| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015

Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | 2nd Nov, 2015 (By Nanak)

Location: Grounds

As vihaan lies unconscious on the road, its revealed that kyra risked falling on the ground, but saved the earthen lamp from falling, but the burning oil however scalding her hands. All are shocked, as she is in unbearable pain. geeta and granny rush to her, while narmada and priyanka watch. Kyra looks at granny and then eyes the lamp saying that she didnt let it douse. granny agrees with her vehemently. Amidst much anticipation, the judges declare that the best bahu award goes to only kyra, who played with her life, to fulfill the task that required her devotion to her husband. They are all overjoyed, while kyra is relieved. bebo watches tensedly. but then she falls unconscious. they hurriedly take her inside, while bebeo thinks that vihaan must be dead by now and she shall be her best bahu now.

Scene 2:

Location: Vihaan’s residence

Granny watches as the doctor checks kyra and says that she needs water and she has undergone dehydration. they are all shocked. Bebo pretends to be highly concerned. As kyra lies unconscious on the sofa, all are tensed. bebo says that she had already told them that kyra wont be able to do it, and says that she wasnt paid attention by anyone. Bebo asks them to let her drink the water. she takes the glass of water and is about to feed it to kyra, who is unconscious, while granny and mini watch helplessly not liking it, saying that if anything happens to her, she shall die. She is about to drink it, much to bebo’s surprise, when kyra suddenly wakes up with a scream addressing vihaan. all are shocked. granny asks what happened, and geeta too. bebo stands and says that she should distance themselves from kyra, as they have done nothing but make her suffer and from the minute that she was born, she has cared for her, unlike them all. She says that she has started considering them as mothers. geeta says that she is their daughter now, as she is the caretaker as it is. Bebo get up to hit, but geeta stops her. geeta asks her not to be so ill mannered or else she knows how to set them straight. kyra asks granny where is vihaan, and he says that he is on his way and shall come soon. Kyra says that she intuitively felt some danger looming on vihaan and is sure that vihaan’s life is in danger. bebo is tensed. granny and geeta assure her that its okay and he shall come soon. but kyra is too berserk. She says that she shall go to search for vihaan. She rushes out, while all are shocked. She meets vihaan at the doorstep, and eyes him relieved and with longing, while vihaan is puzzled. The mothers are tensed too. They notice wound marks on his hand, where maata had pierced her voodoo doll. he says that he had a minor accident. Kyra is super concerned and distraught and asks him if he is okay and fine, and how he had the accident. Granny and others are tensed, while kyra gets a dizzy spell and faints off. he picks her up in his arms and takes her inside. all the mothers are tensed. Bebo wonders how was vihaan saved. She is frustrated.

inside, vihaan places kyra on the bed, while she is groggy. he gets up to go, while she holds out to his hand, still semi-dazed. she opens her eyes and they eye each other, while she pleads with her eyes for him to stay back. he complies and sits by the bed. he asks if she is okay. she says that now she is. She remembers her intuition about vihaan and how restless she was when vihaan wasnt there, and she wonders whats going on,a dn why is she behaving like this and is concerned for him so much. He then presents her a customary gift for karvachauth, while she is in tears, overwhelmed. she gets up and opens it, to find a beautiful necklace set while he watches on. She admires it and smiles too. she then looks up to him, while he looks down. then he adds that bebo sent it, and she is hurt to have even thought that he would give her a gift or shall want to. He says that bebo asked her to give it to her, as she always gives this kind of gifts to her on navratras. she is boggled and says that bebo never gave her any gift. She thinks that she thought it was from him. he is boggled, but leaves her to rest. she is hurt and slightly disappointed. She then finds another gift lying aside, and a note that says that this one is for her, for what she did to the family and his children and thanks her for this. She is again overjoyed and ecstatic that he did give her the gift. She opens it to find silver anklets, and admires it lovingly. She clutches onto it and smiles through tears, and instantly gets down to wearing them. She starts giggling.

Scene 3:

Location: Godmother’s lair

Maata’s fellow ask her how is she, and what happened, as they find her agitated. She says that there’s some spirit thats saving him. but she wont admit defeat so easily. She continues with her rituals and chants while the followers watch in shock. she then picks up the dagger and pierces her own finger and lets the blood drop on the voodoo doll. They are shocked. she says that she had to do this for the first time, the person who has taken so many lives. But now she has placed her life too on bet, as now one of them shall survive, since she doesnt like a loss. While she chants, bebo comes to her and starts to reprimand her that she is useless and of no worth at all. Maata asks her to stop, while she discards her away, saying that she took all the money but didnt work at all, as vihaan is going around healthy and sane. she questions her credibility. Maata then throws her money at hewr, asking her to keep it, as she doesnt know her at all. bebo is shocked. Maata says that its a matter of personal challenge now, and its her work now, and his dead wife, arushi’s soul is protecting him. She says that kyra’s love too is protecting him. bebo is shocked, and maata says that two women are protecting him, then who can kill such a man. bebo is aghast. Maata says that that now either she remains or he, as she has put her life at stake, and now either she succeeds in killing him, or she dies. bebo is shocked to hear this. She begins with her chants again. Bebo is tensed.

Scene 4:

Location: Grounds

Granny and geeta get kyra back asking if she is okay. She says that she is fine. the moon finally comes out. Granny asks for vihaan and narmada says that he is coming. all the wives, including kyra get ready. Kyra awaits with much longing, as vihaan makes his way through the clouds, while the weather starts getting stormy. The ladies comment on the out of weather rains, that might cloud the moon, stopping its visibility, and they decide to finish the puja soon. Granny asks vihaan to come hurriedly. He stands in front of kyra. She eyes him lovingly, though he looks away. Finally, kyra performs the karvachauth ceremony with vihaan, who watches her boggled, as she seems overwhelmed with emotions. Vihaan finally looks up at her, while reminded of arushi through the rituals. the mothers watch them perform the puja. vihaan eyes kyras boggled, while narmada resignedly looks on. she wonders whats going on in her heart right now. the screen freezes on her emotional face.

Precap: Vihaan helps kyra to drink the water while she anxiously and with anticipation as he pulls the glass close. maat performs the rituals meanwhile, so that the electrical wires right overhead on vihaan start carrying charge. Vihaan holds up the glass right to her lips. She is about to drink it, when the electrical wires fall on himm electrocuting him, while he falls on the ground, unconscious and the glass falls away. kyra eyes him shocked, distraught and apalled.

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