that, we can do a camp fire or something" Payal said while Khushi rose and moved towards the windows. She moved the curtains and looked out.

"I'm afraid Camp fire won't be possible" Khushi said dejectedly.

"Why so?" Payal reached over Khushi side as Khushi showed her out. Winds are blowing out, quite severely. Mists visible cause of the small lightings everywhere on the lawn sides and places.

"I now say the same, we have to find something else to do then" Payal said with sigh. A knock appeared as Khushi moved to open the door. A girl in her late twenties called them for dinner. Khushi and Payal walked down to the Dinning hall guided by the girl.

"Hey guys" Payal wished everyone while Khushi just waves at everyone and sits beside Arnav who pulled the chair for her. After few chit chatting, Khushi pop out the Question of what to do next. Akash suggested that it would be good for them to sleep since the journey was tiring.

"Says the person who slept like sleeping beauty all the way" NK mocked while Akash glared at him.

"Is there a library or something here?" Khushi asked as everyone almost finished with their dinner.

"Yeah, In Grand father's Study, there is a library" Arnav said.

"Cool, shall we go there then?" Khushi asked excited. She just loves Books, no cut it, she loves story books / novels. If that was Grandpa's study room, it sure must have novels of that period. But Akash and NK made a weird face.

"Yeah sure, let us all go" Arnav said while Akash and NK grunts.

"Yaar, what are we going to do there? I mean, books?? We came here to be away from those" NK said while Akash agreed. Payal shook her head in a dis-approval manner at NK's reply.

"Well, remember NK, we have a Pool table there too" Arnav reminds and just then it gets into NK and Akash's memory that their Grandpa's study indeed have a Pool table and they plays there whenever they comes here.

"Oh yes, I forgot that" Akash said, now remembering.

"Its been two years since we came here right, NK?" He added while NK nods his head.

"So shall we go now?" Khushi asked while everyone nods.


"What is your favorite genre to read?" Arnav asks as Khushi goes through the book shelves where all books are neatly arranged. She is really amused to see this large collection of books. As she expected there was novels from the old period's writers and they are original copies too.

"I like and read all genres. But I have a thing for Ancient Fantasy or Romance" She said, giving him a smile and then back to the books.

"Hmm, I liked 'Mer..chant of Veni..ce' aah well was written by.. Wili... William Wor.. Wordsworth, you know, he was awesome" Arnav said, shuttering since Merchant of Venice is the only book name he could come up with at the moment cause during school, NK once played the role of Antonio, a character from Merchant of Venice.

      He just remembered the book name but wasn't sure of the author. He just said William Wordsworth in a flow but he is sure the author's name starts with William. Khushi laughed hard, clutching her stomach as she looks at him.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked nervously, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Haha, You Haha Arnav Hahaha You said Hahaha William Haha Sorry" Khushi laughed between her laugh. Arnav gives her a confused as well as nervous look that she composed herself.

"Okay, sorry but hahaha, ok ok sorry. Arnav, Merchant of Venice Hahaha was written by Willam Shakesphere Hahahaha not Wordsworth hahahahaha" Khushi finished, laughing. Arnav shifted on his feet, embarrassed.

"Ah, Okay" Arnav said awkwardly as he scratched the back of his neck with his right hand and then let out a nervous smile.

     On the other side of the room, Akash and NK was playing Pool seriously so they just ignored their sounds. But what about Payal? And then here a thud followed by a groan. Arnav and Khushi turned to see Payal groaning in pain as she stumped over a box or something.

"Payal what happen?" Khushi asked as both Arnav and Khushi moved towards Payal. As they went near her, they saw her sitting in the floor, groaning a little. Around her is a medium big box upside down and few stuffs are scattered over.

"How did you fell down Payal?" Khushi asked as she and Arnav helped Payal up. Hearing this NK and Akash comes there as well.

"Oh God! Payal what happen to you?" Akash steps towards Payal and holds her hand.

"Aarghhh!!" She groans but then compose herself.

"I was looking at the row of books ignoring the silly laugh of Khush. So immersed that I didn't see this box and end up falling, thanks to the carpet as well" She adds.

"Good that you are not seriously injured" NK said, taking a bite of his chocolate for which Payal throws a glare at him and then just nods.

"I wonder what is that" Khushi said as she looks down near Payal's feet. Something sparkled, looks more like a envelope. Payal squeeze her eyes at the thing near her feet, releases her hand from Akash and then bend down to take it up.

"It looks like an envelope, more of a letter pouch" Payal said as she turned it around and then find something written on it. "It has a writing as well" she added.

Everyone looks at the thing in her hand which is made of nature green and blue combination, in a shiny paper or cover. Encouraged by everyone, Payal starts to read what is written there.

"The Gaia's Tale

The cry of a mother

For you to hear

And then to heal"

* ~  * ~ *

Hope this isn't boring? I will be posting the part II tomorrow, I have already got the tale ready, just the extras needed to be done and oh yes! A romantic proposal of Arnav. Thank You.

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Sep 28, 2015

Shots Gaia's Tale (By Nanak) (Thanked: 21 times)

Shots: Gaia's Tale

Arnav, Akash, NK, Payal and Khushi sit around the Fire chimney in the comfy couches, Arnav and NK in one while Akash and Payal in one while Khushi took a single couch, with the envelope they found.

"Go ahead and open it Khush" NK said, putting in a piece of chips inside his mouth and munching which sure irked Payal that she choose to ignore.

"Are you sure guys?" Khushi asked, unsure of whether open it or not. Getting a nod from everyone, she open the envelope upside down and a small booklet / diary fell on her lap. A diary is in water blue with green over it here and there and a small belt like stuff closing the diary.

"Wow, This diary looks like ancient one" comments Akash while NK cringed his eyes at it.

"Open it" Arnav and Payal says in union.

Khushi open the diary and there she found a picture of a man, in his late twenties, may be. Dressed quite modern for around twenty to thirty years back. Down the picture, there is a name written "Ryan Singh Raizada" She showed it to everyone.

"He is my father's elder brother, Ryan Singh Raizada" Arnav said.

"He loves books and he writes too. The library collection here belongs to him, He died early. Dad says he fell off a cliff which is quite away from this Villa"

Khushi looks at the beautiful man in the picture for once and then turns the next page. A beautiful hand writing emerges before her eyes as she runs her fingers over it.

"What is written there?"

"My regards to whoever reading this, I'm Ryan Raizada, the owner of this diary." She looked at everyone who are listening keenly to her. Even NK had to stop munching as the curiousness got him.

" A writer in me has a favor to ask. I wish you to read what I have wrote and publish this essay. We don't know what we are doing to Gaia" She paused for a second.

"Gaia? Who is Gaia? Is she Uncle's girl friend?" NK asks, confused.

"Stupid! Why would your Uncle ask to publish about his girl friend!!" Payal point out while everyone agree. Arnav keeps focussed since he wanted to know what is in the diary and he will fulfill his Uncle's wish.

"Continue please" Arnav said while Khushi nods.

" For which I have personified Gaia as a lady, the mother of everyone and gave her my view. It is not only for to read but to heal the wounds what we are causing to Gaia, Thank You" She turned the next page.

"The Gaia's Tale

The Cry of a mother

For you to hear

And then to heal"

"What are you doing everyone?" Mr. Saxena enters inside the room and finds everyone around the fire place.

"Uncle, come here. We have found something" Akash invited Mr. Saxena who come and settled himself between Arnav and Akash.

"Arnav, everything will be ready tomorrow morning" He leaned near Arnav and said. Arnav smiles and mouthed a 'thank you' and then everyone's attention turned towards Khushi. Akash filled Mr. Saxena of what is going on.

"Hello my dear children. I am Gaia, the personification of the ancient mother Earth. I am known by many names in different languages and in different places. The Greeks call me Gaia, the Indians call me Bhoomi Matha and the English call me Earth. I am huge ball in space spinning at a rapid pace while revolving around the sun. Do you know how old I am?? I was a part of the sun, millions of years ago. Following the big bang that occurred in the cosmos, I fell apart

"So this is what Gaia means, sorry Uncle for bringing your girl friend in" NK join his hand in a prayer way and looks up.

"And are we in Geography class now? WOW! I love space" NK adds, now more interested. This guy has a thing for space if you don't know.

"In early years of my life, I was a land mass called Pangea and a big water mass called Panthalassa, which covers two-thirds of my surface. Due to gravity, I am able to hold everything in its place! I am the only life supporting planet in the universe. Scientists are looking carefully though their telescopes even as I am speaking; checking to see whether there is any other planet with life in it. Research is still on! In the beginning when there were just plants growing and animals wandering all over me, life was very peaceful. There existed a natural rhythm that bound the entire species of life. There was peace and there was abundance, assuring the survival of every creature"

"Earth must be peaceful then. No humans, no dirtiness. Now we have wastes everywhere" Payal said.

"Think other way, the resources would have wasted without anyone for utilize it and also Gaia Maa would be bored without us." Akash said while everyone agreed.

"Of course, I am happy when man arrived. I was proud that a superior creature had come to protect and care for me. He not only admired me but also worshiped me with almost great respect. Even when your tribe increased, I had no problem because the ecosystem was still well balanced and intact. I have a huge heart-long enough to accommodate all of you. However, when you become greedy and under the pretext of development exploited all the natural resources indiscriminately, my trouble began. I am deeply concerned about the way my resources are being great damage. You do not fill up what you consume"

You all know it is getting hotter by the day and as a result my glaciers are melting, my forests burning, my rivers drying up and my animals dying. You are indifferent to your own actions. You have also turned deaf ear to the cry of my creatures. Where have your warmth and your love for nature disappeared???"

" That is why your Uncle Ryan had done many things to save nature. He only wanted this Villa here, in between this forest, taking care of the nature. He was so stubborn that Abhay Singh Raizada, your great grandfather couldn't deny the stubborn of that ten year old boy" Mr. Saxena said.

"You read the newspapers and journals and watch documentaries about environmental pollution. Many of the rarest of species have become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction!! Who is to be held responsible for this pathetic state of affairs? The ozone gas that acts like a overhanging shelter, protecting you from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun is depleting. The use of aerosol sprays had led to the increase of Chloro Fluoro Carbon (CFC) content in the atmosphere and has eroded the ozone layer at the poles. As a result, an expanding hole has been developing in the ozone layer. Many deadly diseases such as cancer are caused due to this damage"

"My forests are very important for your survival. The trees bind the soil and preserve it. They bring about the rain, filling up lakes, ponds and rivers. You cut down trees mindlessly to meet your immediate needs. The act of deforestation has reduced the forest area to a considerable extent. The animal which inhabited these forests have been rendered homeless.

  How are you planning to address these problems? Do you think that nature will regenerate all by herself???? Are you going to turn a blind eye to these dangers? Are you going to surrender to the circumstances in despair????  

Don't you have the wherewithal to bring back the glorious past? Nothing is impossible for you, but choice is yours. As a mother it is my duty to warn you of the impending dangers of neglecting me. Even your own scientists concur with my views. How can I put with the sight of my own children being poisoned and their safety being threatened? You may be careless, but how can a mother be indifferent???"

They could feel the anger and care emitting through these words. NK, for the first time, looked at his Chips packet in hate. And hate himself for how many times throwing the packets here and there on roads or other places which would have been a blockage for ground water or getting burned somewhere increasing the toxic in the air.

"I trust you. You alone can stop this deterioration. To begin with, I shall suggest certain measures that you can easily adopt in your everyday life.

1. Use eco-friendly vehicles such as bicycles and solar cars. Prefer public transport to private conveyance.

2. Plant saplings to commemorate any celebration.

3. Choose biodegradable products over synthetic ones.

4. Maximize the use of natural light. Conserve the power by switching off electrical and electronic appliances when not in use.

5. Don't waste water. Harvest rain water"

    They regret, they regret for what they did to the poor mother Gaia, the one who is holding them up, the one who is feeding them, giving them a place to live, water to drink and air to breathe. But this is Human nature now, to live in this way. The world has changed its view towards nature and it is set forward for development unaware that it is leading to nothing but destruction.

"My dear little children I love you so much as much as I loved your parents in past. That is the reason I'm here narrating my tale. Also I remind you of your responsibility of protecting your own sweet home-your only abode in the immense universe! Seek to restore the harmony of the bygone days."

They could feel the plea of the mother earth dripping in those words. How could she be so selfless and take care of all of them?

A mother can take care of two to three children with all her love and care, a teacher can take care of the hundred students they are assigned to, a company can take care of their thousands of employs, a Prime Minister can take care of millions of people in a country. BUT!! Only mother earth can take care of all these people of this planet, unmindful of their country, language, culture, religion and gene. Only she can do that. Only she can ...

"Mainly remember the three main R 

1. Reduce

2. Recycle

3. Reuse resources"

Yes, If we can't control then at least we can reduce the usage of the elements. We can re-cycle as well as re-use.

"I am not a mere ball of mud, water and minerals. I too possess a body and a mind, a heart and soul-just like you. It is you keep me alive. I live in you; I live with you; I live for you!"

~ * ~ * ~

I know you guys doesn't find it interesting or whatsoever but let me tell you that we are leading to destruction.

I am not the one who wrote the things in Italic, It was in my 9th text book. I shared it in some page of MeD but then deleted and now presenting it in Arshi way everyone to read.

I would appreciate If you guys drop a word or two, Thank You.

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Mar 26, 2017

Shots: Gaia's Tale (By Nanak) (Thanked: 14 times)

Shots : Gaia's Tale

"Hey Khushi … Khushi, wake up" Khushi felt someone nudging her in her sleep. She tossed herself the other way, without reacting.

"Khushiiii" Now she definitely felt someone poking her arm.

"Arrgh" she let out a groan and pushed the hand away, without opening her eyes.

"What the hell?" Khushi sat up irritated by the continuous poking.

It took Khushi few minutes to adjust with the lighting of the room. The only source of light is from the windows and the little night lamp in the room. Khushi moved her eyes to look at her sleep killer. As her eyes fell on the certain figure, her eyes goes wide and she got herself ready to react. Jumping in confusion or shouting in confusion - both are her choice.

But before she could do anything of such, strong hands of her sleep killer clamped around her face, covering her mouth.

"Sshh Khushi, It's me, Arnav" Arnav said, looking around and then at her.

Khushi looked at him, trying to progress everything. Once she calmed herself down, making sure that she won’t shout, she placed her hand on Arnav’s slowly and tapped it. He, understanding her action, removed his hand away from her.

”Seriously Arnav? It’s nearly 2:30. You know what It means? Midnight!" Khushi said in whisper-yelled, careful not to wake Payal who is already in her dreamland with Akash.

"Can you come out with me? Just fresh up and come out, I’ll be waiting outside" Before Khushi could say anything, he just spilled out all these things and walked out.

Khushi looked at her bed and then back at him. She and beds are in serious relationships at night and she hates it if anyone become an obstacle in their relationship. But since she love Arnav more than her bed, she let it go.

Yes, Khushi Gupta loves Arnav. She had this crushy thing on him when she first saw him. It was a crush at first sight thing to love at first sight. But she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship so she stayed silent.

With a sigh and painful glance directed towards her bed, she moved to washroom to freshen up.

"It better worth it"

~ * ~

"Arnav, where are we going?" Khushi asked as they both started walking out of the building. The way they are going are already lighted with the lamp lights outside, morning mist dancing over the air clearly visible.

"You’ll love it" He said, looking at her with a smile that had her smiling at him. "Oh yes, Khushi stand still"

Khushi looked at him with a curious glance of why. He raised the blindfold and she looks at both of them, him and the blindfold. With a sigh, she turned around so that he can tie it around her eyes.

"Woah” Khushi felt the darkness blinding her. Seriously? "Arnav, hold me"

Arnav gladly took her hands in his and guided her. Khushi felt her breath quickens due to their close proximity. She had dreamt a little before of how it would be and this is far better than her imagination. For the cold around them, he is warm and she tried her best not to snuggle up with him.

"Now be careful" She heard him saying. Before she could open her mouth, she felt the land missing beneath her as Arnav lifted her up.

"Arnav" She exclaimed but felt herself sitting on something that’s moving.

"Arnav what is this? Omg get me down" Khushi tried to jump but Arnav quickly climbed behind her and prevent her from doing so.

"Relax Khushi, We are sitting on a horse" He whispered against her, holding her so that she doesn’t lost her balance. She nodded at him but then realized he can’t see her so replied him.

"Now where are we going?" She whined. "Don’t complain if I end up sleeping"

The darkness in front of her lulled to sleep but presence of Arnav behind her kept her awake.

"It’s near" He said and no one said anything for next few minutes. Khushi felt them climbing up and down now and then but didn’t voiced out anything. She knows she can’t extract anything from him.

"We are here"

"Finally" Khushi sighed in relief. "Can I open the blindfold now?"

"No, wait"

Khushi felt Arnav taking her again. She didn’t say anything and followed him, cool air brushing against her. Thanks to her warm clothes and Arnav, she finds it amazing.

"Now wait here" Khushi heard Arnav say and she felt Arnav moving away from her.

"Khushi, you know" Khushi heard Arnav saying. He must be few feet away as she could hear his voice little low but perfectly audible.

"When we meet on the first day of college, My eyes straightly charged towards your eyes. Your eyes, the one which didn’t let me sleep for days, no, scratch that, months. I always wanted to stare at your eyes, they are dept of my feelings which I can see in yours"

"Arnav …" Khushi said but Arnav cut her in.

"No Khushi, let me say. Whenever we are around, there is a crazy organ within me which starts acting crazy and a chill feeling at the pit of my stomach. I enjoyed your company, loved your character, admired your attitude and just everything about you"

"Arnav…" Khushi started again but Arnav cut her in.

"Khushi Gupta, I Love You" Arnav said in a breathe. "I loved you since the day I saw you. I kept this to myself, afraid of ruining the friendship between us but now I don’t care. I want to let you know that I love you, I love you Khushi. A treat for the eyes which made me sleepless, open your blindfold please"

Khushi was too numb to react. Is she dreaming or something? Arnav actually told her that he love her. A small smile bloomed on her lips as she opened the blindfold.

"Omg omg omg" Khushi thought. She couldn’t believe the sight in front of her, a big smile adorning her face. In front of her is Arnav, on his knees, with a bockque of her favourite white lillies. His face plastered with a nervous smile.

Behind him the sky filled with millions of stars, twinkling now and then. Stars are something so special to her. She had told him once and he remembered. He made all those for her and that made her felt so special. Never anyone had done something like this for her.

She looked around and found a horse standing at a distance, behind that from the way to the villa, the path were lited with fire sticks, giving a wonderful treat to eyes.

"Khushi, Will you be my girlfriend?" Arnav said, scratching the back of his neck nervously with one hand and holding the flowers with another.

Khushi tried not to but her eyes deceived her as tears streamed down her face. She made a run towards Arnav and hugged him by lowering herself to ground. Arnav hugged her back, comforting her, waiting for her tears to die.

"Khushi …"

"I love you Arnav" That’s it, he got what he wanted to hear.

"I love you too"

Few minutes later, after Khushi explaining how she felt the same about him and stuffs, they both lay down on the sheet wrapped over the grass, watching the stars, cuddled up. They talked, whatever came to their mind, they did. They just don’t want the moment to slip.

Their eyes filled with joy and hope as they saw a star falling off. They both sat up in a second.

"Let’s make a wish" And they did, they wished.

As Khushi opened her eyee, she was welcomed by Arnav’s face, him looking at her with a smile, a one that shows that he is contented.

"I love you Khushi" He said.

"I Love you too Arnav" She hugged him side. "Forever"

~ * ~

The next day when the five friends left the villa, they felt newer. Akash and Payal was at the front while Khushi, Arnav and NK at the back. NK’s hands which was always occupied by chips and chocolates is now replaced with a book while Arnav and Khushi had their hands intertwined, looking out.

This trip taught them all different things. It gave space for Akash and Payal, understanding for NK and love for Arnav and Khushi. Above all, it gave them a treasure in form of a diary, it gave them Gaia’s tale.

~ * ~ THE END ~ * ~

Apr 4, 2017

Completed and Thank You (By Nanak) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hello everyone, Thank you for reading Gaia's tale, Our mother Earth is in danger and let's do our bit to save nature, save mother earth. Thank You.


Nandhu ~

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