| Written Update | 2Nd Nov

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2Nd Nov (By Nanak)

Chanda imagines dancing romantically with Sher on kuch na kaho..song.. She gets into her senses and realizes it is just his imagination. Sher enters godown and sees injured Sumer. Vikas says he was badmouthing about him, so he hit Sumer. Sher slaps him, asks to inform Chanda that he will come late and takes Sumer with him. Vikas picks phone but falls asleep. Chanda waits for Sher at a restaurant. Manager asks if she spoke to thakur saheb. She says he must be coming and calls Sher. Shraddha passes by and picks call. Chanda panics hearing Shraddha’s voice and disconnects call. Shraddha keeps phone back and goes back to her room. Chanda imagines Sher and Shraddha’s romance. Shraddha lying on Sher’s shoulder says Chanda must be waiting for him. He says chanda will never come in between them, he married her helplessly but does not love her. Chanda gets more dizzya and pops in anxiety pills. She drops water glass. Manager asks what happened. She shows water glass and asks where is washroom. He points direction. She sees knife on a table, picks it and leaves towards home. Shradha lying on bed reminisces Bhavri’s warning that she will snatch her child and will make her realize what is child’s love. Bhavri enters with alcohol glass and asks how is she and says she thinks a lot about her and just today tought what sin she did, she is beautiful and educated and must have tought of marrying and settling in life, but instead she trapped Sher in her love. She takes out gun and says she tried to accept her but could not. Why she forced Sher to become loyal, etc. She does not believe in god, so will not wait for him to punish and will herself punish Shraddha and snatch her child. If child becomes like Shraddha, she will kill child. Shraddha gets afraid and runs out calling Gajra, Sumer, Sunehri for help. Bhavri follows her and says nobody will come to her help. Shraddha says she was going from here, then why she wants to kill her and child. Bhavri says if she was going, then why did she get a child in her womb. She follows her with gun. Shraddha runs into a room and locks door. Bhavri shouts to open door as she wants to talk to her and her child. At hospital, Sher tells peon that he needs to make an important call and asks to show nearby phone booth. Peon gives his mobile. Sher tries unsuccessfully. Peon says balance is zero. Doc comes out. Sher asks how is Sumer. Doc says he is fine and resting, so Sher can go home. Sher thanks him and leaves. Shraddha thinks of calling Sher, but keeps quiet seeing Bhavri still waiting outside. Chanda enters with knife and is about to stab Shraddha when Shraddha sees her and holds knife. She asks Chanda what is she doing. Chanda says she will not let her child come into this world, if child is born, she will not get thakur saheb. Shraddha pushes her and runs out of room calling bhavri. She slips on stairs. Bhavri holds her and scolds that if she would have fallen down, she would have injured child rally. Shraddha hugs her crying. Bhavri pushes her. Shraddha says she tought she will kill her child, but she was wrong and instead someone else wants to kill her child. Bhavri asks who is it. Shradha looks upwards. Precap: Sher says Shraddha that she was alleging his amma earlier and now telling someone wants to kill her child, who is it. Shraddha looks at Chanda.

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AK, Ash, Linaya, Nandhu