OS The Enchanted

Sep 30, 2015

OS The Enchanted (By Nanak) (Thanked: 58 times)

OS The Enchanted

"Daniel! Daniel!" Shouted Ada, calling out her eleven years son. Not hearing an response, she moved towards his room, peering through the room and called him again. As she didn't get any response, she sighed. Bella, her twelve years daughter tugged her mother's skirt.

Ada looks at her daughter with confused eyes. Bella points at the ladder to the room upstairs. Ada smile and nods and both of them climb the ladder soundlessly and then finds the little boy sitting all alone, looking out the window.

"Danny! What are you doing here son?" Ada asked as Daniel turns to look at her, his nose long.

"Danny, You lied today?" Bella asked as they both came over to him and then sit down by his side. Daniel has Pinocchio syndrome, his nose grows long if he lies and that is what his situation now.

"Mum, I just said I did my homework and my nose starts growing, believe me I did my homework" Daniel says as he rests his head in his mothers' lap and then his nose grows a little. In an impulse, Ada's hand starts to caress her son's hair laughing while Bella, laughing sits next to her mother.

"My sweet little lair, are you feeling bad now?" Ada asked for which Daniel shook his head in positive, his nose still long.

"Alright then, How about a fairy tale?" Bella asked and the next second, he sits up and with a broad smile, shook his head.

"Which one do you want?" Ada asks, now Daniel resting his head in her lap.

"MALEFICENT" The Bella and Daniel shouts their all time fairy tale. Ada smiles at her enthusiastic kids and then decide to start the story.

"One upon a time..." And there she started.

~ * ~ * ~

Kingdom Henecia

A Kingdom where nature rests in all its glory, where the country is both well balanced in social and economical level, where there is happiness in every one's face and scarcity never looks in. The Kingdom Henecia is ruled by King Stafford and Queen Gabrilla.

Though King Stafford is not the heir in the first place, the before King, Lord Henry Joseph had passed the Kingdom as well as princess Gabrilla to Stafford who did what The Late King wanted: The death of Maleficent, a good fairy who rules Moors - a fairy land near Henecia.

King Henry always wanted to control The Moors but when he went against Maleficent, no one can stand against her nor does her wings. From that day, Lord Henry wanted to avenge Maleficent and he announced to his seven people in council that the one who kills Maleficent will have the Kingdom as well as the princess.

Stafford came forward and did the task, he came back with the "wings of Maleficent" and claimed the Kingdom. But, Maleficent is very alive, waiting for the right time for revenge, for all what Stafford did which has a history behind.

At Present, Queen Gabrilla is expecting her first born, in her six months now. Queen Gabrilla, the loveliest, prettiest and most beautiful lady in the lands of Henecia and around. She has a Magic mirror which shows the beautiful lady in the lands around.

She, once every week, asks to the mirror who is the most prettiest and beautiful woman and the mirror would show her face. She is not someone who is pride of her beauty. If the magic mirror has to survive, she has to keep using it for which the queen does that once in every week.

It is the same today as well, The queen went inside her chamber, took out the mirror and then asked the same,

"My dear lovely mirror, show me the prettiest woman of all, in and around the lands of Henecia" The queen said like any other day. But to her surprise, there comes a image of a small female infant in a royal cradle.

"The most prettiest of all, Khushi - The Princess of Henecia" A mirror said and then goes back to its normal self.

"My god! It is a baby girl" The Queen cried in happiness as she placed her hand on her growing belly. "My baby girl, My Princess Khushi"

~ * ~ * ~

As expected by the Queen, A baby girl it is born. The Kingdom rejoice at the birth of the angel princess. King Stafford cuddle the baby princess and announced that the naming ceremony will be grand and everyone in the lands are invited for the celebration after the ceremony. Unaware of the incident to take place, the castle filled with happiness.

A small bird sits in the window of King and Queen's chamber, twittering and then seeing the Baby Princess. And then it flew away, far away from the castle and out to the Moors to the castle of the ruler of The Moors - Maleficent. The Maleficent - a good sweet fairy which was deceived and then left almost lifeless and now an evil witch who rules Moors, protecting its creatures. The small bird gets transforms into Human form once in front of Maleficent and informs about the Baby princess and about the ceremony.

"I wonder How about a visit"

~ * ~ * ~

Though the kingdom has no good relationship with the magical creatures, the King permitted the presence of Three Good fairies. King and Queen on their throne while Princess Khushi in the royal cradle, in the Throne room where people had gathered for the naming ceremony.

"I gift you beauty and grace in your life" One from the three fairy comes front and gifts the princess with a spell.

"And I gift you the wit, knowledge and you will be loved by all" The second fairy makes a spell.

"And me, I gift you kindness, good luck and happiness" And the third fairy makes a spell.

The Queen thanked the fairies for their spells and kindness. Just when King Stafford about to make a word, there emerged a green shade which turns into a green shade of light capturing everyone's attention and in a slit of light, there emerges Maleficent, now as an evil witch. King Stafford looks at Maleficent with wide eyes and then his hand goes to his sword as everyone stilled in their place in shock.

"How can I miss this ceremony" It is a statement of Maleficent as she takes a step forward.

"Stop right there! Go away from here" King Stafford shouts, looking at the baby cradle where princess is.

"I'm here to see the princess though I'm not invited" Maleficent ignored the King's words as she proceeds forward.

"Thank You for coming but aren't you offended that you're not invited here?" Queen Gabrilla move forward, trying to protect her child.

"I'm not offended, I'm here to give a wish to the baby princess" Maleficent said and continued before anyone can interfere, 

"The Princess will have the beauty, knowledge, good fortune and happiness as the fairies have spelled" Maleficent says.

"I really appreciate that" King Stafford, said, trying to save his first born from the fairy in front of him.

"Not only that" She said, her arms up in the air in either sides as a green shade of light starts to form, "I give you a curse princess, A curse" Maleficent's tone reflected rage for what that Stafford had done to her. Not minding the shouts she is receiving from the King and Queen she continued.

"I curse this princess that the day before her eighteen birthday, after the sun set, the princess will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and goes to a death like sleep"

"No, please, Maleficent, No" King Stafford shouts, while Queen sobs.

"Really? Then Beg me on your knees" Maleficent says to the Stafford, he looks around and then goes down on his knees and begs Maleficent to stop and take the curse back. She gives a devilish grin and then continues.

"The Curse stands still. But the princess's curse can be broken only by the kiss of True Love and this curse cannot be changed by any power in the world" She says, looks at King Stafford while saying True Love and within a nick of time, she dis-appears. The Queen comes forward, took princess in her hand and then dis-appears to her chamber while King Stafford looks distress, in the verge of tears.

"Gather every spinning wheel in the lands of Henecia and dump it into the base chamber under the castle" The King had gathered the soldiers and order them.

~ * ~ * ~

" I order that Mr. Jumbles take the princess to the forest and kills her and bring her heart back" The announcement of the Queen took everyone's breath for a second.

Queen remained unaffected, her eyes red while King Stafford stand still, next to the Queen. When people give their views against it, Queen explained that it is for the welfare of the nation so that they can survive from the evil of Maleficent and added more reasons to make then agree. The announcement went out to the Kingdom and everyone were against the immoral of the Queen. But they can't do anything.

Everyone thought that the Queen is cruel but she planned it other way. As soon as she done with the announcement in the throne room she called Mr. Jumbles over and explained him to tale the princess to the forest where three fairies will collect the princess. She also says him to bring a rabbit's heart in place of the princess heart. The whole cause in this is to raise Princess Khushi away from the curse and a normal life, to keep away from the Maleficent.

Mr. Jumbles agree and did the same. He take the princess to the forest and hands her in hands of the three fairies and returned with a rabbit's heart. Maleficent is shocked to hear about the news first but she soon within minutes finds out that the princess is safe and also in the forest, kind off joined with the Moors.

The three fairies has turned themselves into a human form, just so they could raise the princess and take care of her as in normal human way. They did get the princess from Mr. Jumbles in a basket. But the fairies have no idea of how to take care of a small child. They bring the baby princess in front of a small house in the forest. The fairies were kind off foolish and clumsy. They don't know what to give for baby princess who is crying in hunger. They quarrel among themselves and forgets that the princess is with then and goes inside the house.

( House in the forest  )

There comes a small bird, twittering followed by Maleficent herself, who cringed at the sight of the baby princess. She looked at Khushi for a brief moment, hearing her cry. In a snip of moment, she gets a flower in her hand. She places the flower in the mouth of Khushi and Khushi gets silent, sucking the flower which magically gives milk.

"These idiots doesn't know how to take care a baby" She sent a disgusted the fairies who are still fighting insides.

"You don't smile at me now. I'm taking care of you, just so the curse could take you, I loath you" Maleficent said to the smiling Khushi, trying to be rude but failing somehow.

As days went by, Maleficent comes every day near the house and looks after the girl. The fairies, half of the time gets busy with quarreling with each other that sometimes they can't look after the princess at all but Maleficent does, taking care of the baby princess whom she claims to hate.

"You care about her" Her servant buddy aka the small bird which can transform into any creature he wants by Maleficent says.

"Shut up Diablo, before I turn you into a worm" She snaps at him all the time whenever he brings the topic about the care and stuffs.

~ * ~ * ~

It is when Princess Khushi is around five years. Once again the fairies were busy with quarreling and the five year princess walks away from the home, unnoticed by any of the fairies. Maleficent, as like everyday moves towards the house of the princess. But she is shocked and surprised to see the little girl walking towards her. Before she try to hide herself, the little princess comes forward and hugs her from the waist.

"Hey, stop, move away" Maleficent tries to stop Khushi but Khushi just wraps her hand around Maleficent. Sighing in defeat Maleficent looks down. Hearing the princess saying 'up up' Maleficent takes the princess in her hand, hesitatingly.

Khushi wraps her little arms around Maleficent's neck while Maleficent looks at Khushi, holding her breath. Khushi smiles at Maleficent and touch her horns. Maleficent tries to keep Khushi's hand away from her horns and Khushi smiles at Maleficent again and looks down. As soon as Maleficent sets Khushi down, the princess runs away, smiling towards the forest house. After seeing Khushi going away, Maleficent leaves out the breath she has been holding.

~ * ~ * ~

The fate played again as Khushi once again meets Maleficent, this time, she is twelve years old. While running behind a rabbit, Khushi comes to the woods where she meets Maleficent and Diablo, sitting somewhere in a rock, talking to him about turning him into an earthworm. She surprise them with her presence and she is surprised herself too.

"I know you" Khushi says with a smile after a weird silence prevailing there.

"Me?" Maleficent asks, trying to take the surprise in and then standing with Diablo. "What are you talking?"

"Yes, I know you" Khushi says with a broad smile, coming closer. "You are the one who takes care of me, all these years"

"No, I'm not the one and you go away" Maleficent tries to put a hard face but she can't. Diablo laughs at Maleficent's situation.

"Yes, you are" Khushi says, still with the smile, standing in front of Maleficent. "You are my God Mother" She hugs Maleficent which Maleficent wasn't expecting.

Diablo turns himself into the bird and laughs at Maleficent. Khushi smiles at him as well saying that she knows him, the little bird which comes everyday to her house. And from that day Khushi visits Maleficent, her God mother everyday. First Maleficent shoo her away but eventually spends her time with her.

~ * ~ * ~

When Khushi is sixteen years old, One day, her three aunties aka the fairies went out somewhere. That time, an old lady who was passing through the forest, faints right in front of Khushi's home. Khushi. who sees this from her room, goes towards the old lady, running.

She checks the old lady, run inside the home and comes back with water. She give the lady water and helps her inside her home. After taking rest, the old lady had offered three things to Khushi for her kindness. One - A basket of apple. Two - A beautiful comb which can be fixed at hair. Three - a pair of glass slippers.

"Wear the Comb and slippers and eat the apple, my dear and you will paint the Prince of your dream, your true love who will come for you like a prince charming, protect you like a knight in shining armor and love you with all his heart and soul" The old lady, said, thanked, blessed Khushi and then left.

On the same day, cause of her curiousness, Khushi wears one of her elegant blue gown, make her hair and then fixed the comb and wear the shoes. She moves towards the apple basket and take an apple.



As she dig her teeth in the apple, a spark shine through her eyes as she look at herself once and then move towards where she had arranged the paper and pencils for her to draw. She take the pencil in her right hand as she continue drawing the picture, taking bite from apple now and then. She immersed herself for next half an hour in the drawing and when she is done, she moves back looking at the picture.

"My Prince" She smiles at his dreamily, her heart skip a beat as she felt butterflies fluttering inside her stomach.

And she spent the rest of the day, watching the portrait of her prince. But what happen after is not a good thing at all. The clumsy aunties has arrived back, of course arguing with each other. Khushi welcome her aunties as she move to take the portrait to somewhere else.

But what happen was something that Khushi wish that never happens. The two of three aunties' quarrel got bigger and they started to throw the paint, kept in the table near the portrait of prince. Khushi's eyes wide in horror, trying to save the portrait BUT paint smash over the portrait as her prince's face dis-appears. A tear slip out from Khushi's hazel orbs as she turn on her heels and then runs out of her home with tears while the fairies still not aware of what they did.

~ * ~ * ~

Khushi sits under a tree, looking at nothing particular but her mind sent on the portrait of her prince. And then she hears some weird noises around her. Assuming that to be her God mother, she turns but she finds something else there. A small magical blue creature which is called as "wisp" - the one which guides you where you needs to go comes in front of her.

"A will-o' The Wisp" Khushi mumbles as she gets on her feet and follows the wisp. One appears to be two and two appears to be more wisp as they lead Khushi somewhere. After following the wisp for some good five minutes, Khushi arrives at a small house, behind long bushes and then the wisps dis-appear.

"Where have they gone? Do they want me to go in?" She asks to herself as she knocked the floor and then opens the door. In front of her is lots of stuffs crafted in woods as a chisel noise is heard. Turning her gaze, Khushi sees an old lady there, crafting something in the wood.

"Welcome my lady, what do you want?" The old lady asks. With the dressing of the old lady, she looks like witch and Khushi straightly asks her whether she is a witch or not. The old lady gets shocks for a while and then shutters that she is a wood whitter which Khushi doesn't believe. A crow, which is with the old lady suddenly talks and Khushi confirms that the old lady is a witch which the lady agrees.

"I need you to change the clumsiness and foolishness of my aunties, who are quarreling often" Khushi says to the old witch.

She is fed up with her aunties. Today her prince portrait got spoiled too. The witch asks for the pay for which Khushi offers her diamond anklet. The old witch gives Khushi a smile, pulls her out of the house and then brings her in.

The total interior of the house changes from a wood shop to a witch's place. The witch does somethings with her crystal ball and then adds many solution fluids to her magic pot. A diamond bracelet comes out of the magic pot and the witch hands it to Khushi.

"Wear this bracelet and say that 'I want to go to Alibaba's Cave' three times. You will reach there. In front of the cave say that *the witch whispers something inside Khushi's ears* and then the cave will open. Inside there will be White crystals with a small treasure chest. Take three crystals and come back again by holding the bracelet and say 'I want to go back to my home'. Give it to your aunties and they will change" The witch says while Khushi nods her head and comes out of the house.

"This is for your good Princess" The witch thinks behind Khushi's back.

Khushi takes a deep breath and wears the bracelet and says

"I want to go to Alibaba's Cave"

It is just a mere whisper and the next second, she is no more in front of the witch's house. With a blink of eye, she is in front of the Alibaba's cave. With a sigh, she moves forward and whispers something to the cave and the cave opens. She moves in, unsure of her actions. As she goes deeper, she sees a small Treasure chest. Behind that are white crystals and behind that are three ways which goes more deeper the cave, might be the place where the treasure chest are.


She bend near the white crystals and carefully takes three pieces and then walks back outside, not minding the shining treasure chest. She comes out and says

"I want to go back to my house"

and yet again with a blink of eye, she finds herself standing in front of the house.

Smiling in victory, she goes inside the house, straight to her room and keeps the three crystals on her table. Before she could think of how to give it to her aunties, a twittering voice comes and she rushes to the window where she finds Diablo in bird form. She smiles at him, letting him in.

"Hey princess, we have a party today, come there, your God mother looking for you" Diablo says and before Khushi could say anything, one of the fairy aunties voice is heard so Diablo fly away.

In the excitement for the party, Khushi puts the crystals in one of her bed drawers and gets ready for the party, playing with her friends aka some magical creatures of Moors. She loves parties of her God mother.

~ * ~ * ~

"Today I will say you a story" Maleficent says to Khushi, asking her to sit by her side. Khushi sits by Maleficent and listens her keenly.

"Once there was a fairy name Ashley with horns and win..i mean she had wings. Her parents weren't with her in her childhood. But she had the responsibility to take care of her kingdom, her people. A kingdom similar to Moors. When she is around fourteen, she meets a boy same as her age, name Stefan who entered her kingdom Daichel, trying to take some stones out of Daichel.

She explain him that he shouldn't take these away and then they both spent the day together. When it was time for him to go, he asks whether he can come back for which Ashley replied that is dangerous. The boy said that he would risk any danger to meet her again. When their hands joined for a hand sake, Ashley shouted, her hands burned for the iron rings he had worn. She says to the concerned Stefan that Iron burns the fairies.

And what he did next made a permanent place in her heart. A peasant boy with nothing threw away his iron rings and then joined their hands together. After months as he said the boy returned and they spent more and more time together. On the night of her sixteenth birthday, he claims that he loves her and give her her first kiss. He claims that of the kiss of True love.

And after days of this incident, there is no trace of the boy. The boy turned into young man and he had other views to achieve like being in castle and control the powers. He knows he is a peasant but he is determined to go for his dream. Ashley moved on, protecting her kingdom. When the neighboring Human kingdom threaten her kingdom, she went against the fight with the Daichel's creatures.

She attacked the King and everyone backed off. She thought it is over. But the thing is it isn't. The king had announced his group of members that the one who revenge for him i.e kills Ashley can take over the kingdom as well as the princess. Everyone was hesitating but one come forward.

That night Ashley was surprised to find Stefan with her. He had came back, apologizing to her. She forgave him and they spent the night talking with each other. In between their talk, Stefan offered her some water which Ashley accepted. After few minutes, Ashley went un-conscious, due to the effect of sleeping fluid he had given to her. He takes out his knife and goes to kill her, dig the metal inside her body and take her soul. But he couldn't.

Somewhere he loved her but what he did next had almost killed her and made her lifeless, her heart frozen and emotions cruel. He cut her wings off and took it with him, as a symbol of the death of Ashley to the king and got the Kingdom and Princess.

When next morning, Ashley woke up, she felt pains shooting through her veins and then she realized that her wings were taken away from her. She wept, she sobbed and she shouted, for her revenge. Stefan got married to the princess as well as took over the empire.

Two years later, the King and Queen both are gifted with a baby girl. Hurt Ashley on the naming day of baby princess curses the princess. She got her revenge but she regret what she did, cursing the princess. But she was blinded, by the betrayal of love and... losing her wings which was important to her than her soul"

Maleficent finished the story as she look at Khushi who is crying now.

"Why are you crying now?" Maleficent asks, keeping her hand on Khushi's shoulders. Khushi, in next second, jumps into the arms of Maleficent and weeps, for Ashley who is the Maleficent which she is unaware of that Ashley - Maleficent and Stefan - Lord Stafford.

"Stefan is cruel" Khushi sobs.

"There is more cruel around you Khushi which you haven't aware of" Maleficent says calmly.

"Who is that?" asks Khushi, rubbing away her tears.

"An evil witch who.." Maleficent starts, with an intention to say about Khushi's curse and all about her but what Khushi said next made her still.

"Be it whoever, my God mother will protect me" said Khushi while for the first time Maleficent's orb becomes moist after she sobbed for her loss of her wings.

~ * ~ * ~

Maleficent looks at the sleeping Khushi in her bed. After the party, Khushi had went home while Maleficent thought, thought and thought and then decided. She went inside Khushi's room in the mid-night and now staring at her. Maleficent rises her hand up in the sides as a shade of green sparks.

"I, Maleficent takes back the curse I have bestowed upon the princess, to free her from the curse and gift her a happy life" Maleficent cast the spell and waits for the curse to broke. But what happen shocked her as weird voices hears which she later realize that it is her very own voice.

'The curse stands still... The curse cannot be broken by any power of the world... The curse stand still...  The curse cannot be broken by any power of the world'

The words ring again and again in her ears as she looks at Khushi with a grief look.

"I can't do anything my princess but I promise you that I stay by you till the end of times"

~ * ~ * ~

A seventeen year old Khushi goes out of her house in early night, trying to get away from her quarreling aunties for sometime. She hears about her aunties talking about a magical lake, she now badly wants to see it since her aunties describing the lake seeded a curiousness in her. After reaching a big tree, she closes her eyes and then she hears the voice of a wisp.

'Will-o' The Wisp' said she as she follow it with a fire stick in her hand and then reach the lake she wanted to go. It is indeed beautiful just like her aunt described under the moon light. She gets out of her slippers and then runs through the meadow of the lake. And then she goes near the water and sees her own reflection it it.

Driven by its beauty, she sits down and takes a handful of water and then drinks it. Suddenly there emerges a fish who looks Khushi with an angry look. Khushi apologize to the fish, asking whether she has offended the fish or something. The angry fish said that no one can drink water from this lake and then,

"I curse you for this one night that you become a Swan and you can't go out from this lake till the sun rise" The fish curses Khushi and in next second, Khushi becomes a beautiful white swan.

Khushi panics as she sees her form in the water but calms herself saying that she will be okay the next day. As the Swan aka Khushi roams around the lake, wandering here and there with the clumsy feet of Swan, there emerges the voice of a galloping horse.

Khushi turns around and finds a man riding in horse, coming inside the lake, his face covered with a hood. Khushi panics, assuming the man to be a hunter but gets shock as the hood come over the man face and then there emerges the face of her Prince. The same face of the prince she has painted when she was sixteen.

The Man aka Prince Arnav of Kingdom Parang gets down from his horse, patting the horse' saying 'well down Maximus' and then his gaze fell on the beautiful Swan aka Khushi.

 A smile crack out from his face as he goes towards the Swan and knelt down in front of it. He takes the Swan aka Khushi in his arms, cuddling it and then caressing the bird. He plants a soft peck in the nose of the bird and looks at his horse Maximus.

"Go to sleep young man, we will continue our journey tomorrow" and then he again looks at the Swan who is the astonished Khushi looking at her Prince.

"Lets sleep lovely" Arnav said as he settles himself in the meadows under the bright moon-light with the Swan or Princess Khushi in his arms.

When the next day, Arnav wakes up, he finds next to him, the most beautiful girl he has seen, sleeping in his arms. As he moves a little, Khushi stirs up in her sleep and then opens her eyes, looking at Arnav in front of her, so close. Arnav gets to see the beautiful Hazel orbs he has ever seen and then looks at her memorized while Khushi looks at him with a wide eyes and then stands up, embarrassed. 

"My apologies, It is not my intention to scare you, my lady" Arnav says, standing as well.

"No, It is just my one day curse, you don't have to apologize" Khushi says, with heated cheeks which amuses Arnav.

"You must have drink the water from the lake" Arnav said for which Khushi nods. "I'm Arnav, prince of Kingdom Parang and you?"

"I'm Khushi, I lives in this forest, belonging to the lands of Henecia" She said, bowing with her gown. 

"And I'm tinker bell" there emerges a flying fairy as she bows to Khushi while Khushi does the same.

"Apologies dear Ms. Khushi but Prince Arnav's attention is needed on something, so I have to take him with me now" says Tinker Bell for which Arnav gives her a glare while Khushi nods at her.

"Can we meet again?" He asks to Khushi for which she nods and then Arnav left from there half-hearted.

The next day, Khushi goes to the lake where she meets Prince Arnav again. They talked, they danced and they talked. They find each other company comfortable and warm, top of it Arnav is Khushi's princess. They meets often and then there budded love between the two. But how can things go unnoticed by Maleficent? She used to watch over how they both meets each other.

"If she finds her true love then the curse will be broken" Diablo uses to say which Maleficent can't accept. She says to herself whenever she is alone that,

"I gave the curse that 'only true love's kiss can broke the curse' because both Stafford and I knows that True Love doesn't exist in this world"

~ * ~ * ~

Day before Khushi's 18th Birthday

Khushi remembers about the crystal she had brought from the Alibaba's cave. She haven't thought about it for all these years because she was busy with her God mother and Arnav. But now that she remembers, she wraps the three crystals in a silk cloth and brings it in front of her aunties.

"These are my presents for you" She offer then each crystal and then looks at them , waiting for the changes in them. But what happen is something else. The fairies one by one, starts to tell Khushi of who she is i.e that she is the princess of Henecia and also what happen with her and the curse.

Khushi can't control herself from crying loud when they says about Maleficent. She couldn't do anything, she couldn't think straight. All she did is to run away from the house. She runs into the woods and ends up before Maleficent who looks at her confused.

"You are the evil you were talking about, that day before years, You are Ashley and King Stafford is Stefan" Says Khushi as she cries. Maleficent by now understands everything and hardens her face.

"Yes, I'm" left out of Maleficent and the next second, Khushi runs away from there.

She goes back to her home, takes a horse and sets for the castle of Henecia, to meet the King, her father. Queen had already died years ago and Only King Stafford is there. As she reaches the border of Henecia, a guard blocks her. She says she is Princess Khushi for which the guards take her to the King. 

The King was busy protecting Henecia all these years. But he knows that his first born as well as heir, Princess Khushi is in danger. Must say that the King had regret it all, bit by bit for all what he did to Maleficent.

Queen died after few months of Khushi sent to the forest. He used to sit in night and talks with the wings of Maleficent which is alive inside a glass box. And when he sees his daughter, a small was about to form in his face but then he restricted it and looks at Khushi with a hard face.

"Father! I finally find about you" said Khushi, with a dry smile, coming to hug her father. Though she hates him for what he did to her God mother, seeing her father after these years, she doesn't know how to react. But he moves away which confuses her.

"Take the princess upstairs and lock her up" King orders, unaffected. For now, he wants to save his daughter, from the curse. Khushi shouts, protesting, begging her father to leave her but the soldiers as ordered by the king takes her to the princess's room and locks her in.

"God mother, protect me" is the only thing going on Khushi's mind as she sobs.

~ * ~ * ~

"Lets take that boy and goes to the castle. We can save her" Diablo says to Maleficent who remains unmoved. "It is our last chance to save Khushi"

"The curse cannot be broken" Maleficent says, with moist eyes. "True Love doesn't exists in this world"

"No, see there. He is waiting for her all the day. He loves her and she loves him, We have to try, for Khushi... your daughter" Diablo says, pleading, begging and then Maleficent looks at Diablo.

"Our last chance" Maleficent says, looks at Diablo and then to Arnav who suddenly fell down unconscious with the gaze of Maleficent.

"Lets go to the castle.. To save my daughter" Maleficent says, saddle up in a horse while Diablo transforms himself into a horse and carries Prince Arnav on his back.

"I will protect you my baby girl" Maleficent vows to herself.

~ * ~ * ~

As the sun starts to set, Khushi hears weird noises. Curious by it, she follows the voice in her room. There opens a secret passage in her room which connects with the ba****t of the castle. Driven by the spell on her, Khushi follows the voice and reaches the ba****t.

There in a chamber was the all the spinning wheel gathered from the lands of Henecia. All were broken except one which shone under the light coming from up. Khushi goes near it, prick her finger in the spindle of the spinning wheel and goes to a sleep.

A maid who passes by sees Princess and informs everyone about it. King Stafford was shocked by this and looks at his princess now in the bed, in a sleep like death. With him are the three fairies who raised Khushi. King lash out on them and then goes out straight to his study where he again sits like a mad man and starts to talk with the wings. The fairies looks at Khushi worriedly.

~ * ~ * ~

"Diablo, I will make us invisible. We will go inside. The fairies are there with Khushi. I will make them unconscious and Arnav will give a true love's kiss to Khushi to break the curse, got it?" Maleficent says to Diablo who nods his head. Diablo forms into Human again while Arnav is flying in the air, still unconscious by the control of Maleficent.

She makes the three invisible and enters the castle. As soon as they reaches the princess's room, Maleficent makes the fairies unconscious and then enters inside the room with Diablo and Arnav. Maleficent looks at Khushi with most saddest eyes ever as she puts Arnav on the floor. She caresses Khushi's hair as a tear fell on Khushi's face.

( Khushi's dress:  )

"I'm sorry, my dear" says Maleficent and then turns to Arnav. In a nick of second, Arnav opens his eyes and looks around. He finds Maleficent staring at her. He stands up confused and then his eyes fell on Khushi who is in her bed.

"Who are you? And Khushi, Is she sleeping? Where I am?" Arnav asks to Maleficent.

"I'm Maleficent and.. " says Maleficent and before she could say anything,

"I know you, my lady Maleficent, my love Khushi's god mother" Arnav said with a smile. "My pleasure meeting you, my lady" He bows at her.

"There is no time for this" says Maleficent and says about him about the curse and asks him to give Khushi a kiss of true love. Arnav looks shocked and taken aback. But he compose himself and looks at them.

"Come on, Kiss her. I know you want to kiss her" Diablo says, pushing Arnav towards Khushi.

"Trust me I want to. But It is not me who should be doing this" Arnav says after few seconds while Maleficent and Diablo looks at him confused. Arnav kneels in front of Maleficent with his head bow down.

"My dear Lady, I understand your curse, A true love's kiss can break the curse. But here her True love isn't me. I'm afraid that I can't help" He says while Maleficent looks sad, losing her hope.

"Only Khushi's mother can break her curse now" Arnav says as he stands up, shocking Maleficent and then take her hand and leads her towards sleeping Khushi. Maleficent looks at Arnav for once and then at the sleeping Khushi. She nods her head at Arnav and then bows down to the sleeping khushi and places a kiss on Khushi's forehead.

"I love you my baby princess" says Maleficent, trying to go away but can't as she felt a grasp in her hand. 

"I love you too Mother" Khushi says, sitting in the bed, holding Maleficent's hand as she smiles. Maleficent stands still as Khushi gets down from the bed and hugs Maleficent who starts to hug back Khushi after few seconds.

"I promise you my princess, I will protect you with all my soul" Maleficent says, letting her tears and then breaking the hug, plants a kiss at khushi's forehead.

There comes a bang and the door opens to reveal King Stafford with a glass box in his hands. Inside it are the wings of Maleficent.

"Maleficent" The King says in a whisper as he drops the glass case which coming in contact with the floor, shatters and the wings rushes to Maleficent and attaches to her body. A sudden splash of light emerges as the wings attaches to Maleficent. Arnav takes Khushi in his arms as they watches how the wing joins Maleficent while Diablo let out his tears of happiness. He know how Maleficent suffered without her wings.

"I know I have no forgiveness for what I have did but I beg you my forgiveness" The King says, now gripping his sword. In a flash of second, he takes the sword out and then places it in his neck.

"And I offer you my life for my forgiveness" and the King slits his neck before Maleficent or Khushi could do anything.

"Forgive me Maleficent" are the last words of King Stafford as he closes his eyes, forever.

~ * ~ * ~

The Moors

"And now I declare Khushi as the Princess of Moors as well as Henecia" says Maleficent as she crowns Khushi... Celebration all around, the three fairies blessing Khushi again with their spells, the Human Kingdom as well as Magical creatures enjoying together and cheering for the Princess.

"And You, our Queen, My Mother" Maleficent bows as Khushi places the Queen's satchel on her head, crowning her the official queen of Henecia and The Moors.

The celebration goes on as Khushi dances with Diablo and then with some other magical creatures. The three fairies comes in front of Khushi suddenly, confusing here and then they moves shouting 'surprise'

Khushi jumps into the arms of Arnav as they embraced each other. There comes Maleficent, holding Arnav's right ear from behind who right away leaves Khushi and grins at Maleficent. She gives him a glare and then smiles and bows at her.

"I have my mother and my love to protect me, what more I want" says Khushi as she grabs Maleficent hand on her right and Arnav's hand on left as the celebration goes on in The Moors, happiness everywhere.

                                                           ~ The End ~

~ * ~ * ~

"Yaaahhh" Both Bella and Daniel smiles in joy of the happy ending.

"I don't like it" Daniel says and then his nose grows bit more for which Ada and Bella laughs.

"Hey! I was about to say I don't like it but I loved it" Daniel says with a whine while the nose starts to get short. Again Bella and Ada laughs at the cuteness of this boy.

"Maleficent is my god mother too" Bella says, smiling broadly.

"Shut up, Maleficent is not your god mother, only my princess Khushi's God mother. I won't accept you as my Princess Khushi anyway" He stuck his tongue at her.

"Ok, fine now. Sleep my children. You guys have school tomorrow" Ada says, standing up.

" I hate my school" Daniel fakes a cry but this time his nose doesn't grow.

"You have to go anyway, come now" Ada makes both Daniel and Bella sleeps as she stands in front of the mirror. In a nick of second, there emerges Maleficent in the mirror. Ada smiles whereas Maleficent smiles at the same time. Ada leans in the mirror and places her middle finger on her lips.

"Sssh, keep it as a secret my children. Your God mother will take care of you"

                                                  ~ * ~ * ~ The End ~ * ~ * ~

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