| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Yug finding Sophia playing music on piano inside Palekar Mansion. Radha says she is hearing good music after 25 years. Ishaan says Yug is in love and is staring her. Radha says I don’t think that this girl loves Yug. Ria says this girl will fall for Yug as our Yug is so good. Radha says this girl might be from a good family and says we might know her family. Yug asks Sophia when did she come? Sophia says she came to spend some time here and says she feels peace. She asks Yug to leave her alone for sometime. Yug thinks Sophia is sad because of her brother and wishes he could find him. Peter tells Amy that he slept on the table after his conversation with Veronica. Amy says who will believe that you are powerful Minister of Bustura. She asks what happened? Peter says Veronica still thinks Sophia is responsible for that incident. Yug tells Sophia that he will take her to another place, and few people know about it. Sophia refuses at first and then agrees. Yug follows her. Ria says Yug did it cutely.

Yug brings Sophia to the beach. She is happy to see many shells. Yug says people didn’t see this part of beach. She gets happy and collects the shells. Tu Jo Mila Toh Hogaya Main Qabil plays…………………… Yug thinks today I made my Sophia laugh. Sophia thanks him and says lets go.

Yadav comes to Suraj and asks why he is sitting inside his room all day. He tells Sophia played piano. Suraj is teary eyes and tells Yadav to leave him alone. Suraj tells him that he wants his kids to be away from 25 years old matter and asks him not to fill Ishaan’s ears. Yadav says it is their right to know. Suraj says what they will do? We are not counted in dead people nor alive people. He asks who was that criminal man who killed us. Suraj tells that Govt has planned a bridge on Bustura land, and says it would have been connected Bustura with city. He says he spent 5 years to get approval from the govt for the bridge. Yadav says you was an engineer and could have been made good bridge.

Suraj says I didn’t know that I had to sacrifice my family for Bustura’s betterment. He tells that man forced me, then threatened me to give half of the money to him. He says I refused that if I make bridge with low quality material then it will risk Bustura’s people life. He says they all were shot and our happiness, wishes etc. Yadav asks about the money for which they were killed. Suraj says 350 crores. He says that man said he will give me 20 crores. He says I think about that man who killed us, and asks if he would stay with his head high or low. Yadav says these kinds of people might be sleeping on thorns bed all night.

Peter massages Veronica’s head. Veronica gets Sheila’s call. She asks Peter not to pick her call and says Sheila was very clever. Peter gets happy. Veronica says she don’t want to fight with him. Sophia thanks Yug and says she is very happy to see the place. Yug says I was born to make you happy. Sophia is surprised. Yug says my pleasure. Sophia insists to drive and sits inside the car. She takes Yug to the hospital and asks him to take injection and medicine for his foot injury. Yug agrees and goes. Sophia asks him to take care and leaves in her car. Yug is happy that Sophia thought about my wound and dances with one foot. Sahiba songs play.


Peter sees Radha and Suraj’s photo with him and gets sad. Sophia comes and picks the photo which has fallen. Yug sees Ria and is shocked

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