Dream Girl 2nd November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 3, 2015

Dream Girl 2nd November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Dream Girl 2nd November 2015 Written Episode The Episode starts with Karan making Ayesha busy in the casting process. Manav tells Aarti that he is doing this for her good. He ties her to the chair by the rope and lights a stick. He signs Samar to stop and not come. He lights the rope’s end and stands far looking at Aarti. Samar and Laxmi look on. Samar says nothing will happen, she won’t move. He rushes to get fire extinguisher. Manav stops Samar. Samar says she will be burnt. Manav says I know it better, stop, no one will come between. Manav asks Aarti does she want to die, fight back, say anything, this fire can reach you, come on, open the rope, call for help. Aarti cries and says sorry, I did not do anything. Samar says you can’t prove anything Manav, she will get burnt. Manav asks Aarti to react. Aarti does not move. Manav blows off the fire and gets upset as she did not react. Laxmi consoles Aarti. Manav holds his head. Ayesha thinks she has to go home as its important, but how. She tells Karan that she can’t explain everyone, I m out of here, you take care of this. Karan goes after her. Samar tells Manav that Aarti is made so, she will always be like this. Manav says fire reached here, but she did not try, she just apologizes, I provoked her so much, she has no courage, I tied rope loose so that she could open it easily, I lost Samar, I had some hope. Karan follows Ayesha and tries calling Manav and Samar. Manav asks Samar to send Aarti to her room, Ayesha would be coming. Aarti tells Manav that he is good. Manav stops and looks at her. He says sorry to do this, I had no option, I wanted you to have courage and fight. She says I can’t fight, Ayesha will get angry and lock me in room, I don’t like fighting, I get scared seeing anyone fighting. Manav says I know you won’t believe me, but I promise, we all are with you, we want you to be independent, I m always with you. Karan calls Laxmi and says inform Manav that Ayesha is reaching home. Laxmi tells them that Ayesha can reach anytime. Ayesha’s car enters the gate. Ayesha gets down and sees Manav and Samar, while Laxmi takes Aarti. Laxmi hides from Ayesha and takes Aarti to room. Ayesha says she was calling Manav. Manav says he was busy, did not see phone. Ayesha says never mind and goes. Karan comes there and asks about Aarti. Manav says its good, Ayesha did not know. Samar says I told Manav there is no use, Ayesha has ended her self defense. Manav says Aarti and Mithi are same, they are clean hearted, Aarti has just fear emotions, which Ayesha planted in her heart, we have to make Aarti rid of fear, Aarti is innocent, we have to make her have innocence always, we will try, what if I lost once, we still have hope. Ayesha comes to Aarti’s room and is relieved seeing her sleeping. She says no need to give her injection now, I will copy signatures in pendrive and keep CD back. She goes. Aarti gets up. Sona does arrangements for haldi. Prem stops her and says even he wants to apply haldi to her. She asks what will anyone say. Prem says all stress ends with haldi. She says its not romance time, pray nothing happens in marriage this time, Laxmi’s dad is very simple. Laxmi’s dad comes and asks did she see him. Sona says no. They have a laugh. Prem says haldi and marriage is happening same day, there was no party, so I asked Sona to keep marriage another day. Bua says you all did everything. Sona says I have no daughter. So I wanted to keep haldi for Samar and Laxmi. Ayesha comes downstairs with pendrive saying she has taken data in it. She says she will keep Cd back and collides with servant. The pendrive falls in haldi bowl and gets taken away by girls. Ayesha gets worried and goes to take the pendrive. She thinks if anyone takes pendrive, it will be problem. The girls stop her and take her to dance and pics. Ayesha sees the haldi bowl with the girl. She holds the tray while Laxmi’s Bua dances. She tries taking pendrive from the bowl. Samar and Laxmi come for haldi. Prem thanks the guests for coming and asks them to bless Samar and Laxmi. Ayesha checks for pendrive and haldi bowl goes to Laxmi’s side. Ayesha starts the haldi ritual first to get pendrive. Laxmi gets suspicious and look at her. Ayesha checks for pendrive by the leaves. Laxmi stares at her. Ayesha gets tensed. Precap: Sona says I will apply haldi by my hands to Samar. Ayesha stops her. Credit: ****box

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