Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 4, 2015

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Scene 1 Bindu says to Agradoot saved innocents from getting death sentence, put his life in danger, i cant believe that he tried to kill innocent soldiers, why will he do that? Khalatak says i tried to tell you about Agradoot’s behavior too, he tried to help people who were not good, he tried to attack Sushim and Ashok and today he killed innocent soldiers, Radha says why will he do that? he is fighting for people, he distributed wealth in people yesterday too, Sushim says when person starts thinking that he has support and back of nation then he starts thinking high of himself and he must have gotten greedy for wealth, Ashok says Agradoot distributed all the wealth, if he had greed then he would have runaway with everything but he didnt, if he was greedy then he wouldnt have hided his identity, Sushim says i know you are good and think that all are good but we cant support one who is hurting our soldiers, who is betrayer to royal people, Ashok says i believe him, Sushim ask if you have any proof for this? Ashok says i dont have any proof but i am sure Agradoot has no bad intentions, if he had then he would have killed me, Sushim or Chanakya but he didnt, Aakramak says he is right, he could have killed me when i encountered him but he didnt, Ashok says i am sure Agradoot cant kill anyone, he doesnt believe in violence, Sushim says why you trust him so much? we dont know him personally but the way you are taking his side, it seems like you know him personally or the faith you have in him, this faith person can have for himself only, Ashok says i know Agradoot but not the one who is using Agradoot’s name and doing these crimes. Drupat is playing with Ahenkara and subhrasi, he says i am Agradoot and i am savior of people, Subhrasi ask how do you know about Agradoot? Drupat says i got to know from friend that Agradoot is savior of everyone and he brings out everyone from problem, if you try to scold me then i will raise red flag and will call Agradoot to save me, Ahenkara thinks that i can raise red flag when in danger. Bindu ask Ashok if he knows Agradoot? Ashok thinks that i cant tell truth about Agradoot till i dont find who is trying to frame him, Ashok says i know Agradoot from the time he saved my friends, i know about him the much all other know about him here, Khalatak says the day when soldiers were attacked, all died only one soldier could tell me that it was Agradoot who attacked them then he died, Ashok says maybe soldier was trying to say something else and you understood Agradoot’s name, Sushim says you are trying to say that Khalatak is lying just to protect Agradoot, Ashok says we are human and we can do mistake in listening, Radha says soldier was dying and dying person doesnt lie so we should respect his words, if Agradoot has done this crime, if he has tried to kill soldiers and steal wealth of government then he should be punished, Ashok is stunned listening this, we should not take his side, Ashok says Agradoot has only served people and it maybe someone is trying to malign his name, Sushim says you are trying to say that dying soldier was lying, he served this land many years but that doesnt matter, Khalatak and Radha are saying to not trust Agradoot but that doesnt matter, you are taking so much side of Agradoot as if you know him personally, why i feel you are hiding something about Agradoot, Bindu says that whoever tried to steal from royal treasure and tried to kill soldiers is betrayer of nation even if its Agradoot, as per rules of Magadh, he is liable to punishment but i have seen support for Agradoot in nation and this shows that people are not happy with their government as they are seeking help from Agradoot so it isnt good to take decision regarding Agradoot, i wanna meet Agradoot and want to take his side of story, he ask Khalatak to announce in every corner that i wanna meet Agradoot, if he doesnt come here then it means he is at mistake, he ask to take care of dead soldiers families, Bindu leaves, Sushim smirks looking at tensed Ashok. Scene 2 Helena says to Justin’s picture that i thought Sushim and Ashok will fight for throne while i will take Noor’s help and will make your son Siamak new Samrat but now i am feeling like i am not able to fulfill promise given to you, Siamak comes there and says you lied to me that Noor will return soon, you are sitting here in comfort, you dont know how much worried i am for my mother, you dont care, he leaves, Helena thinks where Noor must be. Noor comes out of tent and finds Dastan sharping his sword, she says its good to see that you have started preparations to kill Bindu, Dastan pulls her closer, they share eyelock, he praises her but then throws her on ground, he says you cant use me like before, noor says you promised me that you will marry me, dont you love me? Dastan says for you love means to control person, Noor says i just want to spend life with you but till that Bindu is alive.. Dastan leaves, Noor says its difficult to pacify him but i have to do this for Siamak, he is right love means to control person and i know how to control person. Bindu says to himself that i didnt know so much will happen in such short time, there is chaos everywhere, i have to talk to dharma too, he finds Dharma going to her room, he follows her, Dharma scolds dasi for not putting flower petals on way where she will walk, dasi puts flowers, Bindu comes there and ask them to leave but Dharma says she is my dasi and she will leave when i will say, Bindu says what has happened to you? you used to like simple life, i am tensed to see you like this, Dharma says i am busy, Bindu angrily leaves. Charu is doing black magic and says Dharma is under my control fully, now Ashok is left, i will handle him too then my dream will fulfill to make Sushim Samrat. PRECAP- Ashok says whoever killed those innocent soldiers to trap Agradoot, i wont leave that person, to stop that person, i have to tell truth to Bindu that i am Agradoot only. sushim says its time for end of Agradoot and Ashok both. .

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