Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 4, 2015

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Scene 1 Sujata says we couldn’t do anything for our simar. Doorbell rings. Amar opens the door, its guru ji. They all welcome him in. He says I can’t climb these candles, you have to remove them from here. Mata ji wonders is it indra’s new game? Mata ji says pardon us but it is about my family’s safety. You have to prove that you are our guru ji. He takes the sindur and puts in on his forehead. They let him in. Mata ji says you know everything. They tell him how indra put simar in pot. Guru ji says there is no solution to this. Mata ji says please don’t say that. He says in this case, you have two options, first that give up and do as indra ask. You can ask for simar and roli’s life in return. Mata ji says no that cant happen. He says near dehli, there is a temple. It is locked for years, whoever goes to open it his wish will be granted. But evil forces have captured that area. Its near impossible to go there and break the wall. Prem stands up and goes to his room. Guru ji says one more thing, only women can pray in that temple. A woman has to go there. Prem comes to room. Anjali asks papa where is mama? Who will give us lunch? Prem hugs them and says you both know that mama loves you. she can’t stay away from you. she will come back soon. Your love will get her back. Sanjana says i will tell dadi that mama will come back. Prem looks at the pot, he says i can’t do anything when you are in trouble today. But i promise i will bring you back. I wont tell anyone and give myself to indrawati. Anjali and sanajna come downstairs. Sanjana says papa said mama will come back soon. Because she can’t live without us. Anjali says yes. We wont fight and annoy mama. Mata ji says we will bring simar back. uma says but why? Its really difficult. Mata ji says but not impossible. We can’t lose simar and roli. Nor give prem to indra, we will go to that temple. God will help us. Karuna says yes we are ready to do anything for simar and roli. Sujata says you are right. God has to be with us. we will do anything for simar and roli. Prem says you won indrawati. Rajhinder says we all respect your decision. We will see whatever happens. Amar says yes. we are all united. Prem comes downstairs with the pot. Everyone else is doing the pooja. he says I am choosing this way because the other will risk more member of our family. he recalls simar doing arti in the same temple. prem places the pot on table and leaves. Khushi sees prem going out, she wonders where is prem going at this time? Prem says in heart i am doing this for simar and my family. He goes out. Indra says to prem I knew you would come back. Khushi has followed prem. Prem says return roli and simar. Indra says never. I don’t want simar to come between us again. Prem says you have to agree. Indra says no they will never be human again. never. Come with me. Khushi wonders what is happening. She touches prem and gets a current. Khushi says please God protect Prem. Prem says you can’t touch me Indrawati. but yes, if you want i can’t remove this sindur. Bring simar and roli back. Indra says how can i trust you? Prem says I swear on simar. Indra says first you will come with me then i will think about it. Khushi says prem you can’t do this, she is a witch. I am going to tell everyone. Indra says think about it prem before everyone comes. They will take you with them. Precap-Guru ji says this jungle is so dangerous. Once you enter you can’t come back. You can’t look back. They enter jungle and hear simar’s voice. Credit:****box

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