| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 - Yeh Wadha Rahe

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 - Yeh Wadha Rahe (By Nanak)

Scene 1:

Location: Tai’s residence and on the road

tai and lata are shocked as they hear the reports of kartik romancing an unknown girl in the jungles. tai pretends to be shocked and collapses on the sofa, while eyeing lata evilly. She thinks that survi is stunned, and that she has lots more to see yet as this is just the beginning. survi tries to defend him, while lata wonders whats going on. tai blames vishakha, saying that survi did catch her, and had warned them all. The ladies say that just because vishakha is a porr girl, they would try to force her into accepting that kartik is right and he didnt do anything wrong with her, but they wont let this happen and also wouldnt let the girl be denied justice. people start going against kartik and his family, saying that they shall have justice for the girl. Lata starts blaming vishakha for all this. tai reprimands and shuts them all and vehemently protests against anyone speaking against kartik. lata asks her to calm down, while tai says tht she wont tolerate anything against her son. She asks them all to get lost, and throws one of the women out too. she starts reprimanding lasta, and they signal each other to continue to put up this charade so that it seems believable to lata, shanti and survi. tai explains that the women shall come back themselves. She goes from there.

As kartik eyes the same MMS clipping on the mobile, vishakha eyes him evilly, while he is shocked and disturbed. she pretends to be aghast, saying that people maligned her, while he asks her to calm down and stop crying, as that wont solve anything. She says that now she needs to die to be able to save her grace. he asks her not to think so, as they know the truth. she asks if people shall believe them, as she is alone, poor, and having escaped. he says that they shall try. She says that its in vain, as her reputation is gone now, and she cant bear it and that she knows what she needs to do, as suicide shall solve everything. he is shocked. just then, he gets tai’s call which he doesnt pick up, since he is busy chasing vishakha from killing herself. tai tells them that he is picking up. Survi is tensed if he is safe and says that she is scared as vishakha is capable of anything. tai tells her not to be tensed, as they cant change situations as whatever there is, they have to face it. she says that tai doesnt accept defeat so soon. Meanwhile, he helps her get off the bridge that she was planning to jump from. she keeps giving the emotional blackmailing lecture about how life isnt worth living, for a poor, lonely girl, who society wont let live in peace, unlike him, who can afford to fight for justice, and walk in the society with his head held high. he however assures her that they are in this together, and she shouldnt feel herself alone, as they shall fight against it together. she hugs him back yet again, smiling evilly, while he is tensed.

Outside, lata’s house, the ladies put up a demonstration vouching for justice for the girl and against kartik. tai eyes them from her room, and is amused. She says that they shall enjoy the drama now. She is tensed to Pyare mohan coming in and stopping the reporters, asking them to calm down. He then tells them to finish off the fast first, before they continue this yet again. He finds hema eating away and is upset. they continue the demonstration. he is upset to see that hema broke her fast earlier only. he pretends to be sad and goes away. tai is concerned for him, but thinks that she shall deal with him later on. She says that other things are more imp right now. She gives a thumbs up to the lady to continue on. downstairs, survi and shanti, are tensed with lata to hear this. Bindu comes and assures them that they would get vishakha to the police as soon as she comes back. lata says that she doesnt know why is this happening to him. survi assures that nothing shall happen to kartik as they all are with her. Tai comes down and says that she just had a talk with him, and they are returning. Soon stones start pelting inside, while all are distraught andf apalled. A stone hits shanti, and they all rush to her. lata takes to get her bandaged. tai angrily goes out saying that she shall teach them a lesson. She gets back the dagger and is about to storm out, when survi comes and is shocked to see, reminded of how tai had wanted to cut off her leg. She follows after her in scare. tai comes and descends down the steps, and then threatens them all asking who dare hit stones. she begins to reprimand them all, while survi comes from behind and watches her fearfully. she begs tai to stop this, as they all know that kartik isnt at fault. just then, kartik pulls in his car along with vishakha. As he steps out, the reporters throng him wih questions. they ask vishakha that the video shows that he was forcing himself on her. they ask all sorts of questions. he stops them finally asking them to think before they speak. a lady picks up a stone and is about to hit, when survi comes and stops in between, catching everyone’s attention at her, who says that she has been vehemently saying that kartik isnt at fault, then why dont they believe. but she is given a hard push and she falls on the ground, and he is apalled. he rushes through the crowd and makes her stand up, while she is hurt at the elbow. tai watches tensedly. vishakha stands behind him. the ladies continue to taunt him on his hypocrisy and double character, just because survi is his partner. he asks the ladies to stay shut, and asks survi to keep away from all this, as what if anything happened to her. She tries to explain, but he deliberately takes her inside. tai angrily thinks that he doesnt see anything instead of survi and decides to do something about it.

While he comes in, he is tensed to see her wounds, and reprimands her for trying to be brave, without listening to why she did it. he hurriedly asks lata to get the first aid box. she complies and gets it back. She eyes him worried. he tensedly puts on the first aid and medicines on her wound, she eyes him longingly and with much endearance. Meanwhile, tai gets vishakha inside, by the arm pretending to be angry with her. They watch the romantic kind of eyelock between survi and him, while he concernedly takes care of her, as lata watches on. tai fumes and thinks that he can apply all the first aid that he wishes to, but this time around, tai herself shall lend them a big wound. the screen freezes ion her face.

Precap: Survi tells Vishakha that they shall noy deal with her traps anymore, and all know that she tried to trap kartik by coming here, and today she shall expose her. All are tensed, including tai and vishakha. She says that it shall be proven rightaway. She asks him to check the call-list for the last dialled number, as that person is the one who has sent vishakha here. tai hopes and prays to the lord to save her today, as the last dialled number, was hers only. She is scared.

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