| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 (By Nanak)

Scene 1

Dharma comes to Ashok, she takes him aside and says i told you to not cross limits, Ashok says i am not crossing line, she was hurt and i was putting cream on her wounds, Charu comes in and says we can see everything, Ashok says you are thinking wrong, if you wanted to help her then you could have called Sushim or servants, what was you intention? Ashok ask ahenkara to tell them about his intention, Sushim comes there, he is drunk and ask Ahenkara what she was doing with Ashok? Ahenkara recalls how Sushim killed pigeon who brought smile on her face, Ashok says to Sushim that you are thinking wrong, Sushim says call me Samrat, Ashok says Samrat Sushim you are thinking wrong, i have not done anything wrong, your mother is mistaken? Sushim says what are you trying to say? that my mother is lying? you were touching my would be wife and telling me that my mother is liar, he punshes Ashok hard.

One women has veil on her face, she comes in restaurant and tries to find Dastan, she ask one man about Dastan, he says one khurasan dont tell about other Khurasan, the lady ask about Dastan, she says i am here to kill Dastan and nobody can stop me, man kills that women.

Dharma says to Sushim that you are thinking wrong about Ashok, its not his mistake, Sushim says shut up, and says to Ashok that even after becoming member of royal family, you are still a cheap fellow but its not your fault as you have blood of your mother Dharma in your veins, Ashok gets angry and punches Sushim hard, he falls down, charu starts screaming and says Samrat is being attacked, he has tried to kill Samrat, Ashok says this is not true, he was insulting my mother so i punched him, Khalatak comes there, charu says he has tried to attack Samrat, he should be arrested, Khalatak ask soldiers to arrest Ashok, he says to Ashok that this is what you have learned from your mother and teachers? Ashok says i have learned good things and the one who follows right path are not afraid of anyone, Khalatak says king is seen as God and he has tried to attack God so he will be punished in court tomorrow, Soldiers arrest Ashok and takes him, dharma says he is not at fault, she cries.

Scene 2

Bindu has stay in journey, he is sitting alone, chanakya comes there, Bindu says it was good idea to choose vice Samrat, i am content as Ashok is there too to help Sushim, we should continue our journey, he leaves, the mysterious girl is keeping eye on them, Chanakya feels something fishy, he turns to see if someone is there, he doesnt find anyone and leaves, girl smirks.

A dasi informs something to Helena(which is Muted), Helena says to herself nothing is more good than this to put fire in situation.

Charu is bandaging Sushim’s wound, she says this Dharma and her son will keep putting hurdles in our path and Bindu will take their side only, Helena comes there, she says to Charu that Chandragupt never loved me, for him Durdara was his love so i understand when a women doesnt get love of her husband, what pain she has to go through, there are pricks in flowers but flower attracts people towards itself in such a way that people ignore pricks, Helena says to charu that you have some duties, whatever you want to do, you can do that and i will not even look at you, i will not try to stop you, i will keep your secret(Charu’s secret of doing black magic in palace), she says i had given death to my son, i want Sushim to take place of Bindu and you take my place but till Dharma and Ashok are here, they will become hurdle, its clear that Sushim is weak infront of Ashok so you need to have some powers(pointing black magic) to handle them, she leaves, charu thinks and looks at her black magic things.

Helena thinks that Charu will get busy in destroying Ashok, Sushim will be easy to handle and Siamak will become Samrat, she comes to Siamak and ask him where are you going? he says i got to know about fight between Sushim and Ashok, Helena says give me time to tell you what a good Samrat is, she takes him.

Dharma comes to Ashok in jail and says did you see consequences of anger? Ashok says i am not great but a common human, he was insulting you so i couldnt control myself, Dharma says you should not have gone to Ahenkara, Ashok says she is my friend and Sushim had hurt her, Radha says he is right, Sushim took her for hunting and had hurt her badly, Dharma ask Ashok to say sorry to Sushim in court tomorrow, Radha says its not about Ashok but Sushim can give him any punishment, Dharma says then we should do something and send information to Bindu, Radha agrees, they leave, Ashok is worried that some danger is around throne.

Charu starts her black magic. Radha sends letter to Bindu and thinks that i hope it reaches Bindu on time, Dharma cries and says God please do justice in court tomorrow and dont let anything wrong happen.

Helena talks to justin’s picture and says see what i am doing to give justice to her son’s blood, i couldnt do anything for you when you were alive but now i will fulfill your dream of making siamak the Samrat, i will fulfill it at any cost.

Dharma and Radha comes to meet Ashok, Radha says to Ashok that you will be presented in court tomorrow, they will allege you but you have to keep your anger in control, i have sent letter to Chanakya but it will take time for him to comeback, Sushim can take advantage of that, its very serious allegation that Samrat is being attacked and punishment is strict but Ashok can be saved if Sushim forgives him but i dont know whats gonna happen, Dharma ask Ashok to promise her that he will control his anger in court, Ashok promises.

PRECAP- Sushim ask soldiers to start beating Ashok. Ashok is being beaten by hunter in court infront of all, Ahenkara is pained, all look on.

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