| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 (By Nanak)

Episode begins with Bihaan trying to help Thapki. She argues with him and makes a circle asking him not to enter in the circle till she cooks. He says Laxmanrekha, fine, you don’t step out of it till the food is made. She says fine and sits igniting fire. She thanks Lord. Aditi and Raghav see the video of Diwakar and Aditi, where Diwakar accepts he is marrying Nimmi’s daughter for money. Aditi calls Krishnakant and asks him to invite Nimmi and Diwakar’s families for lunch, she wants to show something, this time they will win.

Suman and Preeti come back and open the lock. They say they did not get the matchbox. Thapki says its fine, I have made Chinese, its ready and asks them to taste. They get shocked. Thapki asks them to say how she made it. Bihaan gets a call. Preeti says its awesome. Thapki goes to get cabbage. Preeti says Thapki made awesome Chinese, we will lose diamond ring, I will add chilli powder in this. Suman says if she sees the chilli, she will doubt. Suman sees the cow and says we will make cow eat this. She keeps the noodles as cow feed.

Aditi tells everyone that Diwakar is dating a girl, and she has the proof. She sees another video and Diwakar smiles. Aditi gets shocked. Nimmi and her daughter get proud of Diwakar. Aditi thinks how did this happen. Bihaan is talking on phone and keeps the noodles infront of the cow. Suman and Preeti look on and smile. Thapki comes there and gets shocked seeing cow eating the noodles. She sees Bihaan there. Suman says now just half an hour for everyone to come, Thapki can’t make Chinese now. They leave.

Thapki asks Bihaan how could he make cow consume the noodles, she told him not to return inside circle. He suggests its your slip-up, why did you place this vessel our of circle. She claims quit it, the amount of will you lie, you ruined the food stuff and cries. She states she has produced this meals for Dadi’s pleasure and does not listen to him. She asks him to keep in mind, she won’t get rid of and make foods once again, he can try yet again to halt her. She goes to get vegs from market place.

Bihaan calls Paan there and tells his miscalculation. He asks him to do some perform. Paan will get a cylinder, vegs and Chinese products. They also get yourself a Chinese chef, although Thapki is in industry to obtain vegs. Paan suggests he has acquired 5 star hotel Chinese chef. The chef asks will he depart him right after cooking. Bihaan agrees and asks chef to help make delicious noodles. He provides him 30mins to Prepare dinner. The chef begins cooking.

Aditi asks Raghav how did this come about. Raghav suggests I don’t know. Aditi says we missing that likelihood. Diwakar arrives there and throws the phony hair wig to her. Aditi and Raghav get shocked. Diwakar asks did she get speechless, she was fooling him as Kiara. He suggests I have witnessed the concealed digicam and obtained to grasp you happen to be fooling me to reveal my truth of the matter, so I discovered all the things. I have hacked your notebook and scolds Raghav.

Thapki comes dwelling and will get shocked observing the family members getting Chinese. Suman and Preeti marvel how did Thapki make Chinese, now they misplaced the ring. Dadi asks Thapki wherever did she go right after creating the food stuff. Bihaan instructed you manufactured Chinese by A lot issues, occur, many of us will try to eat the Chinese food jointly. Thapki appears to be like at Bihaan.


Bihaan packs Thapki’s bag. Bihaan and Thapki argue. He asks her to depart the house straight away. She asks what….

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