| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 (By Nanak)

A man comes to Dhaani and tells that Viplav sent him to take file. Dhaani recalls a man taking some papers before on the name of Viplav. She refuses to give and says she will give file to Viplav only. The man runs from there with the file. He gives that file to Tripurari. Tripurari asks him to hide for few days. Viplav comes there and calls Dhaani. He asks her to give papers. Dhaani tells him that a man came and snatched papers from her hand. Viplav says this has happened for the second time, and says he will not go without winning the case.

Dhaani asks where he is going? Viplav says he will be going to US to complete his studies. He says he will go after winning the case and asks her to go to Ashram. He says he will bring Ashram papers. Viplav talks to Tripurari and tells him that someone snatched papers from Dhaani’s hand. Kanak tells Dasharath that their work is done. Dasharath is happy. Tripurari looks at them and asks Viplav if he has seen that man’s face. Viplav says no. Dhaani comes back to Ashram and tells Raj Lakshmi that a man snatched papers from her hand and ran away. Raj Lakshmi asks did you tell Viplav? Dhaani says she told Viplav, and he assured that he will get the papers and will not let Ashram go from their hands. Dhaani gets worried. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that nothing can happen to them until Viplav is with them.

Dasharath comes to Durga and apologizes for not turning up at Karvachauth day. Durga asks him not to apologize and says she got what is written in her destiny. She says she is happy as she has broken her fast by seeing look. Dasharath tells her that she is looking good and Dhaani must have taken good care of her. Viplav talks to Prakash and tells that someone is keeping eye on them.


Dhaani asks Kanak about her health. She recalls Viplav telling that his mum fainted and he took her to hospital. Dhaani tells Raj Lakshmi that another man came to Ashram and asked about Viplav. She says there is some connection of Viplav with those persons. She thinks someone is keeping bad eye on Ashram.The Episode starts with Sushma and Kanak doing the karvachauth puja and breaks their fast. Durga looks at Dasharath. Viplav eating chocolate and tells Dhaani that she called kaki to Dulaari. Dhaani asks why I will call her kaki. Viplav puts chocolate in her mouth and asks her to chew it. Dasharath breaks Sushma’s fast. Sushma takes his blessings. Dhaani coughs. Viplav brings water and makes her drink with his hands. Ishq Ka Rang safed plays…………..Durga breaks her fast alone. Tripurari looks on. Viplav sits beside Dhaani and they stare moon together.

Dasharath sings song. Kanak says you are looking happy today and says two women kept fast for your long life yesterday. Dasharath says I am very happy, you are still stuck on karvachauth day, but I reached Diwali. He says the more you try, but you will be always be four step behind than me. He takes out keys and says time has come for it to reach the deserved candidate. He tells she will get keys and a gift too. He promises that Viplav will not look at Ashram or Ashram ladies. Kanak agrees to do as he says.

Later at night, Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi gets some old papers while cleaning. She calls Viplav. Viplav says finally you remember me Dhaani. Dhaani tells him that she got some important papers, and gives call to Raj Lakshmi. Raj Lakshmi reads about the agreement copy. Viplav tells it is the original agreement papers of Ashram and asks her not to give Ashram papers to anyone. He asks her to meet near the temple in 10 mins and says they will win the case now. Kanak and Dasharath are shocked. Kanak pretends to faint. Viplav asks someone to take car out. Dasharath calls someone.

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