| Written Update | Sumit Sambal Lega 2nd Nov

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Nov 3, 2015

| Written Update | Sumit Sambal Lega 2nd Nov (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home. Maya asks him to taste Amritsari koftas. He says who made it. She says I made it. He asks her to taste first. She says I m fine, have it. He likes the koftas and she jumps happily. He sits to finish the dish. She says I will see Aaliya. He goes to have more koftas and likes it a lot. He says mum and dad always laugh on Maya’s food, now its my turn to laugh. He takes the koftas for Jasbir and Maya. Jasbir asks from where he got it. Sumit says Maya made it, taste it. Rajneesh says I will taste it, police canteen made my stomach tough. He likes it and says its very tasty, it melted my heart. Jasbir tastes it and likes it. Sumit asks Jasbir to say anything. Jasbir praises it a lot. Dolly gets jealous. Rajneesh asks did Maya make it really. Sumit says yes, even I did not believe, she said she has seen it on tv. Dolly says such koftas can’t be made by seeing tv. Rajneesh says so Maya makes tasty food, Sumit got ahead. Jasbir asks Dolly to learn this dish from Maya. Dolly asks shall I learn. She tastes the koftas and angrily throws the spoon. Jasbir says I will have this koftas all day. Sumit gets glad. Sumit’s friend Bobby comes to meet Sumit. Maya says Sumit will come. Maya gives him koftas she made. Bobby says I m dieting and gets tensed thinking she makes bad food. She says nothing will happen, just taste it, leave it if you don’t like. Bobby tastes it and likes it. He says shayari and says its very tasty koftas, don’t know what problem Sumit has. She asks what. Bobby says Sumit was joking. She asks was Sumit joking about my food. He makes excuse. Maya asks him not to lie and say what Sumit said. Bobby says about Maya cooking very bad. Sumit comes home. Bobby gives him DVD and asks him to have some courage. He leaves. Sumit asks for koftas. Maya serves him koftas. Sumit asks him to feed him with love. She says with love, and puts hot dish on him angrily. He asks what did I do now. She says you joke about my cooking. Sumit lies. She says don’t lie, I know you made your wife a joke, as I don’t know good cooking like mummy ji. He asks her to see how much he loves her koftas. He shows all the curry fallen over his pant, and asks for tissues. He says I will find myself and has difficulty walking. Jasbir comes to Maya and gives her flowers. She asks did he buy flowers and chocolates for her. He says since he had her Amritsari koftas, he lost his sleep. He asks Sumit why did he come wearing wet pant. Maya says she will give koftas to Jasbir and serves him. She says atleast someone values my food. Sumit says I alos value. Maya thanks Jasbir. Jasbir says she is like Devi, and praises her. Sumit says even I feel so. Maya says thanks Papa ji, no one told such good thing to me. Jasbir tells Maya that her hand is talented. She says I wish Sumit thought like you. Jasbir asks Sumit not to trouble Maya and jokes on him. Jasbir asks Maya to cook such tasty koftas. Dolly comes and gets angry. Maya sees Dolly and signs Jasbir. Jasbir turns and gets scared seeing Dolly. He leaves the food and says Dolly, you went for bath. Dolly says I came to thank you for switching on geyser for me. He says mention not. She says you never did this before, I won’t talk to you, I want to ask Maya, why is she snatching her husband. Maya asks what. Dolly asks how did she know Amritsari koftas. Maya says she learnt by tv. Dolly says so you want to win my husband’s heart. Jasbir says I did not tell Maya. Dolly says when I made such koftas many years ago, he told me that he fell in love with me, I saw love in his eyes and then Sumit was born. I felt I won Jasbir’s heart, but now its proved, he can have koftas made by anyone. Jasbir says but you stopped making koftas. She says its special koftas, I can’t make it always. Jasbir says he is running in 60s, he is a man and has his needs. Maya says I m sorry. Dolly asks Maya to clean clothes and do household work. She sees Sumit and asks him to remove his clothes, she will wash. Sumit says I m fine. Dolly says remove it, I will wash. Sumit removes his shirt and pant and gives Dolly. Maya asks what do you want mummy ji, shall I apologize to you for making good koftas. Maya says I would have not made this koftas if I knew storm will come. Rajneesh comes and asks Dolly for food. Dolly says she has stopped cooking. Maya asks Rajneesh does Sumit make fun of her cooking. Sumit signs no. Dolly says Sumit always makes fun of your cooking, all neighbors taunt you. Sumit says it’s a lie, just office friends. Rajneesh says men always become tiger infront of other men, as they know they have to become rat after coming home. He sits on koftas and sees it. Jasbir scolds Sumit for making fun of wife behind her back, he should say it on face. Dolly stares Jasbir and takes Jasbir and Rajneesh with him. She sees dish on Rajneesh’s jeans and asks him to remove his pant too. Jasbir says he will come again with flowers for Maya. They leave. Sumit says yaar…. Maya says you don’t respect me. Sumit says forgive me. She says I made something good for the first time, you also liked it, even then you joked. Sumit apologizes and says when people see us together, they say Langoor ke paas angoor, they think how did I get you, they make fun of me, so maybe I make fun of you sometimes to feel better. She says is it necessary to make fun of me to feel better. He says I won’t do it again and hugs her with a promise. He asks will she stop making koftas. She says no. He asks about his joke and she makes him wear laundary bag. Jasbir asks Dolly about food. She says she just made tea. Jasbir says he learnt one thing, a man can’t be happy with just koftas, he has many needs and names Dolly’s dishes, which just she can fulfill. Dolly pulls his cheeks and calls him cute. She says then no one will talk about Maya’s koftas in this house. He nods and asks her to make koftas for him. They smile. Precap: Maya tells Dolly that their work should have value and so she made this bill. Dolly also makes a bill of Rs 14 crores for 40 years of service. Sumit and Jasbir look on.

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