| Written Update | 3rd Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost

Nov 4, 2015

| Written Update | 3rd Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Radha and others worrying as Dadi couldn’t speak and Ria couldn’t vanish herself. Ria suggests dumbcharades to understand Dadi’s words. Dadi signs something, and they identify Dadi talking about Yug’s love for Sophia. Ishaan identifies Dadi’s thought that she don’t like short clothes and high heels. Ishaan says Sophia is hot and says people can be known from heart. Radha tells Sophia was playing sad music and says she might be pained. Dadi tells something. Yadav says she is saying Sophia is suitable for Yug. Yug comes out of dispensary and sees Johny and Jaggu Dada standing. He tells that he is feeling magic and love in this world, and says today is double happiness. He tells that they will buy their own boat in a month, and hugs Johny. Johny is happy. Yug says he has worked hard and never said no to any work. He gets emotional. Jaggu Dada asks him to be happy and have party. Yug says he was thinking to offer coconut to God.

Nancy is cleaning house. Peter asks why she is doing this and asks her to move the things. Veronica comes and says they are cleaning as Diwali is coming. Peter says as Sophia’s mum was a hindu and asks her not to remind him every year. He comes to his study and asks Nancy not to touch his things. He looks at the photos and sees Radha and Suraj’s photo with him. He recalls murdering them and his hands start shaking with guilt. Sophia calls him and the photo falls from his hand. Sophia asks what he was doing? Peter says he was seeing photos. Sophia sees the photos and picks the fallen photo.

Peter takes the photo from her hand and keeps it in the box. Sophia asks if you are still upset with me. Peter says no. Sophia says we shall go and have icecream. Peter agrees and asks her to wait outside. Sophia says okay and goes. Peter holds the photo and is about to tear it. He recalls the past and a flashback is shown. Peter is seen having food at Suraj’s house. Radha serves him food. Ria and Ishaan mingle with him. Peter says we will go and have icecream. Suraj scolds his kids. Peter tells him that he is thankful to him and whatever he is today is because of his kindness.

Ria and Ishaan wonder about Suraj’s behavior. Just then Yug comes and sees Ria hiding. He asks who are you? He then recalls Johny telling about Chameli, and says he don’t need any helper. Ria says she is not a servant. Yadav signs her not to tell anything. Yug asks who is she? Ria tells her name. Yug is surprised.

Veronica asks Nancy what she is taking out. Nancy says Sophia asked her to take it out. Veronica says this mud house is taken out every year. Nancy says it belongs to Sophia’s mum. Veronica asks her to keep it. She breaks it intentionally and smiles. Sophia comes and sees the house broken. She asks Veronica. Veronica says she asked Nancy to keep it. Sophia cries and says it is her mum’s last memory. Veronica asks her not to cry rather than buy a new one.

Ria cries and asks Yug to let her stay in the house. Yug agrees. Ria cooks up a story and tells she has a fight with her mum. Yug asks her to lower her heart. Ria tells that her mum doesn’t love her. She tells about her family members and cries. Yug asks her not to be scared, and says you are really lucky as you have your family. He says he don’t have a family.


Ria asks Yug about Sophia. Yug tells her that he works for Sophia’s dad. Ria asks about his name. Yug says he is a great man and tells that his name is Peter De Costa. Suraj hears him and is shocked.

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