| Written Update | 3rd Nov, 2015 - Kalash

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Nov 4, 2015

| Written Update | 3rd Nov, 2015 - Kalash (By Nanak)

Scene 1

Navi is about to apply Tilak on Ravi’s forehead but Rekha stops her and says you cant do this, Devika is his wife so she will do this ritual with Ravi, Navi says you told me to follow Devika in doing rituals to break fast so i did same as what Devika was doing, Rekha says its ok you did as you dont know anything about fasting, she ask Devika to continue ritual. Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, Devika applies Tilak on Ravi’s forehead and touches his feet, he breaks her fast by making her eat and drink, both share eyelock while navi and Saket looks on jealous, Rekha comes to Devika and says Manju gave me this dupatta and asked to put it on your head on pooja time, she makes her wear dupatta, Ravi smiles at Devika.

DEvika leaves pooja plate, Navi comes there and thinks that Ravi may not have broken my fast but i can break my fast by drinking water from Devika’s glass which Ravi had touched, she is about to drink from Devika’s glass but Devika comes so Navi leaves without drinking, Devika thinks what was Navi doing? Saket thinks that today’s day was bad, he leaves.

Rekha ask Devika to go home and take rest, she leaves, Sakshi teases Devika and says it was most romantic fast for you, Devika says what? Pallavi tells Devika that Ravi brought you out of pool but you were not breathing so he had to give you mouth to mouth respiration, Devika is surprised., Ravi comes there and ask shall we leave? Sakshi and Pallavi smiles and leaves, Devika angrily looks at Ravi and leaves, Ravi thinks what happened to her?

Navi comes in her room and recalls Ravi saving Devika from drowning and giving her breath, then breaking her fast, Pyar tune kia kiya plays. otherside Devika says Ravi gave me mouth to mouth breath? i will not leave him, how dare he, Ravi comes there, she stares him, he ask if she is angry with him? Devika starts throwing things at him, Ravi hides behind chair, she is about to throw pot at him but stops, Ravi ask what happened to you? Devika says i hate you, Ravi says this is stale news, tell me something new, Devika says i wanna kill you, Ravi says this means the fast you did for me was fake? now you wanna kill your husband? he comes to her and ask her to be calm, he says i know you were controlling yourself because of fast, i knew you would start scolding me after fast ends, but i dont understand why you are throwing things at me, tell me whats the matter? Devika doesnt answer him, Ravi sits on his knees and says you can beat me, you can scold me but remember i maybe first husband of world who would get beaten up by wife on Karwachauth, Devika says why did you kiss me? Ravi says when did i kiss you? Devika says just tell me why did you kiss me? Ravi says i cant even touch you thinking that you would kill me then how can i kiss you, DEvika says dont lie, you kissed me after bringing me out of pool, Ravi says how you do you know that as you were unconscious, Devika says if i was conscious then i wouldnt have allowed you, Pallavi told me this, you took advantage of situation, you thought that i am unconscious so you kissed me, Ravi says you were not breathing, i saved your life, you should be thankful, Devika says i should be thankful to you for kissing me infront of everyone? everyone knows how you see me, you always try to come near me, you thought that its good time to kiss me, you never leave any chance to flirt with me, ravi says enough, if you are alleging me then i should do the crime first, i should stop you by doing this crime only, i will kiss you now, he pulls her closer and is about to kiss her but she puts her hand inbetween, their lips are separated by DEvika’s hands, both share eyelock, after kiss, Ravi says now i am feeling good, now we are balanced, now you can allege me for anything, i wont mind, this idea is good, now whenever you will start alleging me falsely for anything then i will turn it into truth, you call me selfish and shameless so i will become shameless now as i get alleged without reason too so now i will give you reason too to call me shameless, sleep with your eyes open as i am shameless person and can come closer to you at night, he goes to sleep, Devika is still in shock of kiss.

Pallavi is lost in thoughts, Rekha comes and ask what are you thinking? Pallavi says soon Sakshi will get married so i was thinking to give bachelor’s party, Sakshi will like it, Rekha says no we dont celebrate these kind of parties, Savitri will make issue of it, Pallavi says i am doing this for Sakshi, Sakshi said yes for this marriage because of us, Sakshi doesnt smile like before so i want to give her some moments to enjoy, i want to give her one functions before marriage which she will enjoy, Rekha says i cant help you in this matter but Ravi can help you, he will make everyone agree, Pallavi says i will make Ravi agree for party easily.

Scene 2

Its morning, Ravi is sleeping, Devika is doing pooja and thinks to not make noise else Ravi will wake up and will start teasing her again, she recalls kiss and says i have given him too much freedom, i have started talking to him nicely thats why he is doing all this, last night he.. i will not talk to him now, i will not react to his taunts even, will not answer anything, last night he crossed all limits, Ravi wakes up, DEvika turns her face, he ask if he will not get tea? she doesnt answer him and leaves, Ravi says what happened to her? why is she behaving like this? maybe she is miffed with last night thing, whats my fault? she was scolding me so much that i had to do this, what to do that her mood becomes fine? Devika brings tea for him and starts setting bed without looking at him, Ravi says i am sorry for last night, you were scolding me so much, i wont do this again, DEvika leaves room.

Manju comes back home, Vikas ask if she is fine? Manju says yes, she ask Shweta why are you standing here? you can atleast ask water to me? bring water or tea for me, Shweta angrily leave, Manju ask how was Karwachauth for Devika? Vikas says they went to Navi’s home for pooja, Manju says it must be fun there, Vikas says yes but a incident happened there, he tells her how someone pushed Devika in pool and Ravi saved her, Manju is tensed.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that whatever Pallavi is requesting, say yes to it, Ravi says i have one condition. Later Shweta tells Saket that Ravi has arranged bachelor’s party for everyone. 


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